City Regions Will Starve When the Civil War Goes Hot

Here’s a thought to brighten your day (sarc)… This is predicated on the notion that the current civil war is going “hot”. Though I do not want it to ignite, I believe that many see “the writing on the wall”, so to speak. Hope that’s wrong. However if and when it happens, there’s something that’s going to unfold which will devastate millions of people. Here’s what I’m thinking…

You might want to prepare for this >> Food Shortages.

I have read reports that some trucking companies have considered stopping their drivers from delivering to dangerous places – such as the rioting which plagued Portland for so long. The drivers (and cargo) would be at risk. Thusly the company itself. It’s just not safe.

Hey, if I was a truck driver I sure as heck would not want to drive into the city to deliver my truckload during a period of violence! They don’t pay me enough for that!

So, now imagine if you will, a hot civil war. What’s going to “burn” first? Answer: the cities. City regions. Do you really think the truckers are going to continue delivering food and supplies into these places during such a time? Hell no! Even if .gov “mandates” it, I don’t see much compliance.

What’s the result going to be? Starving people.

Think about that.

Massive Food Shortages and Desperate People

Listen, if you haven’t figured it out by now, government can’t save you. If and when widespread nationwide violence breaks out — you’re going to be on your own. Don’t count on everything rolling along as normal. Like the trucks.

Trucking is our life blood. I’ve driven across this country back and forth, up and down, many times. I’ve seen it. It’s obvious. These trucks are the key to survival — particularly to these huge metropolis regions. They’re artificially kept “alive”.

We don’t know how this civil war will be fought. Unlike the first bloody civil war where there were clear geographical battle lines (Mason Dixon Line), this one will be different.

It’s going to be everywhere. However one thing we do know…many of the cities will probably descend into chaos first. Cities and regions of heavy population density (they all are).

Do you really think that truckers are going to continue delivering their food to grocery stores or Walmarts (you name it) when there’s a “war” going on? Even if it’s a sort of “guerilla” war (which is likely how it would unfold), the danger will be highest in population dense regions.

When The Truck’s Stop, It’s Over

It’s horrible to contemplate. But if you’re one to consider these types of things — well, better to be prepared than otherwise.

Food in the grocery stores will run out in just days. Period. Then what? Without truckers bringing in more food — that’s it. Gone.

Though Covid has motivated many newbies to stock up on food, the majority of people do not have enough to survive for very long on their own.

Millions? of people will quickly become very desperate. Again, a horrible thing to think about. Do you realize how this situation of hungry desperate people will be like fuel dumped on a already burning fire?

Do you think that suburbia will be unaffected? I believe that it will. Depends where…

Do you believe that rural grocery stores will remain stocked during a “hot” civil war? Again, depends where…

This is all pretty doom and gloom. But is it unrealistic to contemplate? Is it stupid to consider that this civil war could actually go hot? And therefore to consider such consequences such as massive food shortages — especially in and around hot zones?


  1. Good to think about Ken, thanks! Judging from the great COVID Toilet Paper Shortage folks WILL leave the Cities in search for food. Sadly unlike TP they will be Hungry and Angry so more than just “City Slicker” rudeness will occur. Since the Golden Horde idea has been disproven I’ll call it the Platinum Horde as they will be driving late model cars.

    Plan for it, winter is coming a winter far longer than the season of winter.

    1. I think that in many cities, people will run out of water before they run out of food.

      1. I don’t believe that the progressive politicians (or any politician) will fare well when the SHTF. Who will the angry mobs blame? I believe they will be the first targeted. I live in a rural area with plenty of beef, potato, etc along with prep supplies. We have see an influx of out of state people moving in (California, Oregon, Washington) to our area. We tell them that they better leave their liberal (BS) ideas at the border. Prepare and then vote like your life depends on it because it does.

  2. Regarding a “hot” civil war, If anyone needs evidence that American citizens know what’s coming, all they need to do is examine the number of NICS-FBI firearm background checks from January 1st, 2020, to July 31st, 2020……22,819,271 to be exact.

    At some point, people’s instincts begin to kick in.

    1. Do you really think that the average millennials, I call them minimalist, have any instincts?

      1. I have two millennial sons. The first is a software engineer for a major corp, the second is an army medical doctor (a radiologist). All their friends are scientists or engineers.

  3. Yes to food shortages as it is already happening now. And those state pantries are not being filled to feed the general masses. It is probably for the government and their army to keep control of those who are starving.

    The city people will get into their vehicles and hit the smaller outlying grocery stores as they did during the shortages the past few months. And many will flee to their rural relative’s homes as just happened the past few months. Their city live is the best (they tell us)…until it isn’t. Some have learned and are trying to sell their homes and relocate to a less dense area, but they must find employment AND sell their home during a difficult time.

    Many did start keeping a pantry that would hold them over for a couple weeks at least. A minimal effort but huge for some of these people to consider so every bit helps. But many of our city relatives said it was a once in a lifetime event that will not repeat itself. The government learned from it. Ha! If you, as an individual didn’t learn anything, what makes you think the government is going to learn? What they learned is where they will go when it happens again. As someone here says regularly – you can’t fix stupid.

    We will continue to ready ourselves for what may come. My children and their partners, including exes, are welcome. Also welcome are my son’s Army buddies who have no where to go but are worried about what is coming and are doing their best to prepare. There are others of a similar mindset who will join us but right now everyone is just trying to survive daily life under extreme conditions Until it breaks completely. Yes, it is going to get worse. How can it not get worse given what we know is happening in the world?

