our dystopian future

It’s All Coming Down…

Let’s hypothetically set the stage. Or rather, maybe it’s not so hypothetical, but instead – about to unfold? Here’s the scenario…

The $hit has hit the fan, for real.

Runaway inflation. It cannot be stopped. Everything has become unbelievably expensive and unaffordable for so many people. Fuel and energy. Food. Just everything… Making matters worse, now there are diesel fuel shortages, diesel oil shortages, and DEF shortages. As a result, this has been grinding the trucking and freight transport infrastructure nearly to a halt. Consequently, food and product has barely moved of late. Stores are running out, and closing their doors. Out of business. This has all stoked the flames of the nation’s deep political divide, as people are freaking out. Law and order has crumbled to a state of ineffectiveness, given the rampant crime rising out of the social chaos.


The dollar has essentially collapsed, given the culmination of currency inflation/devaluation, out-of-control decades of spending into a false economy, and the loss of trust by foreign nations who are now transacting outside the dollar. Most people don’t understand why it happened. But it no longer matters. They are now truly in desperate dire straits.

The stock and bond markets have collapsed. Nearly all investments have gone bust. Pensions are shattered. Most 401K’s and IRA’s are toast. The crash of 2008 was minuscule in comparison to what has just happened…

There are runs on the banks as people need more and more money for food and fuel. But there are now limits on nearly everything, including cash withdrawals. Truckers are increasingly unable or unwilling to transport, given the costs and risks. And when the trucks stop rolling…the food stops flowing. Grocery stores have been mostly emptied from increasing panic buying.

Black outs are constantly rolling all across the country. The energy sector has been decimated from a combination of global supply chain breakdowns and intentional politically motivated regulations, policies, and shutdowns.

Societal Chaos

Several weeks have now gone by and most major cities have fallen into critically dangerous social chaos. People are desperate. There are not enough police to hold back the rioting and roving gangs of desperate humans – many of whom were just ordinary ‘civilized’ working people just weeks prior. Now they are congregating in numbers in search of food, fuel, and supplies – just to stay alive and survive. The government has been unable to help them. Many within law enforcement are not showing up for work, being more concerned for their own safety and securing their own families safety at home.

The government has mandated rationing of food and supplies, at least of what’s left. They are attempting to re-establish supply-chain distribution channels. But most drivers have stopped hauling due to extraordinary fuel prices, the scarcity of diesel oil and DEF, and the risk of being attacked for their cargo. The supply chains that do attempt access into city regions are being attacked by organized groups and gangs who steal it for themselves.

You live within the suburban sprawl of a populated region. Although not located within city limits, you are surrounded by many thousands of others who themselves are hurting badly while trying to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

Burglary is now rampant, even during the daytime. Groups of 5 or more will surge their way through a neighborhood and break through homes mostly without resistance, while residents fear for their lives and freely give up what supplies that they have in fear for their lives.

As the various groups of thugs and gangs slice their way through the chaos and desperation, they organize and grow in numbers to larger and more sophisticated forces. It has become completely out of control.

You are caught in an unimaginable horror. A horror not even conceivable in your mind just weeks ago.

Think it can’t happen?

Does this sound like a scenario that could only come from a novel? Do you think it’s ridiculous to consider something like this actually occurring where you live?

Think again.

It is human nature to be set in your ways. To assume that things will remain as they are, at least within some reasonable variation. There’s a name for this… Normalcy bias. Most of us suffer from it to one degree or another.

If caught unaware and unprepared, abrupt changes can hit you like a freight train.

Many people know in their gut that the economic (debt-laden, bubble-blown, propped-up) situation within the United States (and most of the developed world) is teetering at limits of debt service and phony perceptions that cover up the coming reality, having borrowed extraordinary gargantuan sums of ‘money’ to keep systems going. We are definitely at risk for some economic shock hardships beyond which we’ve ever experienced in our lives. There are extraordinarily large bubbles out there waiting to burst…

My gut says there’s no stopping this…

Will things descend to this extent (scenario described above)? Maybe. However my gut at this moment in time says that there’s no stopping this. None. It’s all coming down. Those who essentially rule the world know this system has reached its useful end (useful to them). They also believe there are too many useless eaters on this planet who must be culled, and a new system must be brought in to start over. They’ve stated all of this publically, out loud, and on paper. We are now in free fall…

Are you the type of person to stick your head in the sand? Or rather, are you the type of person to take precautions and prepare for a potentially extreme situation as exemplified above.

