frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack

Frightening Scenario Of A Comprehensive Cyber Attack Which Will Bring A Complete Halt

Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which will bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.

Klaus Schwab is the front man for the World Economic Forum, and the carrying out of the global great reset. The first paragraph are his recent words. Word for word. He, and others among the highest global elite, announce what they are about to do. They write about it. They say it. Clearly they did it prior to Covid (“global pandemic”).

I take their words seriously. After all, they do run (most of) the world.

Russia’s Putin – The Perfect Patsy For A Cyber Attack

I am writing this post today, because I see more of the puzzle pieces snapping into place. As of this writing, there is a perfect opportunity to implement this phase of their reset. A major comprehensive cyber attack. How’s that? Well, now they can place blame on Russia, and it will ‘stick’.

The Russia Ukraine War. Enabled by the same global alliance who are in essence, announcing the next phase, a major cyber attack. They have their well-established villain.

To what extent will this cyber attack disrupt? Well, lets look at his words… “a complete halt”. That’s pretty explanatory. Complete. Is Schwab fear mongering? Well, yes, that’s what they do. However, they tend to implement what they say.

Here’s what I’m struggling with. On the one hand, the global elite need the internet. The infrastructure. This enables their propaganda and influence for that they seek – total world governance over us. Which itself includes digital currency and digital ID.

However, on the other hand, they are clear regarding their stance on overpopulation. There are too many of us. A “complete halt” will surely trim down our numbers…if it’s implemented long enough.

Perhaps the “complete halt” lasts ‘just long enough’. That is to say, long enough to instill great fear whereby the people will be willing to accept the next phases of their perceived destiny.

Watch this short video segment of snippets from Klaus Schwab himself.

Okay, you can choose to go down that rabbit hole as far as you’d like. Believe me, it’s deep, but real. So, what’s the takeaway here?

Be Ready For This Probability Of A Cyber Attack

I ask that you do not keep your head in the sand. This stuff is real. We’re living in a dramatic turning point of our human civilization. These people mean business. They’ve been out in the open about it.

Financial Sector

A comprehensive cyber attack on the financial sector. That’s my first guess. Why? A retaliation (though perhaps a false flag) from Russia being dropped from SWIFT and other sanctions. Putin made it crystal clear. If that were too happen, it would be tantamount to war. Well, it happened.

Schwab also said, “You will own nothing, and be happy”. Again, I take his words seriously. A financial sector collapse will certainly speed up that time frame.

Power Grid

A comprehensive cyber attack on the “power supply” (aka power grid). A “complete halt”? Oh my, my. I have written about this one a good number of times. And you know the implications there… Horrible.

Yet again, he said it. He means it. However, on this one, if the grid is down too long, you’re going to lose 90% of the modern world. Then there’s only 10% left to globally govern. Plus, who’s left to make their ‘stuff’? So, maybe this one will be somewhat temporary. It’s just not logical to purposely kill off 90% of the people if the grid were down too long.

But who ever said these global elite were humane? In fact, their Maonic principles are the opposite. We are bugs to them. Vile. Disgusting. Humans.

What’s your opinion? What’s next? Are you preparing for this possibility? How?

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  1. Our world is geared for electronic transactions, whether at the Wally World checkout or auto debit payment of recurring bills at the bank. Like others, I keep cash on hand just in case…

    But, realistically, stores are not set up to accept cash except on a limited basis. Suppliers are not going to accept cash for their next shipment to the store. Can you imagine the line waiting for customers waiting to pay cash at the electric company? How long would utilities keep the water and electricity flowing, not to mention telephone and internet, while waiting for banks to come back online….that is, if the utilities themselves are not knock out.

    Ken mentioned Klaus Schwab… anyone else paid attention to reports George Soros is backing Ukraine and denouncing Russia? I tend to question ending up on the same side of an issue with him…not saying I’m backing Russia… just thinking I might test how thick the ice is before I cross that pond .

    1. The “controllers” have had someone on both sides of every conflict since the middle 1800’s, and probably earlier. They also bankroll both sides.