    All of this need to be contemplated and plans need to be finalized. Winter is coming too soon.

    1. “The city people will get into their vehicles and hit the smaller outlying grocery stores as they did during the shortages the past few months.”

      This began to happen in several surrounding counties until the sheriff’s set up road blocks and didn’t allow anyone with an out of the area drivers license to enter. County’s also shut down all short term rental units (AIrBNB, VRBO etc.) to keep the city dwellers from “running to the hills” and several locally owned grocery stores only allowed them to buy extremely limited quantities.

      What the city dwellers don’t understand is they are not wanted up here, they are not needed up here, they have nothing to offer up here, they stand out like a sore thumb so they are easy to pick out and they will be hard pressed to find any locals that will tolerate must less help them. Best to stay in the cesspool they created than to try and come up looking for a handout or a place to squat as the welcoming committee will not be the one they are expecting.

      1. Romeo
        They will bring one thing with them. True that most locals want nothing of it but they will bring their leftist/socialist values and ideology with them. You know, to fix the problems y’all have out there in the boonies because they obviously know better than you (total sarcasm).

        1. INPrepper,
          Thanks for the laugh and you are spot on. They bring nothing but misery.

        1. I also live in a small mountain community and my biggest fear is them coming here and burn us out, we wouldn`t have a chance against fire that would rage though the mountains.

    2. Governments.
      I don’t live in the US.
      My State Government is currently run by a Party hack politician. Started out in University where he took 8 years to get an arts degree.
      Next he worked for a influential socialist union. Since he seemed he could speak pretty well on TV he was drafted into the left side of politics political party. Here was groomed to become party leader. Because he seemed to the voting public to be an acceptable face he was elected into power.

      Now we have the Virus situation. Now the truth has started to come out. Him and his party have no administrative or management ability. They have made a complete screw up of the virus situation. But every day he goes on TV for an hour blaming every one else for his own and governments ineptness.

      I dread to think how him and his party full of politicians with no real life experience come to handle a full blown economic disaster.
      I live in a city of four and a half million.

  4. If trucking broke down, unwilling drivers.
    The military, national guard will escort the trucks and when that doesn’t work as desired the guard or military will transport basic essentials.
    That will not go over so well, spoilt mericans will want their beer “n” brats and everything else.
    And the usual idiots that demand water, too stupid to use that faucet in their living establishment.

    As normal the military whoever they are very well might have rifles but as standard will be without ammunition.
    (can’t have anyone shot except the ones attempting to help)

    Whole lotta no good.

    I can even see blockades where the rioters stop any shipments for whatever reason they can imagine.
    Anything to make matters worse.

    Good fuel for the imagination.

  5. Just read Selco and you will get a good feel for what is going to happen.
    Right down to government issues. JMHO
    The lack of civility in our society today should be a strong indicator.

    1. You have hit the nail on the head. It’s the lack of civility that has lead to a lot of these problems. The discourse if full of partisan rhetoric, talking points and mean spiritedness. But, we will be ready, regardless of the why’s.

  6. Yes Ken , lots of doom and gloom scenarios ,but in some cities it is reality right now. Especially with all the illegal festivities going on in big cities nationwide.
    Why would a truck driver in their right mind want to deliver products in a riot zone ? I think it a foolish idea.
    We recently drove to a larger town to top off supplies and normally see 24-30 semi trucks each way. This time we counted 11 one way and 14 the return trip . This is on a pretty busy state highway.That is a big drop in delivery trucks.
    As you mentioned, hunger will quickly drive people to a very desperate level and things will rapidly escalate into chaos. We are likely at the time now when planning for chaos is too late.
    The increase in rioting and the fact that little or nothing is being done about it by the elected leadership will lead to utter chaos. Our major population centers, will in all likelihood, incur hunger and then a big uptick in massive violence.Cities are not a good place to be.
    The man from Shasta City,Ca. expressed the burning frustration that is in a lot of the citizens right now. At some point the suppressed flames of liberty will burn forth.

    1. Jabba
      In the US.. pathetic isn’t it? Hell of a thing. Too many wide opened eyes that see only sleepy time dreams. Storm a’comin”.

  7. People will move outward a good distance to find food, either buying as much as they can transport back to the city, or take what they and others need.

    Years ago, during a calm, reasonably stable time I have woods walked across game animals outside of hunting seasons that were poached (deer) with the best cuts of meat meat taken leaving the rest of the animal behind. There are always takers who don’t live by the rules either written or unwritten.

    Right now is the “good” time with food in stores and most have money or credit available. In a “bad” time of hunger, little to no food readily available and personal money or credit dwindling or gone, no type of activities by takers will be off the table.

    Lack of food be it by truckers avoiding hot spots, or nothing to haul, or people have no means to purchase puts my risk needle in the yellow now, with the expectation of increasing risk for the remaining year. To me, no positives are appearing or occurring to counter balance or eliminate negatives.

    The good old days might be now: available food, fuel, relative security, medical, on and on is available now-just inconvenient to obtain either by going out into the public or waiting longer for something, instant gratification has taken a hike in many cases.

