Biden/Trump Have Now Mutually Declared Each Other Enemies Of The State

Biden/Trump have now mutually declared each other enemies of the state, within just the last days.

The stage is now set, and an extraordinarily dangerous show is about to begin. The USA likes to do things bigger and better, and this will be no exception. Once this kicks off there will be no stopping it, and I expect escalation of crises and conflicts worldwide.

Keep your wits about you and continue moving away from the system, towards self-sufficiency in food, energy, medicine, local markets/currencies. Radical and rapid decentralization is the only way forward.

Comms will go down at some point. I am grateful and honored to have shared this space with you.

Godspeed and God bless.

~ iceagefarmer

Ladies and Gentlemen… I am HIGHLY CONCERNED of the ramifications rapidly coming our way. I mean, we are witnessing absolutely unprecedented times whereby a sitting president has declared war on half (or more) of American citizens. “A clear and present danger”. “A threat to democracy”. And, a few days ago, his political opposition just declared him an “enemy of the state”…

Dangerous Declaration Of War On Political Opposition

“As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault. We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise,” “There’s no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.”

~ Joe (Brandon) Biden

He further tweeted that Trump and “MAGA Republicans” are “a threat to the very soul of this country.” Fanning the flames he recently said (projected), the GOP are “full of anger, violence, hate, division.”

The third world totalitarian tactics being used by Biden’s handlers to destroy the opposition party and its leader is being cheered on by the left and their media mouthpieces. Biden’s diabolically dark, hateful speech, with satanic blood red background, on the sacred ground where our Founding Fathers declared our independence from a tyrannical despot, appears to be the spark which will ignite real violence…


The regime has openly declared war on their political opponents.

Most of us here know the powerful global hands who installed this regime, and where they want to take their political opposition. Essentially, they want to eliminate them – if they can.

The rise in popularity for freedom, liberty, independence and independent thought, affordable energy, opportunity, an enduring ‘moral order’, … it all stands in the way.

Instead, they’re tearing it all down. They intend to replace it with a “totalitarian techno-gulag. You will be electronically monitored, disarmed, own nothing, be judged by social credit score, live in fear, and be happy.”. All with the help of an installed president and a politically weaponized DOJ, CIA, FBI, Congress, Judiciary, legacy media, and social media.

And now, a few days ago, Trump said that Biden is an “enemy of the state”.

“He’s an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him which is circling around him…”


Prepare For Dangerous Times Leading Up To November

While many may agree with Trump’s statement, the point I’m trying to make here (and the reason for posting this politically-charged article) is this… I am HIGHLY CONCERNED about the next 60 days. I suggest that you step up your readiness.

The regime can feel November coming. In fact they’re terrified of it. If they fall out of power, it may be over for them – maybe for a long time. And they know it. The vast majority of people are not happy. The November wave may likely be tall enough to overcome the sea-walls of built-in-fraud. It will have to be. And they know it. Given their desperation, and all that they have tried (and failed) so far, I am highly concerned with just 62 days left (as of this post).

Don’t Be Stupid – And Watch & Prepare For False Flag

Here’s the thing… I truly hope that no one does anything stupid. I don’t care which side of the deep divide you’re on. Don’t let the global cabal get what they want. And they want kinetic action between the people. They want it bad. Now is not the time (and hopefully it won’t be necessary for survival – later). Don’t give them the excuse to stop the election, or to alter its outcome because the public tide has been turned as a result of something horrifically stupid – or – a false flag.

I am mostly concerned about the latter. Why? Because at this point, both sides have already declared war. And the pretext for most wars throughout history have been a False Flag event. Why? Because they need a “bad guy” (or what appears to be a “bad guy”) to go first – justifying the reaction (and public support opinion).

It’s my opinion there will be something very bad coming (or somethings). There has to be. I feel this way because the most powerful entities in the world and their installed puppet regime here in America have not come this far, and done what they’ve already done towards their great reset goals, to just sit back and simply rely upon the built-in-voter-fraud to overcome November. The wave may be (and likely will be) too high for that. I am highly concerned about the extent at which they will need to have – for adequate effect.

I believe that right now, we’re likely living through one of the most dangerous times in American history.

Can you feel it?


  1. They’re not going to wait 60 days. In my opinion, whatever they do will come much sooner.

  2. Gopher and all,

    IceAge Farmer’s message was short and cryptic…but mirrors this strange resignation that’s been settling in on me the last several weeks…and driven home even more last evening with a phone call from a 50-year-old son.

