What Is A Survival Kit

Last updated on December 18th, 2017


A survival kit can be many things or just a few things, and it serves its most common purpose to help get you safely to your next destination.


What is a survival kit?


Whereas most survival kit lists are those of specific items, this time I decided to approach it a bit differently. A survival kit might be any of the following:

An insurance policy.

A personal and unique set of ‘tools’.

Different from one to the next.

A set of things to keep you alive, safe, mobile.

Some of them are portable while others are meant for home.

Some will fit in your pockets as every day carry, others in a back pack.

They are big, small, and all in-between.

A motivation of self-reliance.

Filled with items dependent upon it’s intention or specific purpose.

Boosting your state of readiness.

A stepping stone from trouble to safety.

Taking responsibility for one’s self.

A shining light, a ray of hope in a dark and fearful hour.

Variable in nearly infinite ways.

Perhaps a reflection of you.

Practical and bold at the same time.

An example that we don’t need that much to survive.

Your friend in a time of trouble.

Assurance that you can get there.

A sign of the times…


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