FEMA says, Get A Survival Kit

FEMA says, Get a Survival Kit

FEMA says, Get A Survival Kit

This is a ‘re-post’, reminder that FEMA served up a public service announcement suggesting that we all get a survival kit, in case our ‘world is turned upside down’.

I wonder if they know something…

Get a Kit

Make a Plan

Stay Informed

The following is a pretty good basic list of items for a survival kit, based on recommendations from ready.gov.

NO survival kit is the perfect kit for everyone, but ANY survival kit is better than none.

These kits can be tailored for a wide variety of needs and use-case scenarios. The contents are simply up to you. You should consider having one in your car (commonly referred to as a 72 hour kit to get you from point A to point B during an emergency or disaster), or at home as a ‘bug out bag’, at work, while you travel (vacation?), or other places/locations where you spend time away from home.

If you don’t already have one, consider getting started. At least think about it.

Once you’ve put one together, you will probably find yourself adjusting it from time to time. It is a good idea to consider the seasons and adjust the contents for that. Keep in mind expiration dates for food and medicines, and replenish or replace when necessary.

Again, this is a recommended list from FEMA including the following items…


Recommended Items to Include in a Basic Survival Kit:


Additional Items to Consider Adding to a Survival Kit:

  • Prescription medications and glasses
  • Infant formula and diapers
  • Pet food and extra water for your pet
  • Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container
  • Cash or traveler’s checks and change
  • Emergency reference material such as a first aid book or information from www.ready.gov
  • Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person. Consider additional bedding if you live in a cold-weather climate.
  • Complete change of clothing including a long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes. Consider additional clothing if you live in a cold-weather climate.
  • Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Do not use scented, color safe or bleaches with added cleaners.
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items
  • Mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels
  • Paper and pencil
  • Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children


  1. This worries/scares me. I have had a survival kit for decades and for most of that time people thought that was kind of kooky. “Why would anyone need a survival kit” was the most common comment. Now FEMA is getting “kooky”!! What do they know that they aren’t telling us? A survival kit was a damned good idea 50 years ago when I prepared my first one. It was good 40, 30, 20 and 10 years ago even though it might have seemed kooky to some people. But suddenly our government is telling us a WMD attack on our nation in the near future is inevitable and FEMA is telling us to prepare a survival kit!! My gut tells me this is far worse then what they are admitting publicly.

  2. Do you know how old this video is? Just wondering if it was recently produced.

  3. Our local media TV,Newspapers and Radio have all been pushing for preparedness.
    It is sponsored by our local County Government.
    I have questioned local Officials about the Timing of these ads but they just say it is for Public awareness and Preparedness.

    I have even asked a few Police officers that are friends, but they say they don’t know either.

    The Campaign has been going on since around January and they are really pushing the 3 Month Preparedness and B.O.B.’s.
    If you surf the net even a little, there is All kinds of chatter about something that may happen as soon as a few weeks to the end of this year. All I can say is Finalize your preps and hang on, because if they do know something is coming, they sure are not telling any one, And that should be the scary part.

  4. I have been seeing these here in Denver since January and, what’s weird, is that they are usually shown around midnight and 5 am.

  5. During the day I listen to WLS online, from Chicago. They have been running a radio version of this ad for a couple of months. That is in the Chicago area. I have not seen or heard them in southern Wisconsin where I live though. There has been a billboard campaign though. I see it as the government trying as best they can to warn us through hints, without actually making an announcement (via Whitehouse?) and causing panic. A lot of people are still not getting the message. Both my secular/political and Biblical/spiritual radars are giving me cause for concern.


  6. FEMA is spending money on advertising and preps for the NLE 2011, which is a multiple statewide effort to determine how prepared the areas surrounding the New Madrid Fault are. It has become a subject of great debate around the internet. I’m not sure if the conspiracy talk is an indirect effect of the national and global economic situation, national and global civil unrest, or apparent increase in manmade and natural disasters. Any way I look at it, it does seem fishy. Any way I look at it, it is best to be as prepared as I can be, and I would prefer it if others were prepared as well.

  7. Your survival kit advice is good – but one very important thing is missing. Cell phone service is not always reliable. Having a land line with a regular plug-in phone will always work so long as lines are not severed. (Do not get a portable as they require hydro to work.)

  8. They forgot to mention at least 2 guns for every family member so you can protect yourself and your family from being tossed into a FEMA camp…

  9. a weapon is also on my list. how come nobody says this. you would be rendered helpless without one. very important.

  10. living in the rural country may soon have more benifits than solitude. I think im going to be dragging out all the hunting and fishing equipment.

  11. I have seen this add on local tv starting around January of 2011. Located in SE Wisconsin. This may be in line with New Madrid and the Guy, AR EQ swarm that has been going on since Sept 2010. My gut says there is something brewing very soon, and no, I don’t think they will come right out and say what it is.
    Just keep prepping and learn to be self reliant.

