Emergency Kit for your pet dog

10 Items For Your Pet’s Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit for your pet dog

Just as you hopefully have at least a minimal emergency kit for yourself (e.g. a 72-hour kit in your vehicle, a bug-out-bag or get-home-bag), do you have one for your pet dog?

There are two situations to consider. One is sudden evacuation from your home. The other is a longer term ‘shelter in place’ at home where you have to rely on the supplies that you have on hand.

For convenience you might keep a tote bag with some of your pet dog’s ‘stuff’ in it (I’m using a dog as an example because they’re the most common pet). If you have to suddenly evacuate (bug out) you could simply grab the bag and go.

Here are some items to consider keeping at the ready for an emergency kit for your pet:



If you’re into the preparedness mindset, you very likely have food in your 72 hour kit AND some long term food storage at home (beyond just a few weeks worth). Similarly, do you have food set aside for your pet’s bug out bag? And do you keep extra long term pet food? Don’t forget to include a food bowl for your pet e-kit.

We purchased the following collapsible style bowls for our dog’s food & water:
Silicon Collapsible Dog Bowls



While you should always have some water in your vehicle (water bottles, a jug,) – you could simply share some with your pet. Be sure you have enough for all of you. Like I just mentioned, we keep a collapsible water bowl for our dog to drink water (space saving).

Speaking of water, here’s Sampson on the beach in Maine this summer vacation:


Collar with tag, Harness, Leash

Your dog may already be wearing a collar, but it’s a good idea to keep an extra one in the kit. You may have a leash at home, but similarly keep an extra with the kit. If your pet gets lost, is there a tag on the collar for identification? What about a rabies vaccination tag?


A picture of you and your pet together

If you become separated from your pet during an emergency, a picture of you and your pet together will help you document ownership and allow others to assist you in identifying your pet. Include detailed information about breed, age, sex, color and distinguishing characteristics.

(spoiled rotten?)


Records & Medicines

Keep an extra supply of medicines your pet may be taking on a regular basis (heartworm pill, flea & tick prevention, etc..) in a waterproof containment (e.g. Ziploc). Keep the phone number of your vet – just in case. Make a copy of vaccination records (Rabies) which are usually required if you stay at a pet-friendly motel.


Crate, Pet Carrier, Pet Bed

If applicable for your pet who may be crate trained, don’t forget to take it with you for your pet’s ‘safe place’ while in a different environment. If your pet has his own pet bed, take it too. We keep a separate ‘dog bed’ in the truck. It sits on the console between us where Sampson peers over the dashboard ;)



Our dog has a number of his own blankets. Again, we keep one in the truck too. On a trip this will provide comfort and warmth if they need it.

(this can’t be comfortable…)



Okay, I know, not every dog wears a sweater or jacket… Ours does during the cold months because he doesn’t have much of a natural coat to keep him warm! Our little mini-Dachshund has very short hair and is always c-c-cold. Therefore we have a variety of coats and sweaters for his comfort. He’s always under a blanket or pillow or something…

(when we moved to NH, he didn’t quite know what to make of these ‘white walls’…)

I think I’m going to get Sampson one of these:
Dog Clothes: SECURITY Hoodie



Dog Duty Bags. Again, you may have these at home – depending on how you deal with ‘the situation’. But keep extra in the bug out bag or vehicle.

Best Deal: Poop Bags For Dogs


Toys, Familiar items

Toys. Chew bones. Ropes. You know the things your pet likes to play with. These things will help reduce stress for your pet if they’re away from their environment.

(Sampson likes this sock…or what’s left of it…)

The idea here is this… If you have to leave suddenly (or even on a planned trip – vacation?), your pet will be more stressed than at home. Just plan ahead for what you might need for them. Some pets travel better than others. Only you will know what your own pet really needs. Just spend a little time and think about it. Become better prepared (for them).

More: Search “72 Hour Kit” on ModernSurvivalBlog

Sampson isn’t spoiled or anything…

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking… this dog’s a woos. On the contrary, the Dachshund has the loudest bark I’ve heard! They are barkers when someone’s coming. And they don’t realize that they’re little – seemingly no fear at times ;)

In years gone by, we’ve had big dogs (Shepard/Akita mix and a Golden Retriever). Never thought I would have a ‘little’ dog. That said, this one’s my favorite ever! Can’t believe he’s 9 already.

Here he is when a puppy, 3 months:

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  1. Even beloved family members of the four legged canine persuasion need to carry their load – does Sampson keep down the rats, squirrels, pack rats, weasels, … ? This dog breed has a reputation as a good small game hunter.