    1. Here we have observed practice rolling road blocks lead car + 10-12 large cars and pickups in formation switching lanes not allowing others to pass and crowds closing down interstate traffic. Could be a denial of resupply or reinforcement training. The National Guard and regular Army have many years of real experience with convoys in a hostile environment. They have well designed sop’s and immediate action drills to counter such. RLTW DOL

      1. Don’t forget the Army Reserves, we are not part of the Guard.!
        But I digress. Once units are activated, and Federalized the are all US Army

  8. That fear and anticipation of civil unrest can be overcome by preparing. I just arranged a trade with a neighbor that has a backhoe, to dig me a deep and long trench in exchange for backfilling using my skid steer as needed. Don’t ask me what we intend to bury there.

  9. I would submit that the “civil war” has already “gone hot”. Just because the opening salvos by the socialists have gone unanswered doesn’t lessen the damage they are inflicting. Long time business establishments are fleeing the battlegrounds, probably never to return. Some are fleeing the entire state(s), not just the cities. Many are just giving up, cutting their losses.

    Those of us who live remote, feeling smug and safe due to the seclusion, make no mistake. When, not if, but when cities become unlivable, our daily lives will change. Property crimes, home invasions/robberies, will spill deeper and deeper into the countryside.

    Just stepping outside your door might make you the target of a sniper who hid themselves all night, waiting for you to appear……similar to the nimrod awaiting daylight opening morning of deer season. Waiting patiently for enough light to illuminate the prey that steps into his view. No, he/she ain’t looking to eat you…….they want what you’ve stored away. Suddenly, what used to be a simple one person task requires at least two. Constant 24 hour vigilance, unceasing over-watch.

    Sound dramatic? Exciting? Maybe just a little bit romantic in a perverse sorta way? Get over those thoughts. May God help us if this is what anyone thinks. I shake my head, sadly, when I hear folks saying “bring it on”. I’ve trained for, prepared for, and have engaged in martial conflict…….I pray I never see that again…..I definitely don’t want it for my kids, grand kids, and great grand kids (yes, got a few of them critters, too).

    Time will tell how this all plays out. I will play the cards as they are dealt. I will continue to pray that God sees fit for us to avoid violence. I will continue my preparation……

    I will now step outside, breathe in the clean air, bask in the glorious sunlight, and thank my God for all He is.

    1. Whoever hasn’t already fled the city or hasn’t at least lined up a bug out loc.Will be $crewed .Rural dwellers may not be able to keep them away indefinitely but Id rather be where I am than on the road trying to keep my family alive. Hunger is a great motivator and I know I would do whatever I had to , I’m sure we’re in for difficult times ahead.And no I wouldn’t want to be a trucker or LEO or anyone else whose job involved being in a city in the near future.I thank God for helping me to live where and how I do.

    2. Dennis
      All here, who have traveled that “road” I would hope that none of us wants to walk
      that path again. Yet, as the song goes, ” you can’t always get what you want.” The
      way things look, we might be forced unwillingly, to do so. Peace be to all.

  10. America is already at war. We have been for a while. Too many people won’t see the enormous problems for what they really are.

    Based on what we have seen and read, and some of the deep evil that has already taken place, we have ramped up around here. We still have a bit of time here — but not for long.


    Be prepared for small Antifa/BLM Marxist groups turning their groups into murdering marauders. Some of these people are tactically trained and they are already giving basic training and orders to the foot soldiers.

    Be prepared for these groups to infiltrate suburban areas and the countryside. They may be armed. They will probably set fires. They may burn homes. They may burn forests. Or fields. They may target specific areas. Their intent is to damage, destroy, and terrorize.

    Be better prepared. Think through a number of scenarios and how you would react.

    Be prepared for these groups to halt traffic.
    Be very aware of the Malvo-tactics, especially along highways and interstates.
    Be prepared for some in these groups to hijack you in your vehicle.
    Be prepared for the possibility that these groups could hijack filled school buses.
    Be prepared for small groups stalking people in parking lots.
    Be prepared for fires.
    Be prepared to only travel with a companion.
    Be prepared for total lockdown, and not because of COVID.

    Everyone needs to harden their homes, their perimeters, and their hearts. These terrorists are evil. They hate themselves, and they hate you. You can not soft-talk or bargain with these people. You may be in a life-threatening position where self-defense can’t be questioned. Be prepared for that split-second decision — your life matters.

    Be prepared for the time when the trucks stop running.
    Be prepared for the time when emergency services are halted.

    Tough talk for tough times. We’re at war. Get prepared for it while you can.

    1. Excellent points. Situational awareness is not paranoia and could be the difference between life and death. You might not be at war with BLM and Antifa but be assured, they are at war with you.

    2. Modern Throwback
      . . . .
      How about a little tougher talk? This is my country, but Seattle (closest big one to me) is not my city. Yes, federal LEOs need to protect the federal bldg, but other than that no one needs to ride to Seattle’s rescue. The City Council was elected by the people of Seattle; they all own what’s going on. Anarchist destruction started there in 1989 and has been tolerated since. Wasting billions of dollars on addiction and homeless “programs” that have only seen addiction and homelessness increase year on year is on them – all of them. Anyone smart enough to run a profitable business in Seattle has made the necessary risk (increasing business taxation, rampant domestic terrorism) vs reward calculations. They’re neither blind nor blindsided.
      . . . .
      I have elderly friends that drive round trip to Seattle twice a week for cancer treatments. I worry about them. Have suggested that they get the doctor to prescribe the treatments at a cancer center much closer to their home.
      . . . .
      Yes, last year I shopped there for specialty fabric, and the millennials went to ball games and dinners out occasionally. Not any more. And not just because of the virus. No more federal tax dollars, and none of my personal dollars, to prop up a city that will tear itself apart with a raging infection of hate first chance it gets.
      . . . .
      MT’s warnings certainly apply for those inextricably locked into the city. I say – Let it burn. If the rage and destruction doesn’t burn itself out, then the city will burn itself down. Get out if you can, and once away stay away. From all the deep blue cities.
      . . . .
      There are many hopeful stories out there that tell how these terrible thugs melt away when faced with determined residents – whether in the Bronx or Idaho. Let Seattleites rise up to save their city, if they want to. No one else can, or should.