This article is not intended to offer solutions. But instead, presenting the notion that the situation is rapidly decaying. Just look around. Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind. It doesn’t look good out there, and it’s going to get lots worse. There aint no fixin this…

Got your survival garden? Your preps? Security?

Are we at the ‘1’?


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  1. Ken, since the SCOTUS just released their opinion on Roe v Wade, sending abortion back to the states to deal with, I think this article is very current.

  2. …”You are caught in an unimaginable horror. A horror not even conceivable in your mind just weeks ago.”

    Luckily there are still many flights out of Chicago. Midway being the quicker of the two over O’hare

  3. Well, this may be the thing that really kicks it off. Guess we’ll see how the “Night of Rage” goes. Of course, Maxine Waters and AOC were on hand, to glom up some spotlight and stir things up. Keep in mind, these red flag laws that get passed can be used for people protesting or celebrating the wrong things. If you don’t support unfettered access to abortion, perhaps you have mental health issues….no firearms for you.

  4. The left has been waiting for a catalyst to kick off their “Summer of Rage” and the Roe vs Wade ruling may just be it. This could very easily spill over from the inner city metro areas into the suburbs when BLM and Antifa take over the “protests”, turn them into riots and that’s when it will get dicey. Riotous looters show up on your street do you wait until they have thrown Molotov cocktails threw your window or do you mow them down in the street and worry about it later. There could be tough life and death decisions that will have to be made in seconds not minutes or hours.

    The next couple of days may be a turning point in American history so be ready for anything. We plan on staying on the mountain for a few weeks and monitor things as it will most likely be very fluid and unpredictable. I just got back from watering the garden, picking a bunch of cucumbers and now I’m going to make a batch of pickles.


      Pretty sure they ain’t coming out here. It would not be in their best interest. Just gonna shake my head in disgust at all the damage gonna be done, and stay home.

      1. SMG,
        If they make it up to my driveway things have pretty much collapsed nationwide. Just be wary of those that may think the local Sheriff and PDs will be focusing on town and try take advantage.

        1. Romeo Charlie
          I sure as hell don’t have a very good positive mental attitude today, just disgusted with all this bullsh#t.

        2. SMG
          I’m with you. So sick of all of it (especially after a full day of chasing toddlers, which is what an awful lot of supposedly grownup people act like these days. At least the littles have an excuse..,)

        3. RC, you might want to check out your backhoe, make sure you won’t have any problems if you have to use it. ya know sss.

        4. Stand My Ground,
          I know how you feel. Down to my last nerve.


    2. It’s july 3rd, has anything happened yet where are the riotous looters

      1. This just might kick it off. Headline from Newsmax

        Video released on Sunday showed eight police officers in Akron, Ohio, were involved in a shooting that killed an unarmed Black man whose body was found with some 60 gunshot wounds after he fled a traffic stop last week.

        1. They won’t do squat. I watched video from Akron earlier. Same old tired, worn-out “No justice, no peace; whose streets, our streets” crap they’ve been singing since Saint Rodney Kang got an LAPD wood shampoo. After a few hours of rolling around without license plates and hanging out of car windows, everyone ignored them and they went home. It’s kinda too bad. If ever there was a reason for the black community to get riled, this is it. These LE all for one and one for all mag dumps on suspects has got to stop. This is some straight-up Israeli training.

  5. Many are prepped. Not as prepped as they could be, but far better than most. Whatever you have will be all ya ever have. Procrastination is always an issue. Well, not for much longer. Either you have it, learned it, know it, or can build it, or you don’t.

