Planetary Alignment Intersects Gulf of Aden

Out of an interest and a curiosity in astronomy, a slightly deeper look into the current planetary alignment occurring now during May, 2011, reveals the exact path of earth’s intersection with the invisible line of alignment between the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Saturn is slightly out of the lineup, but close.

Although the gravitational influence of such a lineup is negligible, it is a curious phenomenon that interests many people. Who’s to say what ‘unknown’ forces could be at work… after all, we don’t know everything…

I was interested to know where on the planet earth that the interplanetary lineup would intersect as the earth rotates on it’s axis. I lined up the planets and then zoomed in on earth to discover the point at which it passes through the planet.

The images below illustrate the planetary intersection with earth.

For all the conspiracy folks, it is quite curious to note that the intersection passes directly through the Gulf of Aden, the area which received allot of attention months ago from a very unusual earthquake swarm that occurred there during November, 2010. There are some who speak mysteriously of a ‘star-gate’ there – and now a planetary alignment intersection through the same point…

The regions of intersection include northern South America – Venezuela, through Panama and Costa Rica, over to south of Hawaii, then the Philippines – Indonesia, southern tip of India, Gulf of Aden over across central Africa, and around again…

Planetary Alignment – animation down-the-plane straight through Earth

Planetary Alignment – animation of intersection through Earth’s rotation

Planetary Alignment – through Gulf of Aden

Planetary Alignment, May 2011

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