  12. Everyone keeps thinking quake or asteroid, but has anyone asked why the world governments have been spending trillions of dollars on studying our sun??? I have never known any government to spend money on scientic research to this magnitude without a reason. Be aware that a massive CME would send us all back to the stone ages in a matter of minutes. I always say “follow the money” when you want to know the truth!!!

  13. I feel that the government should supply all families with a least one kit for 2 people and then let everyone add whatever they need. If your alone than help your elderly parent or co-worker, family member etc. Their are many people who cannot afford the cost of these kits. How about the political leaders donate their campaign funds for this. I’m sure there would be enough funds. These leaders all seem to be well protected when emergencies arise.

  14. I agree, living in Australia everyone is so blasé about issues of natural or man made disasters… I’ve packed my BOB bag and its at the ready and always prepared, as for weapons as we’re so far into gun control, my only option is my two ‘war swords’ nothing spells move on than two machete’s one named Boris and the other Betty…..

    Can anyone advise me on the radio that you Americans use to tap into the FEMA radio station and can this station be picked up worldwide?? Is there any radio station that we can get in Aus to help us during a natural or man made disaster????

    Would love to hear any info on this, email me at mivec_mirage@hot****.com

  15. It does appear that some event is on the horizon and may occur in the very near future. There has been an increase in “prepping” awareness in the general population.Not that most people are paying attention. I work with people who firmly believe that there could never be a major event that could possibility
    change life as we know it forever. That is why I trust in what I do:Prepare! I encourage everyone to prepare,something is always better nothing.

    1. @ nomad. Your quote, “SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING”. Beautiful! If only everyone took these six little words to heart, when something did happen, the panic and chaos would at least be delayed for awhile and maybe not become like something you see in these disaster movies. A person with some food and supplies in their home is not going to be as likely to run out into the street like a herd of animals during some intense thunderstorm. Someone with something is going to be more likely to keep a clearer head and remain more rational. There is a certain feeling of security to have a stocked up pantry ready to go.

      The people that visit this site are wise and most of them do stock up for longer than 1 week and will be much more able to handle it. Most people, you are correct, are not paying an attention and that is why such horrendous chaos is going to ensue when something does happen. I wish that everyone would take those 6 little words, “something is always better than nothing”. If only everyone would repeat this to themselves and live by it. IF ONLY!

  16. Ok, almost everything about the BOB is self explanatory, but still my bag is in it’s mid stages and inadequate if I/we need to move quickly… It’s coming together though.
    Here in England, we’re about to expect freezing temperatures in the next few days. At work I have several items in my locker in case I have to walk home, extra clothing, drinks food bars, boots, contact details etc. What I would like to know (if the weather plummets for a few weeks like they say it might) is, what ideal items should I add to my bag just so that I can get home with as little stress as possible.

    It’s just over 7miles, not far, I know and I’ve walked it before, but in winter with an uphill walk in icy conditions, I don’t really look forward to it… If it happens and would like to take any items in during the next couple of days.

    1. i live where it gets cold – get those little hand warmers and sew pockets onto the outside of a T shirt. Long walk home? they will help keep your core warm for several hours.

  17. I was watching a program on fancy bunkers and something brought me to a standstill. FEMA is buying up emergecy supplies to create a shortage! I’m watching the program now Apocolypse 2012 on CNBC. That gave me a cold feeling right through me. Now I wonder a great many things……..

    1. @Noname Idaho, FEMA (and other gov’t agencies) have certainly been ‘beefing up’ their supplies and arsenals of late…

  18. @Noame Idaho, thanks for the programme title. I’ve just watched it on the tube, and I must say, it’s made me even more determined to gather in what I can… It’s looking pretty serious if the information on the programme is correct.

    Apart from a hosepipe ban and starting a panic buy over petrol, we’re getting nothing from the UK government… Not even hints!

  19. First and foremost your on your own after a disaster. Some will be prepared and some won’t, but that’s a personal decision and apparently up for lots of debate.

    USA – The government owes us nothing so why would you ever think they should have to buy everyone a survival kit. If you really want a survival kit start building one, buy it yourself or join C.E.R.T. If you take the 72+ hour course they give you a KIT in some communities with the premise you can help yourself and others. Funded by D.H.S. Grants.

    If you don’t want to build a survial kit then buy guns. As long as you have more guns and ammo than the person that hoarded food supplies you will probably be able to eat and not have to deal with preparations. Hint – this is why you buy guns to protect yourself and your family.

    Honestly folks, it’s about being prepared. You need enough supplies to get you past at least the first 3 days of any type disaster. Thats how long it will take FEMA or most governments to ramp up to start getting aid to victims. I would plan for even longer. Simply keep a good supply of water and canned goods on hand and rotate your food stocks. Don’t forget simple things like a can opener, knife, cord, fire starter etc. Don’t rely on having electronics or internet connectivity, get some survival books, their batteries don’t die.

