Get Back To Basics – The Pin Has Already Been Pulled

Systemic Risk – It’s Going To Crash…

Our future, be it soon or later, will be thrown into devastating crisis.

The building systemic risks are gathering from all corners, from all sides, at a frightening pace. And more are speaking up about it.

These risks stem from the present global financial/socioeconomic systems which are rapidly approaching peak debt / peak sustainability.

The details get complicated. However the 30,000 foot view is this:

It is requiring more and more debt at a increasing rate to create so called ‘growth’ (even though growth is actually more debt), and the lenders (global banking systems) are now trapped. We will (soon?) be facing collapse or inflation/hyperinflation. Both are very bad.

There are some very prominent people who are now saying that the pin has already been pulled, so to speak. They are saying “When is Now”.

One voice is Jim Sinclair. He hasn’t interviewed in 2 years, until recently (with Bill Holter and Greg Hunter). He is certain that the pin has been pulled and the “when” is “now”.

He is calling for preparations and preparedness for what is to come – which will lead to a ‘reset’. He actually believes there will be two. The first will fail and the second will succeed.

He (and others) believe that we will soon be facing massive social strife, civil war, and extreme hardship.

The short of it has to do with increasing interest rates in a global system that is HIGHLY LEVERAGED from zero (and near zero) interest rate policies, and easy money.

You might be saying, so what? it’s all gobbledygook.

Well here’s why you should be concerned…


When Credit Seizes, Distribution Fails

Most don’t realize this, but we live within a system that is keeping us alive “just in time”. In other words, everything we buy at any store (food & groceries or anything else) got there “just in time” for you to buy it.

Most things don’t sit on the shelves for very long. And most things come from VERY FAR AWAY. They get to you through intricate systems of distribution, often from other countries. We literally rely on these systems for survival.

However the appearance of “plenty” hides this fact.

We are evidently facing a slowing and/or seizure of the system to perform.

These systems operate and function on a thin margin of profitability. If the systems of distribution cannot get the credit they need, they will cease to function as they do today.

Most people think that there are “little Elves” working in the back at Walmart making the stuff that goes on the shelves. They have no clue whatsoever of the complicated and inter-related factors that get product from point of origin to those shelves. And the biggest factor is the availability of cheap credit.

The problem is, the issuers of cheap credit are in a box. They can’t do it anymore. They’ve used up their ammo. If they do, there will be a series of cause-and-effects that will lead to high inflation and then hyperinflation (massive quantitative easing). This will destroy the current system. Either way, things are going to be bad.

What can we do?
We can’t stop it. So we need to prepare for it.


Back To Basics

The most important preparedness actions that you (we) can take is to get back to basics. And that means everything from your own personal finances to your own survival.

When the system seizes or crashes or resets, whatever monies you have in banks, brokerages and financial institutions will not be in your possession. Look into it. Those monies are actually not yours anymore. You just have a claim on that money. In any bankruptcy proceedings you will be the LAST on the list to get the scraps of what may be left (which will likely be nothing or something worth much less). And if you think that .gov FDIC has enough money for a crash, think again. They don’t.

Get back to basics. What is money, really? It is a store of your labor, your wealth. You might seriously consider storing some of that ‘money’ into your own ability to survive a collapse. Because when it happens, that will be it. What you have in your possession will be all there is. It is a scary thought indeed.

Here’s another scary thought… For those of you with pensions or counting on pensions, look what’s happening in Venezuela and other countries, RIGHT NOW… that $2500 the following month might only be worth $1250 (even though the digits still say $2500). Then the next month it might only be worth $600. See where I’m going? Hyperinflation. That’s what happens. You’re screwed.

Again, back to basics. How can you turn today’s monies into tangibles that will help you to survive tomorrow? Before it’s too late…

I talked about this recently in the following article:
Your Labor – What Are You Working For?

We would all like to think that everything’s going to be fine and our economic future will carry on without any major disruptions. I would like to think that too! The problem is, the more that I read and educate myself about what’s really going on, the more alarmed I become (why did I take the red pill?!).

I’ve been self educating on these subjects for many years. And I suppose this has somewhat to do with why I’m preparedness-minded.

Given recent information I am re-evaluating my present needs towards better odds of survivability following socioeconomic collapse and/or high inflation / hyperinflation.

I suggest that you do the same (re-evaluate).

If the pin has already been pulled, we’re just waiting for the kaboom.

I have this book that you might find helpful:
Back to Basics


  1. can you provide the sites, articles, or blogs you read to better inform yourself? I do not want to sound naive, but I guess I do not know which sites to trust info and what sites are all speculation. (if that makes sense)

    1. I’d start with the “Search MSB” button at the top of this page. Most people look at ZeroHedge website for financial related news, be forewarned of the apocalyptic nature of the articles and aggressive ads. The ads became so overwhelming and challenging to dispel I stopped going there. The best way to find news that I know of is to set up a Google alert and put in whatever you’re interested in for the search query and it will email you results.

        1. Also be aware there is a lot of profanity, vulgarity and racism there along with some highly knowledgeable folks.

        2. yeah, the “meet a Russian woman” ads were too much for me.

        3. I uninstalled my adblockers after I learned that they keep a record of your travels.

        4. I installed ad blocker, then increased the size of the print on the screen (ctrl + scroll up will do this) to the point that I don’t see any ads.

    2. Whiskey, I am a huge fan of Martin Armstrong. ( I am not the most understanding of world economics, but he is a world economist, studies ancient civilizations and their economies, how climate and governments affect economies, how current events and politics affect the economies of nations, etc. He has free articles on it all, along with a subscription site. I just read his free articles. Read his article from Aug 15, 2018 “This is No Joke – Monetary Reform Will Be Forced Upon the World.” He lays out the order he thinks the world economies will fall (and it started with Venezuela, and Turkey is almost ahead of the game here). In another article he mentioned a timeline of 2020-2030 or 2032, I believe. I wish I had bookmarked that article also. He is also following the solar minimum and how it will affect crops and economies around the world, so he certainly has my attention. I sent Ken an email the other day about recommending his blog to other readers.

      Ken, hope its okay to mention this to everyone. I think we should pay attention to this guy. I like this whole world approach, and funny how history repeats itself……..

      1. Oh, and read his article on. “The Hunger Stones” which have recently appeared in the rivers in Europe. They are a warning from earlier centuries. Fascinating.

    3. @Whiskey Vision, Regarding economic insight, there are quite a number of people and sites that I visit. I mentioned Jim Sinclair in the article. He’s one that I’ve listened to for years regarding his ability to see the big global economic picture. Bill Holter works with him too ( ) and often is sensible (sometimes alarming) in his opinions. Chris Martenson is another who I read semi-regularly and value his insight and opinions ( ). Greg Hunter ( ) often has some great interviews on this issue. Martin Armstrong sheds a unique light on economic issues as well. Paul Craig Roberts has great perspective too. There are lots of sites and aggregator sites that are economic-centrist that I browse. That includes zerohedge, dailyreckoning, and lots of others.