    It’s not happening as I thought it might, but Ken’s right, it’s happening. With the Roe ruling, it will only accelerate. Not much I personally can do about any of it. The days of preparing are coming to a close. I’ve learned much from many who post here. I won’t be surprised if/when the internet shuts down. Same with the phones/power etc. Maybe I’ll hear the code word “MSB” in a conversation, a radio transmission, CB whatever. Might be a good thing to throw out there. It won’t mean anything to most people and can be brushed off as a misspoken word/term. If I see someone’s eyes widen, I may have found an ally.

    We all knew this was possible/inevitable or we wouldn’t have visited this site. What a mess!

    1. Plainsmedic,
      MSB would be a good code word. i’m usually on after 24:00 hrs to catch the tropo skip.
      good luck

      1. Scout,

        I am sure you mean 00:00 hours or midnight since no uses actually uses 24:00 hours for midnight. Just saying!

  6. me, i’m stocking up on popcorn, it’s going to be one hell of a show. reality TV at its best. i’ve been ready for years.
    this may need to happen before things get better, a purge if you will. its going to get interesting real fast, the left, ANTIFA, BLM and others have been planning on this for several months now. we’ll just have to see how normal people like us react.
    the roof Korean’s have shown us the way.
    i would hate to have a family in some of those cities that will most likely burn in the next few days.
    ya’ll stay safe and away from crowds

  7. It’s interesting that the SCOTUS released the ruling on a Friday instead of waiting until Monday. I guess they figured fewer people will be in the cities on a weekend when the riots start and they didn’t want people who work in the city to be caught in an office building and couldn’t get back home during the regular work week.

  8. Mississippi has led the nation to overcome one of the greatest injustices in the history of our country. Our state’s historic case before the United States Supreme Court was the catalyst for overturning Roe v. Wade and has made the nation safer for children than it was just a few short hours ago.

    Let’s be clear: this decision will directly result in more hearts beating, more strollers pushed, more report cards given, more little league games played, and more lives well lived. It is a joyous day! Tomorrow, we will wake to a new world, enthusiastically prepared to take on the challenges ahead and to take every step necessary to support mothers and children.
    I applaud the Supreme Court Justices for their courage in issuing this well-reasoned decision. It took bravery to stick to the courage of their convictions, especially amidst an unprecedented leak that was aimed at threatening the integrity of the Court, an assassination attempt, riot threats, and attacks on churches and pregnancy centers. No matter one’s party or ideology, we should all be able to condemn these acts.
    God bless!
    Governor Tate Reeves, Mississippi
    ( i feel so privileged and lucky to live where i do)

    1. It’s a great day. God bless Governor Tate Reeves , and praise God!

    2. Unfortunately in about 14 years it will mean a hell of a lot more criminals unless these children start being raised in loving families with morals ( I do agree with you but there is a down side unless something changes)

      1. That is correct. My LEO husband who passed on in 2005, talked about the crack babies and how the streets would look when they grew up, which you now see in the news. There are heroin babies, meth babies, fentanyl babies and plenty of legal drug/nicotine/alcohol babies whose mothers can’t cope with everyday life. These addictions are hard on a child’s brain and body for the duration of their lives. See how many parents are killing their small children these days? Crazy. So yes there will be some cute strollers, ballgames and cuddles. But there will also be more lawlessness and welfare money given from the states/US gov. The break down of the family in all races is at fault along with our materialist obsessiveness and lack of the ability to control our lower carnal self.

      2. DB Cooper,
        You are correct. Expect a sharp increase in crime, expedited social decline and fed/state/local taxes will go up as the demand for WIC, welfare, food stamps, housing, indoctrination (education), free lunches, social services incarcerations and every other government handout as the reproduction rate of the rats and roaches skyrocket.

      3. Unless there is a radical change, Illinois and therefore Chicago will still be open for the abortion business. The vp and guv will see to it.

  9. I wonder just how many people will just choose to suck a bullet, rather than go through the coming chaos, along with being so scared, hungry, and uncomfortable all the time.

    Save the last round for yourself…soldier.

  10. I doubt that the decision on Roe v. Wade will cause any uproar in my neck of the woods. The other stuff coming to a head is what I’ve resigned myself to the fact it is unstoppable. “Build back better” seems to have been code talk for destroy it all and build the version of utopia from the ashes.

