Grocery Store Sale Items Cleaned Out

Only because I was driving right by due to another errand, that I decided to stop at one of my usual grocery stores strictly for some sale items. I wanted to share this trip with you to heighten the awareness that inflation is now being recognized by the masses.

I have noticed people taking advantage of sales for a long time now, stores placing ‘limits’ on how many items you can purchase, expiration dates on rain checks when there were none just a few years ago etc. These are just a few examples of our changing times. This grocery store experience will shed some more light.

The first sale item I went in search of was the 40 oz. bottle of Heinz ketchup. The limit was 2 with the coupon. Well, guess what, it was all gone! There was a shelf space of almost 3 feet long completely empty, where the Heinz 40 oz. ketchup used to sit. Oh well, I thought, I’ll get a rain check.

Next item, yup, that same mayonnaise I tried to get in my Grocery Store Rant post. The 30 oz. jar of brand name mayo on sale for $2.99. I pull up to the shelf…..yup, they were almost all gone, only 6 left, so I grabbed them all. The expiration date is not until December of this year. I figured with summer around the corner, potato salad will abound. Not to mention that I’m making potato salad for 40 people this Sunday.


The last sale item I’m looking for was some sugar. The 4 lb. bag (no longer a 5 lb. bag by the way), on sale for $1.59 a bag. Oh, yeah, limit 2. As I pull up to the sugar, I notice a woman standing there looking at the sales flyer. I look at the sugar and I get a little confused because there is no price posted.

The woman must have detected my confusion because she said “That is the sugar that’s on sale. They just don’t have a price posted.” She shows me the sugar in her sales flyer. I thanked her and bent down to get the sugar which was on the bottom shelf.

Guess what? There are only 3 bags left. I immediately knew the right thing to do. I picked up one bag, obviously deferring the other two bags to the woman who was there before me. She smiled at me and bent down to get her two bags. Just then she said, “Oh wait, there’s one more here in the back.” She literally crawled, upper torso in the shelf, to reach against the back and get the last bag of sugar for me.

I thanked her. We smiled at each other in a knowing sort of way and walk our separate ways. On my way home I thought of this woman who was obviously thinking and shopping the same way I do. People are getting scared and they only want to continue to feed their families.

Oh by the way, today was the first day of a 7 day sale.

‘Just-in-Time’ food supply distribution technologies may leave grocery store shelves barren, given a threshold of panic…


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