Where’s The Spice?

Passing along another example of how we are continually getting screwed out there by ‘brilliant’ marketing ploys and techniques meant to fool you and increase a companies bottom line. You could call this invisible inflation.

The other day Lauren happened to buy a few spice containers of various spices, and I couldn’t help but notice the blatant apparent deception of this particular brand. While the spice itself was not particularly expensive, the quantity you get is much less than you might expect.

Although the weight of the contents are clearly spelled out on the front label, how many people can actually equate that to reality without doing some analysis?

The container was barely one-third full, and I love how they have giant labels which entirely cover up what you can see through the container.

We see this type of thing regularly in all sorts of varieties of products and their packaging. It personally drives me nuts, whereas I would rather simply see or know what I’m getting based on realistic packaging. Next thing you know… we’ll only be getting a dozen potato chips in a full size bag! Oh… but the price of the bag never went up?! Get it?

This has been a public service ‘heads-up’ from MSB, just pointing out the obvious 😉

Hey, Spice Supreme... Where's the spice??spice-supreme-only-filled-one-third

Feel free to comment and complain about your own experiences…
It will make you feel better 😉

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