Will there be a big game changer before the November midterm election

Expecting Some Big Game Changer Unleashed Before The November Midterms

“I’m expecting some big game changer to get unleashed before the November midterms.” In essence, that quote encapsulates widespread opinion. Do I feel the same way? Well, yes I do. It’s best to “expect” or suspect something like this – than to be completely unaware or caught off-guard.

Lately, I have not written too many articles of opinion and commentary having to do with politically charged content. However, today is different. Why? Because time might be running short. That is, to be prepared to a greater extent.

Mr. Global is watching the clock. The power elite behind the curtain have not come this far to be set back in November…if they can help it.

They control much of our Congress, and are not going to allow their plans to be derailed by a conservative red wave…if they can stop it.

Their puppets have caused tremendous damage thus far. Much is going exactly as they planned (and told us – if you look for it). They absolutely need a reset to maintain their control and world domination. The present system is nearly finished. And that reset, in part, necessitates a (controlled) collapse into their new system.

A sweeping “red wave” in November spells trouble for their plans which are going so well right now. And that precedent cannot be set for 2024…

This morning, I read the following comment:

“I believe the time frame of August to September is correct [some big game changer]. My son is running for congress and you cannot believe the ground swell of support he is getting. People have had it with inflation. Gas prices and the cost of food is killing the middle class. Jobs are not being filled. I have told my son there will be no election in November.”

~ commentator

It’s true… Americans have had it. Many intend to express themselves in November. And Mr. Global is fully aware.

What are they going to do before the November midterm election?

Here’s another commenter’s opinion… “They are either going to trigger a war with Russia [which could even potentially go nuclear], or launch another pandemic, or collapse the economy, to sideline the elections. Who knows? But they are simply not going to have it. The result will be civil unrest to the level we’ve never seen before. The middle class have had it.”

One thing’s extraordinarily obvious. They really, really want (World) WAR with Russia. If we went there, well, that could certainly go bad very, very quickly.

Their mouthpieces have been trying hard to stir up more virus fears. However that has not been as successful as hoped. People have caught on to that one (e.g. 15 days to flatten the curve…, just get another shot and you won’t catch it…, the VAERS data, and whoops – now there’s something called “sudden adult death syndrome”…, etc..).

Let’s think… what else might they do? Well, here’s something that I believe is well within the realm of possibilities… Dementia Joe could be removed. Kamala takes over who’s told to select a particular VP (Michael Obama, or, Newsom, or?) That would certainly shake things up if they select a VP who fires up their base. Who encourages their base to come out and vote the midterms to keep their power for 2024 when that chosen VP runs for president.

If they somehow manage to stay in power following the November midterms, given what’s happened the last year and a half, you might say we’ll be in quite deeper doo-doo. That is, if we’re here at all, given some of the crazy dangers out there.

Get right, hold on, and just try to stay out of the way.

I know I’m speaking to the choir here. We are living through an incredible time in world history. The question is, when historians look back upon this time, what will be the story?

What it comes down to, we are not going to know what is coming until it happens.

Every day between now and then is a blessing we’ll later regret if we fail to make the most of prepping.

What’s your opinion? As the clock winds down to the November midterms, will we see a major game changer event that may somehow sideline the elections – or, influence its outcome in favor of “Mr. Global”?


  1. POTATUS will be removed next. This is Monday, end of July, we should be slammed right now and I’m posting here. Contact volume is off a cliff, it’s dead-silent; no one is buying anything and no one is doing anything. It’s spooky. We’ve had 8-figures worth of orders canceled in the past two weeks and over the weekend a very large, very well known brand declined to renew a five year production contract stating they aren’t accepting contracts from ANYONE right now after having laid off a third of their corporate staff last week. This is the freefall, brace for impact.

  2. One of my biggest fears right now is the stacking of the Supreme Court before TPTB potentially lose control of Congress in November. (That is if the elections happen and TPTB aren’t able to control the outcome to be in their favor.)

    1. If you’re looking, they are setting Judge Thomas up to fall hard to get him out. Set your search parameters out a little further. In order to justify what will happen in the coming weeks they need to ramp up the distractions, tonight the White House is ascertaining what i’st response to the donkeypox and will likely declare a sweeping national medical emergency, perhaps with lockdowns to curb any possible human contact.

  3. Still beating that dead horse, but
    The world will soon be an unrecognizable mish-mash of a mess. Think about you and yours. What are you lacking? What’s important to you? Family? VIPs?