      1. Lauren,

        That is how I’m beginning to see it. Problem, reaction, solution works best when you control all *three* elements of that formula. Looking at it that way, there’s also the very real possibility that Putin himself is part of generating this scenario, playing his part, so the reactions can ensue. The implementation process is going in to hyperdrive, in multiple ways.

        Just like our government has been bought and paid for, blackmailed, or are true believers in the globalist agenda, what’s to say the same isn’t true for any other country, including Russia? Either way, complicit or not, our fearless leaders now have an unlimited blank check to do damage to our country, and the world, as they can just lay the blame at Putin’s feet. “Because of Putin” we need to: regulate crypto, monitor and control financial transactions, restrict trade (those higher prices are the cost of virtue, right?), restrict travel, create more chaos in western countries with even more ‘refugees’, restrict speech (if you oppose, you’re helping Russia!), etc… They can also blow stuff up, and even do an in-house cyber attack, and blame it on Russia. The safest stance is just to prepare for the effects, because no matter who’s behind them, the impact will hurt.

        1. There would have to be a way to balance who is left after a reset event. If too severe and long, the die-off would leave mostly those who are prepared in that 10%. 34,000,000 like minded people….against their half percent. Chew on that.

        2. My thoughts exactly. There would be more resistance than compliance with those who survive.

        3. Those living off-grid here in Montana are some of the toughest people in this country. They have survival skills, guns and ammo. No going down without a fight.

      2. Lauren,
        Since the 1700’s, look into the Jacobians and the banking cabal that this luciferian group has directed since then. Very good book, “Enroute to Global Occupation” by Gary Kah explains the many facets and all the arm of this hideous beast. Names all the names and provides in depth info. It is geared to show the financial background of today’s world and the controls they hold.

  2. The MSM is raining so much hate down on Putin and clearly pushing hard in a certain direction it should make one skeptical of their message. Hollywood, Satanist leader Marina Abramovic, and even George Soros are pushing the support for Ukraine, hard. Throw in the possibility of US biolabs in Ukraine, (producing God knows what) being the real reason for the “invasion” and that should make anyone with critical thinking ability heavily question what the heck is going on.

    All we can do is prepare..

    1. Most simple minded people on the right side fall for it because they don’t realize how corrupted every single institution is. They don’t recognize that the very concept of democracy is the antithesis of freedom where our liberty can be taken away by votes. Unfortunately, they’ve been conditioned to support democracy when it only has condemned us for 90 years. 20% probably see what this really is. When one side who wants our children taken away from us for raising them to use traditional pronouns overwhelmingly supports the comedian President of Ukraine who isn’t even ethnically Ukrainian (III%), of course the safest and most rational bet is to hope the other side wins. There is a reason they back their puppets in Ukraine. It’s not for our benefit.

      1. John Walker,

        The United States was set up to be a Constitutional Republic, not a rule-by-mob democracy. Many do not understand this, and that’s an intentional consequence of our public education institutions. A republic only lasts as long as the rule of law put in place by its founding document, our constitution, is followed. As I see it, much of it has been eroded, and it will take determination and effort to even have a hope of recovering it. Hard odds.

  3. All governments are evil, the US included, as they are run by people who are inherently evil. Trust NO government, have no allegiance to any political party, plan to live as if there is no government and expect the worst from every situation so you will be pleasantly surprised if things are not as bad as expected but you won’t be disappointed when it does go south.

  4. thanks ken,
    i believe that a false flag cyber attack will come from within our own country soon to scare and indoctrinate the masses. let’s see Tuesday at the SOTU address.
    it could come from the outside first, but i truly don’t think that they really want a war with us. it would be a no win for either side with nothing to be gained for either countries and everything to lose.
    the PTB here could use this as an excuse to control food, energy and banking if we let them. false flag cyber attacks perpetrated by our own government and then Martial Law. , they see now that the sheeple have starting waking up and realizing what has really been going on in the last two years, and the sheep ain’t happy from what i can tell, and those in power are getting desperate to keep their power now.
    desperate people are dangerous.
    if people are not ready now for what may come it may already be to late. i plan like it could happen in the next 30 minutes.
    paranoid, maybe.
    unprepared, no.
    gonna live my life as always?, YES.
    it’s warming up here, almost time for DW and i to walk down to the river and try out my old rejuvenated pup tent for a few days.
    interesting times indeed. Ya’ll stay safe

