Are Humans Designed To Live So Close To Each Other?


Estimated world population had been somewhere between 300 and 600 million people, about 2000 years ago. Today, there are more than 7.3 billion people.

It took all of human history until around the year 1800 for world population to reach one billion.

The 2nd billion occurred in 130 years (1930).
The 3rd billion in less than 30 years (1959).
The 4th billion in 15 years (1974).
The 5th billion in 13 years (1987).
The 6th billion in 12 years (1999).
The 7th billion in 12 years (2011).

The industrial revolution, the discovery and harnessing of fossil fuels, and other reasons have enabled we as a species to explode in population. The thing is — we are all apex predators…

An apex predator, also known as an alpha predator, super predator, top predator or top-level predator, is a predator residing at the top of a food chain on which no other creatures predate.

Millions upon millions of us in the United States (billions throughout the world) live within very close proximity to each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Is it likened to a fireworks factory when all is well and under control – that ‘things’ appear to be fine or safe?

Could it be that so long as we are kept ‘fat, dumb, and happy’ that most of us repress our natural predatory behavior?

Do you suspect that the vast majority of people living in today’s modern world actually have no idea that they technically are predators? Do you suspect that their predatory behavior would surface upon certain conditions?

Answer: Yes.

Under extreme predatory-triggering conditions, I do not believe that most will sing ‘Kumbaya’.

When I observe the massive population densities around the country (and around the world) and when I realize that all of these people (predators) have only lived within these extreme close-quarters during a very tiny slice of the overall human timeline, and when I realize that the only thing keeping these predators from going bonkers is (are) the modern systems (systemic risks) that are supplying the necessary ‘fat, dumb, and happy’ control, I see potential disaster in the making…

We can all get along reasonably well so long as we can get what we need, and when we can get it relatively easily. But when we can no longer… well, that’s not going to be a fun time.

We are living in a slice of history that is extraordinary. It is not ordinary (given the overall timeline). One day this ant farm is going to be disrupted. This is one (major) reason why I prepare.

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Wow, that is definitely an eye opener and thought provoking…..scarey maybe. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

This is exactly why I live out in the sticks. Think about “mob mentality” where 1 guy is protesting, he probably will not throw a brick at the police. But, take a crowd of 100 (Baltimore for example) and you see human behavior quickly change to uncivilized, aggressive behavior.

Why? Because under the surface, every human being has the capacity to do evil deeds. Not to say that everyone will do bad things, but when the chips are down, it’s every man for himself. It’s “The Matrix” that keeps most of the population in check. As long as the system is running correctly, all is well. When the system crashes, and it will, lawlessness and chaos will take over and yes, predators will take advantage of the weak.

@ Kevin
When you consider an evil that is diabolical and untempered with each passing day, it is quite alarming my friend.

When one considers what a society that is endorsed by a government is doing to our innocent children in their mother’s womb, what will they do to fill their belly?


I think the Almighty is going to judge America harshly for the wholesale slaughter of babies and then selling the remains. It’s shameful.

Doc –

Yes the ‘New Babylon’.

My wife, kids (they have kids) and I truly believe that the events we are witnessing are irreversible. Call it part of ‘Prophesy’ if you like.

We are all guilty of the ‘Holocaust’ which has taken place since the 70’s.

We pray to Jesus, and try to lead a decent life,,, but we can’t hide behind the fact a genocide is and has been taking place.

Perhaps, people who prep and pray will be spared. But I don’t buy into the whole ‘Rapture’ hope. We’re all going through it.

And quite frankly, because we deserve it.

60 million dead and counting. And now their (have been) making money off the innocent babies they murder.

Many of the German people cried ignorance to which went on during the 1940’s.

Perhaps,,, but we can’t.

Thank you for the reply. It is, unfortunately the America we live in today.
It really is sad that the president wants to call the gun owners criminals and the abortion doctors ….. “No Comment”

I cry out to myself silently during the night,,,, what should I do?

Perhaps that young man who shot the ‘Multi-Millionaire’ late term abortion specialist and killed him will reside in heaven.

Amazing side note,,, the young man killed the butcher in the vestibule of the ‘Church’ he attended.

David,,, or Jesus,,, David or Jesus. It’s all so confusing.

At this point in my life I wonder if,,,,

Never mind, I have a huge family to attend to and our government (which we pay to protect us) sadly is watching me.

