How To Survive Anything


What are some of the things that you can do in order to better your odds to survive?
…to survive ‘anything’.

Here are a few thoughts on the subject:



It all begins with your health and fitness! Lets face it… generally speaking – before you begin thinking about external risk factors, you need to look internal. Your body. Your health and well being. And you have far more control over it than you may think. For example if you eat right and regularly exercise in moderation, you will greatly reduce the odds of poor health. Simple as that. “You are what you eat”. Well, it’s kind of true… If you eat ‘right’, if you don’t over-eat, if you eat more whole foods (and less processed foods), if you consume less sugar, less fat, you WILL be healthier. The choices are yours and most of you instinctively ‘know’ what’s better and what’s worse in that department… If you regularly exercise for strength and stamina, you WILL become healthier. All survival begins with a healthy body. If you are not willing to take this first step, then you might as well ignore the rest…



Recognize and understand the risks that are around you (near and far). Some risks are obvious and tangible. Others are hidden in the shadows – although they may be just as potentially dangerous to your well being (or worse). When you are out-and-about, pay attention to your surroundings. Force yourself to see beyond your ‘bubble’. Be aware of risky behavior and avoid it. You know ‘it’ when you see ‘it’. Many risks are hidden from plain sight and you must do your own due-diligence to find them. Expand your horizons and sources of “input”. If you don’t know the risks then how are you to avoid them or confront them smartly?



Most people suffer from normalcy bias and are inherently unwilling to change their habits or behaviors, or to look at things from a different perspective or point of view. While the saying “If it’s not broken – don’t fix it” has merit, the fact is that it is difficult to break a routine or to do something outside of your comfort zone. It’s easy to stand still while it is more difficult to get in motion. To survive, you must be ready and able to adapt to changing circumstances. You must put aside your assumptions and “think outside the box”. Your preconceived notions may sometimes be incorrect. Be open. Be nimble. Be flexible. Adapt and overcome.



Discover and learn the many practical solutions to the many potential problems that may affect your ability to survive under varying circumstances. Knowledge is gained through learning and experience. There is a wealth of information out there. Books. Internet. Other people with the practical skills that you’re after. Look for reliable sources. Expand your learning horizons. Seek out and learn the basic practical skills for survival and preparedness. Know it. Do it.



Being prepared is a key to survival. Being prepared begins with planning. Have a plan. More than one. Contemplate various hypothetical scenarios in which you might find yourself, and then the consider the solutions for survival. Think of the major circumstances first, and then subsets of each. Start your plan with the basic essentials and then expand from there. Write it down. Make lists. Think.



A plan is nothing without action. It’s one thing to think about it, to plan it, or to know it – but until you actually ‘do it’, you will not have tested your plan. Don’t wait until disaster to try it out… Skills are achieved by doing. Practice. Make time to practice some more. Once you are “in motion”, it’s easier to stay in motion. Keep on doing. Testing. Drilling.



Some people seemingly look for trouble. Others do their best to avoid it. If you understand the risks, then mitigate them. Avoid them. Or confront them smartly. Don’t willingly enter a danger zone (literally or metaphorically) and not expect to be adversely affected. If you recognize the potential dangers (within any hypothetical situation) then you are better able to make the right choices.



Think ahead. Plan ahead. Stay ahead. The more that you understand risks coupled with sheeple behavior, the better you can position yourself such that you won’t be caught in a stampede of the masses. Understand what is happening and then make quick decisions as best you can. In almost every disaster being one of the first to act can save you. It’s a combination of staying aware and being willing to make a choice that may be contrary to what you normally would do (on a ‘normal’ day)… Use your intuition and common sense.


I tried to stay at a higher level rather than drilling down to specifics. The title, “How To Survive Anything” is extremely general and broad, however there are certainly some things we can do (generally) to help us achieve that goal.

Lets hear from you. What else?

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