  5. I agree that this could be their perfect opportunity to do this snd escape unscathed, these people have their own networks, so really can do without what we commoners use.
    Wait and see is all we can do, so many so oblivious, but thats on them,

  6. An Excellent video was recently sent to me. One that puts the many, many. missing puzzle pieces together.
    Putin is against the NWO, as was Trump.
    This hyped up war is the coming excuse to pull the plug. And who do we blame?
    Because of our coming, failing economy. Our limited limits of consumables, goods, including prescription drugs, high fuel prices. Heating and go juice.
    ALL brought about by the commies in charge.
    Let’s point the fingers to those that are NOT to blame.
    The S is getting closer to the Fan.
    Should we just rely on God to help us?
    How can we when we can’t help our own damned selves, and allow this continuous BS.
    Get ready. It’s coming and it’s ugly.

    1. The real enemies of America can be seen on television tomorrow night and the mask mandate for the Capitol was conveniently lifted today so the sheep will see their great leaders without masks and they will know the Covid pandemic is magically over….now back to the current crisis……what a load of BS.

      1. Good reason to hope Vlad nukes DC right in the middle of that speech.

        Dont get me wrong, im not a fan of Putin, its just that i am even less of a fan of the current dureaucrats wasting oxygen in DC

  7. I agree that its coming, and that this is the prefect time for it. Putin will be blamed, whether he had anything to do with it or not. The seeds have been sown in the minds of the public. There have been countless stories in regular and alt-media on cyber attacks and such. Hell, last night 60 minutes did another story on how vulnerable the grid is. That raised the hairs on my neck even high than they already are.

    No better way to usher in digital currency than taking down the banking system. People will be begging for something, anything so they can have access to their “money” again – in whatever form it takes. I’m preparing for being able to pay cash for a while. No credit or debit card use, no online bill paying (I don’t use that anyway), etc… Have a cash-only butcher and a local produce stand that loves cash as well. Although, if banks go down would likely not be in suburbia long enough to make use of those resources. Also, having small denomination bills and silver will be helpful.

    As for grid-down… I leave that to Ken and all the excellent authors that have provided lots of scenarios for that circumstance. We all know how bad it will be – and how fast. Thin veneer of society and all that.

    1. So Cal Gal:
      Hi there Gal.
      I know most probably don’t want to hear it AGAIN!!!
      BUT here goes anyways.
      If you have Cash/Money in the Bank, it’s NOT yours.
      Do the research, the second your Cash is deposited in the Banking System, it is no longer your’s.
      It is considered a “Loan to the Banks” better yet, a not secured loan to the banks.
      Meaning you have zero recourse to regain your money. And please don’t give me that BS about the $250K “security” they offer. You will be in a VERY long line trying to get that back. Ain’t going to happen.
      My 2¢ worth?
      I would rather have a case of Green Beans in the Pantry that a dollar in the Banks.
      Now I’m not saying not to have some/lots of cash handy. JUST NOT IN THE Gov CONTROLLED BANKS

      1. I get what you are saying, about banks and investments in IRAs and 401Ks. Your chance of having any security in your savings would be to have it in “hard assets”. Its a little hard right now to covert those savings instruments into PMs or heavy equipment or beans. You’ve got to find a balance between what you really need to have on hand, and what you are willing to lose. Its a crap shoot all the way around.

      2. NRP & Blue,
        Hi there!
        You are absolutely correct. For anyone who is unsure what happens to your money in an emergency, one option is a bank “bail in”, in which depositors funds may never make it back to the depositor.
        And the FDIC doesn’t have more than a tiny fraction of the funds needed to make depositors whole.
        Having cash on hand provides at least some possible options in a potentially “difficult” situation. One look at the pictures of people lining up in Ukraine, Russia and Poland trying to get cash right now just proves the point.
        I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but just in case there’s someone out there who has not yet done this, please consider having currency outside the system.