    Anyone who believes our country is going to miraculously heal itself…our financial/economic situation improving…the food and commodities shortfalls disappearing (I could go on and on)…is delusional.

    I believe most people feel it, but don’t want to acknowledge it. There is a speeding up taking place. Biden (at least his controllers) seems hell bent to push us into a civil war…trying his best to alienate Americans against each other…the only question is why?

    I believe it’s because the system is about to totally collapse…brought about by greed and abuse by politicians and their insanely wealthy enablers…and they need something…somebody to blame.

    Now….the phone call I received from one of my sons. Never one to talk much, he calls me and spent over an hour asking my forgiveness for all the heartaches he felt he may have caused his mother and I as he was growing up…and shared his desire to move to the mountain to be closer to us. He praised me for trying to raise him up to be a good man…sharing that at the time he hated me for some of the things I made him do…but how now he sees. How something was telling him that he must be closer to us and to the land.

    I believe God is calling his people to gather before the storm.

    1. Dennis, they want us fighting each other when things collapse rather than going after them (Elites) that caused this debacle. Some kids take a little longer but eventually come around. I hope it works out for all of you. God is whispering to a lot of people….some will hear and some (sadly) will not.

  3. Putting Trump in hand cuffs and hauling him to jail will trigger the war that you speak of.

  4. More predictions…
    I have another one…an attempt on Biden’s life by a so called “MAGA” person might start a shooting war.

    If a hot civil war starts up, China will be ready to jump in after they take Taiwan. Russia is already committed.

    If you are not ready now (prepared), you probably will never be if a conflict starts tomorrow.
    Out here.

    1. That attempt on Bidens life by a “supposed” MAGA supporter sounds like a perfect false flag to ramp things up.

  5. Those running the show at the moment are trying to deflect and shift responsibility from the massive mess they have created. Deflecting attention shifting the current narratives from economic inflation, domestic culturalmdivisions, failed domestic policies, failed international policies, political and federal departmental corruption, lawlessness, failed pandemic directives, homeless explosion, massive illegal immigration to a new narrative “they did it and are the real problem”. When all else fails, find a new evil bogeyman and change the conversation. Keeping low profile, quiet and as ready as can be.

  6. The silence will be deafening. No tv, internet, cell phones. Far fewer electric motors; fans, AC units, forced air furnaces, etc. Drastic reduction in the amount of news we’ve become accustomed to. Routines will be changed in an instant. The old time ‘grapevine’ will come roaring back. How much of the word of mouth to believe?

    Many here are prepared. According to each of our needs, which vary widely. We all will be wishing we’d done even more than we did. It won’t be the end, just a huge change. A change, the likes of which I’ve never experienced. I don’t want this to happen, but I sincerely believe it’s coming. Nothing any of us can do individually to stop it. We can live with it. Not that we’ll have much choice in the matter.

    Planning to wear a smile, even if it’s a bit forced. May as well make the best of what’s to come. Gather your VIPs if ya can. With effort and a plan, life can still be good. Stay out of the cities.

    1. Gee thanks Soulsurvival. I think I’ll smile whether or not it meets with your approval. I do agree with your comms comment. I don’t care whether folks are licensed or not. My point, ALL ALONG, you’ll get tons of help if ya do it the right way. No, it’s not rocket science. Literally anyone can do the comms thing. It’s just a matter of whether you WANT to or not. I can’t help with that.

      If I can be helpful to you with beginning your comms journey, let me know. I will help you and do so with a smile. I’d encourage you to hurry. Looks as though some folks, me included, think time is very short. Though it isn’t rocket science, a little practice before a desperate situation should arise, is recommended. As I recall, I didn’t hit a home-run with my first swing of the bat. Good day to you sir.

      1. Plainsmedic,
        Do you have any resources you can recommend for making radios from scratch?

        1. Kula,
          Just Google “ham radio homebrew”. There are a pile of sites with schematics.

        2. Kula,
          The radios are way to complex for me to homebrew. I don’t have the required skills. As Minerjim noted, there are many kits and schematics. I’d encourage you to re-read an article from Minerjim about setting up a 2m fm station. It’s really good. Many radios are available and reasonably cheap. Antennae too, if you’re more inclined to purchase rather than diy.

          As I recall, Hawaii is mountainous. So “line of site” may be restricted. Having said that, not too much of a hassle to take your radio and antenna to the other side of the mountain. Comms within your state could be done with VHF, but living on a chain of islands makes for a unique situation.

