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“Cell-Based” and “Cultured” Food – Coming Soon to a Store or Restaurant Near You!

For several years we’ve been hearing about the future of lab-grown food, and recent comments here motivated me to do some fresh reading up on this. I wanted to see how close we are to lab-grown food in our grocery stores, and to learn more about just how these lab-grown “foods” work.

(Guest article by ‘So Cal Gal’)

Spoiler Alert: If you are snacking on something while reading this article, you may want to stop that before continuing to read this.

Stories about lab-produced foods have been around for a few years now, but, I found a real wealth of current info on this subject at the website food dive dot com. Here’s some snippets:

A company called Aqua Cultured Foods “makes whole cut seafood analogs through microbial fermentation”. They expect to be the first to introduce whole pieces of “real-looking” fish next year, including “cuts” for sushi and poke bowls (so not just for home use). They can vary “pressure levels, humidity and gases during the production process… the same protein can be made into a flaky fish analog, meaty popcorn shrimp or chewy calamari ring”. 

“Tofurky is working with Triton Algae Innovations to bring algae-based meat analog product to market” expected to be in retail stores the 1st quarter of 2022. They are appealing to “flexitarians” by scientifically engineering algae for their new “food” products.

Meatable is working to create lower-cost “growth media” to make cheaper “cultured meat”. They will be working to “develop a meat-like taste and texture for final cell-based meat products” by partnering with a company called Royal DSM, “an experienced ingredient company” that “likely has the know-how to turn a bunch of cells into an appetizing pork or beef product”. Funny use of the word “appetizing”, isn’t it?

But it’s not just meat. Voyage Foods, a “food technology company” is working to … get this… “decouple food from it’s source material”. Whoa! The CEO is clearly saying their goal is to make “food” that has absolutely no real food (from the original source) in its’ products. They are working at the molecular level, saying “it doesn’t matter too much what the initial input is.” (Huh?) Their product line will include cacao-free chocolate, coffee-bean-free coffee and peanut-free peanut butter. The “peanut butter” is expected to launch in November, the “chocolate” in early 2022.

In another article, the site writes about technology “revolutionizing” food, but wonders how to “explain” it to customers? An example is Change Foods creating dairy products “using the magic of microbes instead of animals”.

Manufacturer Eat Just “debuted the first cell-based chicken with it’s Good Meat product”. Seems the Eat Just website describes making “cell-based” meat, including selecting animal cells that are fed “a growth medium of nutrients in a bioreactor” to get them to grow and divide, “harvesting’ the cells, growing them on a “natural scaffolding, 3-D printing them into shapes, using extrusion to improve the texture and molding them into a desired form”.

Ugh… But, I did warn you to put down anything you might be snacking on while you read this article!

The industry is working on terminology, such as “cultured meat”, “cell-based” and “animal-free” (not to be confused with plant-based). The FDA put out a press release on September 2nd asking for comments on the labels of meat and poultry derived from animal cells. So, this is heading our way… whatever it may be called.

So, aside from conjuring up images of a well-known Charlton Heston movie, what does this have to do with preparedness? Well, everything.

We live on a heavily populated planet. Add in a seemingly systemic effort to curtail ranching and farming, and the potential for a Grand Solar Minimum to further affect crop production and we may be facing long-term shortages. Fresh meats and seafoods and non-GMO fruits, veggies and grains may be harder and harder to source. And with all the “transitory” inflation we are facing, who knows how much these fresh, real foods will cost going forward?

So, what to do? For those in areas zoned for animals, you are probably already raising at least some of your own animal protein sources. For those like me, who are still suburban-bound, it’s more important than ever to have multiple, trusted sources for fresh meats and seafood. Think direct producers or independents, not huge grocery chains.

Going forward, we also need to think about how our household budgets can accommodate buying fresh, real foods. Remember, politicians are telling us we need to eat less meat… and high prices, less availability and engineered “foods” are certainly ways to help them try to control our personal diets.

And as these lab-concocted products begin to roll out, we all need to be very careful about reading labels and understanding exactly what we are buying. Keep a close eye out for terms including “Cultured”, “Cell-Based” and “Animal Free”. Either in stand-alone meat products, or as ingredients in prepared items, packaged goods or even restaurant menus. Also, keep an eye out for “non-allergenic” peanut butter (no peanuts) and “sustainable” chocolate (no cacao) or coffee (no coffee beans). More than ever, it will be critical to know exactly what we are eating, and to solidify our sources for real foods.