        1. So Cal Gal:
          Might I add that the “currency outside the system” should include a healthy portion ‘Beans, Bullets & Bandaids’.
          If/When the flag actually goes up, the BBBs will be worth a LOT more than that Federal Reserve Note, aka fake money, you have in your pocket. Just ask Venezuela and now Ukraine.

        2. NRP
          In a few months we may be using beans and seeds as currency!

        3. Spot on, we all base our needs based on some type of currency, be it paper money, beans, or bullets. We stumble a bit is trying to do it in the PRESENT mindset, a place of anything and everything being available, cash, beans, bullets. we should in reality try to place ourselves ourselves in a what if scenario that includes no electrical, no transportation, no grocery stores, no fedex, no help… determine your needs. Remove the blinders so you better understand the situational reality and in turn make better choices. You can’t prepare for the “anything “ if you don’t know what the “anything” really is. My initial attitude in prepping was obtain something, anything and i understood deep in my being that was not working…refinements we’re needed to make better choices. Honestly, we all share on these sites tidbits of valuable and various information which for myself is a wealth in itself, truly is a blessing we drink in and in turn pay forward. I ramble some, but to those that “get it” thank you

    2. Glenn Beck like him or not…..said something in 2011/2012 time frame, that we would see hyperinflation here in the U.S. at some point” and being prepared by acquiring our preps now was the only way we could withstand it’s juggernaut of pain. He pointed out that “when you see a can of beans selling for 25 dollars you will finally understand why you should have prepared”. That statement has always been a subliminal reminder to get up, get going, get prepared. He also made the comment that depending on money that is tied up in retirement accounts, investments, bank accounts, in precious metals that resides outside your physical control or even cash in a bank deposit box….is a severe error in judgement. His point was buy what you need so that you have it in your physical control now, because tomorrow those items may be sold at a astronomical price or worse still “out of stock” In accounting it’s called present value of money, and it is a crystal clear premise we should take to heart in being a prepper. There maybe still time to get prepared now is not the time to procrastinate, the old adage “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” Rules here

  8. Thanks Ken. I am very worried about this; thank you for keeping it in front of us. My house is not as prepped as many here but can hold up better than before, thanks to things learned. Today my husband canned & I worked on the pantry. Something every day! I believe Scout said ‘plan like it’s in 30 minutes.’

  9. Ken, as always you have your finger pointing in the true direction of the coming crap, thanks for all you do and an insightful article.

  10. I have thought a lot about the most likely scenario to cause the most damage possible and yes a cyber attack fits perfectly. They would get the biggest bang for their buck particularly if the grid goes down so does pretty much everything else we depend on. Losing electricity I call the “big catch all” as when it disappears it catches and renders all the other complex systems unworkable. If depopulation was the reason for the attack then the grid makes a tempting target as it would be the kill shot!
    Then what you have in your possession for preps and skills is what you have to work with period.

  11. I am very close with someone who works in cyber security. It’s important to remember that a cyber attack does not necessarily mean it will be devastating. Cyber attacks could be relatively minor and interrupt services momentarily. A sophisticated attack could take control of the computers and machines used. This would disrupt services for days or maybe weeks. Now it is possible that an extremely sophisticated attack could not only gain control of computers and machines, but cause the systems to self destruct, in a sense. That scenario would be truly devastating. This situation would be countered by fail-safes and other defense measures in place.

    So while we should prep for any disruption in the systems that make our modern world run and keep us comfortable, a cyber attack does not necessarily mean universal, devastating, catastrophic TEOTWAWKI.

    1. I hope a cyber attack would be a temporary disruption, but regardless of length of duration, I have trouble knowing how to prepare for this. Yes, I can have cash on hand, but does my bank account disappear? Do our house payment debts and property taxes disappear as well? Do I pay down debts or will they still show that I owe? Do I make sure I have a hard copy of my bank statements each month or would those be honored? I’d sure like to know how to be better prepared for this.

