Organization And Pantry Organizers For Your Food Storage

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Yesterday I happened to be visiting with a friend for a few hours. We went down into her basement and I saw the nice, well stocked metal pantry shelves her husband had built. Immediately, a big smile came to my face. I turned to her and said, “What a nice pantry! I have to congratulate you on what you’ve stored. Nice job!”

She said that when her husband goes shopping and something is on sale 10 for $10, he buys 10 and we put them down here. Again I complimented her for taking advantage of sales, and storing what they can. I said, “You know you’re doing the right thing, don’t you? The prices are only going to continue to rise.” She agreed.

This little encounter reminded me of how important it is to have your food storage organized and how pantry organizers can make a big difference. I was very pleased to see how nicely her shelves were organized. It’s very important to have your food storage organized.


Why is organization important to your food storage? One thing, is that being organized, will allow you to see at a glance how much of a particular item you have in your storage. This will let you know whether or not you need to purchase more of that item. Being organized will also help you to properly rotate your food.

For example, I started using pantry organizers (‘can racks’) similar to this Soup Can Rack , several years ago and they are a great help. The oldest can should be in the front. When you buy new cans, they get loaded in the back. Whenever you remove a can, the next oldest one will roll to the front. Rotation made easy! Here is an example of smaller pantry organizers that will fit in your cupboard. Here’s another great idea for your cupboards, a multi-tier ‘Expand A Shelf’ so you can see what you have, all the way to the back!

A large metal shelving unit may work in your basement nicely and keep prying eyes off your food supplies. We feel it is important to keep your extra food items ‘hidden’ from view to avoid potential issues, should disaster strike.

Now, the can racks will only work for cans. If you have food that is in boxes, you can do what we do depending on where you are storing them. If you have room, you can store them like the cans, with the oldest box in front and the newer ones in the back of the row. You would then always take from the front of the row and stock new items from the back of the row.

We have also stored boxed food from ‘left to right’ in an area that wasn’t deep enough to make rows. With the left to right principle, always take from the right and restock from the left.

There are so many organization aids and pantry organizers for your pantry. I recommend you try a can rack or two, they work very well.

You may find that your ‘initial’ organization may take a good amount of your time to set up. But, believe me, once you are organized, your time will be saved!


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