What Are Your Post Collapse Skills?


The severity and extent of a societal collapse will affect the value of one’s skill set and the contribution those skills will bring to the table (so to speak).

You might say that the more severe the collapse, the more necessary to have the practical (primitive?) skills and strengths for basic survival and self-sufficiency.

Eventually, while the prepared survive as the unprepared die-off, the severity of collapse will slowly diminish while some infrastructure, community and trade is re-established.

A rebuilding phase begins, and a much broader set of skills will be required to establish systems of practical convenience, distribution, and the rebuilding of an infrastructure.

During the post-collapse period, and during interaction with others, a spoken (or unspoken) question will be, “What do you bring to the table?” It may not be said out loud, but it will be part of the discovery.

So ask yourself, “What do I bring to the table? What skills do I have that will be useful or valuable after a collapse?”

Typically, a person’s skills are exemplified in their career choices. Their job. Many people also have hobbies, which often are not related to their job. Do any of these talents, interests or hobbies apply to skills that may be valued after a societal collapse?

If as a prepper you are at all concerned about the possibility of a social-collapse scenario (or worse), then you may want to think about your existing skill set.

Try and imagine HOW you would get by (and survive) with what you have and what you know, in order to simply stay alive – and beyond.

There are some basic categories to initially consider – those that keep you alive and keep you fed, watered, and sheltered. Once you’ve covered that, then move on to the next level. Know that you cannot make it long-term entirely on your own. You WILL need others. This is the level at which a broad skill set of individual talents will be more sought out and valuable to a survival community.

In today’s modern world, many (most?) people’s skills are focused on talents which may have little or no value in a survival context during a post-collapse period.

It may be a good time to look inward to better understand what you might bring to the table if you had to in a new world where the clock is set back. If you find that you need to make changes, you might want to make them soon. Be late than never…



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