      1. If its not in your hands when the switch turns off, consider it gone. If nothing else than the value of the dollar drops 100X. Your $100,000 savings account (or 401K) will be worth $1,000. And if its in the bank or an investment fund then good luck getting it out. So in the end the 401K is the ultimate PONZI scheme. Your retirement funds the owners of the end of the world. If its digital or not otherwise in your hands… its not yours when the lights go out. Mortgage companies that go out of business probably won’t have the resources to be looking for you though. Just my thoughts (only if thinking is legal – otherwise this is not what I think) ;-)

      2. NWGal,,
        If there is a cyber attack that kills all banking and financial stuff we are all going to have much bigger problems than how much debt we have or what kind it is, a temporary thing coulf foster a long term collapse of everything,

        1. I don’t disagree with you at all. My thoughts are only that as long as there is any .gov someone will have their hand out. They will take whatever they want. Heck they do it now.

      3. NW Gal, Hard to say but you’re talking about government functionality. Same government that for more than a year told renters they could skip rent payments. Made no provision for landlords with mortgages, insurance payments, legal requirements to maintain units, and in some areas utility payments.
        I think a collapse of the banking system would collapse everything else in fairly short order. Who’s going to work if they can’t get paid? Who’s going to deliver food, or medicine, or anything else if there’s no way to pay for truck fuel?
        OTOH that might be the easiest attack to recover from.

        1. I guess I would be considered a third generation, squatter of this farm.
          No bill statement, no payment.
          I sure as hell ain’t gonna walk (As USPS will not exist) to my township treasurer, mortgage lender and ask, what do I owe this time/month?
          Land tax payments ensures a functioning nine11 system, road maintenance, township center upkeep, senior centers, schools, libraries, parks, etc., in which, none will exist, in a…..
          Will payments be allowed in green, gold, silver or a lead/brass combo?

    2. AP,
      I appreciate your comments. Although my tin hat may be on too tightly, my concern is more about a concerted effort to usher in digital currency, not just a 3rd party bad actor.

      There are elites around the world who have told us straight out about their vision for a new world. Some have talked openly about centralized control, including money. Nothing we little people can do but try to prepare the best we can, and pray their plans are thwarted.

      1. So Cal Gal

        Biden stated that he wants the “watch dog groups” to have the power to see what, when, and how we spend money and where it comes from. To me this means a digital dollar would be necessary. Along with a ESG (environmental, social, government) score (like china’s social score) they can and will control what you purchase or donate to, whether or not you can get a loan,and so on.

        It would be interesting to know if the Chinese people have any barter economy “under the table” or not and if so how they work it.

  12. Excellent article, Ken. Well, I’ve always said two things here. One, evil “loves to brag” about what they are about to do. And two, we prepare like it will be the 1800’s again. Keep busy people. It’s coming fast.

  13. In reply to Amateur Prepper for sure a cyber attack would probably be short lived or maybe not and things could go back to normal. However the issue as I see it the cyber attack may be not against the actual grid but a company that makes parts for the grids’ components as an example. The end result is still the same, no power. Just the other day on another site I read that Toyota had to shutter all factories in Japan due to a cyber attack on a parts supply company. It’s probably temporary but just shows how vulnerable systems that we rely on are. It’s like what is the easiest way to stop an army invasion? Cut off the supply lines! This principle can be applied to all complex systems as well.

  14. I have been saying all along, that Russia WILL be blamed for any cyber attack. I believe it won’t be them but they will be blamed in order to justify war with them.

    I keep saying this over and over and will say it here, again.




    And do we not deserve it?