      1. I like myself. He gets some very informative interviews sometimes. Of course, I enjoy this sight very much too. Got some pretty informative posters, and everyone is very civil.

    4. Whiskey
      Ken did an article a while back that concerned other sites, what sites people read, etc. Do a search here for “prepper sites” there are several good articles with news and prepper sites. Hopes this helps.

  2. Good day, Everyone, Great article as usual Ken, thanks!
    This is happening “now” agree and at increasing pace…
    Costco has canned sardines, DH got last one on shelf of the kind he always bought,
    next pallet has only half as many cans, but if you look at price per unit/ounce it is near 40% inflation…overnight….
    I cannot agree enough with this article, we are seeing inflation on other items as well….
    Encouragement to spend money wisely on things that will provide for you and your loved ones in the longer term….
    Make food purchases with quality and nutrient density and long shelf lives…..
    Take a step of preparedness each day even if a small one
    May we here have much wisdom and strength and clarity for these days
    Good Shepherd bless you…

  3. I have noticed lately when I pay my credit card on-line, they take it our of my account much faster than ever before. Normally in the past,when I would pay the credit card, it would take three days before it was deducted from my account. The last couple of times it was overnight. It’s like they know something is going to happen and they are trying to get their money before anything happens. So we took our cue from that to replenish some of our food stores that we had gone through the past four months. I convert it to more useful items as soon as our income is deposited, mainly food at this point.

    1. We’ve been receiving requests from the mortgage company and auto finance company to allow them to automatically deduct our payments from our checking account even though we have always been AHEAD on our payments.
      We have a strict rule that stipulates only we have authority (well, other than the damned bank) to remove money from our account. Have heard of some companies advising customers that allowing them to “take” the payments directly from their customers bank account was going to be the ONLY way they would continue to do business. That in of itself is very disconcerting!
      We’re seeing dramatic increases in price for various items, and also seeing the old trick of the price not going up but the size going down more lately.
      Can’t even begin to “keep track” of all of the insanity anymore.
      Interesting times indeed! :(

  4. Great. Five months before full-on retirement for my hubby and he’ll be carrying medical insurance out-of-pocket til he turns 65. Of course, we will need that pension check to cover the medical insurance and any doc/hospital bills. If we don’t get that pension check, no insurance. No insurance, use USD. If no USD from the bank, grab stash of cash at home. Or Precious.
    When the money runs out, no medical….just at-home curatives.
    And this is just one ‘for instance’ off the top of my head.

    Multiply that times a bunch of million others….Then duck! Those walls will come down so fast we won’t know what hit!

    1. No, when the money runs out and you have a heart attack the home cures will probably not be enough. The hospital can’t turn you away if you can’t pay. They may send you to collections afterwards and you might have to declare bankruptcy. But they have to treat you unless they are a totally private hospital which takes no government dollars in any way shape or form.

      I follow a website for hospital CEOs. I get a daily report and it not unusual to hear of 3 to 5 hospitals closing their doors per week due to not being able to collect enough revenue to stay open. Of course they do not have to take you if they are closed.

      We all worry about the JIT delivery, it applies to healthcare also.

      1. Why not share the hospital CEO website so the rest of us can read what you’re reading?

  5. When the bottom falls out, it will take a while for the People to finally realize that they have been played for generations… The politicians will be gone underground or flew the coop… I hope Americans get really mad over this. And just maybe… Americans will come together and fix the system.

    1. Looks like a lot of other people oppose paper money as well. They’re going cashless 😯

  6. I still believe it is death by a thousand cuts. How long have other failing economies lasted while the citizens suffer until they migrate.
    If Trump’s strategy of growth fails overcome the financial dilemma we are facing, then it is a slow walk to Venezuela, hyper-inflation, or default on our debts – along with most other countries of the world. Then only war remains as peoples fight to survive.

  7. Don’t know if it means anything, but my last trip to Wally World (I don’t go to town but maybe once a month) the shelves of canned goods, normally completely filled, only had 10-12 cans of each variety, with many empty spaces. I normally buy case lots when I buy. Wasn’t possible. It appeared that all the food stocks were sparse. The good news is my chickens are producing 12-15 eggs a day, the squirrel population is huge, and see deer daily.

    1. Our squirrel population is finally making a come back. We had a pair of nesting hawks nearby and they nearly wiped out the squirrels. We are also not likely to see too many deer or turkeys. Our oak trees were hit pretty hard with the gypsy moths this year, so none of the trees produced any acorns. Looks like a killing year.

      1. Peanut Gallery;
        there was never a lack of “Squirrels”, they just want to Congress for a bit :-)

        1. They went to congress because of all the nuts there.

    2. Dennis,

      I saw the same thing when I went to Wally’s last week.
      This worries me so much.


    3. Dennis and All;
      I agree, I am a “Case Buyer” and seem to see a little less back-shelf items, most everything is always pulled to the front for display with nada behind.
      Sam’s seems to only have partial pallets of stuff, not many full like normal.
      Makes one happy for that Deep Pantry,
      Is yours full?

      Makes ya wonder don’t it?

      1. “Makes ya wonder don’t it?”

        Yes, it does. Normally, about once a month, a local grocer called “Cash Saver” has canned veggies 3 for a dollar. Last time was two months ago.

        You ask about my deep pantry, that’s a concern. My daughter and grand daughter moved back in a few months ago and it appears our larder has dropped significantly (could still make several months easily if need be). I don’t begrudge that extra pressure on the supply, but it has put me in a worry mode on the availability of restock. Hate to, but I may have to make a resupply run on several stores in several towns to avoid a last minute crisis. Time to tell all involved that it’s imperative that anything eaten is to be replaced next trip to the store.

        1. Dennis;
          slightly off topic yet very pertinent to the Pin Pulling that’s going on.
          You know my theory, Use one But two till you reach your Target Goal.
          I do believe that soon with the coming elections and probable crash, it may be very VERY advisable to reach that “Target Goal”, even with the added munchkins :-)

          PS; bet it’s a good feeling to know the daughter and grand daughter are safe……. :-) :-)

    4. Dennis; The Wally World where I shop is the same way. Shelves only partly filled or just empty spaces. It seems harder to get the things I usually buy. I’m pretty well stocked, but I like to replace things as we use them up. Have to shop around a little more now-a-days. Lots of squirrels up here too, and also lots of muskrats.(Good for stew).

      1. P.S.: I can’t believe Ken said there were no “Little Elves” there. I’d swear I saw a few hiding the last time I was there.