You may now resume your snacking – if you still have an appetite!







[ Ken adds:

The World Economic Forum, leading ‘the great reset’, has also explained all the ways bugs can be used in its vision of the future… “Insect farming is set to play a growing role in our lives — especially in our diets,” the WEF states.

In other words, you will eat bugs (and cell based / lab grown goodies) instead of real meat. But it’s not just the bugs: the WEF, founded by globalist Klaus Schwab, said humans must also eventually drink sewage water and eat weeds as part of their normal diet.

So, in order to force people into eating bugs, cell based and lab grown meat substitutes, they’re going to have to find ways to discourage, harm, and eventually stop the present systems of farming cattle and such… No more Ribeye steaks for you. Just shut up and eat your bugs. And you will like it. Or else… If you don’t eat your bugs, you won’t get any pudding…


  1. Ken- What happened to the Attack on Liberty site–I’m getting dns errors when I try to go there.

    1. @ Cat6,
      (Isn’t Cat5e good enough? Sorry, couldn’t resist, assuming your alias re: ethernet cable)…

      To answer your question, I simply didn’t (don’t) have enough time to devote towards another site. Tried it for awhile, but no ROI on that. So I cut my losses so to speak.

  2. would it decrease or cut down the morbid obesity problem in some folks as its not real food. eat as much as you want but lose weight because it’s not real food. it would be a real problem for most normal people.
    yep, soylent green, the future is now folks.

  3. My wife and I are so happy we were born when we were. When you read the Bible (the ultimate preppers handbook) you will see the future will be a nightmare like the world has never seen and I believe the collapse we are seeing in American society is just the beginning.

    @nyscout…”The future is now” so true and it’s never going to get any better. Not being a pessimist just and realist.

    1. RC,
      These days realism sounds a lot like pessimism. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. As I read my canner is humming in the background. I’m canning ground beef today and tomorrow.

    I could drive by the pasture and see my cow grazing away.

    Get to know a farmer.

    1. Grandee,
      Exactly…get to know a farmer. Or at least some independent butchers who work directly with ranchers… as well as many local sources for fresh food as you can find. Thanks!

  5. BA-HA-HA-HARRRFFF! Can we spell Soylent Green, boys and girls? “…People crackers;” grain-free, gluten-free, animal-free…

    “Dying Centers” are next… Wait for it…

    To all the “Great Resetters;” YOU FIRST!

    1. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for the article, SoCalGal.

      I think I’ll stick to eating the bugs and weeds, before eating any lab grown food “products”.

      Oops, we made a huge mistake, in our lab grown meats, or whatever.
      Laced with this.
      Tainted with that.

      Hell, you can’t even trust the current FDA regulations with real food having numerous recalls.

      Agenda 21/30

      You will own nothing and be happy.
      No property, no acreage, no animals, pets, livestock. No gardens.
      All for the greater good.

      1. Joe C,
        You’re welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read it. I was thinking along the same lines as you. As unappealing as insects are to me, the thought of eating a lab-grown science experiment (aka food analog) just grosses me out. The whole thing gives me the creeps.

    2. Tom,
      That’s how I felt after reading all these articles. Reading this stuff made me feel pretty sick. And my disclaimer about not eating while reading was only half-joking. Bleeech!

  6. These miscreant central planners have been eating (Ship High In Transit} and barking at the moon for quite some time now. Undoubtedly misery loves company.

    1. FW,
      I just can’t get past it… I had to share what I found. Thanks for reading!

  7. Soylent green? Hah! Let them come take this ol’ miner, I’ll ruin the whole batch! And if they can figure a way to hide the smell, people will be breaking teeth on little bitty rocks from the batch made form me. Bon Appétit!

    1. MJ,
      Well, they may not have to use us actual humans… seems like they are well on their way to using whatever animal bits or other “things” they can grow. Thanks for reading!