    I have to give the Morman Church props for how they help prepare their members. They have massive programs to can food, have built networks of food supplies and are teaching amateur radio to their stakes so that they will be able to communicate with each other.

    Plan ahead… with the internet you have many of the tools you need to start building your kits. You don’t need a commercial kit and you don’t have to have it all at once. Just start putting items together a piece or two at a time. Each time you go to the store pick up a few items. But do start!

    Here is my little tidbit — Fire Starter — Get some sandwich bags, cotton balls, steel wool, Vasiline (Petroleum Jelly, yes its extremely flammible) and 9V Battery. Get the cotton balls all jellyed up and store in a seperate bag. Keep the battery seperate from the steel wool as this is used as your fire starter. To start a fire get your burning materials (wood/charcol works best) in a pile. Place the cotton ball all jelleyed up under the material and tap the steel wool with the battery. It will glow red/white hot rather quickly and touch it to the cotton ball. You will have a very good fire starter that works in just about any conditions (OK, not under water). Having all these supplies in a quart plastic bag will make it easy to store in a backpack. Make up one for each family member to carry too!

    Oh… by the way after a disaster don’t expect gas pumps to work without electricity. Always keep at least 3/4 tank of fuel in your vehicles. With a little forward thinking carry about 30 feet of rubber hose and an electric fuel pump to pump gasoline (petrol) out of the underground tanks. There should be plenty there since most people won’t have a clue of how to tap these resources.

  20. Better to have it, and not need it. Than need it, and not have it.
    Stock as much as you can, as you can afford to. and try not to keep everything in one place, if that is an option.
    Gadgets are great if you got them, but always remember, nothing new under the sun. Learn how to use the most important tool you have on you at all times, your Brain. Make a plan, rehearse it find all the holes in it,
    fix them. And make sure you have a back up plan.

  21. Survival kit, BOB/Bug-out-bag? The most popular word used on the internet today, especially on survival blogs. What are they good for, not much, oh, I grab mine when going to the cellar, overnite trips, & etc. Just how much food/water/documents/important items can you carry on your back? I personally believe these BOB’s will contribute to the “Golden Hoard” that we read so much about. Unless you have a finite distination, you may become part of the problem. Three days into the wildnerness with a BOB, I see you wondering back to get in line at the government soup line, internment camp, or you unaware, become the marauder that we fear rumuaging through our trash. If I bug out, it will be a one way trip, no returning. So what you take is all you will get to keep. There won’t be anything left to return to. I watched a movie called “The Missing”. Military deserters & indian scouts were robbing , killing, & stealing women to sell in the southwest. The army calvery were looking for them, to state it correctly, they were just looting the farms & ranches the maraurders had just left, burying the dead and counting up the loot! So, you think that BOB will give you a chance, slightly, maybe a head start to where! Where you going? Got family? Got friends? Will they take you in when you haven’t contributed to the cause, remember all the ridiculing?
    I have even read about bugging out to the national forest. How long can you survive without the implements of survival? Tools my friend, cooking tools, processing tools, & farm tools. You can’t! You need everything you just left behind. Think about it!

    1. There’s a point to be made here. I’m more of the buggin in type and unless you really have a good plan already laid out and have somewhere safe to go, it might be better to stay put and rely on what supplies you’ve invested in rather than attempt buggin out with limited supplies to the unknown. National forests and state parks are likely a bad place to go. You think you’re the only one with the same idea?

    2. Just another reason to hide or bury some of your preps. I know that eventually we could be overrun by a group or groups to get our supplies. There will always be someone out there better armed than you and you wont win the fight. We can always run and hide, let them ransack our house. Once they have left we will go back dig up our supplies and we are back in business. I know its not an ideal solution, its just one of the many tools in our preps.

  22. In Illinois the State’s FEMA agency is called IEMA, and in 2011and 2012 they started the radio spots about everyone needing a 3 day emergency preparedness kit… Which has recently graduated into radio spots for everybody needing a 2 week emergency preparedness kit. Also in 2012 they started having actress Marion Ross (the Happy Days mom) do the radio spots. Now, in the past few months they’ve been airing radio spots with Ross about getting an emergency preparedness kit for your pets, and your business, and today I even heard Ross espousing getting the businesses who your company partners with “ready” as well… WHAT THE HEY??????? Freaking me out over here….

  23. What no official homeland security emergency whistle? Gonna need one of those to call in the gov’t good guys when your home is being invaded by looters or worse. Who needs a firearm when the good guys are just a whistle call away?

  24. I think, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Anyway, that’s for our own good. It may happen or not but still it is still good to be prepared all the time. .
    We all know that this world will have an end and in whatever way this will end. . We always remember that there will always be an end for all of these situations we have. .
    It is too late to blame but it is too good to be prepared all the time. .

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