    5. My local Foodland grocery always has a sale on can Lucks beans (pinto, great white and mixed). Two for a dollar. I always stocked up by the case load and have a years supply. They make a great, quick soup base for leftovers.

      The last sale was three for two dollars! That’s an increase of 16 cents a can!

    6. Dennis,
      Did you go near, or on, the first of the month? Did you go on a Sunday after a weekend of lot’s of shoppers? Those two items alone can mean less stuff on the shelves, M wife reported the same and I pointed out she went on Sunday afternoon which is why she was seeing less. The next visit was on a Monday and there was plenty of items on the shelf.

        1. Hmmmmm, now that gets my attention.
          Thanks for the info., think I’ll have a look at WM.

    7. Dennis, possibly relocating logistics to meet the demands of the areas affected by the hurricane?

  8. I’ve read that in Las Vegas, odds have been calculated and bets are being made on when another civil war will begin here in the United States. Apparently, November 2018 has the highest odds.

    If these houses of cards collapse badly enough, I fear for people in my country. Several large banks are already repeatedly in the news for foreclosing on homes that were either already paid off or where the family was not (and usually had never been) behind on their payments. What is more alarming is that the local law enforcement agencies went right along with it!!! How much worse will that be if there is a bad enough collapse and multitudes of people suddenly cannot make their payments???

    We’re heading into winter- the worst possible time of year for sudden collapse to take place. Can’t garden, the “state” claims ownership of all wildlife and thus dictates who, where, and when hunting can take place. Draconian laws that turn wildlife officers into unchecked tyrants who can literally seize EVERYTHING if they claim a hunting law was broken. They can take your weapon, vehicle (if involved) even the clothes you are wearing at the time – yes, it has happened.

    Hearing more and more instances of “civil forfeiture” which honestly looks like nothing more than armed robbery by the state against those who possess something they want.

    The loonies are ramping up more and more that the president must be removed by any means necessary (imagine the reaction if that had happened with the previous president), and a seemingly ever increasing number of idiots are agreeing with them.

    Sudden price increases on various items, lower stock levels at the stores, and a long time since most people I know have seen a raise at work! Yep, this is looking bad.

    1. Restoring Brad,
      Be calm. if SHTF, I think that tyrant game wardens are your last worry. Most of the game wardens I know would not bust someone for trying to feed their family in a shtf situation. heck, the ones I know might even try and help you out. I know game wardens that would turn the other way and overlook poaching when a whole mining town was on strike for four months. He knew it was going on, but he knew that people were trying to feed their kids. Just my thoughts on the matter

      1. me ask the thousands that were unlawfully foreclosed on paid for houses and houses that were CURRENT in payments in 2009 by BOA and Wells Fargo among others Because of errors BY those banks. Seems they buy and sell mortgages faster and more often than I change my socks. Lazy, unmotivated employees were blamed for the “clerical errors”.

        Oh eventually with enough Money to hire Lawyers and such they got them back MUCH Worse for the Wear from Squatters and neglect.

        My Beloved thought I CRAZY for demanding a Paid in FULL TITLE from my Bank when we paid it off. At least with a Notarized by the BANK Title you should be able to stop the Sherriff at the doorstep. YES I do have more than One Copy. YES they DID Charge me for the Document but not too expensive for the peace of mind.

        When the Big Banks and the Government is in TROUBLE they will lie, cheat, steal and if needed murder to retain power (and Money is Power to them).

        1. NH Michael,
          Thanks for the info. insightful info from you as always.
          Good day to you sir.

      2. me
        Same way our neighbor lost his, the mortgage paperwork shuffle.

        We both purchased our homes about the same time. had the same pre mortgage holder, we even had the same one when the 1st sold off our loans which we knew would happen in the beginning of the loan process after a few months it is sold to another bank. You realize they ALL have get in their share of interest monies(hands held out to grease their palms-snarky).
        When we had gone through about 3 or 4 loan transfers due to banks instability(not ours for meeting our financial obligations)an landing in a 3rd rate collecting bank for late payers. What happens to you when your loan gets bulked in with the non payers, was enough for dh & I. We went searching for a different company which was stable financially, and would hold our loan.

        As for the neighbor he ended up with BOA, who lost his house payment not once but a couple of times. He even had the cancelled checks to prove his payments to them, yes I saw their cancelled checks. They still FORECLOSED on their home.

        I have read of those who had a mortgage burning party to destroy that document, just asinine. It was their only proof they paid off their loan/loans.

      3. The banks don’t just buy and sell loans–they also cut them into pieces and sell those pieces to various other banks. If just one bank doesn’t get the news that the loan has been paid off, they’ll try to foreclose. The loan is owned by maybe 100 different banks, which pay an administrator to deal with the details, and because the loan was “owned” on paper by a bunch of different banks, tracking down the papers might take a while. Many different layers to deal with, and “clerical errors” on every side, but it happened too often for it to always be accidental. The fact that most of the problems were just a couple of banks also makes for raised eyebrows, but that was apparently overlooked by .gov. Those who didn’t have money for a lawyer were up a creek unless someone else forced the bank into an audit. It hit the news a lot as well.

        Some were mistaken identity. Others were apparently made up on the spot. Relatively simple, find someone on the tax rolls who owns a house and make up documents to fit. It’s the burden of the house owner to prove that they own it, unless it becomes a criminal case.

        1. Thanks for the input. We paid it off 7 years ago and did get a copy of the deed. I do worry about some lowlife hacking out life and taking out a loan against our house. Not surewhat I would do but will consider going from relatively non-violent to excessively so against any S-B that tries it.

    2. We’re heading into winter- the worst possible time of year for sudden collapse to take place

      Depending on how you look at it Brad.
      . I live in the mountains so a snow storm or 2 with no plows to clear the roads means we get isolated for a few months. No people from the flatlands ( Golden Hoard )heading up to cause problems means we pretty much get to handle our own problems. While I am sure there are unprepared people in this area I am not one of them so if it is going to come I would rather it came in the dead of winter.

  9. So here is a quick question for ya-all, since I believe most here will agree the Pin has been pulled and tossed into the trash with NO chance of it being returned to calm the masses.

    With the midterms on Nov. 6, 2018 and the promises already of riots and disruption from the Left, even all out extreme violence promised by a LOT of the extremist…

    What are your plans for November 7, 2018?

    1. NRP,
      I plan to make sure I am not out in the middle of BFE Nevada or some other far away place on business. Maybe I’ll go deer hunting in the vineyard. Stay calm brother.

    2. NRP,

      Really didn’t know where to post this thought, Saturday free for all, or in this thread. Since 9/11 has surfaced as a topic, I’ll post it here.