    How we got here is history…like it or not, we’re about to face the consequences…and they are myriad. Like Ken, I’m watching the storm coming with the sickening knowledge that nothing will stop it.

    Am I ready for it? No one truly is. But there is also a calm settling in with that knowledge. I’ve had that same calm come over me in the past when I was suddenly in a fight I didn’t start, couldn’t stop, and seemingly had no chance of winning, no way around it, no kings-X…just surviving. I’ve encountered more than one of these…the same calm engulfed me each time, almost like an out of body experience where I saw all participants, even myself, in slow motion…and survive I did.

    I see those encounters as a microcosm of the macrocosm about to unfold.

    1. Dennis,
      there is a calm that comes over a person in situations like that. and it can’t be described. resignation? i don’t know. i have been there a few times. but i’m not scared of dying. i saw it coming and came close a few times. i was ok with it.
      people would just have to have gone through it to understand.

    2. Dennis you are spot on again, if socialism is so great why in the history of the world hasn’t it produced one country that has never failed because of it. To quote whoever said it…..” socialism works until it runs out of other peoples money.”

    3. I think the calm comes because at that point all the choices have been made either by you or for you. Now it’s just time to do what needs to be done

  11. At least 13 states have “trigger laws” that were set up to immediately go into effect (or will very soon) upon SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade. My home state, KY, is one of them. Local sources said shortly after the ruling that all abortions have been halted already. And I believe Missouri and a few others have halted them as well.

    That means that those babies who were scheduled to die today will now get a chance to live.

    To God be the glory!

    My guess is that fellow Christians and other pro-life supporters will begin to move out of states still offering abortion and choose to instead take up residence where life is viewed as sacred and staunchly protected. The lines are being drawn.

    1. 12B –

      I am hardly a “good Christian” – But on this I stand with you. “To God be the glory!” Now release the shrieking satanic hags starting tonight and let’s take our country back.

    2. Big companies are already making plans to cover travel expenses for abortions. Might want to check where they stand before giving them your money
      The lines are being drawn indeed

  12. IMO, we are headed for, planning for war in Europe. May be as soon as Labor Day.
    The SCOTUS decisions may cause people to behave badly.
    Will BLM & company riot, loot and burn? Will police stand down like last time? Who knows.

    The time to prepare is winding down. Get what you can, while you can.

  13. Just to clarify there is not a coming DEF shortage. The rumor all stemmed from a Facebook post. But both Union Pacific and Flying J have said its not true. There are two ingredients, Urea and deionized water.

  14. we have so many other issues to deal with in this country and everyone is up in the air over this. u would think every woman of child bearing age is getting an abortion every week, haven’t they heard of birth control??? most of those women protesting i would not touch with a 10’………. well u know. i don’t mean to offend anyone, i might be silenced by the scotus for saying this.

  15. Bay Alarm company is not answering their phones; it is an endless loop of: “Due to higher than normal call volume…”. I’m not sure if Bay is national yet, but they are huge on the west coast. Friday afternoon and the alarm company phones are blowing up. This could be a frisky weekend. Our system is down, now on day 8. The Bay rep yesterday advised us to post an armed guard.

  16. Praise God and pass the ammo……my sincere hope is that the silent majority will rise up like a nuclear cloud and rain down on the nation as God’s hand, I do not mean to be dramatic but my inner being says worry/fear serves no purpose, we the people may be down but we will never be out. These minions of the devil are about to get a wake up call, and maybe it’s coming from us…..so I will get mean as the junkyard dog and will meet it head on all of will bless you one and all.

  17. I remember a time when hippies would actively protest in front of the base, and you wouldn’t be caught off base in uniform. Hippies would call the home of recent combat fatalities and harass the parents about how their son killed babies in Nam. Nixion tried price and wage controls and it didn’t work. If your license plate last digit was even or odd, determined if you get to pump gas that day. Usually, your day was the day the gas pumps were empty. Bank loans on a house were 10-11%. The fall of Saigon showed people climbing over the embassy fences and people being jammed onto aircraft carriers and planes were being pushed overboard for more room. Nixion was going to jail and society was collapsing under heroin use.