      1. AM,

        I am in South Snohomish County. Seattle serves its purpose, a sump for all the ‘stuff’ to sink to.

        I would like a few more years here with my current employer to bulk up the retirement situation. Having said that, I am looking to move north to put some additional distance between me and Seattle. My relative are in central Montana, thinking of moving there, but those Montana winters….sigh (guess I could get good use of my insulated Danner boots).

        1. DLS
          . . . .
          DFMs have a cabin on the way to Stevens Pass. Lovely up there. When I returned home a few years back to south Pierce County was not happy to see how far the ex-urbs had grown. They’d surrounded my little retirement acreage and just kept going so moved to the coast. Mild weather keeps me here. It simplifies prepping. Family lives in central Idaho. Tried it for a year. Gorgeous, high and wild. Extreme cold and heat are just not as thrilling as when I was younger. Am in this quiet rainy land for the duration I think.

      2. Anony Mee
        Interesting post and comments you shared. Agreed.
        If folks remember that some of today’s anarchists are yesterday’s snowflakes, there’s a bit of perspective. They are the blind foot soldiers who follow blindly. They do not question their leaders, they obey orders. It’s the same online across the social media platforms. Their own online contacts and media platforms dictate their actions. They follow blindly, doing as told. There is little to no rationality.

    3. Oh im prepared,,,
      I doubt we will have those problems here, but anyone trying to hijack me is going to get their ass handed to them

    4. Modern T-back
      I would add an additional word of warning to all, if you dwell near a military
      post, base etc, these could become a contested AO along with the surrounding
      areas, thought just struck me….

      1. k-bay….lol….do you really think they’re THAT stupid???

        They haven’t approached any govt properties that are guarded, but this September event at Lafayette Square in DC could be interesting if allowed to take place.

        1. MT
          I speaking to forces within the base, post etc. Remember, not all
          peace and harmony with in our forces, esp. if things go hot quick.
          “Same think” goes out the window if things get koo-koo. That was
          train of thought on the post.

        2. k-bay,
          Yep, there are crazy people everywhere….saw enough of it from where I was. Even years before this CW2 began. Some people are just plain angry and hateful, projecting outward to others. They had no souls, no remorse for being caught doing wrong, no qualms throwing innocents under the proverbial bus.And when those types were cuffed and escorted off-site, they still had hate in their hearts, not shame for their actions. They only thought of revenge and loss of their paychecks, not “what did I do that was so bad.”

          We’ve got to keep those we love and trust with us, and build that wall just beyond.
          Rage is contagious.

  11. DW has a friend who moved from Washington State to Wisconsin. They spoke last night and her friend told her that riots are just as bad in Milwaukee as Seattle. Who knew?

    Antifa is training troops, soon enough, when they as “Battle Hard”, the SHTF. Sept 17 starts the siege of the White House.

    Consider this, not all of the guns being purchased are going to Patriots. A storm is coming-prepare for ugly!

    1. I’m in WI, as far as I know milwaukee is the only place with actual riots here being the largest area with a huge amount of the poor/black& white/destitute.
      Madison is a bunch of stuffed progressive shirts, but don’t like putting up with riots or the like for long.

      In the mid state area it’s quite nice as in northern WI away from the citycrap.
      I herd something happening in Wausau but it didn’t last long.
      Lotta cops in wausau along with the major court building.

    2. just because these pos can punch holes in targets dont mean they are ready for war

  12. I thought that was what the lefties were trying and have been trying for quite a while now.
    They seem disgusted when there’s a huge gun rally and not a single person gets shot, they hype and scare populations when concealed carry passes in every new state to try it.

    They seem more than willing to loose a few(useful idiots) to start that fight.

  13. “Is it stupid to consider that this civil war could actually go hot? And therefore to consider such consequences such as massive food shortages — especially in and around hot zones?”

    Your post is appreciated by those (like me) who believe that some “form” of civil war is in the air. I do not think (at least I pray) that it will be as bad as some envision but certainly sides will be taken and there will be tragedies. The rural communities will most likely endure IF the “hot zones” remain in the cities. If not, if ANTIFA and BLM start coming to the small town America and try to take over the farms and the communities, well then, it will get bloody. Many of my neighbors are preppers in one way or another and if nothing else they have a lot of food stocked up. I am a novice. I have the ammo and water but so far I am lacking in other areas. Particularly solid food and medical supplies. Hopefully by election time I will have enough.

    There is one thing that I think MSB’rs should take note of. In my years as an analyst for the Feds I was exposed to the particulars of “martyrdom” and it’s effects in a wartime situation. There are people on the left who would happily martyr themselves to bring about utter chaos in this country. You can see some mild examples of this in Portland. I would caution MSB’rs about individuals such as these – even in a rural environment. In the Arab world entire countries have been destroyed by one fanatic.