      Two events in the last 75 years were able to anger the common, everyday, Joe Blow American to say enough is enough, I’m ready to kick some butt. Those events were the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers/Pentagon. The outpouring of patriotism in the aftermath of those events was palpable.

      As I sit watching the remembrances of those days after the 9/11 attacks on TV, pondering what has changed since then. It dawned on me, really nothing has changed, just the volume of two distinctive groups of citizens. Those who love the United States of America and feel they owe a debt to the Constitution that makes it great, and those who see that group as someone that should support them while at the same time suffering their hatred and ridicule. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the anger and patriotism of the first group caused the second group to sit down and shut up, at least temporarily.

      But that slowly changed, the second group, began testing the water, ever so slowly, becoming more vocal, until 2008 about half of those who voted elected a “community organizer” with a name and history (what little history that was revealed) that many of the first group associated with those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. This new “leader” set about “fundamentally changing America”.

      The first group fretted as they saw the America they loved and cherished slipping away, watching individual freedoms and guarantees of limitations on government intrusion in their lives replaced with so called “human rights” for certain select groups, and an increase in regulatory burdens on the lives of productive people.

      The unimaginable happened in 2016. The first group, who had been bullied into silence, roared. They elected a man who refused to call them derogatory names, who spoke of the need to “Make America Great Again”.

      The second group was stunned. Their anger morphed into a violent backlash and torrent of words directed at the first group. They set about doing everything in their power, with the help of those left embedded in positions of power inside the government, to take this duly elected head of state down.

      Two years later, as their efforts to build a bogus legal attack on Trump have been stymied, their only hope is to change the balance of power in the legislative branch. The pending seating of a pivotal conservative Supreme Court Justice has only made their mission more imperative in their view.

      The first group has not lost their fervor this time. If the second group tries widespread violence if their efforts prove fruitless come election day, or, if they are successful and they do impeach Trump, their may well be a civil war.

      Pray to God that this can be avoided. I apologize for the rant. Just the idle thoughts of a simple minded old man

      1. Dennis,
        Not simple minded my friend, old school decent folk is more my take, something that is sorely lacking in our crazy world these days

      2. Dennis
        I think you got it figured out. If pot of water boils and you increase temperature everytime you walk by there will come a point it will boil over. It is inevitable. I see no way at some point with our present situation to avoid it, stall it in some form, possibly, but the boil over point will come. They do everything they can to increase the temp at every opportunity.

        I don’t see any real means of improvement in our society until the problem in mitigated to some degree. That take’s reasonable people which seem to in short supply especially in any form of government, or in activists/demonstrators, or the people who write the script. Most of them don’t really understand why they are involved or even who the vice president is. .

        There will come a day when the problems we have now will look like a picnic in the park. Rough times are ahead at some point.

      3. Dennis,
        Your thoughts and the way you have laid them out are well put. Thank you.

    3. Good question to ponder, NRP.
      I plan on voting Nov. 6. Go to work on the 7 th. And watch/read the headlines blowing their hot air. Keeping my fingers crossed
      …..and head on a swivel from that day foward…..even more so. 🤣

      1. Joe c my friend please stay Grey. It is not hard for some punk to use a sock and a rock to your MAGA Hat. I like you buddy and the Republic needs folks like you.

        It’s not the gun but the Operator using that gun. But even a poor shooting gang banger can get a lucky hit so use cover my buddy. Hint folks a Car is poor cover for more than 22 and birdshot. TV will get you hurt.

        And EVERYBODY unless your of the Opinion that your Bumper Sticker can change someone’s Vote or Opinion use a heat gun and get it OFF your Vehicle. The Crazies are ALREADY Ramming vehicles with MAGA Bumper stickers. WHY risk getting shot gunned for a Bumper Sticker. CHOOSE the terrain and range of your engagement if the Ballot Box has FAILED.

        Personally between now and Nov 7th I am practicing my squirrel hunting. I figure if I can hit a 2 inch target at 50 yards reliably I’ll do pretty good all around.

        Tomorrow I will go to Wal-Mart to build a 5 gallon bucket long term food kit and will post the prices, calories and grams of protein for those that need cheap food ideas. We NEED to be alert for each other. Ideas and Deals WELCOME.

        Pray for the Republic and prepare for Hard Times.

        1. 😎🤙🏻
          As they say “pick your battles”
          Strategy, its like chess, the moves are in your head and you learn to anticipate your opponents moves

        2. Concur with being ‘grey’. No emblems on my non-descript 13 year old sedan sedan. No MAGA hat, or other socio-polititical ‘signage’.

          Keep grey, stay out of debt, keep the preps up, and maintain awareness, both situational and social/political. Here in the Seattle metro area, which is increasingly two-tiered, the politics are resulting in interesting times.

    4. I’m gonna be paying a lot of attention to this election. On N0v 7, I’ll be home, Ready for anything, and I mean anything.

    5. My plans are to do just what I do every other day. This might not be a popular comment but I think the effect of both the left and the right is more overblown that we expect. While the people here on this site and others and the people from the left that are willing to protest and cause problems care about what goes on the largest majority of people ( I estimate 90-95% ) don’t give a damn about what is going on. There may be some riots in big city’s but for the most part no one will notice. They will see it on the news and then go back to worrying about how their football team is going to do this season or what the Kardashians are going to say next. How many people that you know could even tell you where the last protest from the left started and what date and city it started in?

      Since I think we are past the point of no return anyway I don’t bother with it either. What will come will come. I just keep stacking and working on my self support skills

    6. NRP, I will vote, then come home to wait things out. However, it easier for us because we live in a rural community and don’t have the issues big cities will see. Many people died for us to have that ability so it is the least I can do. Because of where I live, I feel my vote doesn’t really count though. Voting for me is giving the ultimate finger to people like Schumer even though he gets the last laugh.

  10. Brad
    I hear your point on game laws, but, in a shtf scenario with no food, game laws are out the window. No game warden in his right mind will want to face desperate people that are all armed and HUNGRY. Desperate people will be quick to behave in an irrational manner, it will be very dangerous.

    1. I remember reading where people were breaking into zoo’s to harvest the animals for food in Venezuella.

    2. With the explosion of long range hunting theres a lot more folks out there capable of pulling off 600/700/1200m shots, 1200-1600 is pretty common training with 338RUM,,, Lecia range finder and a good Kestrel with shooting program makes dope a POC

  11. Friends if you wear glasses do you have an extra pair? Current prescription?

    Have you any Dental Work you might want done like NOW?

    Being almost blind or in screaming pain over a dental issue would be BAD in SHTF.

    Pray for the Republic

    1. Keeper that would be very bad. For a reasonable amount of fiat money you can get a dental elevator, upper right. upper left, lower left and lower right extractors. Add a rubber bite block so you don’t get bitten, some bitter lettuce homemade pain paste and warm salt water you can do a fair more kind process. A good home dentistry book helps. “Where There Is No Dentist” is a start.

