Complimentary Foods For Rice?

A recent comment on Modern Survival Blog had some great insight regarding complimentary foods for one’s long term food storage or deep pantry.

The topic is related to food items you might add to your deep pantry. More specifically foods that would complement primary ‘bulk’ foods for the “main course”.

Comment from “So Cal Gal”:


…took a hard look at my food inventory.

This time, instead of just listing items, I listed about 20 main course meals I could make with the foods I usually stock, and the alternative cooking sources we would have in a SHTF scenario.

Then I went through that list of meals and did a quick count of how much it would take of each major component to put together one of each of those meals.

This was a HUGE help to me as I now realize I am storing too much of some things and not nearly enough of others.

For instance, I need to stop buying pasta and stock more of versatile items including potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bullion and gravy mix.

I thought I had a good handle on this, but clearly I did not, as I would have run out of some key items just because they are used so often in so many of my SHTF-type meals.

This approach also made me realize I am getting a little too crazy with the variety, we simply don’t eat enough of some things for me to be able to rotate them regularly, so they need to come off the list.

For example, I am having a hard time with things like chocolate bars – I want to stock them for variety, calories, and morale – especially since other sweets like ice cream will not be available.

But, I now have stored chocolate that has or is about to expire (based on label dates) because in “regular” times we don’t go through that much chocolate.

[Ken adds:] There are some great suggestions and insight that can be taken from this. For those who are working on a deep pantry or long-term food storage for preparedness, take the time to evaluate what you have in there. And that evaluation should be more than just estimating how long it may sustain you.

Complimentary Foods

-Main course meals: Complimentary foods to complete the meal

-You might have way too much of one food item or another

-Are you short on complimentary foods that would complete the main course?

-Be aware of shelf life and reasonable food rotation so as not to waste

-What you normally eat during “regular times” versus what you are storing

-After awhile you might forget that you have “x” or “y” food sitting there getting closer to or beyond it’s shelf life

-Store what you eat and eat what you store?

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