Thanks Doc.

very good point i think alot of ” animalistic ” nature still resides in us

Some very often asked questions;

1) How many people have been shot for cutting someone off in traffic?
2) How often does that neighbor of yours yell and threaten you because your cutting the grass to early?
3) How many fights at “Little League” games because of someone getting mad?
4) How many people are killed because of jealousy?
5) Ever see someone mess with a child where the Mother did not beat the crapo out of them?
6) School yard fights over bullying.
7) Drive-by shootings
8) Race crimes
9) Riots
10) Senseless murders
11) Drug murders
12) Hate crime

The list can go on forever. Can you imagine what would happen if you cut peoples food off? what would happen if you shut off the Electricity? Water? Medicines? Fuel for their cars? Just look at how people react when they don’t even get the right brand of Peanut Butter!!!!

Now just think what people would do if their child or family are starving and you had food. When that group of people walking the streets sees a light on in your house or smells food being cooked.

Humans are animals, no ifs/ands/or buts. They WILL KILL you for your food and supplies when the SHTF. We often talk about OPSEC and that allusive “well I’ll just come over to your house”. Those rioters could care less about you or what they are doing, you think that father of 3 starving children will think any differently?

Is the Human Animal living to close together, Yes. Will there be a SHTF, Yes and it will not be pretty. The fact is Humans are breading like rats, and WILL outgrow the space we have. Ken mentioned the fact we are the “apex predator” being the only predator that will hunt us is ourselves. Hence the problem. Like a fungus living in a petri dish once the fungus grows to it’s limits it all dies out, no different than what we are doing.
JMHO, something to think about.

You hit the nail on the head! Yet, people still just don’t get it. They don’t to think about anything that is uncomfortable for them. This whole society is unable to think about anything that will make them change their lazy ways. If you talk about being self reliant they look at you like you should be commited, or laugh. My son’s girlfriend said he just worries about this too much cause it won’t happen anyway. I told him to ask her if she has car insurance? He said she starting to understand but still very hesistant.

I guess I’m too independent to want anyone to do stuff for me. When I was a little girl I was told I was a little smarty pants who regularly said “I can do it myself!!”

@ Miss
Thank you.
I believe at times I “overthink” this stuff. But I try to talk to people about what “may” be coming, while trying to maintain OPSEC.
Also, congratulations on your “I can do it myself!!” I could think of nothing better to be remembered by.
Best of luck on the future Daughter-in-law.

The rioters’ basic needs are still being met. They probably hit the drive through on the way to the “protest”.

How do you tell humans to stop screwing?

@ Blue
You don’t or can’t, they will not listen anyways, Hence the “reset” is inevitable.

Most of the population explosion is from the ‘underdeveloped’ parts of the world. Whites are the only humans NOT breeding like sewer rats.

I think there is more to add that turns people into acting like apex predators than “need”. They are power, control, greed and want.

Humans are the most destructive species on this planet.

Ok Kula. you win the award for the biggest “understatement” of the year. HAHAHAHAH

Finally won something!
Personally I cant stand being around other people, rather be out working in the fields with nobody anywhere near me.

Oh my gosh, Kula, I just laughed out loud in agreement. I second your sentiment!

couldnt agree more!!!!!! leave me alone cause im gunna leave you alone!!!!

This subject is a great subject for a sociology report. One question, is civilization the natural state for humans?

When I think of civilization I think about “Hotel California, by The Eagles” as a metaphor of it. Government is the beast that you can stab at with your steely knives, but you just can’t kill. Government will do anything and everything to keep civilization going and they’ve been at it for a very very long time. You can check out anytime you like, but you may never leave. I think that means you can die, but seceding from civilization is designed to be impossible. Just look at how bad they come down on preppers and homesteaders that try to go off grid.

I live in a cabin out in the middle of the woods completely off grid, but I figure as long as I keep going into town periodically to buy “stuff”, whether I need it or not, I may have a good chance of being left alone for awhile. After a breakdown the periodical trips will become unessesary. I still wonder if someone’s going to knock on my door someday and force me to hook up to the utilities. Hopefully it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth to them. Besides, what are they going to do when I don’t pay the bill, shut it off? Hahaha I didn’t want it in the first place.

@Grits; “One question, is civilization the natural state for humans?”

Only one answer to that question, No.


It’s funny how most people think that the only alternative to civilization is anarchy. The Romans fought tooth and nail to civilize the Goths and Celts. They were neither civilized by Roman standards nor were they anarchists. They just didn’t want to have anything to do with Rome. In hindsight Rome may have been better off if they just left them alone, but that just wasn’t their way. They were living on borrowed time anyway, if it wasn’t the Goths it would’ve been someone else.