  18. Reply to kulafarmer:
    One very large spark to set it off will be the removal of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Don’t think for a minute that it is not being worked on- it is. Removal of the dollar will make the 1930s seem like a feast.
    An EMP detonated somewhere in the American midwest would take out the Midwest, the eastern states and seaboard, and a good chunk of the southern states.
    Now imagine several EMPs very close together, a couple out west, a couple in the midwest, and at least one in the Northeast. Don’t forget those thousands of Chinese, including soldiers, that have been amassing on the U.S. -Canadian border for over a year. They are not there for sightseeing.

    1. I have been trying to find out more on this and can’t find anything as of late.
      Do you have anything current on this?

    2. Not sure where you got that info but if it was from turner or hodges its BS, they been spouting that line for at least the last 6-7 years

  19. Reply to kulafarmer:
    One very large spark to set it off will be the removal of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Don’t think for a minute that it is not being worked on- it is. Removal of the dollar will make the 1930s seem like a feast.
    An EMP detonated somewhere in the American midwest would take out the Midwest, the eastern states and seaboard, and a good chunk of the southern states.
    Now imagine several EMPs very close together, a couple out west, a couple in the midwest, and at least one in the Northeast. Don’t forget those thousands of Chinese, including soldiers, that have been amassing on the U.S. -Canadian border for over a year. They are not there for sightseeing.

  20. Aaaand the pallets of bricks are back. Rep. Lauren Boebert posted a pic on twitter. 20 pallets of bricks, just one block down the street from the House Office building. I guess that’s not a surprise. Also, know that there is a lot of chatter amongst leftist types that it’s the fault of the backward rural dwellers that this happened. Lots of commentary on how defenseless small rural towns are – not enough police, fire fighters, etc… – with suggestions to widen out action areas. Even in your smaller communities, be very alert. FWIW, I do think they overestimate the whole ‘defenseless’ thing.

    1. In most of rural amerika there is the castle doctrine, defense of home is ok with deadly force

    2. Hehehehehe…..defenseless…..they have no idea of the “party” we have planned for them…..💀💀💀💀

    3. Light ’em up Farmgirl. If there is any intention among ferals to leave the city in search of backward rural dwellers, they must pass through neighborhoods like mine. We know who they are. And if you think about it, very little is required to close an Interstate highway. The utility of choke points like Cajon Pass and Newhall are well understood too. I’m ready as I’ll ever be, let the games begin.

  21. The latest SCOTUS decision is just another domino falling in a cascade of events which has been ongoing for many years. I am almost 75, an Army Vet, and a retired Peace Officer. I saw things starting to really come apart after the Deep State assassination of JFK. The other subsequent and previous watershed events are too numerous to name. And there are righteous scholars out there who will argue it all started with the War of Southern Independence or even with the Constitutional Convention.
    In any case, what is about to happen cannot be changed or stopped, except through some massive Deus Ex Machina event. The only thing left for us here on this site is to stay vigilant, keep prepping, keep planning, keep praying, and wait. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

      1. Romeo Charlie: Thank you, sir! Watch your six. Keep your Sierra Tango.

  22. Hey Ken,

    It’s time for an article on us (younger) folks stuck in the city for family and financial reasons. I’m getting real worried. You’ve got some real good articles I printed off for my learning and prepping. Regardless of my working hard and saving like mad, I cannot afford my country safe haven, without getting into too much debt – which scares me further. Forgive me if this seems stupid for my asking: What happens if I among millions of others, could not pay council rates for 3 years on my property (if I owned one) during a severe GFC, like what happened in 2007? I remember reading that a lot of state governments and local councils were going bankrupt during the year that followed. I am asking because this COVID sh!t storm has wiped out all of my three very diverse incomes (job, side-hussle, investments-no losses but hardly any income), and I am not getting any gov payouts or mooching off anyone.
    Anyone else got ideas or advice?