      Your method and the string and door method often leaves the rotten tooth bits to continue the painful infection in your jaw. Historically folks have killed themselves over tooth pain.

      Just one of the services at my Tribes trading tower.

      1. I agree there are better options. But for the unprepared they will likely not have that knowledge or equipment. They will likely try these alternative solutions which will only make things worse. Tooth pain can be maddening and many will see the pliers as their only option.

        Offering dental services in SHTF will be a valuable service. Historically many have died of simple medical issues and in a collapse scenario we will see this return to our part of the world.

    2. NHM,
      Ironic you should mention spare glasses….
      I recently watched the Twilight Zone episode about the extremely nearsighted bank teller who was always getting in trouble for reading. Then he was the only survivor of a nuclear exchange because he was in the vault when it happened. He stumbled around till he found the library and settled down to indulge his desire to happily read everything —- until his glasses were shattered and he faced the future unable to read/see anything but blurs. That episode (from 1959!) always stuck with me and one of the things I always have on hand is a second pair of glasses, along with keeping at least one of my previous prescription versions.
      But what if both/all pairs of prescription glasses get destroyed?
      For those who are nearsighted, learn how to make (or purchase) some “pinhole glasses” and it will pretty well solve the lack of prescription glasses. Not sure how it works for farsightedness or other vision issues, but for me, it’s a great Plan C solution.

      1. Check out for glasses. There is no reason not to get a second pair at their prices.

  12. I mentioned this before but at our last case lot sale at the stores in our 2 closest towns the items for sale had changed. More junk food, no canned fruit, prices up. Also harvest has started here & crops on the sandiest soils are getting done. On heavier soils just trying to get started. Rain last night & more predicted for 4 days in the coming week. Also snow predicted for some areas. Frost last week apparently damaged some of the canola crops on the Canadian prairies. Hopefully The crops will come off before winter. I’ve been reading that some of the wheat crops around the world are off by 20, 40, 50 %. How many other crops are down also. Maybe we should all cut back on our wants & work on our needs now before any panic begins. Someone mentioned use one buy two idea. Sounds like a positive to me especially for those on a limited budget. What ever you obtain today no matter how much or little is more than you had yesterday. At age 77 I have 25 gal. green tomatoes in my hall waiting to ripen & then can. If I can make an effort so can you with whatever you have available to you. Go for it! Every little bit counts. With the help of my cane & a garden seat DH & I plan on digging our potatoes this week.

    1. I garden from the seated position also :)

      I bought one of those little tractor seats on wheels and run scoot myself up and down the rows picking produce. The only place it doesn’t work is in the mature corn rows.

      I’ll be digging sweet potatoes from my “seated” position soon.

    2. Canadagirl
      You are completely right on your assessment. 1 extra can means 1 extra meal. In my younger years I worked construction so feast in the summer and famine in the winter. All summer long I bought extra staples like beans, rice, pasta, and canned goods to get me through the winter . it can be amazing how fast you start filling up shelves when you do this.

  13. We live in a Bizzarro world.

    Companies worth billions on paper (with borrowed or wall street money) but never ever made a profit and probably never will make a profit.
    Political Correctness gone mad – common sense no longer to apply.
    Social Justice warriors out of control.
    Gender unreality.
    Minorities with too much influenced over the majority.
    A compliant left leaning media.
    Etc etc.

    Only a major reset will restore some semblance of sanity.
    Bad news for the socialists and those of that ilk. In times of extreme chaos those with a left leaning bent don’t survive.

  14. I agree the pin has been pulled and the bankers are in a box . Inflation of prices/ devaluation of the dollar slowly grinds our country up. The political “bread & circus” , riots/protests, NFL idiots , etc. keeps the sheep’s minds off anything of importance. It will not end nicely.
    Tangibles are the only safe place to keep money .Buy what you eat , use , wear or may need when something breaks .Countries like Venezuela, Turkey or Argentina may be a taste of what we will experience in the not too distant future.

    NRP, i will begin November 7 with a coffee&Baileys

    1. Bluesman;

      “i will begin November 7 with a coffee&Baileys”

      Sir, I like your thinking HAHAHAHA

    1. DJ5280,
      I agree — we already ARE in a war, an UNcivil war!! There already is violence but the violence isn’t ramped up yet.

      We have been in a coup since 2016 (check my back-comments to see where I called it 2 years ago). Until the treasonous enemies are brought before the Courts, the chaos will continue to grow without true direction. Once the indictments come forward, the chaos will change into a more focused war-like assault. And this is just looking at the UNcivil war from a political angle. When the “entitlements” stop, including foods and trinkets, a whole different level of UNcivility will arise.

      The Left’s minions are foolish and most aren’t well-read in politics — the social justice fad is all these idiots follow. Many are receiving pay for their ‘activism’. When things get real, their UNcivil movement will morph. Many will leave due to danger, but many others will step up and join in. At this point, we just don’t know what will happen. Our only guide is looking at history, and even then, America has never lived through anything like what is going on now. If we look elsewhere and how coups were ended, the results are very bleak….desperate, even. I see no pretty rainbows or pots of gold…

      1. MT,
        I do indeed remember your posts from 2 years ago.
        I posted here 2 years ago about going into SHTF mode .
        I remember you answering some of my posts with your insight on the beginning of the craziness that we are living right now.
        Years ago my wife and I planned to travel a lot when she retired.
        Europe, Japan,Scotland Ireland were on our list. Egypt as well.
        Now my wife doesn’t want to leave the CONUS for any reason .Too dangerous in her mind to leave.All her energy goes into helping prepare our Grandkids for the rough days ahead. To instill mental and Spiritual toughness. While at the same time making for a happy normal(?) childhood.
        A daunting task to be sure.
        I can’t help but think of the everyday folks leading up to and during WW2 on both sides.
        Just wanted to live out their lives like they always had before. But they were swept up and away by forces and events they had no control over.
        I see that parallel now in the US. and in my own life .
        We wanted to travel,eat good food and read books on our back porch.
        Now our days are spent preparing for a fight/(un) civil war brought on by evil,greedy bastards on both sides…
        I yearn for the days of my youth.
        BBQ’S on the beach.swimming and fishing the day away.
        Going home tired but happy…
        What the Hell happened to happy?

        1. Bill Jenkins Horse, Modern Throwback, DJ5280, and anyone else that cares to read my post.

          BJH’s quote; “What the Hell happened to happy?”

