Strawberry Granola Recipe

Guest post: by Christine Coburn

Oh No !!! I can’t go buy cold cereal.

If The SHTF then the stores will be closed and your nightly bowl of Raisin Bran will come to an end unless you can make a substitute out of your pantry. Here is one alternative for a tasty cold cereal that is limited only by your imagination. It is great as a cold cereal with milk, on top of yogurt, mixed into trail mix, or just as a snack that is healthy and nutritious.

1. Strawberry (or raisin, or date, or plain, or prune, or peach, and on and on) Granola for cold cereal or a healthy snack. I make a double batch since all my kids and grandkids love it.

a. You will need

i. 6 cups old fashioned oats (Not quick oats, or you can roll your own oat groats – if you do, then do it on a pretty thick setting on your roller)

ii. ½ cup oil (your choice, I use plain old vegetable oil)

iii. ½ cup honey

iv. 1 cup of your choice of pureed fruit Or for plain, increase above to 1 cup each

v. Any seasonings you want like nutmeg, cinnamon etc

vi. Nuts if you choose

b. In a pot place the honey and oil, heat it on a medium heat until you see it start to bubble.

c. Put the oats in a big bowl.

d. When the mixture on the stove begins to bubble, remove it and mix in the fruit.

e. Pour the mixture into the oats and mix well breaking up any large clumps.


f. Spread the mixture onto cookie sheets and bake at 300 degrees for about 50 minutes.


g. Stir it every 10-12 minutes so that it toasts evenly. When the granola has toasted to your liking, remove and cool. You can stir in any dried fruit, nuts, candy chips etc you want at this time.

h. Store it in an air tight container. I can not tell you how long it will last as it does not last long here in my house.


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