    If you can’t communicate with them, how will that affect you/them? It’s fixable ya know. YOU have to do it.

    1. Goosey Loosey – You are correct; count some (other) sheep and go back to sleep.

      1. Hey Tmac
        You said the ivermectin helped your vision,
        I had a similar experience,
        It helped me to see a whole lot of Bullzhit from TPTWB

        1. Hi Kula –

          I think I figured it out… I slept yesterday, twice! 13 hours today in the consumerist meat grinder and I’m back to half-blind. BUT… whatever the crud was, is gone now. Kid at work, four times vaxxed, coughing up both lungs today.

    2. Goosey, Foxie Loxy is calling you into the castle to tell the king. Are you going in? Sounds like it.

    3. ….then again,
      A big oak limb came crashing down on Chicken Little.
      Knocked him/her/it senseless, unable to move….then the predators came….
      Chicken Little was no more

      THE END

  4. All the enemy need do is to turn off the power. Game over.

    The rest is just mopping up, letting the rebels starve, and keeping the nuclear reactors from melting down.

  5. Who knows,
    Been reading stuff like this since obammy and here we are still limping along, i sure am not going to hold my breath nor waste too many brain cells on it thats for sure

    1. I was thinking the same thing Kula. Could it all happen? Of course. Will it. I doubt it. They are just not that scared that they will lose power.

    2. AGREE! Been reading things like this since the mid-70s long before this internet B.S. in Magazines like Survive, and American survival. Same stories different tellers. YES! stay prepared, BUT, don’t stick your head in the ground.

  6. Gentlemen and Ladies,
    Here on MSB we have talked about the many calamities that could fall on us all and the resulting pain and suffering. I want to point out that all these calamities are inter connected (linked). We can not have one happening without most (if not all) of the other crises. What can anyone of us do to prevent this? Nothing is the answer because these crises are so large in scope. Well then what is the question – what to do? The answer is to look inward and ask “What have I done in preparation to minimize the pain and suffering”?
    Look what happened to the Inca, the Mayan, the Hopi, and the Yahki — near extinction. This is where humanity is today and now how prepared are you?

    1. No joke, that is why we here always are preparing to live like it will be the 1800’s. They survived back then without fancy electronics, useless things, etc. I keep trying to simplify things as much as possible and see what we can do without. Some things of this era tho are priceless, like communications, security cameras, etc. Still a work in progress. Water, food, and shelter are well taken care of. And are we so worried about what the gov is doing that we forget we can be felled by natural disasters as well? I quit worrying so much. Like Dennis always says, “Life is good on the mountain.” Well, I actually live on a hill. But I am determined to enjoy the life I am living. We’ll handle things as they come, I guess.

    2. No joke,
      look at what happened in Sri Lanka. my new favorite place.
      the Inca, the Mayan, the Hopi, all native Americans all had external threats. ours come from within our own rank’s in the government by the people who were somehow elected to represent us. what a joke that has turned out to be.

  7. Wonder what sort of papers they are getting the illegals to sign? Voter’s registrations? Or getting their names in a data base? Time will tell. I am not feeling fuzzy about November.

    1. Mrs. U, what worries me the most about November is that the Dems are NOT worried about it.

      1. DJ
        Well if you saw the Michigan, Channel 3 mis-telecasting of the election results, just a week early, that should tell all that you might need to know.

  8. Yes, its Moneypox or the resurgence of Convid19. They really don’t care what we want. I believe that they want us to rise up and protest. Then they could declare ML.

    1. If we rise up i doubt it will be a protest, personally im cool with bedlam, its time

  9. Or, just maybe the big crash will happen before the election. Then what happens???

  10. The whole planet is warning of food shortages coming soon…inevitable. Some have been noting all the processing plants here and abroad burning or suffering explosions. The incidences are numbered in the hundreds. A large portion of the worlds grain comes from the Ukraine.

    The Biden bunch has tried to place the blame on Russia’s making war on the Ukraine. Were you aware that Russia and the Ukraine, in an almost unheard-of cooperation between two countries at war, signed an agreement last week to allow export of grains to continue unhindered? Yes, they did.

    Less than 24 hours after the deal was struck, the grain handling facilities at port came under missile attack and were rendered inoperable. Russia claims no responsibility, saying such a strike would be against their self-interest.

    Whose interests would be served?

  11. Gateway Pundit article. A Michigan news station reported the results of the Republican Primary. The primary is in Aug.