    1. Steve in OZ,
      Even a small parcel of land. No buildings or improvements. Maybe, it’s not wanted by others? Too steep, too far off the beaten path, too ….? Doesn’t have to be what ya dream about. If you can do some research, there may be an unwanted/unused piece of land attached to a larger holding. Large chunks of land are owned by corporations. Not likely to sell (or even talk) to you.

      Go to the county seat of your desired rural area. Talk to the county clerk or their staff. People die every day. Their heirs might be willing to work with you???? Watch the obits in that county paper. If you research it (doesn’t cost any money, just time) you might stumble upon something that could work. It won’t be free, but possibly doable. There are often pieces of land, a few acres maybe, that are cut-off by a creek or other feature. Ya won’t know until ya look.

    2. Steve in OZ,

      I second Plainsmedic’s advice. Before I retired, but after I had started building on my retirement property here on the mountain, I perused the county plat map for the section where I would eventually live. I was able to contact through tax records, a woman in California who owned 25 ac adjoining my plot. She had inherited the land some 30 years earlier…had only seen it once. I made her a fair offer which she accepted. Handled everything through phone calls and snail mail, with a $100 fee to a local title company for a warranty deed and filing with the county clerk.

    3. 16 years….I vacationed at a friend’s place and fell in love with the area and the people. Immediately felt at home. 16 years living like I was broke to save every penny. Would have been 2 years sooner but covid drove the prices up 30%. Had to work a couple extra years. We even considered raw land and an outfitters tent. Do you have skills that make you employable in your target area or have a sure remote gig? If so, get there. It probably won’t be your ideal place but being in the area you have the chance to find a more ideal place. Got kids? Make it an adventure. My sister and I got to sleep on the porch one summer because the house was too small. But my dad was building a better one.

    4. Thanks Plainsmedic, Dennis and Mamalark for your relies.
      I am writing from Australia. Still don’t know What happens if I among millions of others, could not pay council rates for 3 years on my property (if I owned one) during a severe GFC, like what happened in 2007? I have researched this re GFC and Great Depression and found nothing. Mamalark, I don’t have or even want any kids, and I am into horticulture and love it. Ideally I want a smallish plot of land for my permaculture setup, and keep selling some art paintings and plants at weekend markets. I am adept at growing a lot of produce out of my very small suburban backyard and spent 3 years volunteering at a conservation nursery to learn land regeneration so I can take any crap piece of land and improve it.
      You may of seen the news of the severe wild fires and flooding we have had here in Australia, so this has eliminated many places I had on my list, plus the COVID situation has decimated nearly all local economies. Other major factors I am considering for my move are resilience of local communities and how friendly / supportive they are.

      1. I wondered if you were outside the US. I presumed council rates are similar to our property taxes and they are. From the internet, for what that’s worth, after 3 years of nonpayment, your property can be taken and sold. All unpaid council taxes are a debt attached to the property and collected when property sold. I feel for all Australians. I couldn’t understand the extreme pandemic measures. Are you able to grow a surplus on your property? Possibly selling it? Or perhaps teach classes on urban gardening and permaculture with hands on labs working your gardens? In this country, there are farmers who hire workers and not only provide wages but also a house for the workers family and sometimes a pickup to drive. My dad did that for 5 years to save up the down payment for our small farm. It’s often a lot of hours of work, but no rent or mortgage payment.

        1. Another consideration is that mining companies with gov assistance can turf me off my land. Funny thing is that I own the responsibilities of land ownership but I am last in line when it comes to claiming its wealth. Fortunately I can check out the potential area if its had a mining history or any mineral deposit discovery. As for the council rates bit, I fear that millions of households could be affected by this and it could get ugly. I floated the idea of paying five years rates in advance to preempt financial calamity to a council mayor I am on good terms with. He said they would look into it, but so far no answer. I may come across naive here, but I presented it as a guaranteed way they get their rates before the financial sh!tstorm comes and I get to keep my home.
          Yes I am definitely growing a surplus and preserving it as I go. I did really well selling plants at markets and was expanding this small quasi-business. Unfortunately COVID has been like a f@rt in a lift to the previously crowded and vibrant weekend markets. Everything has slowed down to a trickle as people’s $ dried up. This has smothered landscapers, people who teach classes and most things.
          One of my neighbors floated the idea of a local food swap, given food shortages and expense of living. She shared wheelbarrow loads of apples and peaches but got next to nothing back in return. Bizarre that people are not interested. Same thing is true of Seed Savers groups. I have shared with her, some produce and rare and interesting heirloom vegie seedlings. Thanks for your thoughts.