    1. Actually yes the Dachshund was bred to hunt badgers . Sampson loves to chase chipmunks and squirrels. He’s not quick enough to catch them though. He has caught mice… Ran after a fox – probably not a good idea. We have to watch out for coyotes and mtn. lions. We never let him roam alone.

      Mostly, to carry his load so to speak, he is our ‘ears’ and can hear someone coming before we can (like most any dog I suppose).

      Oh, he’s also a great lap heater during the winter months! He loves to be with his humans.

      1. Any big eagles in your area?
        What, a lap dog – no, supposed to be a foot warmer. :)

          1. An Eagle in Alaska carried off a taco dog complete with leash. Several people on a cruise ship photographed the whole thing.

      2. Ken,
        My first dog was a Dachshund, Manfred. Have had three over the years. Great dogs. Good ears, great little squirrel catchers. Knew a guy who swore by them for grouse hunting. Got to protect them from the coyotes though, lost one that way. Have a big white lab now, and love him to death. But a “Deener-durst” always brings a smile to my face.

  2. We had a minor pet emergency after the hurricane. Our sweet spoiled puppy got a small cut on one of the pads on her foot. Gauze bandage and “VetFlex” (veterinary flexible cohesive bandage) came in really handy! Also works on humans!
    It’s our job to spoil our puppy dogs! Luv ya’ll and your furry babies! Beach’n

  3. Long term in home preparedness for the dog & cats is good. Cats at least 6 weeks, dog couple of months or more, it would be the evacuation time frame that would be difficult. Between their supplies & dh’s I need a bigger SUV for all the stuff required..gheez.

    Did find a food carryall listed for dogs, after looking at the collapsible bowl you had marked, put both of them on to purchase list.

  4. I have to keep reminding my mom that if her dogs run out of food she will end up being on their menu,,,
    Not really any excuse for not having enough food for a few months on hand but seems to still not get it nor have it.

  5. I hear more horror stories about contaminants in pet food – what are the best US produced products? Anyone doing home made pet foods?
    Perhaps a discussion about the best way to store pet food against moisture, rodents, spoiling, … would be helpful.

    1. hermit us
      I have access to a butcher, I get the cut out from beef. I boil down the meat and skim the fat off, then I cook the liver, heart, tongue. add so vitamins and grind the mix down to 1/8 screen. I also use the broth, as it is full of the good bone marrow. I also use chicken parts and past sale date chicken, and some time fish (deboned)
      My dogs, according to the vet are very healthy

    2. Hermit us, I prepare a certain amount of dog food just like it was rice…or oatmeal for long term storage.. Put in a large plastic bag in size that will ft in freezer.. freeze for 10 days. remove allow to come to room temp. Put in storage container of choice, sprinkle DE over it to de-worm dogs , 10 lbs about 3 tablespoons, shake well, pack in oxygen free packaging. rotate @ about 2.5-3 years.. we are having to swap feeds so need to get this done again..good reminder…

  6. Thanks for the article Ken.

    I think several of my cats are bigger than Sampson.
    To Hermit us:
    I keep my dry kibble in a plastic bin for both cats and dog and I clean up spills right away. This is kept pantry in house during hot summer and out in garage in cooler winter. So far, no rodents. I store my rice and pasta out there as well because plastic totes are pretty inexpensive and easily replaceable.

    My cat herd eats Purina dry kibble and my dog eats a US made blend milled in the USA. ( both of them are fish based kibble )

    My dog does get table scraps or treats most every time I eat. Sometimes I go out to eat because I get tired of the wet pants leg of dog drool when I eat at home.

    1. Cali

      “I get tired of the wet pants leg of dog drool when I eat at home.”
      RO cold floor L

  7. I make my own pet food but have also buy some commercial. Best depends on your dog. I get either Orijen, Natures Variety or Wellness (in that order)

  8. We keep about 200 pounds of dog food in metal garbage cans so mice can’t get to it. I am looking for saddle bags/back pack for our pit bull but have not found any that are budget friendly. She has a coat similar to the one in the pictures but its green camo.