          Honestly my friend, that quotation makes me very sad.
          Allow me to explain; I as most here on MSB, work very hard and diligently at preparing and educating ourselves how to survive whatever may come our way, we spend countless days/weeks/and even years learning skills and building the Deep Pantry, many build BOL’s and all the rest of the “stuff” we do, all alone the tens of thousands of $$$$ it takes.

          At times I think of all the things and experiences I have bypassed for this goal, as I know thousands of you have done the same and ask if it’s the right thing or smart thing to do?

          With this said, I have to ask why? Why do we do this? To survive in a world that is void of “Happiness” or the joys of (again I quote) “I yearn for the days of my youth. BBQ’S on the beach. swimming and fishing the day away. Going home tired but happy…”?

          I’m sorry I refuse to live in a void with nothing but Preparedness and Survival on the mind. Do I worry that a Hurricane may hit the middle of the desert? Or how about a Wildfire burning 50,000 acres right down the road?
          HELL yes I do, and I have spent a LOT of time/$$$$ to prepare, BUT I refuse to NOT play that round of Golf because I’m worried about and Asteroid messing up my ‘Birdy Shot’ on hole 16.

          Bill, please look around yourself, you have it made, you have such a good life, your children and grandchildren are with you. You have literally everything most in the world could only dream of.

          I envy you at times with your accomplishments of what you describe, how you live and your family abounding in the knowledge and security.

          How could you not be “Happy”, Please do not tell me you don’t take a little time to enjoy that BBQ or fishing with the Grandkids.
          Life is what we make if it Bill, Life is too short to NOT enjoy and be Happy.

          Personally I often just stop what I happen to be doing and take a good HARD look around and say to myself “Ya know ya old fart, you got it might dam good”.

        2. Happy is still there, just waiting for you to turn around.

          When was the last time you did anything just because?

        3. Lauren;
          I could not agree more, heck, why do ya think I started to play Golf at 65 HAHAHAHA
          PS; ever shoot a Golf Ball with a 308? Talk about puff the magic dragon, All Gone LOLOL, Yes we have odd ways to play Golf here in the Crazy Wild-Wild-West :-) :-)

        4. Like what?
          Building a heat treating oven?
          Learning how to make boots?
          Raising chickens?
          Puttering in the shop for hours?
          Cruising around the homestead in the UTV?

        5. Bill Jenkins Horse my friend Happiness is from yourself.

          Remember the founding fathers said “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. I hear even George Washington took time of during the Revolution to go fishing.

          Personally I HOPE you have a Fish Pond so you can happily teach your kids about Fishing and maybe poaching lite :-)

          As the Bible said “Bring up a Child in the Way of the Lord (Wisdom) and He will not depart from it” or something pretty close. You will do a fine job of giving them a solid foundation to be successful and faith filled young people.

          May the peace and joy of the Lord be with you and yours.

        6. BJH
          Will put it another way than NRP stated.

          Do you hear your children an grand children “LAUGHING”? Does it put a smile on your face? Do find you laugh with them even though you do not know what is causing the laughter?
          Then the ‘happy’ you believe is lost, has not left you, it is in a different form than what we expected in our later years.

          You want those BBQ’s with the family & fishing, then do it!! You have the land, and resources to accomplish your dreams. Your security is in place, set a date for a family get together, plan that picnic-fishing-BBQ, and just do it. Give them(children & grandchildren)your cherished memories to be passed on to their children. You need to find that happy spot once again, and breathe a few hours will be cherished by your offspring & their little ones. The mental boost for you & Mrs. BJH won’t hurt either.

        7. BJH
          Yup I agree with AC and all the above….
          NRP…..(and anyone else that cares to read my post.
          What the he…ll….ck does that mean?)
          We are followers, doer’s, thinker’s. Always.prepairing for those we love….
          To an extent, that it overwhelms us. We.are not.those that can’t think beyond tomorrow. We think beyond tomorrow.
          What ifs are always flooding our minds.
          What you.posted.hit home.with me…..hell I don’t.wanna times, let alone states, let.alone.countries…
          What we do now is no different than our parents….a tight quadrant, tho miles.distant, Protected them. But still enjoyed life. Lived, laughed. Card games….
          Remember… Canasta??
          I myself am overwhelmed and I do.take a.breath occasionally to be thankful for.what I have.
          And may go fishin…. sometime or probably.time alone in the hunting shack….
          I haven’t seen my son in two months…..he has a new life, things to do, a future wife.
          Grand kid(s) someday…..
          Yeah, one of those that miss the good ole.days.of.youth

        8. Bill Jenkins Horse,
          We also made plans — early retirement for both of us to be filled with extended travels and gobs of ‘hobby time.’

          Things changed.

          We all had 9/11. Then when we had just begun our recovery from the Bush-Clinton dynasty/cabal, we got dumped-on with Obama. It was much worse than the one-two punch!! Those of us who were paying attention, or had begun to pay attention, realized that America (and the world) was no longer a safe place, but one filled with deceit and corruption. Many of us began digging, looking for some semblance of sanity and morality to explain what was going on — a rational person could not excuse away the many evil things that we began to see.

          In short, our environment around us changed us. We all walked into a new era — one of enlightenment that changed us from being settled and ordered into a group of people who realized that our environment had captured us and was hellbent on trying to destroy us.

          Those of us here woke up to the corruption and evil surrounding us and instead of doing nothing, or retreating, we all became proactive. We got serious, and we got serious fast! For some of us, a change of lifestyle began. For others, a new focus took place. But for most of us, it was that different outlook that changed us.

          It seems that this different outlook is somewhat of a burden for many of us. As our entire environment has changed, so has our desire to survive these changes. It’s a heavy load to take on.

          When you ask, “What the Hell happened to happy?” I sense that you know the answer to your rhetorical question. It isn’t that you or I, or any of us aren’t happy. We have simply been forced to look at changes we never ever thought would take place. We have been forced to look at the evil which has permeated around all of us. We have been forced to be ‘adults’.

          Our environment and our mindset are no long innocent….It’s not that ‘happy’ isn’t there. It’s simply changed. We don’t have the viewpoint of innocence — of a child, or of someone who is ignorant. We have a viewpoint that is tainted with the evil that others do and it affects how we look at ‘happy’ because it’s all different now.

          We thought people were mostly good, mostly moral.

          The Age of Innocence is gone. So much is un-civil now. That doesn’t mean we can’t find or enjoy ‘happy’ — but it may mean that we might carry a burden while ‘happy.’

          Remember that phrase, “Happiness is ______________” ? I still believe that happiness is from within, from a contented soul, from a child, or the bouncy behavior of a puppy. Nothing can change those things for me.

          What about you? Happiness is ___________.

  15. Trying to focus on practical things while keeping a positive outlook.

    Going to cash in some bonds I got as gifts years ago. They are barely out pacing inflation and the risk of them turning into toilet paper isn’t worth the few extra dollars I will get in 5 years. Rather focus on lowering debt now.