          Ya gotta start somewhere. You live in a beautiful state. More than one way to skin a cat.

        3. Will look into it, thanks for the input guys,
          VHF works pretty good, some line o sight stuff pretty good as well as we are elevated, just all depends as yall know.

        4. At this point in time, unless you’re already up to speed building radios, you’d probably be better off buying something. There are VHF/UHF radios (Baofeng and the like) that are literally as cheap as chicken feed. Antennas for these are SUPER EASY and CHEAP to homebrew. A few hundred bucks will buy you a used HF rig that will give you XMIT/RCV on the ham bands as well as “shortwave” reception. Yes, they’re probably from the 80’s and 90’s, but they’re still quite viable and in many cases MORE RELIABLE than the newer stuff. Look on Craigslist an Offerup. I still have a perfectly capable Kenwood from the mid-80’s in my shack!

          “Licensed or not” only goes so far. Being licensed will put you on the air NOW. Any ham will tell you that there’s a learning curve for operating the radios and knowing what frequencies are active at what times. Ham radio is a structured community. Unless a situation is an emergency, they won’t talk to you without a valid call sign. That self-policing is what keeps ham radio from becoming CB. And don’t forget about CB. These are available pennies on the dollar at yard sales, swap meets, and the like. With the right antenna and conditions, these can “make the trip” cross country!

        5. Tom Macguyver,
          Thanks for your input. I too, enjoy the older radios. It’s difficult to describe, you did it quite well, but ya gotta start somewhere. Been trying to encourage folks to do this. It isn’t a task and toil kind of thing. Once ya get started, it can be enjoyable.

          VHF contest this weekend. Should be lots of hams on the air. I’m noticing more hams every day. Folks are paying attention. Wouldn’t be a good thing if ham was our only comms, but it’s waay better than nothing.

  7. I suppose our parents and grandparents felt much the same during WWII. Only difference is they rallied as whole. This will be a lot of smaller fractured groups from the far far left to the far far right and all in between.

  8. Ken,
    Thank you for hosting this site for so long. I hope and pray that our fears are not born out. In war, everyone loses, especially the survivors. If things go south, I would expect numerous sites could possibly go dark. You know how to reach us if you need us. Pray for peace.

      1. I’ll jump in and say Domoo arigato gozaimashita! Ken-san! and I wish I had printed out every single article just re-reading pleasure.

  9. I feel it also.
    Been working over the past few months to upgrade preparedness from Level 1 to Level 2.
    I’m mostly there, assuming municipal water is available for flushing toilets, but just not potable for drinking.

    If things get *really* bad ( > 3 months), I and DW are toast, and I know it.
    Doesn’t help that we live on a tiny lot in a city of 100,000+ that is just one of several “suburb” cities of a much larger city of 1,000,000+. It also doesn’t help that the DW thinks it’s crazy to have more than a day’s worth of food in the house.

    1. Night Owl,
      Hang in there, you are not the first ( nor last) to have a spouse who doesn’t get prepping. Took my DW a while to understand it all. Stay the course, know that you are the responsible one who is looking out and ahead for both of you.

      1. Minerjim,
        Thanks for the encouragement.
        The best I can do is keep working towards the goal, and that’s my plan!

    2. Night Owl get some diesel to burn your poop with. Might be a deterrent too.

    3. Try the financial approach….worked with TLOML.

      Today we are eating eggs that cost 2.00 a dozen , ground beef that cost 1,49 a Lb, red kidney beans that cost pennies 2 years ago and butter we froze with the 1,88 tags on the original cartons. Buy it cheap and stack it deep…it’s not going to get cheaper

  10. Everybody will be mad by December. Half of America will be mad about the elections. By then Ukraine will have made Russia VERY Butthurt. Europe will be an energy/economic mess, and China will have some kind of crisis. Iran will probably announce they have a bomb which will make Israel/Saudis freak. We might all be toast before 2023 including 99% of the folks reading this…

      1. And downfall it will be,
        Heres the funny part,
        We, as in guys n gals like you n me and a few dozens of millions or more,
        Wont be the ones rounded up by the enemies, it will be the political class and elites.
        I say good,,, just hope its Russia rather than China, just because we are closer culturally.