    1. Welcome to the party Eli… Keep on prioritizing Water, Food then ammo. Even various calibers will be useful for trade.
      If things get real bad you will probably be able to trade a can of cat food for an AR and 1 hour with the dude’s sister in law 😏… Just make sure you got the right ammo stocked up.

      You think I’m kidding read Selcos blob during the The Siege of Sarajevo. This will give you an excellent overview and insight of what a modern hot civil war will look like in aMERKIA.

      Keep up as best you can and pray…

  14. I don’t think they’re too “chicken s**t” to start one. BLM/Antifa started it months ago. I think the “good” people still think they xcan vote their way out of this. Look at what happens to the people who stand up against BLM/Antifa. 1 of 2 things, they either get beat up, or they go to jail. The “good” people go to jail. Graham Allen was asking where the “Patriots “are today in regards to the Portland issue with the guy in the truck. People will allow things to go on as they know they will go to jail for using their Constitutional Rights. Look at the St. Louis issue with the guy and his wife. The “good” people are working, paying taxes, making it so that BLM/Antifa basement dwellers can get Welfare/WIC/SSI and do this while not working. Like Kens’ article said yesterday, its coming. People are fed up. I think after Nov 4th, either way, you will see the rise up.

  15. Relevant article at
    the patriot
    Trucking company owner: Cities that defund police are in for a big surprise.

  16. Sounds like a personal problem,,,
    Like perhaps these progressives and their socialist/communist have some anger management and self control issues.
    Can easily be solved with hot lead and gasoline

  17. Keep prepping. It is okay to debate and discuss current events. But do not waste your time, which is now precious. Just remember, Liberalism(sic) Marxism is a mental disorder. If your neighbors, family members, or co-workers suffer from TDS, do not even talk to them. Be polite, civil, and have a plan to defend yourself. Think not only about your guns and ammo, but also canned goods, medical and hygiene supplies, and other needful things. Stay gray. Keep quiet. Things could change over night. Bleib ubrig.

    1. DTW you got it, keep your eye on the ball. I think we may have precious little time left.
      Keep layin’ in at this point seems anything and everything. Good advice

  18. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere and your closest food store is in a small town, you still will be out of groceries. Most trucks come from big cities and they won’t even be able to get out of those cities. So everyone is screwed.

  19. Anony Mee,
    Amen!! Seattle has become such a cess pool, I won’t venture off the freeway when we go through. Which is really too bad . I used to go to Pikes street market on days off in the summer and spend the day down there by myself. Loved the energy of the city. Exploring neighborhoods I hadn’t been to in years. Never worried about my safety or anything.
    Woodland park and the greenwood neighborhoods were great. Not in the last 5 years. Just not worth it to try to dodge the very aggressive homeless and addicts. The filth and fecal matter. NOPE!!
    Jenny Durkin and that whole mess that is the city council, they all deserve what they have sown.
    Unfortunately I am north on the I-5 corridor of there and they are all headed this way.
    Excellent post as always☺️
    PEACE to ya

    1. Hi Mad,

      I could have written your post. Never lived in Seattle, but had much fun visiting and playing tourist. No more. The old Seattle I liked is gone.

      Stay safe.

    2. MadFab
      . . . .
      Thanks. Forty years ago I moved to Seattle – north end of the U District – and took a job downtown. Loved the city. So beautiful, so much to do and see. Three years later work took me elsewhere. Been a long time since I’ve missed it.

  20. A celebration of a Biden “win” can (and I believe WILL) be just as damaging as the riots that follow a Trump win. Personally I think the left has started something they can’t control. They think they can just switch off the violence, but the rioters have the bit in their teeth and want to bring the whole thing down, not just one “side.”

    They’re playing one side now, because it serves their purposes, but when it no longer does they’ll turn on the putative controllers without a qualm.

    1. Lauren,

      You are right. The left has started something they won’t be able to control. Those who are supporting the rioters think they will be powerful in the new order. But the real leaders of the new Left are behind the scenes and will take control after the rioters have destroyed everything else.

      There will be a limited number of new rulers. Those who are left out will rebel. Do you think the new rulers will allow them to start an opposition force to depose them? No, they will be the first to be killed. The more popular they are (the more people they could influence to oppose the new order) the more likely they will be killed.

      That is what has happened after most rebellions.

      1. Yup,
        Just like in every communist revolution. A few head people remove many people who could potentially question or threaten their authority. I bet all those sent to Siberia or the the deserts in China to grow crops thought they were going to be part of the ruling class. Karma sucks sometimes.

    2. Lauren
      . . . .
      It’s been an interesting spectacle since the 2018 elections. The libsiders are fracturing for sure. First thing “the squad” did, even before being sworn in, was to try to oust the Speaker. The old guard tried appeasement and were rewarded by having some members primaried right out of Congress. But the party stalwarts are not supporting the youngsters for re-election, and several are under investigation for finance and ethics violations.
      . . . .
      No lessons learned here as they are watching their states’ economies crash and their cities burn. And not one word of condemnation. Or acknowledgement that little sparks can cause a conflagration If not extinguished. You would think that their survival as a coherent party would be more important than defeating an incumbent President. TDS. They’re burning down the house to kill a spider.

  21. I went for some free chainlink the other day, and it wasn’t until my sister mentioned it that I realized we were heading into downtown–she was checking her phone to see if there were any riots, which made me realize that this IS the new normal.