    Going to join the Ambulance Unit in town, it will help me pull in some extra money on my days off and encourage me to stay home and not waste money.

    Adding up the little things is my current strategy.

  16. The pin was pulled quite awhile ago. Food prices continue to go up. In our business we have seen a 30 percent increase since the beginning of the year. We have also noticed packaging is smaller. We continue to store foods we eat and purchase when on sale. Otherwise we can, freeze and dehydrate our own grown items.

    We noticed more people looking into “homesteading” this year as they inquire about purchasing our American Guinea Hog piglets for breeding stock. They are also raising chickens and learning to garden. More than a year ago, my spouse served on a jury where a large number of people self identified as being homesteaders using that specific term. The judge asked what that meant.

    I had difficulty getting soft wheat kernels this past summer from my Amish provider. So I increased my oat stores. This was due to droughts and fires. And now we have hurricanes everywhere.

    the GDP may be up but we know many people who have lost their jobs and are hurting. This state is bankrupt so it goes after anyone with money looking for nickels to squeeze out of them – whether from ridiculous fines, or other forms of state sanctioned thefts.

    It is a scary world so we choose to protect ourselves and our family as best we can. Get out of debt and eat healthy as best you can. Learn how to protect yourself and what you have gathered. Don’t get caught out in the Storm!

    1. DAMinNY
      Soft wheat berries, you can find them at Honeyville and the shipping is more than reasonable.
      I have ordered from them in the past, this may help you.

  17. Once you understand the “Just In Time” system as a prepper you naturally start to build a supply of things you need. But it’s a lot harder producing your own food to a level that will keep you alive. I’m working to get there but I have a long way to go.

    One thing I think people should be doing is working more towards a barter system with other people that allows you to trade goods & labor for things you may need.

    But this barter is frowned upon by government (in fact it’s against the law) if you don’t include the government in the loop. The government has made people afraid to do this for fear of the IRS and it’s god like power to crush you. It’s up to each of us to decide if the risk is worth it. The thing is if you wait till the collapse to do a bit of bartering you are going to be behind the times in a time that you need it to work the most.

    Being or engaging in self-employment is a good way to do barter with others.

    If we do get a bad ecnomic event where people loose their jobs and retirement income gets devalued by a large amount you will still need money. Good or bad times taxes (property taxes) will still have to be paid. You need a way to make money to pay them. During the 1930’s many people lost the farm for non payment of taxes. It happened back then and only a fool would think it won’t happen again.

    Find a way to make money in a down turned time, look into ways to make money that may be a bit grey or part of the underground economy.

    The sad thing is almost everyone won’t do a thing to work toward figuring out how to do this. I have mentioned the importance of making money on a few prepper sites and the silence is amazing.

    Being prepared for bad times is so much more then putting up a stock of food and supplies.

    1. Chuck Findlay I hope folks are listening to you friend. When I post such things here on MSB about getting skills, learning bartering skills and building trusted relationships all I get for responses is Crickets……. Sometimes I even wonder if they even read them.

      Folks if your planning on a 90 day messy situation and all is well THEN a bunch of food and supplies can help you get through that storm. However you are IGNORING the 2 most dangerous things in the USA. Power Grabbing Government willing to use False Flags and what Carl Marx called “Useful Idiots” to Create a Socialist America aka Venezuela 2.0 Deep State Edition AND the fearsome POWER of Scared, Hungry People who REALLY WANT your Stuff. (Will not use the Mob word because some folks trigger on that)

      An old 70’s song about “I get by with a little help from my friends” was popular BECAUSE it spoke to the concerns and fears of a Scary Inflationary time. Friends you can TRUST are worth more than Gold. Divided we fall.

      As my Drill SGT used to say “Move it or Lose it”.

      1. NHM
        I don’t know about the rest but I do read your comments. I might not respond to comments like yours and Chucks mostly because to me that advise is like breathing. It shouldn’t even need to be said. Planing on how to “resupply” with money,barter ect if the balloon goes up should be on every preppers list. I know a lot of people prep just for a disaster like a hurricane but if they can see the need to do that they should see then need to go to the next step. I used to run a chemical plant and had a plaque
        above my desk that sat ” WHAT IF COULD ” to remind me to plan for unexpected events.

      2. NH Michael
        I read everyone’s postings, including yours as many of us do. Because we do not respond, does not mean we are not reading what you have shared.

        Some days I do not have a lot of time to post back, today is going to be one of them. Skies are free enough from the layers of smoke that I can get work done outside without an N95 mask with a rebreather.

      3. Poorman while it’s like breathing to you we have a lot of non-posters who read MSB regularly. Right now there is 50+ reading. They need something so they read MSB.

        My concern if they are reading my posts is I NEED FEEDBACK from other Do It people like yourself. When folks reply with an suggestion I really give that suggestion serious thought. I learn from a lot of these posts. Sometimes they JOLT me into DOING that expensive thing I was putting off….

        As the Bible says about “Iron Sharpens Iron” a friends sometimes harsh word is better than kisses from a lying enemy. I don’t want an echo chamber I don’t need daily “Thumbs Up” or Facebook likes. I need useful feedback to improve how I do things today for a Hard Times Tomorrow.

        Otherwise I’d think I was all knowing (Oh My Pride Goes Before the Fall) and walk away from MSB. BTW I read a few sites but after many years of reading MSB is the only site I bother to POST on. Almost Troll Free and Good Information to be had. Thanks Ken!

        Pray for the Republic if you believe prayer changes things. Otherwise I must be annoying you when I post prayer as Paul told the Thessalonians to Pray Constantly.

        1. I find most answers come through quiet reflection and thought, while conversation and venting may be beneficial, understanding and clarity rarely come from an external source

        2. I don’t often respond unless I think I have something to add (I know, that seems odd with the amount of times I DO respond) and your posts are generally well thought out and articulate. Even though I consider many people here my friends, responding to every comment even from those people would be difficult to say the least. Rest assured I do read them, and if I disagree I’ll let you know! :)

        3. NHM
          Your info is well received. Don’t kid yourself. And I agree with everyone that responded to you.
          Yes it is good to get feedback. You know, like a regular form of communication, like it use to be….in the olden days.
          I’m not the sharpest in the shed, so I don’t respond to much of anything that goes beyond a few sentences and there are too many outside interruptions that disrupt my thoughts while typing.
          You’re a good man, don’t let this get you down.

        4. See even there…..
          Should have read “not the sharpest TOOL in the shed”

        5. NHM,
          Sorry, I have only commented when I felt I had something good to add. Don’t worry, if I think you are headed in the wrong direction, I’ll comment. You do have great ideas BTW. I am sitting in Tonapah, NV tonight wishing I had that bicycle in the back of my truck just in case. Lots of empty miles between here and home. Need to try and raise that up on my preps list. Your scripture quotes are always welcomed on this end. Prepare as if for war, pray for peace and that God’s will be done.