    1. Deborah,
      Glad you saw that, I just posed that to DJ. They saw it was a glitch for the mock test, if that be so, why in a test would you use all the real names in all the races? Mock test, my sticky wickit!

  12. “expect” or suspect something like this –


    The August primaries will show where the political elite are standing, against the PEOPLE, then they will
    decide which false flag disruption, of many, to pull out of their A$$….
    (which sits upon their shoulders)

    Got Preps?
    We’re gonna need ’em

  13. Ken,
    “Get right, hold on, and just try to stay out of the way.
    I know I’m speaking to the choir here. We are living through an incredible time in world history. The question is, when historians look back upon this time, what will be the story?”
    the story will most likely be a repeat of 1939 Germany if people don’t stand up for themselves now before it goes to far.
    they didn’t say or do anything until they came for them, by then it was to late. they had ample opportunity beforehand, and knew it was coming but squandered the opportunity waiting for someone else to do it for them.
    sadly, that is where our country is now IMO.

  14. The left does not need a major event to cancel the election. They proved that they will cheat in every way possible to win. The people that cast the votes don’t matter. The people that count the votes are the only ones that matter. They were caught cheating all over the country in 2020 and no one was held accountable and they will continue to cheat. After saying this I do believe they are planning another catastrophe of some sort to force compliance.

    1. car guy, I saw on 60 minutes last night a young lady (forget her name), who worked for the NSA and she leaked a top-secret file/report to the press/public about how/what the NSA was doing to/with our voting machines (she was charged with espionage and convicted. she also said she would do it again, she was protecting us from an unelected gov.). Anyways when that report was made public the National Elections Commission sent out a memo to all election offices??? to tighten up security at voting stations (the NEC was pissed, about what the report said). Do they tighten security at voting stations, we shall see?

      1. bj22
        Can you say Venezuela, or Dominion. That’s where they also used Dominion. Can you say Ukraine?

      2. What day and is the video up on u tube ? Been trying to find it but there seems to be quite a bit of NSA leaks

    2. car guy “The people that count the votes are the only ones that matter.” I saw in the news last week where Arizona is getting ready to sentence a vote counter to prison for her role in the 2020 election and the ensuing coverup.

    3. car guy, I understand that, but it may not fly this time. Everyone is wise to it. I think maybe some event will be blamed on Russia.

  15. I believe there are many patriotic white hats (good guys) working behind the scenes to undermine the globalists and their installed regime. Pray that the white hats continue to do so.
    The globalists are attempting to provoke events that will cause evil people to declare martial law . False flag shootings have failed to provoke gun seizure demands by most of the public, people are growing some of their own food to help circumvent food shortages, phony pandemics are being ignored again. People see the deliberate weakening of the U.S. military by the current regime.
    I feel for the people of Ukraine, but has anyone else considered the fact that Putin has been watching the decades long human trafficking, the money laundering, the numerous biolabs operating in Ukraine,(most financed by the U.S.), the ongoing corruption there, and that he has decided he has had enough of globalists and is cleaning them out?- ”
    a “not in my backyard you don’t” action ?

    1. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      The Declaration of Independence

  16. I think a disease, (we have a few choices) will be used to scare people soon before elections.. Weeks before with lots of hype.
    They will use that to force mail in ballots and circumvent the illegal drop box issue again with possibly forcing the dems voting rights bill, that one that will allow them to win forever.
    Killery will be pushed as the new VP, she has been far too quiet lately for the attention w#ore she is.
    Being vp will give her the public eye where she will alleviate some of the biden caused problems making her popular again, enough to giver her momentum for 2024.
    Who knows, camel might drop out weeks after appointing killery to vp and that will make her the President.

    No matter what I do agree something has to happen, they will not give up anything without someone dying.
    They will not give up any power.

    Some small hope is people will see the truth, they might finally go too far and be caught.
    I can dream.

  17. A lot of people talk about taking up arms. I think very few will. Some will join groups until the first shot is fired then run home with their tail between their legs. Others will find a reason not to join at all. the revolution only had about 3% it is said. We will see what happens,

    1. Hence where 3% comes from! Only 3% fought against the British.

      1. Jimmy Garland,
        3% of 330 million, what does that work out to be. more than enough i would think. 900,000?
        my math may be wrong.

        1. scout,

          I don’t normally correct folks, but since you questioned your own math…add a zero…9,900,000.

