How to get food after TSHTF

Food. We need it. Today it’s easy to get. We just buy it. What would we do though if we couldn’t just go out and buy it, or if there were scarcity at the grocery stores?

Here are a few notes outlining methods which may lead you in the right direction…


First of all, in ‘good times’, before TSHTF, you could just buy it…

You should seriously consider storing ahead a supply of food, to be used as a crutch while you work up a sustainability plan. A 1-year food storage is not difficult to obtain.

Purchase Food Storage

-Quick short term solution
-Advantage of buying anything and everything
-Advantage of storing ahead as much as you wish to spend
-Food rotation, first in – first out (until it runs out)

Consider one of the following methods to procure sustainable food…

Growing Crops

-Sprouting seeds (fast and easy)
-Hydroponics (unique knowledge, know-how, and equipment)
-Container gardening
-Square-foot gardening
-Large scale gardening
-Land, good soil
-Crop rotation
-Growing season, grow-zone limitations or advantages
-Knowledge and experience
-Harvest and preservation
-Heirloom varieties, save seeds for next season

Raising Livestock

-Selecting livestock
-Food and water
-Containment and equipment
-Knowledge and experience
-Health and medical issues


-Fish selection
-Tanks, ponds


-Experience and know-how
-Field dressing


-Knowledge of area ponds, rivers, streams, lakes
-Rod and reel, lines and equipment
-Cleaning fish

Foraging / Wild Edibles

-Plant identification
-Reference guide
-Local knowledge

While considering any method for procuring food, equally important will be the preservation of that food for ‘off-season’.

Do you have any additional ideas or methods for obtaining ‘food’?

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