Prepper Rules-Of-Three


Guest article by NRP;

Preparing and Survival for the most part may be broken down into “Time-Lines”. These concepts have been written about in many articles and seemingly are explained very simply.

My attempt here is to expand on those concepts and to add a few more “Time-Lines” to think about.

1. 3 Nano-Seconds to think
2. 3 Seconds to react
3. 3 Minutes without Air
4. 3 Hours without Shelter
5. 3 Days without Water
6. 3 Weeks without Food
7. 3 Years without Rebuilding


3 Nano-Seconds to think

The mind is a very “fast” thing and processes millions/billions of actions/thoughts per second, at the speed of light. Your heart rate, your breathing, 90% of your body actions happen without you really thinking about them. That leaves the rest of the brain to do the “thinking” stuff.

There lies the problem, the “rest” of the thinking. If not coherent, it can and will get you in deep trouble or dead. Day-Dreaming or being distracted while driving for example can lead to wrecks very fast. If you are not watching/listening/smelling what is going on around you, the outcome can be bad to say the least.

Situational Awareness is one thing we talk about quite a bit. But this is only one of the many things the “Nano-Second” is involved in. PUT the dang Dumb-Phone Away, stop being distracted by things, pay attention to your life and what the world is telling you.

FYI, an EMP will affect us all in very few Nano-Seconds, so forget about knowing it’s coming and stuffing all those electronics in a Faraday Cage.

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3 Seconds to react

Someone is running at you, or past you, what do you do? Are they holding a Knife, a Gun, a Club, or a Rose? You will have approximately 3 seconds to analyze and react to the threat from 20 feet away.

What if this person is running to his Girl Friend or Wife? What if this person is running to stab and rob you? 3 seconds is really not much time.

Additionally 3 seconds traveling at 60MPH in a vehicle will go 264 feet. How long does it take to check your text messages and NOT crash?


3 Minutes without Air

3 Minutes without Air; that’s a very VERY long time to not be breathing. As a Scuba Diver I respect that amount of time very much, you DON’T run out of air at 120’ below the surface and last very long.

If you get trapped under ice by breaking through a Lake or a Stream, you have 3 minutes. If in a fire/smoke and holding your breath, 3 minutes. Try holding your breath for 3 minutes and running out of a smoked filled building.

What if someone is choking you? Can you escape within that 3 minutes? Also some reference the 3 Minutes to being submersed in freezing water. I would agree. Have you ever stepped in a stream of freezing water and your foot feels like it’s falling off? Imagine imagine that, but being totally soaked.


3 Hours without Shelter

The blistering sun and its heat can cook you in hours or less. Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Sun Burn and Sun radiation poisoning will make for a very bad day.

Freezing temperatures or just getting wet in moderately cold temps and you run the risk of hypothermia. Make sure you have some sort of appropriate shelter everywhere you go. Imagine breaking down in the car/truck in a snowstorm, with no heat, no fuel, and no shelter from the cold……. Happens every year.


3 Days without Water

Actually your body starts to shut down in about 2 days. The kidneys and internal organs begin to shut down, the brain no longer thinks coherently, the blood thickens, and the muscles start to die. Re-hydration after 3 days without water is almost impossible with just “drinking”, it takes medical care.

Please note that when we say “water” this can be almost any fluid; juice from a can of vegetables or fruit, milk, soda (not the best), and so-on. Note that alcoholic drinks are very bad for hydration, even beer, so use caution when you’re dehydrated and don’t drink those kinds of liquids.

Additionally, make darn sure that your “water” is clean. Polluted or contaminated water can and will kill you just as dead as dehydration. Have and use a GOOD drinking water filter. Check the many articles here on making water “clean”.


3 Weeks without Food

Food, there are a thousand articles around on food and storage of food, It’s cheap and easy to keep, so DO IT. There is no reason not to store up a few months of food. Do not follow FEMA’s advice (3 days of food??? Really??)

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3 Months without Resupplying

A constant source of Water, A Garden, the skills to Hunt/Fish, Knowing how/what to forage, knowledge how to Preserve and Keep foods; without these you WILL run out of the essential needs to survive, period.

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3 Years without Rebuilding

Within 3 years you should be rebuilding your life, home, and family, yes there are many, like myself, that know exactly what’s ahead if TSHTF, but for those that live through it and think the “after” will be all “peaches and cream”, and that someone else (the .gov for instance) will be there to rebuild for them, well best of luck with that thinking.

YOU need to acquire the knowledge now, learn how to do things that will be required to survive as they did 200-400 years ago.

For those who think that after a major SHTF (an EMP for example) there will be Law and Order, Food Supplies, Running Tap Water, Instant Medical, Cell-Phones, on and on well I do wish you the very best of luck. OR maybe, just maybe nothing will happen to disrupt our world?

Just remember when seconds matter, help is only minutes or more away (or not at all), you MUST be able to help yourself and yours.

Let’s hear from you. How much “time” do you have to…….?

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