Strawberry Survival Food?



Whether for fun or for survival, don’t just plant the staple foods in your survival garden,

include some sweets!

A simple and deliciously sweet food to grow are strawberries. If grown properly, they can provide fresh strawberries from Spring into the Fall with a seemingly endless harvest throughout. What better treat from a garden than a bowl of fresh picked strawberries!

When choosing your strawberry plants, we suggest that you choose the ‘Everbearing’ variety which will keep on producing during the year, and will grow well for about 5 years before losing vigor, whereas the June Bearing variety only produce once during the year (you guessed it, around June), although the strawberries will be larger (they too will come back year after year for about 5 years.

Planting and location is pretty simple. They like full sun and well drained, sandy soil. I didn’t pay particular attention to the soil that I used and they have grown vigorously (I used regular generic soil from Home Depot). They like ample water each week (1 or 2 inches).


Having used these planters for several years for tomatoes, last year we re-purposed two of our ‘upside-down tomato garden’ planters to accommodate strawberry plants instead. Pots and containers work great too. We stuffed about 15 or so into each 2 x 2 foot container, which seems about right at the moment (this will be their 2nd year).

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