@ Grits
Interesting you mentioned the Roman Empire and their quest to conquer/rule the world. Not unlike the USA Empire (with King obummer) of these days, are we not trying to be the police of the world? Are we not trying to feed the world? We (the US) are distribution billions and billions in funds to the world (FYI $100-BILLION??? to Iran that has vowed “Death to America”), using that as leverage to conquer the world. As the Romans we are so concerned with the rest of the world we have lost track of our “own back yard”. If we allow our country to crumble (and it is crumbling now)or be destroyed how can we continue helping the rest? If our economy collapse will that not take down the entire world economy?

I believe that if we do not “fix” our own problems soon we will fail just as the Roman Empire did. If that happens, there will be a LOT of room for the few humans left to spread out and have all the room they need. Unfortunately I do not believe we (humans) will survive WWIII. It will not be a video game where we can just “try it again”, once that ICBM button is pushed, we’re all toast sooner or later. We as preppers or survivors may last a few years more, but in the long run….. maybe not so much.


That sounds like the US. The government just cant mind its own damn business. The US government stopped being of, for and by the people decades ago, sorta sucks

I’m of the opinion that mankind will eventually have some natural disaster or nuclear event take place that will balance the global population back to a lower level.

And the way we’re heading these days, It is safe to argue that it’s going to be manmade and that 11 Billion by 2050 may not happen.

Regardless, I have zero intent to regress into a fat man’s sheeple stance while singing “Kumbaya” if that day does come ;-)

This is why training or practicing across a variety of skills is so important – it’s not if, but when you may need them to survive…

Could be this decade or the next, but something for sure is building up intensity and definitely around the corner – IMHO!

I feel the food system is collapsing, been noticing some truly troublesome trends with crops and such, and it doesnt appear to be temporary.

As much as I detest the web site, check out:
J.B. Calhoun addressed this issue starting 1947. The answer has been the same ever since. I only use Scummy-pedia because the original paper, which Scummy-pedia plagiarized, is over 500 pages. And BORING!

It has been stated, several times, that Calhouns work did not have a lot to do with humans. But, humorously, the number of people criticizing Calhoun actually ended up verifying that people are no better than rats when their habitat becomes overy crowded. (

To paraphrase the above information: Vacate the crowded areas before you turn into rats!

One problem is that when SHTF the massive populations of the cities will go looking for greener pastures–literally. Those who live self-sufficient in the boonies could very easily find themselves over-run by the rats.

Georgia Guidestones, anyone?

Good info and I had forgotten about those. Would be a good follow-up post for Ken on this topic!

Important to have community discussions on how to best maintain infrastructure post collapse. Plan your work and work your plan. Need leaders that instead of finding fault and fixing the blame, they`ll find a solution and fix the problem. We can collapse in a crisis, or we can carry on. You decide!

Also don’t forget that Tubal-Cain, descendant of Cain is credited with the early cities. Perhaps civilization is the full embodiment of the Fallen state of humans, who were first meant to tend the garden with just the two of them.

Yes, it could easily become black Friday on steroids. The current administration is poking at say the black ants in an aquarium. Then they poke at the red ants in another aquarium. Then mix the 2 aquariums together and see what happens. Just a thought.

Humans, as a species, are very social animals. Even when the population of the world was still sub 1 billion, most of those billion lived in small communities, bands, or family groups. We are not solitary creatures. It is a survival mechanism. Groups allow for specialization which lends to overall increased efficiency and productivity thereby increasing the odds of survival and passing along ones genetic code. In any disaster you will of course see the 10% acting out, going rogue and being a general PITA, however history shows that in the end we will band together for the common cause. Communities and groups of folks joining together are one way to deal with the 10%. Do not forget there is strength in numbers. I imagine that those areas that have little sense of community today will disintegrate while those neighborhoods that are more community focused will be much better off. This really only applies to suburbia and more rural areas….big cities are gonna be ghost towns in short order.

Lord Snow, I believe your very last comment says it all.

I wouldn’t say humans are “very” social. On one end of the spectrum you have ants (social), and the other end you have bears (solo). Humans are somewhere in the middle (kinda like wolves) only slightly more social. So why do we pack ourselves into cities like ants when it’s not in our nature?