  8. It would be real easy to grow these “cell foods” for the good of all and just add a few organic chemicals for a little mind control, just to create a passive and peaceful society. Add in a few antibiotics at the factory and we would also be very disease free. I am liking this all the more.
    I feel sick just thinking about the potential for population control.

    1. No joke,
      Yep.. who knows what they will concoct in those proprietary formulas they keep in the labs?
      The whole thing is too much for me. I’m opting out. Thanks!

  9. Its an interesting concept for sure, not totally against cultured foods, depending on what its made from,,
    Will be interesting, looking forward to trying spicy tuna rolls grown in a factory, or a poke bowl,,,

    1. Kula,
      You are braver than me… I’m just not doing it. I seriously can’t get past the concept. They may find a way to take it taste and feel like real food, but I’ll know it was some “thing” grown in a lab… I’m not even curious to try it. It creeps me out.

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Aquaponics in a greenhouse year round for basic nutrition. There are some really good videos out there.

  11. And after all this time, some people actually still eat margarine. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Grits,
      You’re right. I eat my share of junk food, so maybe I’m being hypocritical, but I just not doing this. Nope. Not happening. Thanks!

  12. Hmm, maybe I’m just another old fart who remembers all the sience ( can’t spell either, can I ) fiction movies where the main characters are eating turkey and dressing and apple pie out of a tube, Is this what the world is coming to?

    1. alfie,
      It sure seems like it. And it’s coming soon… this stuff is already here. One of the companies is already selling the lab grown food in Singapore, and some of these other “foodless” foods are due to hit our shelves in weeks or months, not years. Thanks!

  13. If they can make a synthetic Filet Mignon look, smell, and taste, like a real one…along with a nice seer crust and crisped fat…I am all for it. But, if it is going to cost just as much as the real thing…not so much.

    We gotta get to those Star Trek food synthesizers somehow…

    1. Ision,
      That’s funny – I had a flash of one of those Star Trek “food” deals as I was doing all this reading. But, it seemed cool watching it on TV… eating it in real life, not so much. And I’m sure someday they will get a filet close enough to the real thing, but I just can’t get past the whole idea. What can I say… I’ll never be a good starship crew member. ;)

      Thanks for reading!

    2. The problem you run into is that they’re not advertising it as a substitute–they’re advertising it as “better than the original,” and therefore charging premium prices. And people are paying it. Buying into the hype. Personally I think these meat substitutes were taste tested by a lifelong vegan who had never tasted meat.

  14. So Cal Gal,
    Is some of this “replacement food” already in the stores? Someone was recently warning about a product called “Beyond Meat” available at Fred Meyer. I would’ve just thought these items were vegetarian substitutes for meat. We have to read nearly every label now. Not great since the fine print seems to be getting finer.

    1. Congress has determined that we don’t have to know what’s in our food. A year or so ago the FDA said that companies could make unlabeled substitutions as long as it didn’t significantly change the nutrition in the product. I’m waiting for them to dispense with labeling altogether as this move toward fake food accelerates. “Go to our website for nutrition information.”

  15. Great article! I will be opting out of this, too. This is a part of the great reset, conditioning people to eat ‘not food’ so the psychopathic elite can keep for themselves whatever remains after the malthusian upheaval.

    I will add, not only is the food being converted to lab manufactured substances, they are now genetically modifying real food to contain mrna vaccines. Yup. Working on lettuce as we speak. There will soon be a point where if real food is what you want to consume, you will need to grow it yourself, from seeds you have saved.

    God cannot be pleased with this corruption of His creation.

  16. It is with great interest that I sat back for a day to watch what people’s reactions would be to this article. I enjoy a good ribeye as much as Ken butt I also realize that the steak that we call a ribeye makes up a very small % of the actual cow. When I am given beef or pork, I do not expect or demand the “best cuts” or I am not happy. Most of the people raising beef or pork on their home ranch or farm do not have the facilities to finish off the beef with a grain heavy diet prior to their last day in the slaughterhouse. It takes a lot of grain and water to make that thick layer of snow white fat and it takes maturity to produce that marbling of the meat itself that makes for tenderness. My own method of coping with rising food prices has been to learn to cook and work with the cuts of pork, beef and lamb that are less than prime or highly desirable. As a child growing up, I did not see a T-bone, Spenser or New York Strip until many years after I left home. We had enough mouths to feed that we grew up eating Sirloin on the nights we ate “steak”. We never went hungry back then. By most people’s standards, we ate real good back then. AS an adult, learning to cook and process meat from field to table, it is not a pretty process and it grosses out my wife ( transplanted city girl ). After making sausage with friends, the idea of food grown within a bioreactor sounds interesting but not really gross.

