Comet ISON Has Not Broken Up And You Will See It Soon


Some experts had believed that comet ISON had broken up or was fizzling out, but recent Hubble telescope imagery reveals that the comet and its nucleus is perfectly intact — and it is brightening — and could become the brightest comet we’ve seen in 2,000 years…

…and could become 15 times brighter than the moon with a massive tail.

As of this post, the countdown to comet ISON making a sling-shot around the sun is less than 38 days.

Here’s an amazing statistic…

When the comet reaches the sun (within 1 million miles) on November 28, 2013, it will have reached a peak speed of about 850,000 miles per hour! That is absolutely stunning when you think about it.


If ISON doesn’t fizzle out, you can expect to see the comet without any special equipment during two periods of time…

1. For a period of days during early to mid November before it zips around the sun.

2. Best viewing anywhere between DEC-5 and JAN-15 as it begins it sling-shot back out.


Comet ISON was discovered on September 21st 2012 by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, two Russian Astronomers.

While comet ISON is not projected to hit the earth, its trajectory does indicate that we will be sailing through the debris field of ISON during the middle of January 2014.

While this information is not so directly related to the here-and-now of survival preparedness, I am interested in many things — including the goings-on out in ‘space’ and astronomy, which often is humbling in many ways… and this one of them…

We’ve only just discovered this comet one year ago, as is similar with many asteroids, and it sort of brings me down to earth in that there are forces out there that could pop up quickly — and put on ‘quite a show’. These things only motivate me further to prep, as the new and unexpected happens more than one may be aware or fully realize…

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