Whole Grains, Spices and Herbs: Survival Foods

Last updated on December 18th, 2017


About a week ago I was looking through the course booklet for our local adult education classes. 

One class I saw is one that should have been offered a long time ago, but still I am so glad to see it is offered now. It’s called ‘Healthy Cooking With the New Whole Grains’. They will be working with rice, spelt, oats, quinoa, millet and barley to name a few. As someone that has been cooking with whole grains and milling my own flour for years, this sounds like a perfect class for beginners. Not only are whole grains so much healthier than the processed foods, but whole grains are easy to store and they store very well. One thing that made me chuckle is the way they refer to ‘the NEW whole grains’. Ha, they’re not really ‘new’, are they? But I am glad they are being resurrected.

As long as you are working with the whole grains, they will keep for years. The actual whole wheat berries, if  stored properly, will last for 8 to 10 years. The wheat berries will not begin to lose nutrients until you mill some to make flour. This is because during the milling process, the shells of the wheat berries become broken. Look around and see if a class is offered in your area.

Another class I noticed, which again I feel should’ve been offered long ago, pertains to a favorite of mine. It’s called, ‘Cooking Caravan: Herbs, Spices & Seasonings’. This class will be exploring spices, fresh herbs, condiments and exotic seasonings, most available at your regular market. This class intrigued me as I have always had an interest in spices and herbs, but they are also a great survival stash you should have in your storage. Why?

Well, one reason is that you can grow many of them yourself. That’s nice. Many of them are also medicinal which makes them a great reason to have them on hand. I love this one particular book that I’ve had for years called Herbs That Heal. This book covers many herbs and spices, where you can find them and what you can use them for other than cooking. And if there is a big SHTF scenario that lasts a long time, believe me that an occasional herb or spice on a meal will be a welcome treat.


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