    1. Calirefugee,
      Great posts,
      I have often sat around with “old timers” not so much recently but in my past life, there were several old guys i used to sit and have a soda with fromtime to time, the stories of the old days, food was generally whatever they grew or raised or hunted or hooked. Meat, was not always on the menu, it was often enough but most of these folks had no refrigeration, they ate fresh, lots of plant based foods and eggs, or fresh caught fish. Pork, beef etc were not as common but was a special treat, they would share their take so it wouldnt waste, those days the mantra was only take what you need, that applied to everything.
      I wish we were still there personally, that struggle im up for, this other stuff, im not so sure

  17. My grandparents were farmers that came to this country and did not speak english. Their sons and daughters became farmers and some went to college. The third generation went to college and majored in agriculture. The fourth generation are going to college in subjects not related to the ag program. One niece is going to a UC school down there majoring in genetic engineering. Another nephew is going to UC Davis studying plant genetics. In their lifetime, Polymerase Chain Reaction went from discovery to relatively common use for gene splicing at room temperature. Many of the varietals I see in the stores in Cali and in my home state are products of genetic engineering. ( ie. “baby” bok choi is a cross b/t bok choi and the brussel sprout. The small heads of bok choi grow from a central stem ). This is why I track and follow the development of food production on the commercial level. There is investment opportunity here. It was last Summer while the world was crawling out of lockdown that the first Chicken Nuggets were being served to industry insiders in Singapore. The chicken nuggets were grown in bioreactors. I set aside that article at work and it creeped out all those that read the article. Frankenfood has truly arrived. ( article was in the Wall Street Journal ). At this time, it is incredibly cost prohibitive butt the scary thing about technology is the price may come down especially if they can find investors for the Initial Public Offering. ( IPO ). and make it scalable.

  18. Reminder: If you like to drink beer or wine, eat sauerkraut, kimchee or pickles, cheese or tofu, you are eating food that has been within a bioreactor. For good science fiction reads or movies: The Cobra Event – by Douglas Preston on how to use a bioreactor to produce a viral “chimera” within the apartment of a madman. Blade Runner 2049 where society is eating bugs and worms after near planetary ruin . Other books or reference sources for info: The Biotech Century by Jeremy Rifkin.
    Modern agriculture is being done within warehouses and clean rooms where farmers wear tyvek suits in order to prevent contamination from outside. Lettuce farms are being grown vertically within shipping containers with controlled UV lighting. By growing indoors, one can guarantee your produce will be free from the overspray from your neighbor’s place. This was one of the biggest problems in Cali where my relatives still farm. One of the largest producers of mushrooms I saw was in Santa Rosa, CA where mushrooms were raised within long barns that were dark inside. the spraying of spores for new mushrooms was most easily done within a large room with no wind from the outside. This is being done on the coastal plains in Ventura, CA. and those practices are working their way up the coast. The first nation in the world that is pioneering such practices? The Dutch – specifically their school of Agriculture at Waanigan University ( check spelling )

    1. Calirefugee maybe it’s terminology but when I Google bioreactor it’s not talking about natural fermentation in a kimchee jar as done long before American was born.

      It’s a Laboratory or factory system to modify materials into a substitute for another more Expensive material. Cheap materials forced modified into say “Synthetic Kobe Beef”.

      Given the NPR report of a Fava Bean based “Meat” makes me wonder about the FATAL Allergies some folks of Mediterranean genes have to Fava.