I agree to a point with the social creature characterization, but the socialization of the group was, I believe, for the benefit of the individual and the group. We as a group needed farmers to produce crops. We needed a shepherd, a blacksmith, carpenters, etc., people who contribute to the group as a whole, or for basic trade of sorts. But when we get to the social level that has hundreds of thousands (& Millions) grouped so closely together, and a lot of them are paper pushers, administrators, facilitators of one type or another, or are just a drain on the producers, it no longer fits the idea of humans being a social being for individual and group benefits. I don’t believe we were ever intended to be grouped into segments as large as cities, metro areas, or whatever you wish to call them. The socialization works as long as each individual gives and receives an equal benefit. So as I do my farm work, go off to the US Military, continue to get educated and produce in 3 more “hands on” careers, I believe I am producing for my society. But when “administration” waylays my earnings to others that are not benefiting my society, the whole society thing loses its value and cohesion.

The modern human is still a tribal creature, a pack animal so to speak. The hominid has been a tribal animal for the past four million years, the human (Homo) for the past two million years.

Tribal behavior is instinctive. All social drives (care of children, cooperation, compassion, tool and weapon invention, territorial defense, language, dress, song, dance, art, competition, etc.) can be shown to be based on instinct, though the final form and execution is influenced by intellect.

My old tribe (Chicago) was way too big, so I left to make room for one more. :)


Are you a ‘University Trained’ student of humanity.

In modern terms, what your talking about is a ‘High School’ click.

Geeze,,, spare us.

First, the thought process that the world is overpopulated is a myth. Further, the whole ‘leftist’ population bomb thing (1968) has been blown up. One of their ‘Icons’ (Paul Ehrlich) predicted humane extinction by the year 2000. As a side note he is still worshipped by these people, as is Margret Sanger.

Now facts:

The entire worlds population (@ NYC density) could live comfortably in 670,000 square kilometers. That’s less area than the ‘Great State of Texas’.

Now, the question:

Are people designed to live this way. Just my opinion,,, but not only no but,,, heck no.

It’s amazing how so many of Ken’s recent taunts (vastly important), can all be easily tied together.

If the power structures in this world could force us all into Texas living in High Rise Structures,,, they would. Look up U.N. Agenda 21.

Of course, they’ll be living on some pristine lake somewhere.

This process is well under way people. Believe it!

The Federal Government has always bought up land (for the good of the people) but the escalation since our ‘First Black President’ (not Barry) bought up multiples of millions of acres.

Add to this, the overwhelming power of ‘Eminent Domain’, ‘Common Core Education’ and it becomes apparent that a major push is taking place.

I’ll leave the new HUD, EPA, and FEMA regulations alone for now.

By the way TR, the FEMA camps are not there to help people after a major ‘Shift’.

Nope. God gave us the world to enjoy and use to prosper,,, alas I fear the ‘Minions of the Devil’ will own it all prior to Jesus’s return.

Hang on, rejoice in what you have, be willing to protect it.

I have never understood why people are against responsibly limiting the population

I stay off the roads at quitting time around here


because I don’t want to sit in a freaking traffic jam for an hour

a couple of counties over they are raising property taxes by ANOTHER 10% this year
this is after raising them by 10% 2 years ago

because the freaking schools are busting at the seams
and these poor idiots aelready live in one of the most heavily populated/TAXED areas of the state

my county has had to stop pumping from a very good high quality aquifer
my water bill has tripled !!!!!!!!!!!!!
because too many people,pumping too much water

you wanna cram 7 billion people into Texas ?
go for it
take about 90% of my county with you when you go

21,000 children a day starve or die of easily treatable diseases
every day
365 days a year

at least 12 million people die every year because of the same

and we need more people???

really ??????


That was an impressive rant.

First of all, you missed my point. But to your point:

We are (US Citizens) the most charitable people in the world. Got That?

Secondly, the hard core conservatives in this country are (for the most part) providing this aid.

How is it that:

A. America Bad,,, rest of the world good.
B. America sucks off the resources of the world,,, when it’ s the leftists that restrict these poor countries usage of their own resources.

I could go on but,,,,

C. Why is the entire worlds population trying to figure out a way to get here.

The reason you are feeling pain as a result of your personnel issues,,, is because of the people you put in office ‘via’ your vote.

They don’t care about your bleeding heart.

“….First of all, you missed my point. But to your point:

We are (US Citizens) the most charitable people in the world. Got That?

Secondly, the hard core conservatives in this country are (for the most part) providing this aid….”

Really? With a country $18b in debt, failing to feed and clothe its own citizens yet providing billions to countries in AID. Charity starts at home my friend!