  11. dems took the vaxx from Trump and made it their own.
    They wanted credit for it, they have given them selves credit for it.
    I expect soon enough they will start publicizing the maimed, damaged, the dead.. the literally millions of people suffering from this thing called a vaccination, the gene therapy, and blame it all on trump.
    I expect this will be an “in your face” event like the covid propaganda was the first year
    on every news channel you have.
    It’s the easiest and only thing they have left to blame on him.
    All kinds of name calling again.. demonization.. evil.. he did this, to you!
    Nobody will believe Russian collusion again, or will they?

  12. “Keep your wits about you and continue moving away from the system, towards self-sufficiency in food, energy, medicine, local markets/currencies. Radical and rapid decentralization is the only way forward.”
    Moving away from the system by people on the right is how the left got control over everything in the first place. If you think you will be safe and secure if something goes down then you are sorely mistaken, you are MAGA and they will come for you. No amount of weaponry will save you because even the 87,000 new IRS agents they are adding have guns.
    I still cannot understand why the right refuses come together to use their brains to enact change before things get out of hand and there is violence as commenters have said, “a war”.

  13. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

    The survival of this country is al about choices. I said a while back that economic survival threatened by debt had two solutions, default on debts or hyperinflation – we now see which our leaders chose. But there is a third, that has happened many times, war – always good for generating wealth for some.

    The question from resent history is what it takes to motivate the population to take action? Why did it take so long for the US to enter the second world war? Why has our country failed to win a “limited war” since that time?

    Now, what will it take to again open the eyes of the citizens – another Peal Harbor? “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    1. Hermit,
      The us mil hasnt been in any wars since ww2 really, the most recent are more representative of whats coming too, at least domestically, insurgency, just as a bunch of shop keepers and goat herders kick their arses again and again with a beat up Kalishnakov and flip flops only to disappear into the masses, so will it be here at home,
      To joe poopy pants biden i say, GO AHEAD YOU DOUCHE

      1. Kulafarmer
        I must also agree with Ariel referring to your stance. I understand where you are coming from but let me remind you along with everyone.
        We owe our thanks and gratitude to those who put their life on the lines every day. Did they agree with their superior commanders…doubt it very much.
        As a surviving spouse of veteran from the Nam war let me remind everyone they went where many would not go.

        1. AC,
          Amen! and some from that side of the house are names only and never came home, border hops were sometimes permanent.

        2. AC, I was the spouse of a three tour Viet Nam Vet. He later died of a “strange cancer” and served part of his tour in the area where agent orange was used. That relationship to his death, like many, was never proven. My brother made it home. Several high school friends did not. Brother also served as an officer in the Marine Corp in desert storm. Yes, there were wars after W.W.II. After what we just saw in Afghanistan, someone would have to live on a remote part of an island to not recognize these wars. Yes, I would proudly stand up next to them and defend her still today”. I am so angered by the comment you and I addressed that my hair is on fire. So this is the “free speech”, that was fought for….interesting… Makes me want to knock someones teeth out.

        3. I support our veterans snd active duty, i even took that oath once.
          Vietnam was called a police action if i remember right, it was a war, sure, korea too, but not on the scale of ww1 or 2.
          You need to take it down a notch, especially since you are most likely going to give yourself a heart attack being so high strung,

        4. Aint that the truth SoulSurvivor,,,
          Makes that trek to the highest peak, get naked and drop a ton o acid then assume the lotus in below zero temps sound like a good option

      2. If people on the right cannot unite now what makes you think they will if a civil war starts? 99% of the people on this site will be in their bunkers thinking they can ride it out. I think you are delusional to think things will turn out the way you think. With spy satellites and drones to blast you out of your bunkers in bits. Drones that can be operated from anywhere and can reach anywhere. Drones that are like playing a video game. Why do you think the military is going pro trans and gay with proper pronouns? Because those people would be happy to drone people on the right.
        The only hope people on the right have is to unite before a civil war starts and use peaceful methods to change things. Like I said in my other post, we are where we are because people on the right didn’t get involved and the left took over everything, from the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, soon to be the military, all the way to your local school where they tell your son to be a girl, a pansexual, etc….

        1. John Doe, I totally agree that we are where we are because People on the right stood by and did nothing. We jabbered among ourselves about how bad things we’re getting. Well, now they are worse. What are we doing about it? The left marches over every thug killed on the street. We can’t even march to close our borders and keep criminals locked up. What are we worth? What do we deserve? When do we change? This is not the America that men have fought and died to defend. It is still, in my opinion the best country on earth, but it needs serious house cleaning. I hope it is not too late. Meanwhile, be ready in every respect, as you may be on your own.