    I remember a dream I had some time ago. I was standing on the porch looking out over the city as an army rampaged through it, starting downtown and working out. Explosions, gunfire. The city burning in their wake. No houses in the way, which in the dream didn’t mean anything. It felt normal. It wasn’t until after I woke up that I noticed the lack.

    So I work on non-chemical hydroponics and try to keep enough seeds to start over. If it comes to that, I can grow in the greenhouse or use any bucket to grow food. Survival at that point is one day at a time, but I’ll do my best.

  22. WRONG if the left wins they WILL DO massive retaliation against anyone that voted for the right

  23. Greetings All,
    Have read your posts, thanks to all who post here. If the Nov election rolls over to the Demorats… I can see the Demorats using The BLM/Antifa to further disrupt society to help the Demorats finally gain the high ground on Gun Control. You will be outlawed, but the Demorat side will not be.

    1. ha ha, I just watched the movie again the other day. Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow were not considered as good as Soylent Green. If you are a ‘youngster’ consider watching it. The message is clear.

  24. If you read various sites and posts throughout the years – there is a common theme of Possible SHTF
    the whole mindset of a “prepper” is to be ready as best as we can for any of these situations …
    Y2K, Financial crisis, hurricanes Mayan doomsday, etc…
    IF nothing happens (highly unlikely IMO because we’re living in a perfect storm of events) then we have had the most extensive practice drill to date and will have learned a lot about ourselves /our preps/ our extended tribes to continue with our lifestyle and IMPROVE for next possible scenario.
    It’s difficult to believe and take off the rose colored normalcy bias glasses but This is real and NOT a drill. It’s going to get UGLIER ,so do not squander your time or energy with the fluff and distractions out there!!! Focus! There’s a lot out there that we can not control so
    Focus on what we can and may the force be with you😉

  25. Homesteader
    You are right. The only thing that has not happened ‘yet’ is the nationalization of things (for the public good of course). If joe and caramel win, I believe the nationalization of things will begin in haste.

  26. Went to several large chain stores to top off this week. One of the more noticeable thing is the amount of shelf space that was open. Oh they spread what they had out to try and make it seem there was more but there were too many large gaps showing. Trucks not going into cities may become a moot point. The product just isn’t available or at least in any normal quantity. The only thing in large supply was beer and wine, the true necessities you know. There was no real recovery in food production, canning, etc to the store from the shut down.

    We seem to be in the eye of that perfect storm where civil disorder, agricultural disaster, and disease are coming together. Americans of the last two or three generations have never experienced shortages of food, basic supplies, or medical care. That is a “third world” problem in their mind. If you think it was funny to see a snow flake have a freakout session when they see a MAGA hat just wait until they are hungry. Except it won’t be funny then. Even if we avoid a hot cw2 violence against those that have the necessities will happen regardless of who wins the election.

    So for now I will continue work on getting my fall garden ready. About the time we vote I hope to have cabbage, collards, turnips, and mustards already growing.

  27. I will throw this into the mix: These food shortages will affect everyone, and I do mean everyone. City slickers, suburbanites, rural folks – all will be affected. Unless you are living in a hidden, remote area and are stocked or equipped to deal with food needs for the next several years, you will be affected.

    Yesterday was the time to think about this, but better late than never. It’s a good time to contemplate various scenarios going forward, and get clear about courses of action to address each. How will you deal with the hungry showing up in your AO? It could be strangers, mobs, or more likely, your neighbors. Those people down the street with kids that you give a nod to while checking the mail. Decide now how you will deal with this, and you *will* have to deal with this, so you’re ready to act decisively when the moment arises.

    There are many options to choose from, depending on your particular circumstances. Keeping your mouth shut and being gray might work for a little while, but is *not* a long term solution. When people are starving, they will turn over every rock in search of food, especially if they have children to feed. Once people reach that point, all the OPSEC in the world won’t stop them from checking any possible source for food.

    Another option is preparing to defend your supplies from any and all takers, including the nice neighbor down the street. Think that through, live it in your head. Can you really do that? Pray about it. Is that the option you’re guided to? If so, prepare for it, physically and mentally. I don’t care how bad*ss you think you are, it’s a really hard option to implement, harder than I bet most of us think it is. Don’t think it will be the grown-ups showing up at the door. It will be the kids.

    Another option? Do everything possible, within the bounds of reason and personal safety, to get any potential allies living around you on board with preparing for this. You can have pretty helpful conversations without giving away more than the fact that you’re as concerned as they are about events unfolding and financial/food security. That will go a long way. I’m finding a lot of folks in my AO are waking up to the harsh realities facing them and are ready to do things they would have explained away before. If you live where there just are no truly woke folks, think now about what that might look like for you in the near future and adjust accordingly.

    Do these things now, and be better physically and mentally prepared for what’s certainly coming.

    1. Farm Girl when things get that bad I expect that the grid will be erratic if not down from angry rioters in the cities. Yes I think everybody’s grid (AS well as Interstates-Highways that Truckers use) passes through a soon to be food rioting city. Living in the boonies will be better than the flaming cities but still serious problems.

      Thus my thoughts are Allies as you said. A few resolute people standing together as Ecclesiastes 4:12 says is far stronger than a few hungry peoples bad intents. Then offer them Work for Food. Yes you have to prepare for that. No electricity a lot of extra man power needed. NO Security for Food deals. Only trusted allies are your security force. Mercenaries will cut your throat as history shows. Gun bunnies with Boogaloo Patches are not folks I will trust with my life. You could end up plowing for those that hold the “Swords”.