  23. I imagine the future will be as bad as you say. We have been prepping for this, but it is very difficult to accept. The US government is trying to distract as many as they can. Many people will starve or be killed. It will all be over in short order.

  24. Something about the convergence and timing of the two SCOTUS decisions, along with the passed gun control legislation is bothering me. I don’t believe the evil ones can control every little thing, but I do believe they pull strings. Think about it. This court, that wouldn’t hear anything related to election fraud in the face of overwhelming evidence of such, all of a sudden gives a couple big ‘wins’ to conservatives? After a leak whips the left up into a frenzy, and gives them plenty of time to plan their summer of rage?

    That big 2A win essentially is this: if you apply for a permit to carry outside your home, it ‘shall’ be issued. Hmmm. Still need a permit thought, right? Lots of people excited about that will run out and apply for permits, given the street violence ramping up from the Roe decision. Permits generate a list. A list of gun owners. Throw in those new red flag laws, and walla presto, the state knows exactly who poses a danger to themselves and others.

    It’s important to maintain a stoic stance, I think, and not get emotionally yanked around by the machinations of political operatives working at the behest of the global cabal whose ultimate goal is the takedown of our country, by any and all means necessary. They must disarm us for that takedown to be permanent. They will use deceit, since a direct attack will be met with resistance. I wouldn’t be running out to get permits for anything right now.

    Also, last night was lame by 2020 standards, not the all out assault that was promised. Designed to underwhelm on purpose, and generate complacency, maybe? Distraction? The masters kept their dogs on a pretty tight leash, for whatever reason.

    1. Well put SS.
      That’s why I am against the digital currency, 1984 constant supervision and tracking, KPIs on everything. We are all been made into an income generating commodity. I too will NOT take social security as I have learnt earlier in my youth that if you depend on anyone, you open the door wide open to being bullied. Sir John Glub wrote a book : “Fate of Empires” that mentions the stages of collapse, among them, the queer cause becoming vocal chorus, and universal income / most people depending on government handouts, which unravels everything.
      Your freedom and independence is at stake and it matters more than guns. As I mentioned earlier the COVID situation destroyed all my income streams. That was a big part of my freedom and independence and was more useful than any degree or other qualification I got.

    2. I liken one’s social security claim to thinking you could take the maximum loans from your 401k and then thinking you shouldn’t have to pay the loans when you retire. Americans voted into office politicians who took the money you paid in and spent it on projects that otherwise would have required higher taxes. So those collecting had artificially low taxes during their working years. So I have absolutely no problem means testing social security. As a tax preparer, I have seen ss benefit payment amounts. Who is getting the most? Those who could afford to do without. One couple was collecting over $8,000 per month with millions in savings. Pretty good for a program that only passed Supreme Court test by being declared a program for the general welfare. Led to all the other welfare programs.

    3. SoulSurvival,
      No that wasn’t anyway snarky. Our thoughts are on the same wavelength. I can’t help but notice ponzi schemes everywhere through our economy among various con-artist games in society. That’s why for years, I too have been starving the beast that is undermining and destroying our lives. Wish more people would wake up to this reality instead of bullying me for boycotting things I don’t believe in. It is frustrating to explain all this to them when they (ask) suspect what I am doing and still get bullied.
      Your quote; they give you nothing without expecting a return – is every bit true when it came to the first home buyer’s grant. The gov gave that little investment and got a whopping return through Stamp Duty, council rates and other taxes when the property market soared for years unabated. Their gain, our pain, we’ve all been gamed!