          Interesting article over on Conservative Treehouse. Evidently Merrick Garland has convened a grand jury to present evidence for a charge of insurrection against Trump. Normally, presenting evidence to a grand jury can serve one of two purposes from my experience, and both serves the wants and needs of the prosecution. Either Garland doesn’t want to prosecute Trump and will present the evidence in such a way that he can blame the grand jury for failing to indict…or he can present a weak case in such a way to ensure indictment, and say “oh…not me, it was the grand jury gave me no choice”.

          Either way…the outcome will be the same…half the country will be pissed at the result. Maybe to
          the point of open rebellion?

          Whichever…I got some reloading to do.

  18. The 2 areas of confrontations I avoid at all costs are politics and religion so I will speak of neither. Guessing this’ll be more for the Henny Penny comment though.

    I’m familiar with the story too and I try to avoid getting caught up in the paranoia side of prepping. However how’s that saying go? Something about its not really paranoia if they really ARE out to get you. ; )

    Prep for everything even if you face nothing. You’re not going to be any worse for it.

    I have a kid that picks on us too. “You’re just falling for the hype Dad!” Mind you he’ll be the first one eating that bread I make by the campfire with my campstove IF the s**t actually does hit and his tummy is growling. And no. I doubt I would ever get an “I’m glad you were right Dad” for feeding him either. That’s ok though. The price we pay for parenthood I guess.

    I prep for me and my family, even if my family doesn’t understand why I do it for them.
    In the meantime I will continue reading my grandkids stories like Henny Penny along with The Little Red Hen. Might be a good one to add to any survivalist library too.

    As to “The End…”, even if I don’t get my zombie apocalypse I’ll at least be ready for the next hurricane. Heck we had a windstorm hit a few weeks ago and knocked out power for NEARLY 1 full day. Should have seen the chaos.

    Moral of the story is simple though. The Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 was real. 2 years ago anyway. Now it’s all but forgotten. Until the next one hits.

    Sorry if I seemed like I was venting. I feel better now. : )

  19. Jan 6th committee goes to court to have Trump disqualified from running again. There is a big uproar so, martial law is declared and the military is called in. The election is cancelled.

  20. Ironic that you should post on this topic. I’ve had an impending sense of doom or oppression that’s grown stronger in recent days. Something wicked this way comes. I know God can intervene, that He will always keep for Himself a remnant, and that He holds tightly those He loves.

    But, I’m aware of enough history to read the signs and know we’re heading down a very bad road. Watching our country actively be destroyed by her enemies is made even worse by not having the freedom to talk about these things.

    I should be able to discuss this with friends, but they refuse to acknowledge it because they believe God will deliver us. We just need to pray more or believe more. This puts me in a position of lacking faith if I try to discuss what could be coming.

    Maybe there’s nothing to be done other than what we’re all doing to prep, but I’ve often used others as a sounding board to work through my thoughts and think more deeply about things. I just feel like that’s been stifled by well-meaning friends who think somehow our lives will continue pretty much as they have, even with all the red flags we’re seeing. It’s a different kind of oblivious that almost seems worse than that of the zombies on the left. Hard to see how we get out of this. And hard to envision what we might have to endure. Keep pressin’ on!

  21. EO 14067, his implementation date is set for October 4th, with the announcement yesterday regarding the new commodity backed Russia/China reserve currency, things are going to get very interesting quickly. Wonder if this will be the sway point to lead Saudi to BRICS?

  22. I don’t know, hate to say it but I think the Dems will retain power in November with or without a bigger event. I think a lot of people are at the point they’re fed up with inflation/ etc. but I don’t know that they outnumber the vast population of sheep that still tune into the 5 o’clock news and regurgitate the narrative. What I definitely do think is that either way things are going to get exponentially worse in Q1 of 2023. Think we’re starring down the barrel of a real deal global economy crash. Just amazes me how long we’ve been limping along on the brink of a total collapse. Just can’t imagine the “last thread” barely holding everything together has a whole lot of life left in it at this point.

  23. One more comment here. When Biden grants amnesty to the millions of illegals here, they will get to vote. Why do you think the gov has been sending them all to red and purple states? They are going to overwhelm the elections in those states with sheer numbers. And those “new citizens” will HAPPILY vote for their benefactors.