    2. Hi Cali,
      Thanks for your comments!
      In the articles I read, the difference between the fermented foods you’re describing and at least some of these lab-created foods is that they aren’t necessarily taking a real food and changing it through fermentation. Some talked about growing food from the cell of an animal (so closer to food I guess), some talked about proprietary processes so you don’t know what they start with and Voyage Foods says it doesn’t seem to matter much what the “input” is since they are working at the molecular level. So, to me we are talking apples and oranges. But, I admit, I made up my mind after reading all of this that I would choose not to eat these “foods” so there’s probably no convincing me to be more open to it. What can I say, I just don’t want to ;)

  19. So Cal Gal, Thank you for this excellent article it is a true eye opener!

    1. Thanks, Left Coast.
      I appreciate that you took the time to read it and comment!

  20. Reply to NHM: I was using the term bioreactor in the most general of sense of the word as most of the fermentation processes use yeast. Insulin has been produced by genetically modified E-coli bacteria for decades now. When I was a young medic, I spotted the “cottage cheese” pattern of fat deposits on the bodies of long time insulin users. It was the human body’s reaction to the use of insulin derived from horse or pork. ( a foreign protein ) Most of those people were older then and are gone now.
    Microbes have been used within the pharmacology industry for decades. The fact that people are trying to expand the use to food production is interesting to me because I sit back and watch people’s reaction to discovering where their food comes from. Most folks, raised in a city or suburbs within CONUS are either grossed out or very disturbed when they peer behind the curtain.
    There will still be a demand for beef, pork, lamb and poultry in the near future. Finding people to work in the industry is the choke point right now. Also, there is a shortage of trucks and truckers to move product from producer to consumer right now leading to spotty availability. ( This last week it was Petrol products in Great Britain ).

    1. Chuckling, Ok, I shall start up my Crazy Korean set of Bioreactors this next week for a nice large batch of cold-flu busting Kimchee. My Bioreactor cure for the crud is a nice hot chicken soup with bone and skin broth and just before serving, ladle in a large serving of nice spicy Kimchee as not to kill the healthy ferments.

      You WILL Sweat, You WILL need plenty of nose wipes and generally you will be free of the crud after a few bowls.

      FWIW your results may vary if your treating a Bioweapon.

      Sorry Calirefugee if I were to discuss Bioreactors and cultured meats/foods with my friends at my local coffee shop they WOULD NOT think of their making cheese or beer or Kimchee-Sauerkraut as Bio-reactors action. We have folks still making craft foods around here.

  21. That university in the Netherlands was Wageningen University. where agricultural research is being done to produce more food on less land. Opposite the problem of Old Homesteader. I do not see us eating bugs yet but I do see bugs being used to feed poultry, cattle and fish especially in areas that are more than 100 miles away from the coast. This is where my interest in raising black soldier fly came up for purposes of food waste disposal and larvae used to feed both fish and poultry.
    By the way, the Japanese people that live in the hills away from the coast eat the larvae of the Asian Giant Hornet in the fall. ( called the Murder Hornet in CONUS )

    1. OH,
      And who can blame you? I’m betting there’s a lot of folks doing the same thing at this point.

      1. OH,
        What a mess indeed. Talk about difficult decisions. I’m so sorry for these folks, but also sorry you have been put in a position to have to make this no-win decision. Wishing you & Mrs OH well.

    2. Calirefugee,…Hydroponics systems row lots of leafy greens in warehouses..for those that can and do eat them… yes some fertilizers are necessary that dissolve in water…those are available at every garden center…, theese can be replicated at home if one has adequate light or lighting.. , bugs, larvae can be used to feed chickens, but these turds want to do away with all natural meat sources. ..
      Most of these manufactured processed things they call” meat”..aka beyond burger is made with soy, sweetpeas and a long list of ingredients that is not pronounceable. The ” ick factor” is bad enough but the intolerance for the undigestable soy and sweet peas ( minimal tolerance) makes it a NO GO. Factor in dyes and stuff that Grandma could not pronounce means naw!

  22. At Amazon, you can buy high protein cricket flour, cricket bites in several flavors, and “larvets” in BBQ, Cheddar, or Mexican Spice flavors. Wow.

    I wonder if there will be restrictions on the use of the word “cultured” to distinguish between something like sour cream, cultured butter, or yogurt with active cultures vs. an algae based meat analog.

