Container Gardening

container-gardenThe container garden, or garden-in-a-bucket, is a simple method to grow plants and vegetables when without a traditional in-ground garden, or to simply augment your existing garden. It allows you to mix specific soil and nutrition blends which may be different depending on the types of plants or vegetables that you are growing, and as such will enable you to optimize the growing conditions to produce a higher yield.

Advantages of Container Gardening

Container Gardening has its advantages. The container can be moved to wherever it is convenient including the sunny spot of a mostly shaded yard. The ideal sunny spot in your yard may not be conducive to an in-ground garden. That is, your perfect garden location with the best sunlight may be located on a slab of concrete, or in a rocky area of very poor soil quality for example. Placing a container garden in that spot is a perfect solution.

Being in a container, the plants and roots will be protected from pests and critters which dig through the ground such as ground moles or gophers. If you are renting your living space, and if you decide to move, you can simply take your garden with you. In short, the container garden method is simple to set up, easy to maintain, and  is a great way to produce some food for you and your family.

One thing to remember though, is you will have to pay closer attention to watering the soil in a container garden since it will dry out quicker. It helps quite a lot to add a few inches of mulch on top.

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