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Mountain House now available from CampingSurvival.com

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Our friend, Tom, over at Camping Survival.com has just told us they are now carrying Mountain House #10 cans and pouches. For those of you looking to shore up your food storage preps, we would appreciate it if you have a look at their Mountain House products which they now carry.

Mountain House, a division of Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc, has been a backpacking, hiking, camping, and hunting favorite since the 1960’s. The Mountain House product line consists of over 58 selections, including single-serve, double-serve and four-serve entree’s in a light weight pouch. The most popular sellers are our double-serve entree’s, which includes over 25 flavors to choose from. Keep your pack ultra light with camping meals specially made for the outdoor lifestyle. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks add up to just over a pound per person per day. Whether you’re hiking, biking, canoeing or mountain climbing, Mountain House is the smart way to go.


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