    1. Sampson has quite the wardrobe. He also has a green camo fleece jacket (more of a ‘Fall’ or ‘Spring’ coat). Another brown one with bones on it, an insulated winter coat, a raincoat, a bunch of knit sweaters, – blame Mrs.J for all that :=)

      1. GF actually bought a floating water harness for our heeler……
        She, like me, don’t do water…..lol

        1. The newest addition to our family is a heeler and collie mix.. He is quite a vocalist.

  9. We keep approx 300 pounds of food for each large dog, and half that for each small dog in reserve….all of the poultry have about 500 pounds in reserve….We also make our own dog food as mixture of old chickens when butchered mixed with rice. They love that. Spiced as if ready for our table…(they all get table scraps too). They do not know they are dogs, simply family members. worse than kids, the little (schnauzers) sleep with us, the big (pyrennes) come to cuddle for an hour or so before going on duty for the night watch. We love them all.
    I keep collars with tags on each of them, and keep their records handy in our grab and go file if ever needed.

  10. I will bring up homeopathy again as it is ok for pets. There are books written by vets on homeopathy for animals. The tablets are inexpensive and animals do not need much.

    For instance Momma Cat has a front leg, trick knee sort of, and I put one Ruta Grav 30x, ( the plant Rue ) in small amount of lactose free milk. In about 3 days she is better and not limping.

    Now this remedy is GREAT for humans with trick knee also as I use it and it works! Baby Cat has FHS and she gets the Pain Tablet along with turmeric and DMG in her milk.

    Check out DMG on Amazon for animals. Merle has FIV and he gets DMG drops in his milk.

    Turmeric is good for everybody as been talked about on MSB many times.

  11. Ken
    Lol on the dog pics.
    And don’t forget the possible needed meds for such animals.
    We have a need all med. kit for horses and dogs that go with us.
    Now being on my own…..I might have to have GFs help…..but none the less….
    If need be that stttrrroonggg canned venison with a combo of mixed rice will come in handy for need be doggy food.
    Some type of Leashes are in every vehicle of some type….twine, tie downs, actual leashes, tie out chains, etc.
    Rain/snow has stopped.,… saddle up time,…..

  12. My BEST buddy, aka Friend, is the very best Watch Dog I have ever EVER had; he can sit there on the edge of the porch and watch the world go by for hours upon hours, just watching away.

    I will admit Blue has a bit of difficult time with Rabbits though, at 120 pounds (not fat just BIG).
    Seems every morning he sits at the front door, as soon as it’s opened he hauls butt out at a full run heading straight for a Rabbit, of course the chase is on, till the Rabbit does a right turn and stops just watching Blue run right on by… HAHAHA
    Someday he will catch one, of course ha has NO idea what to do after… LOLOL

    Will admit he’s a good retriever though, once the BOOM goes off he will stroll oven and just look at it, look up at me asking “Ok now what?”.

    But let me tell ya, I’d not trade him for all the Democrats in the world…… As I lean over and scratch his back as I type this.

    “Man’s best friend” is an understatement.

    1. NRP and Blue,
      We all know you wouldn’t trade your best friend for all the Republicans in the world either!
      Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

      1. blackjack22;
        Ahhhh heck, most Dem’s I know would not make the south end as he’s heading north…..

  13. My big boy has his own backpack loaded with 2 water bottles, a ball, treats, medicine, 2 Glad containers 1 that holds treats and dog food and plastic bags and 1 fits on the outside of the other so it can double as bowls for food and water. Its a DOG BOB….LOL

    1. love the dog BOB idea. I have a light saddle bag loaded with a bunch of stuff that our male Pyrennes “wears” when we go hiking together….he carries the water bottles, knee brace, snacks etc. never thought to create a BOB out of it….GREAT IDEA! thx

      1. Well, Arthur (male Pyrennes) checks in at about 160 pounds! looks like a small lion!

      2. Ken J
        Thanks for the visual of Samson tipping over, but I doubt he & Mrs . J would like that idea.😊

  14. Nothing much to add but Sampson you are a show dog!
    You are adorable and your humans loves you so much and take great care of you….
    Enjoyed Sampson’s photos today!
    Can he be our mascot? :)
    Best regards from our feathery two and furry our legged friends,
    Miri ,Rey, Meadow,
    Wishy, Prilly, Cadberry
    Walnut, Blue Star, Koji,
    Pixie, Rainbow, Snowcap, Daisy, Pilchard, Coffee Pot, Jazz, Derry the Wooly (newest addition)
    and me too, shepherdess :)
    God bless you all and your furbabies and critters too!

  15. Every time I see someone “handling” fido’s freshly dumped poop into a Wal-Mart bag, I think the dog must be snickering thinking whose really the master! Sorry but I couldn’t pass that one up…

  16. I have a Doxie as well, you can’t get within 75 feet of my house with out him letting me know!

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