Huntington Beach UFO or Drone?

Since we’ve been talking about drones lately, I wonder how many of the recent UFO sightings have actually been drones flying over the skies of America? Apparently many people saw a UFO (drone?) in Huntington Beach, California this weekend, and one person also believes he saw the same UFO (drone?) over near Sante Fe, New Mexico. Knowing the drones that the government lets us ‘see’, imagine what drones they have that are top secret – those that we don’t know about? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these objects are misconstrued as UFO’s. I suppose they are unidentified flying objects by definition, except they may not be from another world…

image source: TruNews

Eyewitness accounts from UFOstalker:

“Saturday June 9th, 2012, 9:36 PM. Huntington Beach California. Located north at 35 degrees from horizon. I was using my telescope in my backyard on a Saturday night, looking at some stars with three other bystanders. As I was looking at random things, one of the witnesses told me, “hey, what is that bright red thing over there?” I looked at it (with my eyes) and it was a bright red dot looking thing and it just stood there at 35 degrees from the horizon on the north side for about 20 seconds and then moved slowly to the left (west) and suddenly changed direction to go up as in altitude and then vanished into thin air. All four of us saw the whole thing. What made us notice it was that it was as bright as an airplane light but a deep red color at where no airplane was seen or heard and I looked at my iPad after it vanished at an astronomy app at the recorded time and no satellite crossed its path, no airplane, meteor/meteor shower, or planet/star/comet. There was no change in feeling/attitude of all four of us except we were amazed by this finding. Of course we did not lose sight of it, it just vanished slowly.”

“I saw two ufo’s sunday in HB. I was at big Lots and looked up to see a gold and red sphere, way high up. Raced home to springdale and warner to get binocs, still there! Balloons would have blown away! Then i saw the other one, White sphere to the right of the red one. Clouds kept meesing up view and then all of sudden they both were way to the right, against the wind!”


“I must tell you, now, that I saw the same red orb, from New Mexico, where I live. yes, it was in the southern or western sky. I live seventy miles north of Santa Fe. I am looking out beyond the horizon, into the sky, and I see this red star, but is it a plane? No. it does not seem to move. I see a plane to the right flying far above it to the left. I have no reason for fright, but I feel a chill. Its real! What is it. it remains still. it is an intense red object, smaller by far than our moon, but about the size you would expect from a planet. this is to me, half the size of a dime, in the sky. it is round, glowing, and stands out clearly. I have looked at this section of sky continually for three solid years from the same vantage point. This is an object which has never before appeared. i do believe there was some movement, that it may have dropped, and it may have made some chnge to the right, but unlike other objects I have seen in my life, this object did not dance, make sudden movements, or fly away rapidly. it remained. I admit a fear of it, as I sensed it knew of my presence, and more, that it had called me outside, to see it. I heard a splash of water, and thought there was a visiting dog, taking a drink from a pan of water, I left outside, earlier in the day, for another, neighbors, dog. I went outside to greet the dog. it was not there. I looked up into the low horizon, and I gasped, to see this deep red glowing orb. yes, my friend, this is not a coincidence. I was fortunate to talk with a friend a few hours ago and after. I went to their place to see if they could see it. they are a half mile away. They could not, nor I. Their place is a bit lower on the landscape, than mine. We are at or about at 7000′ above sea level. it was low on the horizon as you said. My house is fairly high oa hill, so I saw it on the horizon, a few inches above the horizon…”


I’ve always had a fascination with what goes on up in the atmosphere and space – astronomy, ever since I was a kid and thought I saw a UFO one evening (which I still vividly remember), which was most likely a flaming meteor. Flying has always been an interest of mine too (although I’ve not obtained a pilot’s license). Having said that, I like to look up when I’m outside, especially at night away from city lights. I dare say that 99% of people do not look up and are fairly oblivious to what is happening over their heads (another reason why the government likes drones so much). It is sometimes stunning to see the number of orbiting satellites that zip by. There’s lots happening up there. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if these recent UFO sightings are government ‘black’ projects. Interesting stuff…

…or maybe it (they) really are UFO’s from some other place (except what would such advanced alien beings want with us earthlings?)

…or maybe it’s Nibiru?



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