    2. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for the evil to mistake themselves as being ‘the Good.’ ”

      All Human evil is a function of Human Irrationality. Irrationality is the greatest Human flaw and the greatest cause of Human suffering. It is Man’s failure to correctly identify Reality and to keep that identification in its original context, to preserve its meaning, which spawns all Human caused woe.

      Exactly what is “The Good?” What is “The Bad?” What is the PRIME VALUE, upon which ALL OTHER values rely upon for their existence? What kind of Existent needs Values? Does a rock need values? What is the nature of the Existent, which needs values…in order to Exist?

      If Man is thought of as being “The Rational Animal”….they must be very few in number.

      1. I am not an atheist but I understand the concept of a moral standard that doesn’t require a lawgiver or deity. While faith may influence or even coincide with one’s values, a human being can have values as well as virtues without professing a faith. As to good or bad, there’s the concept of a rational capable beings living one’s life so as to not have to make claims on the lives or the production of others that should be considered a good value across many different belief systems and judged to be beneficial to one’s self as well as society regardless of one’s beliefs.

      2. There is a good blogpost on Lew Rockwell today. “The Right to Be Left Alone” It discusses natural law in the context of being rights that are part of being a human that should be universal. While the author discusses the historical perspective of these being granted by God, rational beings could mutually agree these rights are part of being human, predate any organized society or government, and that they should not be infringed without consent.

        The issue is it seems is rational beings are in short supply these days. Whatever happened that got everyone so focused on feelings hasn’t been a productive contribution to either society or the individual being.

  14. The goal is to reduce the population dramatically and then reorganize those that remain into properly established units for direct control. A society much akin to the old Feudal system, where the chosen will be absolute rulers and intrigue for power with each other, while everyone else scrambles for a nice potato, while avoiding some insane torment at the hands of their local Lord.

    All the bad people need is for you, and as many like you, to die, in order to “win” their future. The less people, the less food and energy required, the less resources expended, the smaller the number of “enforcers” needed to control them, the smaller any mob that may arise shall be….

    Now, why bother with any lesser means of achieving the needed depopulation of the planet, when the most effective means is no longer prohibited by the threat of any viable opposition to it? What if the most effective means of achieving one’s goals, also makes any opposition to it much less viable and effectively removes it as a threat?

    Expect your electrical power to vanish…and stay vanished…for a very long time. I think ALL SIDES will be attempting to “throw the switch” on all the other sides…. And, by the time anyone CAN turn the switches back on there shall be 80% of us, who will never know it.

    1. Choices

      Do we wake up before “they throw the switch” and as the quote reads “Do not go gentle into that good night”

      The alternative is to live in chains or die off – the people before us sacrificed and fought so that we could have freedom and or offspring could live on – our choice

    2. Ision, your comment is why many of us prepare to live like its the 1800’s. I think many people are becoming too fixed on trying to keep their modern way of life running like it is now. I will miss my modern conveniences just like everyone else, but my backups are all non-electric. And I keep reminding myself to simplify, simplify. Keep everything simple. Basic. Just MHO.

      1. In fact, one must learn to live like they did in the 1400s, not the advanced 1800s.

  15. These things are all a provocation. The libsiders believe they have won by locking up folks from 1/6 and throwing away the key. They are trying to force confessions and plea bargains to felonies. This is to prevent folks from voting and to take away their 2A rights. Do not be provoked into unwise action. They’re looking for a reason – don’t give it to them. Hotheads will simply be sidelined and make it that much harder on the rest of us. Remember, we’ve got the GSM making a hash of our gardens and commercial agriculture. Inflation, residual mess from lockdowns, eroding national and global economy, food and fuel instability from the war, are all hampering our ability to prepare for the trough of this GSM which gets underway in about five years. Depopulation and deglobalization are already upon us as a natural result of industrialization and urbanization (see the work of Peter Zaihan). The GSM will accelerate this. The current mess is terrible but don’t let it distract from what’s important. We are a tough people, people made for tough times such as these. Here are a few platitudes that comfort me: Remember Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11b-12, “ Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” Fret not thyself because of evildoers (Psalm 37). “It is at once the safeguard and the glory of mankind that they are easy to lead and hard to drive.” Winston Churchill.