    1. DJ5280, Ever since January 21, 2021, we’ve been living with Biden’s “pendemic.” However, citizenship issues are not subject to executive order. They are in part constitutionally-controlled and in part legislatively. Don’t worry too much about it. . . .
      All the folks illegally crossing the border with permission these days are being told they will have their asylum claims processed in due course. Given current infrastructure, funding, and staffing, that’s likely years out for most of them, if ever. Once someone is granted asylum, then the clock starts ticking on citizenship. First they have wait a year before applying for permanent residency. Just processing that these days is taking a couple of years. After five years as a permanent resident, then they can apply for citizenship. That process too is taking a couple years. Current POTUS will be long gone before any of these folks will be able to raise their right hand and swear fealty to the United States.

      1. Anony Mee, I’m just not so sure anymore. Seems Biden and the ‘left’ can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Who challenges them? And are there any consequences? I’m thinking they will just give the illegals some type of ‘green-card citizenship’ and let them vote. Oh gee, and AFTER the elections we’ll find out it wasn’t Constitutional. Everything is so screwed up these days. I marvel at how quickly and how far we have fallen. And just wait for the war to ramp up. People are blind if they don’t think this one won’t be on our own soil. I don’t think it will be staying over in Europe….just mho.

  24. The libs cheated to win the last election.
    Nothing was done about it.
    Yeah, some little things were done in a couple states, but nothing big nation wide.
    The left is not going to just roll over in fear of a big red wave.

    Now they are saying the recession is a transition. What a crock!
    Get what you can, while you can.

  25. If you ever wondered how people felt when the market crashed in ’29 or when Pearl Harbor was bombed now you know.

      1. Back when I was a kid, many a rusted-out tailpipe was healed using a tin can with the bottom removed and snipped down a side, wrapped around the tailpipe and secured with baling wire.

        1. Dennis,
          yup, stuff em with some one aught steal wool or some of mamma’s SOS pads from the kitchen and we could get by with a muffler of sorts for a little while. good times. kept the city cops off our backs on the weekends riding the block : )

  26. They will cheat again,they will never give up control, no worries the fix is in,Biden needs to do nothing at all

  27. Expect a major $hitshow prior to or shortly there after mid-terms. More than likely prior to.
    Our sadly harvested grains will continue to be exported. Farmers taxed, levied, forced out of production
    Our RESERVE fuel is being sold, if not given, to China. *several reports, other than MSM*
    I joked with a gas station attendant, months ago.
    Yeah, Biden opened up our reserves. We outta see a drop in fuel prices any day now. Xcept he’s exporting OUR fuel.
    Well, he can’t do that.
    Well, he is and is still being done….with no repercussions.

    Agenda 2030.
    Got preps? Got defensive matters to keep those preps?

  28. Soros has been grooming Sarah Abrams of Georgia for the VP slot.

    Check out oculumlabs (dot) com if you want to get spooked. Its the group that is exposing the Software being setup and tested now for classifying people in their global reset. Study the WHOLE page and its links and you will see who is a Benedict Arnold ( basically, most of the conservative talk show hosts).
    This is a MUST READ and is for real.

  29. The Enemy is at the gate.
    I have said in the past, that TPWB won’t come after us until they weaken us. That’s exactly what they are doing. “We the People” at this time are losing this battle. It’s like trying to fight a swarm of bees. Every where you look it’s a FUBAR. All they are gonna do is “Awake a Sleeping Giant”. Then this will happen:
    “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.
    The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence,
    these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely
    play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”
    I wake up to the words of the sound of silence
    My mind runs around, while my ear is to the ground
    I’m searching to behold the stories that are told
    My back is to the world that was smiling when I turned
    They tell you you’re the greatest, But once you turn, they hate us
    Everybody wants to be my enemy
    Spare the sympathy
    But I’m ready
    Your words up on the wall as you’re praying for our fall
    And the laughter in the halls and the names that we’ve been called
    I stack it in my mind and I’m waiting for the time
    When I show you what it’s like to eat the words you have spit on us

    1. The most dangerous things in the world are an animal backed into a corner and a man with nothing to lose.

  30. “Time to remember the best voting advice I have heard – Voting isn’t marriage – it’s public transport. You are not voting for “the one” who is absolutely perfect. You are getting on the bus. And if there isn’t one going exactly to your destination, you don’t stay home and sulk – you take the one going closest to where you want to be.” A blogger friend of mine, Bookworm, does a weekly collection of memes, cartoons, old photos, and things to think about. This was from her latest. Can be found here. . . . bookwormroom.com/

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