    1. CO Hiker,
      Really?!? I’ll have to go look just to see cricket powder for myself. Sounds awful.

      And the terminology is what the FDA is trying to figure out right now. They need to be careful not to allow misleading labels that seem like one kind of product when it’s really another.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  23. So Cal Gal:
    Part 1.
    World Class Article there my friend, very well done.
    Sure is a good feeling to have Ole Ken publish on probably the most popular “Survival BLOG’ on the net, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people visit this and will truly appreciate this Article.
    Even though only a very few will actually ‘Comment’ there are a LOT of Lurkers out there that visit and actually (maybe) learn from here.
    I can tell you did quite a bit of research and relayed your thoughts well. Unlike a few Articles I have done that are pure rambling on and on HAHAHA. Hell even Ole Blue sometimes wonders what the HECK I’m talking about…. I mean ‘Grandma was a Prepper’???? Yeah Yeah Yeah, but it was fun to write.
    PS: Thank GOD Ken is a good editor for my stuff, I spell even worse than I Typo ….. LOLOL.
    PSS: Hey ya all, how about some others contributing a few words, aka Article, to the Site? I know Lauren has put up some very good stuff, but there are a LOT of folks out there…..

  24. Part 2.
    I do believe you did spoil a lot of people’s vision of what Spam really is. I mean, it’s called “Mystery Meat” for a good reason right? Seriously I do not believe anyone really knows what’s in that stuff.
    But I regress.
    Here is a question for you or anyone out there; do we actually know what’s really in most of the food that comes off the Shelf from the local Store? What processes are used, how is that stuff grown to that “Perfect” Tomato that’s still attached to the vine? AND while we are at it, where the heck did the ‘Flavor’ go that Tomatoes are supposed to have? Those stinking OVERPRICED Tomatoes taste like rubber and are thick skinned enough to ward off a nuclear attack from the Zombies.
    How about all the “Organic” food, sure it is, one might go do some research and find out ‘exactly’ what “Organic” means. And how about the rest of the swill that offed to the public?
    Do you really think that food (good food) really grows from seed to full sized cabbage in 3 weeks? How much fertilizer and pesticides are drowning those plants? How much poison is actually put on a plant to keep the fruit/vegetables looking picture perfect?
    The ground that “most” farms are growing are fully void of most “Natural” minerals that food was once abundant with, GREAT for the Vitamin producers, not so much for the consumers. Ya want to know why we have such a sickly population.
    Ok, Ok, let’s talk about Meat, I mean a really good Ribeye Steak that Ken likes so much.
    Even been to a Feed Lot?
    How about a Slaughter House?
    Ever seen how they process food and how it’s transported?
    Yeah, Yeah ,Yeah, the .gov regulates all of that….. you bet, I trust that crack operation, to keep me safe.

  25. Part 3.
    Do yourself a favor, research what happens to all that “Waste By-Product” that comes from butchering 50 Billion Chickens YES that’s 50,000,000,000 chickens each year….. Sure that’s makes me comfortable for sure, How about those 39 Million cows? And you just KNOW they are all of the most quality product you want to put on your Plate…… Right?

    Ok OK, to the Lab Grown Food. Ohhhhh yeah that’s what I want to stuff into my gut for sure.
    On the other hand, what is the world going to do when we have crop failures as we are starting to see now? The Growing areas are being invaded with millions of homes each year, Water is being TAKEN from Farmers to the point they are not planting for lack of water. The Weather is turning sour, (believe it or not) so Farmers are losing crops all over the place.
    So where is all the food for the (as Mr. Smith of the Matrix said) “Virus” going to come from?
    Huge Farms, Ranchers, Producers can barely keep up as it is, what do you think is going to happen in 10 years, 50 years when the soils id truly depleted and some “Mad Cow” thing hits the food industry?
    Is Lab Food really out of the question? Just think of all the “stuff” that’s already produced (for consumption) that we currently eat…….
    Do I personally want to eat a Lab Drown Ribeye Stake from Monsanto Chemical Company???? Probably not, but some day we or our Great Great Grandchildren may not have a choice if the human population does not stop breading like Rats in a Junk Yard.
    Ole Mother Nature is surely getting mighty tired don’t you think?