        6. Minerjim I hope you get that bicycle and trailer done real soon. It is the Bug out Bag YOU Need.

          Better a well used and serviced bicycle with a homemade trailer TODAY than a Amazon Wish list for Christmas my friend. Here I know a steel framed yard sale bicycle is 20.00, local bike shop refurbish around 80-100 dollars. A couple bicycles and your welder is a trailer. Please make the time my friend as who knows the future?

          You KNOW the Proverb about the Wise man sees trouble ahead and prepares while the fool walks blindly onward into it. Your NOT a fool minerjim but We all suffer from Normalcy Bias that it can’t happen right here, right now…..

          I’m praying things will somehow continue to stumble along for another year as my spring projects fish pond-garden rotation system as well as the Chicken house Bear training should be done. I do have other options but there is always room for improvement.

      4. @NH Michael, Don’t get stuck on expecting replies to all comments. The fact is that very few people comment (compared with the number who read a post and browse the comments). Just the way it is…

        1. Thanks for the reminder, Ken!!

          Even before you added reader-statistics at the top of your site, it was always apparent that the majority of readers don’t leave comments. There’s a big variety why people don’t do that and it shouldn’t be asked of others to nod, approve, or speak-up. Asking others to do that, or expecting others to do that is very self-serving and that’s not what the MSB community is about.

          “Happiness is…..MSB without a bunch of expectations or rules.” :-)

  18. Speaking of anniversary’s, Today is the anniversary of 9/11/2001. My generation’s Pearl Harbor. ( as reminded by Dennis.)

    On 9/15/2008 was the anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers marking the start of the large bank failure within the US that soon spread to the rest of the world. On a historical note: The market did not actually hit its lowest mark until November of 2009.

    Most market crashes have occurred within September and October of the calender year with the exception of the “flash Crashes” that took place in the spring of the year. This is the time of year when brokers and traders get very nervous. This has been the trend since the market crash of 1929.

    People’s reactions vary greatly in the aftermath of a market downturn. 1929 saw reports of stock brokers jumping out of high rise windows. 1987 crash I read many reports of unhappy customers going in the offices and shooting their brokers. 2008 crash saw whole neighborhoods of large homes become abandoned and people just walking away from “their home” and the properties becoming occupied by squatters and later lock boxes being placed on the front doors by the banks that repossessed the property.

    My own reaction was to relocate after 2008-2009. For the first time in many years, Mexicans were going back to Mexico and their relatives were not coming to “El Norte” in search of work, a better life and the American dream. ( in the years after September 15, 2008.)

    The mid term elections? I will probably be at work that day as I am on most Tuesdays. I hope for the best yet I prepare for the worst as best I can.

    If I sound kind of bored about the upcoming election and the possibility of civil war or turmoil it is because I had to give CPR to a person at work tonight…we did not save the patient….it puts things back into perspective for me when I get home from work. This guy was 3 years younger than me so it makes me think about my own retirement and living a life well lived.

    Live life to its fullest…Take time to hug your loved ones…play with your dog and spoil your grandchildren…life is short.

  19. Friends if you have been on the fence about buying a Lavairo Hand Powered Washing Machine SurvivalMom has a 20.00 off coupon running now. If I recall correctly several posters on this site spoke well of the device and indeed it does sound pretty good.

    Hope this helps someone

  20. NN M
    Ok so I hope you get a chuckle.out of this. Just a for example on why I short post.
    Get outta work. Run to the pharmacy. Get home, let dogs out, skim thru MSB, decide on priorities to be done……
    Drive to the farm (a quarter mile away), try to start quad….dead battery. Run back home, grab jumper cables, back to farm, start quad. Run quad back home to get trailer and chainsaw. GF is home now. Watch a couple FB vids she wants to share, talks about her day. Go to restart quad…., battery dead…after idling for some time.
    Ok so jumpers are back in the vehicle at the farm…..
    Aww screw it. This late, might as well start the every day chores…and start over again tomorrow.
    Typical…..and I’ve got a long list of projects had

    1. ….and FYI
      GF said the Healer heard my heavy sigh as I entered the house…..(no cussing)…..and she, the dog, ran up stairs…… typical……

    2. New Hampshire Michael (arn’t you glad I shorten it Joe C?) PERSCRIBES Joe c a DAY OFF. Go FISHING, screw off but I guess I am repeating myself eh?

      Sometimes I find doing nothing of a serious nature for a day or two makes me clear headed and far more productive for at least a week.

      Maybe that’s why God took a day off during creation?

      Oh and a NEW Battery for the quad UNLESS Running it hard all over the place for a few hours whooping charges it back up. Your idle setting might not do much charging.

      YOU need a Recharge Joe.

      Wish I was there to share a beer and BBQ, I’d teach your Heeler about Hush Puppies :-)

      1. NHM
        Lol my man!
        Battery is on the trickle charger.
        Dog knows when daddy’s pissed…..
        And a BbQ would be welcomed anytime!
        Side note
        (Thinking us Michigander’s might beat NRP’s 2020!!!). But all are welcome!

  21. Haven’t been fishing in years
    ……and have two property ponds…..
    Another vacation is needed….. already

  22. I live in Florida. So, I guess I should study alligator recipes and how to butcher them properly. I suspect I could use a local Liberal for bait. Just toss them in the local pond and let them splash about.

    1. Might want to rethink the liberal bait. Might get charged with water pollution or fishing with a toxic substance.

      1. Minerjim
        You are on a roll which is making me laugh along with Anonymous

  23. NH Michael,you and all others who post on MSB you are read avadly by more than you believe! As I have said before I have a hard time posting due poor signal strength. We live in the same state as Ken but sometimes seem a country apart. Please all keep posting and I for one will keep reading if Verizon will give me a signal. So much knowledge here and people of like mind. I for one feel the need to prepare as I believe those here and others like us must be prepared to pick up the pieces.

  24. here in eastern oregon the govt has started shipping in Somali and Iranian “refugees” for the past couple years, in the process evicting legitimate working renters so they can place section 8 govt paid renters into available housing, which means Americans even in these small towns have less and less affordable places to live, meanwhile abdul gets a job at walmart and half his wages come from govt sponsorship (the govt being in this case your taxes and mine) People out here are sooo mad at this but have no legal recourse, and they are almost all armed. I have heard neighbors and folks I talk to, that have made lists of whom they plan to shoot first, it’s getting scary folks, and in this town there are only a few police and they are vastly outnumbered by righteously angered decent citizens that have had it up to here with stuff.

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