      I strongly suggest anybody planning on allowing folks you don’t FULLY Trust to sleep inside their homes or barns Re-think that idea. Getting your throat slit or barn burned down by someone not skilled (or stupid) about fire is a bad situation. Plastic sheeting, cordage and rough shelter is ready. Doubled up plastic sheeting with pine needles makes an insulated tent. Digging a outhouse is a food for work deal in my opinion.

      My friends and I have spoken about what roads to block with trees (and covering fire) and how to make trouble go on foot through the rough woods or otherwise make us unwelcome areas. Most city folks are not woods trampers.

      I bet Farmgirl you need more firewood? Extra firewood might be a trade item later. Water hauled? Something useful built like maybe a solar food dehydrator? Clearing weeds-brush? Walk around your place and turn off the power for a few hours, see what tasks you’ll need more hands for. You will need extra tools to use that food for work efforts. A SIGN OUT and IN Arms room style routine will be required or you’ll be missing critical tools.

      You have to know your area, know your neighbors. Know those you expect trouble from and keep an eye on them. They may surprise you by being helpful when they know nobody will accept bad behavior from them. You will have to keep an eye on everybody around the 2-3 week timeframe as stress and sadly the running OUT of Legal Drugs for Depression and such RUN OUT. Folks that use Alcohol and Legal Drugs to deal with NORMAL Life’s Stressors will be Very Stressed by SHTF situations. Keep an eye on them. Group support helps them deal with the new normal.

      The first month after food riots startup in the cities will be the worst, then attrition (read die off) will reduce the numbers as lack of food, violence, bad water and disease does the 4 horsemen’s work. This assumes chaos and no effective governmental actions.

      The worst thing is the Venezuela 2.0 Deep State Surveillance Edition where the street gangs are USED by the Government to control the rougher areas. Second worse thing is two governments fighting it out Civil War-Ethnic Cleansing (Race-Religion war) style. That’s because they can continue to fight for years as the Governments #1 rule is to survive and maintain power.

      Winter is coming, a long hard one.

      1. NH Michael

        You are certainly correct concerning the power grid. TPTB will do all things possible to keep the power on to the cities as long as possible. Until the transmission lines and/or the major switching and substations are destroyed that feed the cities they will cut power off to the rural areas rather than let the cities be in the dark. After all it is hard to riot in the dark (sarc).

        It is possible toward the end of this scenario that there will be temporary islands of power in rural areas to small cities or towns, think old coal fired or hydro units. Just don’t count on it. People in the dark with violence happening around them will either be scared or mad or both. Dangerous times indeed.

      2. NH Michael – Good comments. Grid down is not an issue for me. Just running through scenarios, unpleasant ones, ones we don’t talk about deeply or too often. Good idea to figure out now a game plan for how one will respond to those. Allies are definitely a good area of focus, and need to be in place before they are needed. Trust needs to be built up as much as possible beforehand, and the more prepared neighbors one has, the better.

  28. I went to the grocery store yesterday and still see a lot of empty shelves as well. Many pastas, bottled water, and rice/beans were gone. But the booze….oh all the booze was fully stocked!

    I agree that it is going to get uglier and uglier. I pray we all have time to shore up our needs.

  29. Truck drivers will still deliver. It just might cost more.

    The real question is what if we can’t afford food because someone else is willing to pay more than we can bear?

  30. When I lived in a large city/metro areas within California, i realized one would not go hungry in times of empty store shelves. The key would be to eat those creatures that share the city space with people: cats, rats and pigeons. If there is a body of water, odds are there will be finned fish, shellfish and other creatures that are either edible or they will be used for bait to catch bigger fish. The cities also contain large numbers of farms on rooftops that grow things by intensive method. ( fine for cut flowers, tomatoes and some artisan ( expensive ) vegetables.

    The problem is the meat and fish gathered in and around cities may be toxic to consume with high levels of mercury and PCB’s. There are advisories around the San Fran bay area to not consume large mouth bass due to high levels of toxins within the flesh of the fish you catch. People have died from eating shellfish gathered during a Red Tide event along the coast. I was disappointed to find the same warnings about fish gathered from the Willamette river in my new home state.

    Another problem about food within cities: The staple crops that provide carbohydrates to feed people and their pets is grown in the countryside via large scale. Think of rice, potatoes and wheat ( both red winter wheat used in making pasta or the green spring wheat used in bread.). One cannot live on berries and cut flowers alone. Carbs make up a huge portion of a balanced diet and are the difference between surviving or starving. There are other crops that provide a large amount of proteins and carbs: I think of beans both dried and canned. All staple crops are grown in the countryside because large acreage is required for cultivation of a decent sized crop.

    The covid crisis has led to many white collar workers to flee the city and buy a home in either the ‘burbs or in the country. This is happening in both Seattle and in San Francisco. The protests in Portland are leading many to move out of the affected areas and they are packing their bags and bugging out. They are tired of the teargas on their back patios every night and are discovering that CS, CN and pepper-spray will ruin your carpets and curtains. ( there goes the neighborhood and the resale value on your home/townhouse/apartment in the city of Portland.)

    The worst part is the fact that there is no end in sight for either the protests or the covid precautions in the foreseeable future. At least one of my new neighbors was on KGW news telling the camera crews that he had enough and he is leaving several months ago. Now he lives on my block.