    1. NRP & Blue
      Ai Hermano! Calmate! Calmate! ( I think you need to go with the decaf kombucha next time). All good points, for sure. Personally I think it will be awhile before they start mixing up 10,000 gallon batches of filet mignon. Once they do, all it will take is one bad batch, and people getting sick to kill the fledgling industry. That said, with govt pushing, I worry about my grandkids having to choke down bioengineering “food”. BTW, that can of Spam you buried over at Mesa Verde in 1258AD wasn’t hid too well. The archeologists found it and had it for lunch last week.

      1. Minerjim:
        Decaf???? WASSSSS THAT????!!!!
        Dang-it, Dang-it, Dang-it, dang Arch’s found my stash…. Poop.
        Along as they don’t head down to Chaco I’m good to go LOLOL

    2. NRP & Blue,
      you are exactly right friend. thank you
      we do have a choice, to either buy that stuff, or not. i chose the latter. i can and have grown my own and don’t depend on stores or JIT shipping for most things, TP, salt and sugar are the exceptions and i have a good stock of those kind of things. save your seeds!
      what a mess PFeeew

        1. Well Mr NRP & Blue Dog, I have only 500 rolls however, have 15 outdated yellow page books, had to use Sears wishing book in the outhouse long-a-go, just had to rumple it up just a bit to make it soft as charm. only diff. is the yellow pages will change the color of the skid marks in your johnnies. If Mom were alive she’d haul out the home remedies thinking ya had a bad gut issue. Lol 600. GGM

        2. GGM:
          Thank you for the good belly laugh….
          OMG I can also remember the Sears Catalog in the family farm long ago……
          Those surely seemed like the good the good times in life…..

        3. glad i don’t have to rely on the white or yellow pages.. todays phone book would run out long before a roll. i don’t count rolls. but packages by how long it will last… and i do have other back ups.

    3. NRP & Blue,

      Been spending time trying to wrap my head around what’s coming…and coming quickly…and it’s scary….beyond many folk’s ability to comprehend…and when it hits…as my Daddy used to say…Katy bar the door….

      I see shortages first…then business imposed rationing…followed by government imposed…occurring in a short time frame…

      Hungry people are a dangerous people….lab grown meat may be a part of the future, but it’s not in the near future…or at least near enough to relieve the coming miseries…

      …and our open border policy is rapidly increasing the competition for what food may be available…I see violent, widespread confrontations coming…and it kills my soul to know it and not be able to stop it…

      This is why I’ve been quiet….hopefully, tomorrow I will share some positive things happening on the mountain…where, at least at this moment…life is still good…

      1. Dennis,
        So good to “see” you! Hope you & your family are doing well.
        I think you are right. And if the shortages, rationing, price controls, civil unrest, etc… are coming they will certainly lead us into a downward spiral of misery. Bleak Stuff for sure. Not sure how we pull out of it, especially with people running our nation into the ground. Feels like dark days ahead.

      2. Dennis, missed your postings… yes we have been watching…. rules for thee but not for me, invasion on every side,… the clown show… too.. someone said it’s a movie… no, the movie ended, we are on the fence whether it is a HORROR show or a freak’n nightmare.
        The common person can do little to stop the train, it takes and engineer and a good breakman. Presently neither doing anything to end this nightmare,..that is visible.

    4. NRP and Blue,
      Thanks for coming out of semi-hiatus to share your thoughts on this … and thanks for the compliments. I’m glad this got you going a bit… it sure got me going as I did all this reading!

      Anyway, there are an awful lot of folks on this planet, and only so many resources to go around. Now I’m just as guilty as anyone else of eating junk foods over the years. For example, I know there are plenty of un-pronounceable ingredients in nacho cheese Doritos. So, I’m probably a hypocrite for balking at this lab-based whatever-the-hell-it-is they want to sell us. But, I’m going to give it my best shot to not be down to having to eat this lab-based “food”… I really can’t get past the whole concept. I shudder to think that’s what people may be forced to eat someday.

      Good to hear from you… hope you & Blue are well :)

  26. NRP & Blue.
    it depends on what we have been eating. collard greens and burrito’s- no.
    we’ll need some river rocks and the big bay trees leaves for that, or a crick close buy, downstream would work in a pinch. : )
    i have washed my ass in many springs in my youth. save the TP!