    1. SS,
      Amen, sister. Amen.
      “No. I fear my Father. I fear Him because He is holy and I am not.”
      This is what it all boils down to in life. At this very moment.
      You either belong to Jesus or you belong to Satan.
      You’re either doing God’s work or the work of the other guy.
      Each day, before your feet hit the floor, you choose whom you will serve whether you realize it or not.
      Preppin’ will only get you so far. Unless you prep your heart, it’ll all be for naught.
      Death is comin’ for us all at a time of His choosing, not ours. It’s already been ordained.
      We cannot add one single hour to our lives.
      Water, fuel, rice and ammo will certainly get you through the day or the week or the month.
      But it won’t get you into the Father’s house.
      And that’s where I’m goin’.
      Don’t forget to prep your hearts, friends.
      Once that door closes, there’s no opening it.
      Last night, lots of people thought they’d have one more day to make things right with the Lord.
      But they were wrong.
      Any questions, I’m around.
      God bless each and every one of you.
      You’re good, good people.
      The best kind.

      1. SS,
        I knew that.
        Oh man, I would’ve never thought you were one of “those,” but this DID make my night!
        Thanks for that. It’s been a day, so I need a good laugh.
        I guess while I was typing the message to you (after having been up for about 36hrs already), and planning on leaving a question for FarmGirl (who ISN’T a bro) after yours, my wires got crossed.
        Sorry for the stupid brain fart.
        Sometimes my head thinks faster than my fingers.
        But AMEN! to what you wrote.
        Bro. – man, that was good.

      2. SS,
        CORRECTION: Sometimes my head and fingers don’t connect.
        Dang, I just need to go to bed.
        And it’s already mornin’.
        Anyway, you smell what I’m cookin.

  15. Most of us know to stock up on silver. I even have a sum of cash. I don’t rely on banks, never liked them. Cyber attacks? I lived off the streets for years. I don’t need electricity, water, sewage and rent. Knowing what you need, not want, is a key element for survival.
    Modern Survival Blog teaches you the basics to the extra mile in survival. Their information, bloggers and just curious people is the foundation. They cover just about every aspect and enjoy hearing what we have to say.
    Read the articles that catch your eyes. You won’t be disappointed and you might be able to learn something.

  16. WildBill 1889,
    i was homeless in the late 70’s for two years when i was in my late teens. times and people were different then, but it was a good experience in survival on the streets in hindsight, it has served me well in my life. real street smarts go a long way. sleeping in abandoned buildings ( bathrooms because they had locks on the doors), and i could walk into most any restaurant or grocery store then and trade my labor out for food, washing dishes or sweeping floors. they would almost always find something for me to do. i was seldom turned down.
    at my age now i may not would make it a week. it was hard then. but it was a good life lesson learned.

  17. if everyone was just turn off and shut down for two days, that’s all it would take. a monetary strike. no monetary transactions from the general public for two days. could you imagine the panic. it will never happen but it would be fun to watch the heads explode.

  18. I sure appreciate the info and insights from everyone on MSB. Idk what’s coming next, although it seems that there is always the next thing, but I did take some action today based on your comments. I have more cash on hand, and paid my property taxes early. Think I’ll start printing out my monthly bank statements again, for what it’s worth. I’m glad we have our funds at a local credit union. Since they’re community based, they’d be most likely to try to do what’s right by their members. We’ve been customers for about forty years. Meanwhile, trying to take things one day at a time.

  19. Great article.
    If we lose power, water, sewage, cell phones and no computer then yes, people will die and by the thousands. This is mostly due to no clean water to drink. You can live without your phone, trust me. You can go without basic necessities like power and running water, trust me.
    But if you don’t drink water in three days you’ll die. You can go without food for a week. So who will be the casualties? People living in big cities like NewYork. They don’t have fresh water streams and free flowing springs. I know of many around my region but city folk, well we do call them sheeple.

  20. I am new to this blog but sure do enjoy reading all the useful comments. One thing you all need is to get your hands on some chlorine dioxide MMS to not only purify water but this stuff is a cure for almost all illness. Every prepper should have some of this on hand. It is good for your livestock as well. Years ago this stuff was used in Africa to cure malaria. It worked in 24 hours. But then the WHO did not want people to find out about it so they hid the findings and banned it. There are sites up that teach you how to make it and even buy it. MMS is two parts. Chlorine dioxide and the citric activator. It takes 3 drops of each mixed together with pure water or apple juice and that’s it. Down the hatch. Many folks used it to cure the co vid as it kills off parasites instantly.

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