Jiffy Seedling Greenhouse


An excellent solution for germinating seeds and growing the seedlings during their initial phase is to use a Jiffy Seedling Greenhouse, or anything similar.


Benefits of using a Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse

Water wicks up from the bottom tray which promotes downward root growth

A clear plastic cover keeps in moisture during germination and first few weeks of growth

Minimal water maintenance compared to other methods

The trays can be re-used

Easy to handle, 72 seedling cells per tray (varies per model)

Pasteurize Soil prior to Germinating Seeds
Jiffy Tray for Germinating Seeds

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  1. If you put a fan on the seedlings for part of the day the plants will not be as “leggy” making them stronger and easier to manage. You should also put the seedlings as close to the light source as possible.

  2. they may not be getting enough light either. Leggy seedlings are a sure sign of lack of light. Your seedlings should get at least 12-14 hours of light every day until they develop thier “true leaves”

    In the meantime, you can use plastic straws as a support for them or if they are tomatoes go ahead and pot them up, adding the soil almost up to the base of the leaves.

    Good luck!


  3. while were on the Tomato’s tract… Once they’ve shot place them in a upside down planter and you’ll enjoy a greater harvest! Unfortunately the wind can get to them and do some damage so a well protected area for it to hang from would be best!

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