    1. Dennis:
      Good to hear from ya old man, figured you were still out there lurking and taking time for a little Soul Searching. I know I sure as hell have.As far as shortages coming? I do beleive we already are seeing a LOT of them just spread out over the stores.
      What is interesting to me is we are having these problems (shortages, limits) and the .gov shutdowns are not imposed…. yet…. like they were last year, and yet the COvid stuff is many hold worse, go figure.
      BTW I did see your buddy Newsom out there in CA has “Mandated” all kids 15 (I believe) and older get the Jab if they want to go to school. So it’s starting or has started, look at all the “control” thats being imposed via mandates to get the Jab.
      Plus don’t get me started on the Open Boarder, you WILL hear a Rant HAHAHA
      Someone asked what to do….
      Make it as if you were first starting to Prepare, go back to square one and do it ALL again…. Tis called doubling up the supplies, yeah yeah yeah, someone will call that Hording, NOT MY PROBLEM, for I WILL take care of my own since I can NOOT depend on the .gov to do the right thing…….. seemingly ever.
      BTW, yes Life is good here on Lightning Point also.
      Need to put up a few more supplies and check for holes in the Preps, but honestly…. Bring it on. if that’s what TPTB want. Unfortunately there are going to be a HELL of a lot of people hurt in the meantime.
      Looking forward to some Happy Faces from you next time…. HAHAHAHA

    1. PW,
      Yep… you can’t help but think that after reading all the info I read. Bleech!

  27. Man on foot,
    Thanks for reading and commenting!
    Yep, I didn’t even go into the “bug” thing… I was pretty grossed out by the lab-food concept so I didn’t get far from that… but yes, Ken added an extra layer of “ick” for sure.

    Love that you are having the fish pond. Will you please let us know how it turns out once you have it stocked? Thanks!

  28. To become an organic farmer in Cali, your land had to be free of chemical use for 3 years. As stated before, one of the biggest problems we had was overspray by a neighboring farmer or property owner. For my relatives, the cost of trying to go organic was not worth the trouble. They grew produce and had no trouble finding buyers without the organic label.
    On the other hand: You only spray when you have to because the chemicals themselves are expensive as is the time it takes to mix it and prep the tractor+sprayer unit. By the time you pay me and another worker to apply this in the early am, ( before the winds kick up ). I agree with OH in that the taxes + govt policies within Cali were making it almost impossible to make money raising crops or meat. I cannot blame any farmer or rancher letting the land go fallow. The taxes in Cali along with the poor prospects for employment are what led to me and my wife to leave Cali over a decade ago. Taxes and a growing number of restrictions on farmers in Cali are why my farming relatives sent us to college.

  29. Final reply to SoCalGal from an old farm kid:
    Decades ago, during the Carter administration, I became curious about farming, food production and recycling. ( time period 1976-1980 ). I was working on the farms of my uncles and doing a lot of odd jobs primarily out of the shop where I worked on the trucks and tractors. I was a curious child and asked a lot of questions in order to separate BS from fact. I enjoyed working on farms and ranches more than my time in high school.
    Cattle on nearby ranches were fed pea vine hay in the form of big circular bales from our farm. Cattle were also fed silage made from corn stalks that were chopped up and allowed to ferment for several days. ( the microbes that were breaking down the cellulose and making it digestable to cows also boosted the protein content of the silage ). Cattle in Japan’s Kobe region began using spent grain from the nearby Asahi brewery to feed the cows leading to the concept and rumor of Kobe beef being fed beer. The Kobe cows were forced to walk through pools of water for muscle development because they lack the acreage for them to stand and walk great distances every day. Most of my friends growing up were in FFA or 4-H. Most of the coastal cattle operations were cow/calf operations. This was the land where I roamed with my truck containing fence repair tools, a scoped rifle and backpack for lunch and water.
    I discovered way back in the 1980’s that agriculture has razor thin profits and there is very little that goes to waste if it is done right. The researchers and venture-capitalists are trying to take an experiment into a scalable industry. Success or failure, only time will tell. The creation of foods, snack foods etc. That industry in general is littered with the dead carcasses of failed business ventures. Most of us are smart enough to read the labels of foods we buy. Your article reminds us we will have to continue that practice.

  30. As long as the ‘grocery store’ continues to visit me in my yard on a daily basis I won’t be a partaker of that engineered garbage.

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