  16. Kula Farmer “The U.S. military has not been in any war since WW2”, are you kidding me??? Granted, we were involved in several wars that the U.S. never entered to really win. But I think you owe our service men and women who have served our country since that time, a huge apology. This may be for you, a “think before you speak” situation. I am guessing there are more than a few veterans out there, with hair on fire, over this thoughtless comment.
    I am not here to make trouble. Posting on my part, is limited. We are for the most part, kindred spirits. This isn’t a time for division. This is not a personal attack. I just can not imagine where you are coming from. Most of the artificial limbs you see on the street today are not from W.W.II. My father was a marine in that war, but he would agree with what I have written here.

  17. I believe the houseplants speech was to provoke chaos caused by a false flag of some kind, probably done by leftists wearing MAGA hats / shirts, to make it look like Trump supporters. (Jan 6th anyone).

  18. Old man and I have felt this for a while and that is why we are putting on a big push to get our Amish woodcook stove in the house in place of the fireplace. Old man (84) took down an 8ft wall of brick with a chisel and now we are taking out the fireplace and getting it ready for the woodcook stove. I can’t afford propane when it goes up this year so I want to be prepared. I can’t seem to convey this urgency to my daughter or sister. I just get you have said this before. So many people are going to be so surprised.

  19. There’s a crazy person shooting people in Memphis and he is now in Arkansas. Shooting at people and posting live on Facebook. Daily Mail… stay safe

    1. Another black stupid hood rat hunting white people for kicks. Mark my words this will disappear from the news cycle in the next two hours and will never be spoken of again.

      1. Gang initiation and maintenance of status,I suspect, from age, 19 y/o, Was arrested with more charges in 2020.( so would have been 17 then).
        Pic on news shows big smile, Was in Southaven, Ms, stole a car, chased by police….. accd. to news reports from Memphis.West Memphis AR was on alert., and police assisted in chase.6 sites have possible connections to this event.

  20. Greetings everyone. I haven’t posted much for a while now . I guess I just like to sit back and read the comments a little more now. A lot of great comments here tonight too. I like the picture of bedpan Joe up above. The only thing missing is the little mustache under his nose. I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for whatever is to come. I’m to old to head for the hills or run, so I guess I’ll have to stand my ground. All good things come to an end eventually. (sigh) Bring it. Which reminds me of a phrase I once read and printed off a long time ago. Don’t remember where I got it ,but I thought you might like to read it.
    Make No Mistake
    I will defend the weak.
    I will defend freedom.
    I will sacrifice so that
    others may live free.
    I will defend my
    family to the death.
    I love peace, but I am
    a fierce enemy.
    I live by a special code.
    I live with honor.
    I was born to be the
    Kind of suites me in a way. I may be old, but I’m not dead. (yet) I hope to be around for quite a while.( Holding my breath. lol)

    1. BigBadCat,
      I hear you brother. Feel much the same. Bugging in. My loving wife remains by my side. We will not go gently into that good night.

  21. Have had a terrible feeling for some time now. It’s there when I go to sleep and comes back in the morning when I get up.
    I know what it is, I had something close to it when I was in Nam.
    It’s going to come for us even if we lay low,it has no name other than evil.
    They know all of us,they have been tracking us for some time now. Some they want sooner, some can wait but I think it will want us all.
    We are a threat to them for we are what they fear. We are the the aware, the independent, the ones who can make do and do without and most important survive then turn and spit in their eye.
    Just be aware they are watching, and by the way they go by name of government and they are evil and are everywhere.

  22. I want to omit my comment regarding the urge to knock someones teeth out. The comment serves no purpose here. I am just so familiar with war….they are real…they existed after W.WII and no man or woman every came home whole again. War leaves scars, both seen and unseen. President Johnson swore he was bringing our “boys” (try men, you creep, to took their boyhood from them) home, while their were videos of the airfields on the other side of the airport with men deploring. Yes, it is a dirty business and way often fought for all the wrong reason. But brave men served and did remarkable things under horrific conditions.
    So back on task. How do people work together when they are so far apart? Physically, emotionally. It’s a tough one.

  23. Dark Brandon called all Trump supporters extremists and a threat to democracy in his recent speech. He is making good on that promise by rounding up the top 50 Trump supporters using his Jack booted thugs. Trump hasn’t declared war on the liberal Sheeple. Trump’s comments were focused on Dark Brandon and The DemoCrap leadership. To say anything different is to fall in the CNN mode of honesty. Tell the truth and speak with facts.

  24. When Trump called for draining the swamp he didn’t say the Democratic swamp he said the swamp. There are just as many swamp creatures on the right as the left who want this global economy reset as the left. And that makes this midterm election very dangerous. A true red wave definitely would set of a false flag event. I fear for our nation.

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