Jump Start Seedlings with Grow Light

Last updated on August 15th, 2011


It is definitely that time of year when many of us are thinking about our summer garden. Getting started with seeds and seedlings indoors is something that many people do, that is, germinating your own seeds and raising the seedlings until it is safe to plant them outdoors.

Given that the sunlight each day during the early Spring is not as long as it will be in a few months, the perfect solution is to cheat a little and use a grow-light system!

I know that I have tried and failed in the past because my seedlings, although sprouted fine, after a few weeks they became spindly and thin, and sometimes would die off.

Some investigation led me to discover that one of the reasons was likely due to a lack of adequate light! That made sense because the sun is still fairly low in the sky during early spring, and depending on the sun exposure through your windows, may present a lack of enough sunlight to get nice healthy seedlings.

A grow light will solve that problem, and in fact will have a secondary practical use, which is growing an indoor mini-herb-garden. You could situate the grow light system anywhere in the house where it is convenient, and won’t have to worry about being right up near a window.

The skeptic might ask, “What will the electricity consumption cost?”, I know I thought the same question…

The 24 watt, high output bulb (in this example) will only cost about 5 cents per day, about $1.50 per month based on a typical electricity usage charge of say, $0.18 per kWh.

So considering the cheap cost of operation, compared to the price of food today, something like this looks like a pretty good deal.

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