    I worry about those that live in larger cities and cannot afford to leave.

    1. Good Points Calirefugee. Hunger and fear drives a lot of decisions. However a point to think about. Scavenged foods even from the countryside will not support any sort of high density population. The Warsaw Ghettos ran out of rats and “Roof Rabbits” (Cats) very soon as hunger stalked that warzone. The folks that say the “Indians” lived off the land forget they often went hungry and tribes starved long before Europeans come on the scene. The population density per square mile was ENFORCED by the carrying limit of the land they roamed. “Indians” grew crops also, the 3 sisters comes to mind.

      Although there IS food stuffs in the wilderness for those who know they cannot support many people per square mile and even then are easily wiped out by over harvesting. Food storage for more than a year ahead helps cover food Production issues in the now. I remember visiting my Grandmother who was so proud we were eating pies made from canned fruit from 3+ years ago. Her deep pantry was something to see when we cleaned it out after she passed. She LIVED and prospered through the Great Depression.

      Our population is THREE times what it was before electricity and oil driven machinery allowed farming on a massive scale. When chaos cripples our electric grid the ability to safely store foods, and distribute them will falter. The 4 horsemen are well and properly named. Any government that cannot feed their population has fallen in History. The Deep State using their disposable face people the Socialist-Democrats *Might* be planning on losing this election KNOWING the food shortages and rage driven chaos will drive out the current government and they *think* (in their power driven madness) they can “Ride to the Rescue” somehow (probably after a massive loss of population as Globalists often speak of useless eaters in Bilderberger meetings..

      Who knows, I cannot understand the minds of people that invoke Socialism as a “Woke” idea, nor folks that support Antifa-BLM and Co.

      Winter is coming, yesterday I noticed the few WM 8 pound dried pinto beans and 20 pound of white rice was again cleared out. Cheap food storage is going fast as more folks notice that troubles can even reach THEIR quiet areas. With the states buying up massive amounts of food for the expected food banks needs and the losses of crops over the last couple of years I wonder how much is LEFT on “Old Mother Hubbard’s” cupboard of the warehouses? My friends who order food for the local Grocery Stores and WM tell me it’s been an Order and Hope something will arrive since March.

      Winter is coming, it’s BEANS first THEN Bullets, then Band aides.

      1. NH Michael
        So true… more beans, more beans, some rice and then more beans.
        Then you can think, water and bullets and band-aids.
        Have noted that, I’ve not seen small red in my stores in quite a while,
        kidneys are often out. For some odd reason, (maybe cause they take
        a little longer to cook,) whites and small white are abundant as are black.
        My prep has gotten a little out of hand, I’m running out of pantry space. So
        overage has taken the form of a desk held up by buckets of beans.
        Love that bean soup!

  31. Food is not the only thing trucks bring. Think fuel (gasoline heating oil) clothing building supplies money to the bank garbage collection. Start prepping for a tough winter now. Every bit helps.
    Remember we’re all in this together!

    1. “Remember we’re all in this together!”

      You are correct Mr. Canuck. But what happens when food and/supplies gets really scarce and people start thinking about helping their OWN family first and the rest of their “neighbors” second? As an example, you may happily give a case of water to a family in need when there are still cases of water to buy but when the pipeline is depleted then what? Are you going to give that family a case of water and deny your children water? You see where I’m going with this? Cases of water, cans of food, ammo, medicine, when the SHTF and supplies are depleted we will go to the next phase of social collapse. That’s the phase that concerns me.

  32. Continuation of my last thread: When times get tough in the human population, the resource that takes the first and biggest hit is the fish and wildlife.

    Lakes and streams can be fished out in less than a year. Populations of deer and other popular game animals can be taken with relatively inexpensive gear from a hardware or sporting goods store ( and they will ).

    When I was a child, I grew up watching Daniel Boone and Jeremiah Johnson. I was able to live off grid and work for govt. agencies for a number of years in my 20’s. During those years, I was able to witness areas become stripped of wild fish and game in a short time and it helped determine why I hunt and fish for the animals that I do.

    I generally hunt and fish for exotic or introduced species or animals that are considered pests or vermin. Some animals need some method of population control. ( ie. deer will bear 1-2 young per 1 pregnant doe versus a sow that can bear 6 or more per litter.). Add the fact that many sportsmen in America are remarkably picky about what they pursue and fill their freezer with.

    I have been one of the folks signing tags of legally taken deer within California years ago. The animals I tended to bring in myself (to get signed off) were feral pigs. Not glamorous but they tasted good.

    In bad times, there will be more midnight gunshots and fewer creatures nibbling on your rose bushes. I find it kinda sad because i like to see the creatures visit my yard these days to get a drink of water and a respite from my neighbors that tend to spray a lot of chemicals around their pristine yards.

    Last month, I had a bee swarm land in my yard. I made a call to the contact number of a bee keeper’s association and had the swarm removed by a volunteer. I am glad I made the call rather than reach for the can of insecticide. We were promised a jar of honey this fall from the guy that removed the swarm and placed it in a hive box. I have been told that it is a good sign when the honey bees choose your yard to swarm to ( good luck and good fortune ). From what I can see, we simply are the few that minimize use of chemicals in our yard and garden in my neighborhood.

  33. Stripping people of more and more of their rights doesn’t sound somewhat fine to me Le

  34. A recent poll indicated that
    79% of truck drivers say that they won’t pick up or deliver in cities that have defunded or disbanded their police department.

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