I made NO comment about America being bad or good
or charitable or uncharitable

these issues have nothing to do with population

and I am not feeling pain because of people I put into office
I am feeling pain because of the people in office who OTHERS put there

now explain to me
why MORE MORE MORE is better ???

lets see what song yer singin’
when YOUR property taxes go up 20% every time you turn around

and YOUR water bill TRIPLES

but then I am lucky
I was talking to a fellow who lives one town over
his water and sewer bill is over $300 every month
and thats just for 2 people


keep it in your neck of the woods please

Is just more, not better, we got that going on over here, it wasnt enough to have a strong agricultural base for our economy, now
Most everything is from somewhere else and torism is the industry, yea sure it brings in way more money, and way more crime, people, drugs, diseases, transients, and every other bad thing we didnt have when i was a kid,
I heard the people talking on NPR the other day about shifts in jobs from production to service sector and how re training the workers was Key,
They dont even give a crap that maybe folks dont want to be servants to others needs, theydont wantto work in hotels or restaurants or doodad shops,,,
It sucks,
Being a farmer is the lowest form of service sector this farmer is willing to go, at least im still producing even if i am totally reliant on a fickle market full of people who couldnt give a crap what ineed to do to survive and grow the food i sell.

Amen! Well said.

I just got home from a meeting with some “kids” I went to high school with. We are planning our 40th class reunion. I thought of this discussion when several said they loved to live in the city minutes away from all they need. Why do I like to live in the sticks? Well, I am steps away from all I need. Going into town is getting to be a real trial on my nerves. To each his own I guess.

I think the concept of overcrowding is hyperbole. A house in town here is 1-1/2 story and about 24’x40′ that a family of 6 lived in. Look at China, New York city. I’ve read that those who live in the most densely populated environments are the most mentally, emotionally durable. There are on the other hand numerous accounts of people going nuts in solitary confinement and in isolated environments. What would be the more tortureous treatment, to be in a crowded jail cell or to be in solitary confinement for years at a time? Iron sharpeneth iron, and it takes two to tangle. Bob Dylan sang a song on “Slow Train Coming” …… ‘you could die out there and nobody would know it’ (in your getaway world).

Humans are a social animal and need social contact and confrontation to be mentally and emotionally sound. I am a solid Christian conservative and yet a good number of my social encounters and friendships are with those who hold totally opposite opinions. The poor idiots, heathens, liberals, these unfortunate souls do not appreciate the magnitude and breadth of the wisdom that I could endow them with, but I enjoy the entertainment.

If however you do decide to move out into the backcountry away from civilization, don’t expect a ravenous bear to share a duet with you of “Kumbaya”.

Interesting how you look at isolation as torture. I think you may be forgetting about introverts. Now sure, to an extrovert I bet isolation in even mild terms can be quite tortuous. And I agree that there are many more of them than there are introverts. However, the opposite is also true. Being around crowds of people for an introvert can be just as tortuous to them. Society has a way of trying their hardest to convert them into becoming extroverts, but look at the results. I’m not claiming it as fact, but just think for a minute if all those mass shooters and other problem people had grown up in a more isolated environment like a farm instead of a crowded city. The neighbors and people who knew them always say something like, oh he was a quiet kid, never bothered anyone, kept to himself, etc. Maybe they just get to a point where they can’t endure the torture any longer and they snap? Kinda like how an extrovert will snap when they’re in isolation for too long? I agree with you that humans are social animals, to a point, but some people just need it in smaller doses than others. And in different degrees too, some are fine in a medium sized town, a small town, and some… are perfectly content living in the middle of the woods.

I do not disagree with your perspective, I in fact am more introverted than extro, I live with mild Agoraphobia (fear of the marketplace). I’ve lived in population dense cities (Newark N.j., Minneapolis) and I’ve lived alone in the country, and neither appeal to me.

Although I gave physical examples perhaps what I had more in mind was the need to feel part of a social entity.

Extra: a lot of very public people were/are introverts, Johnny Carson comes to mind.

Hyperbole. Fearspread, preparestore and saletalk. I worry about groupthink and its pervasiveness on the internet. Conform or be cast out it seems to be saying. So 1984. I worry about those that try to steer thinking concerning human design. Animals are obedient only to instinct. We have reason. It does not matter where we live; we were designed to have a fellowship with our creator.
Oh, the things man will do for 30 pieces of silver.
And so it goes…

One correction Ken,
Humans were not “Designed” for anything! Humans evolved it prefer small group families where DNA is preserved. From the science I’ve read strong attachment goes out to uncle,cousin. But generally any group that can follow a familial link is stronger then one that can’t. We then create religions, and other social groups such as nation states to extend the special in group status well beyond the family.

