Planetary Alignment, May 2011


An interesting planetary alignment is occurring now during May, 2011.

The planets of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury are all fairly lined up in a row. Saturn is slightly out of the straight-line, but close.

Some people believe that events like this influence events here on Earth, and could also possibly induce earthquakes or volcanic activity.


We’ve recently looked at what seems to be some possible correlation between the HAARP Flux Magnetometer readings of the earth’s magnetic field – and earthquakes (just a notion), so this additional planetary alignment is interesting to note as well.


Interesting observations like this may incline some folks to have a renewed look at their preparedness plans 😉


Here is another look and angle at the alignment. This one more specifically at the plane at which it intersects the Earth.
Planetary Alignment Intersects Gulf of Aden

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