Is the NASA image above, a UFO? It is in the sense that it is currently unidentified. It appears to be a flying object, and it appears to be near the Sun. It is monstrous, to say the least.


The LASCO C2 image was captured on April 24, 2012 at 0812, and strikingly appears as a massive UFO. The image frames before and after do not show the ‘UFO’ (0800 and 0824), so the giant ‘ship’ flew in and out of the field of view in 12 minutes.


I copied NASA’s image, blew it up larger, adjusted the brightness/contrast to more clearly show the outline. I then, for fun, drew lines over parts of it that ‘appear’ connected in some way.

Interesting stuff, to say the least. While this observation may be explained away sooner or later, who’s to say that there isn’t ‘something’ out there… the universe is too big to think otherwise.

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