Even the ancient city of Rome had a million inhabitants, it’s obvious humans have for a very long time preferred larger groups.

I suspect we on this forum are the ones outside the 3sigma limits :)

Hmmmm, good read with the article and comments today. I look at it this way. Being stacked up like cordwood, it will be easy to get burned. I’ll take my space and if I need to socialize, well that is what my legs are for. I have learned over the years people suck. Yes there are some good apples, but most are rotten to the core.

And like what occurred to the deer population in the Arizonan Kaibob National Forest during the 1920’s, once the land has reached its saturation point, a crash in population is inevitable. The land will only allow so many mouths to feed from it – there is a breaking point unless new sources of food are found.

Can anyone say Soylent Green ?

“Solyent Green is people”

C. Heston

OOPS, forgot spoiler alert

Well this article sure got a few people fired up :-)

MY Plan, To follow the lighted path of Prepping. Been to the point of frustration of trying to wake people up and any further down that road could be disasterous when things start to go down. Having a small group of like minded people will be essential to surviving, because we have and will have an attitude of service to each other. Who knows me better than the One that Created me? I must follow the rules that He has for Me. Already tried my own rules, and that didn’t work. Each of us have been given the freedoms to make choices, please be carefull to make choices that you can live with, because I think that we are running out of time to recover from mistakes!!

May God Bless all of you and keep you safe!!

One person has mentioned “The Rat Study” by Calhoun. (Look&Lern) I did not read the entire thing but it showed what social animals will do when conditions become overcrowded: Previously social animals will behave much like people do now days and it does not limit itself to cities. Young rats banded together and beat up each other or form packs to kill older, infirm rats that are not like themselves (Homocide and elder abuse). Sometimes, the young are eaten by their mothers when they are babies (infanticide). Many times they will kill over scarce resources that are highly desirable. Skinner box studies of inconsistent reward system and substituting cocaine for cookies (Rats will pound that lever all day long to get the addictive drug as opposed to food). I was aware of the rat study and read a summary of it prior to working within prisons and as a police officer. It is a microcosm of what happens to communities that are under stress. We would like to think or ourselves as being above this behavior. Ken says we are all apex predators. I respond that we, as a society, are not all apex predators. I have worked with convicts that have: killed their own mothers for money, Mothers that have killed their own children. Young men that have killed and maimed people just for fun. The good thing is: These are the ones locked up right now. FEAR THE ONES THAT WE DID NOT CATCH. Readers of this blog should aspire to be LIKE the apex predator. There is a large portion of our society that is not/will never be apex predators. They are the grass eaters. (referred to as “sheeple” within this blog) Most of my life has been spent as a guard dog and I am still employed as a guard dog. If I were an indiscriminent bully or if I routinely used poor judgement, I would have been fired a long time ago. There will always be a need for guard dogs as evidenced by the fact I was hired out-of state within hours when I last bugged out of California (People’s Republic of..). What does a guard dog do when they get old and fat? We accept the fact we cannot fight like we used to so we fight dirty (thumb in eye sockets, kicks to the knees, groin hits etc). Outside of prisons where we can have access to weapons, we have guns. Lots of guns! We also have other deterents like edged weapons (knives) and impact weapons (baseball bats and crowbars, tire irons). With age and experience, i find I do not hesitate anymore in defending myself or the ones I care for. The one creature that the guard dog leaves alone is the mother bear with her young. Mother bears are spending much time and other resources tending to the young so they need the help of the rest of the community when times are good and resources are plentiful. When times… Read more »

We are not the apex predators. We are only at the top of the food chain because we have weapons.

I have always been and will always will be a Sheep Dog.

Weapons are part of what separates primates from other animals. (and Humans make GOOD weapons)

The other thing that humans do that many other creatures do not is work together toward a common goal whether that means bringing in a harvest or taking down a large muscular opponent with no firearms. (Beat cops have partners. Takedowns in corrections usually have 4-6 guards/staff)

Due to the price of land condo towers are increasing in height. Power outage equals no elevators in service, heart attack on high floor means an increased risk of dying before paramedics can get to your unit even in normal times. I know of older people who want to live on the ground floor so that their visiting grand children don’t climb over the balcony into thin air. Also the fire risk. People actually pay a premium to live on high floors. Humans are not birds or other high living creatures in nature. I like the idea of lower elevations in gated communities.