  25. On Twitter, Libs of TikTok has posted a statement by a lefty. The responses are fun to read. . . twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1540528857186549760

  26. Lists?
    We’re all on many lists. The info is out there for those who choose to look. I don’t like it, but it’s true. I’ve been a concealed carry permit holder for quite a while. Yes, I’m undoubtedly on a list. I’d be willing to bet, an old retired LEO still has a few friends on the force. Calling in a favor would likely garner whatever info was needed. It’s human nature and applies to many fields/lists. Nothing new about it, nor is there anything to prevent it.

    I’m guessing, there are lots of folks with multiple guns. Some purchased and others acquired through friends/family/trades/etc. It would likely be impossible to know about a private transaction 20-30 years ago. I’m a law abiding citizen and do not feel the need to share my personal property. Part of being an American. There are so many of us, tracking down a particular item would be unlikely. No laws were broken.

    Hunting license, driver’s license, paramedic license, concealed carry license, ham radio license, etc, etc. As I recall, there was no particular weapon associated with the ccl. Hopefully, it may put you on a “good guy” list?? No way for me to know. Computers have definitely changed the world. I have little doubt, everyone’s medical records are available some how. The folks trying to do it the “right” way, are most likely, not the criminals. No way to avoid being on lists. Banking records? It’s endless. The sheer volume of the data is mind blowing.

  27. Just another distraction? Perhaps to further divide the country? Expect more Distractions, False flags, Black Swans, Etc. Notice how the media always has an agenda.

  28. Tmac
    Sorry to hear about your daughter. I would like to see a list also with reasons why we should think before we give them money. I haven’t been in target since the open bathroom policy. Will not buy or wear anything nike since the crapperknack bs. Stopped all coke products since the be less white email. Haven’t watched pro sports since the take a knee a-holes (only one I miss is the Yankees-oh well)

  29. Tmac,
    This and another example of how increasingly batty society is getting. I met a nutjob young woman from NYC here in a small Australian city. Her attitude was “Your’e NOT important and if you don’t have $$ and connections and are willing to let me use them, then Steve you’re nothing but sh!t to me”. Wow! That really put me off and I told her very bluntly to get real and grow the hell up!
    As mentioned earlier Sir John Glub’s book : “Fate of Empires” also mentions the phenomenon of society getting increasingly discordant, dysfunctional and chaotic in the process leading up to collapse. I have noticed this getting worse in the form of workplace colleagues being friends for some time then suddenly turning on each other viciously when GFC or other economic fallout. Its like I could feel this phenomenon in times like this, like a barometer. Anyone else like to share their observations?

    1. Steve in OZ, it is nice to hear perspectives and reports from other parts of the world; God knows Australia has had their share of tyranny recently. Your experience with the b*tch from NYC is typical and not limited to NYC. I was about 14 years old when my observations caused me to decide that I would never consider a long term relationship with any American woman. I’ll shut up now before I get in trouble. … …. My medicated blood pressure on waking this morning was 188/128 with severe pain behind my right eyeball. I slammed it back down with emergency drugs and I think I better find something peaceful to do today.

  30. Giant meteor
    That oughta fix it, have had a good run, thank you Lord

  31. Sorry your daughter has succumbed to what I can only describe as a weird groupthink. Much like the 23 year old “child” law student who called into Rush demanding her Catholic university provide her free birth control pills. Not because she couldn’t afford to buy them. But because it was too inconvenient to have to travel off campus to purchase or get for free the pill. After all, she needed it for her “active” social life. Life, intimacy, children, pregnancy are not valued. Except for those in your circle of acceptables, all are unwanted disturbing inconveniences to be discarded. So very sad. I have engaged in financial discernment for decades and fully support starving the beast.

    1. MamaLark – You nailed it. She’s 23. I am holding on with hope to your description of “weird group think”, because she is plenty smart enough to extricate herself from that scene, once she wakes up. Growing up she was as perfect a kid as anyone could hope for. DAMN CALIFORNIA LEFTISTS STRAIGHT BACK TO HELL!

      1. IF she wakes up, a transplant that lives up the road is still batshchitt crazy at almost 70 and is educated etc,,,
        They are everywhere, even my other half goes off about this crap,
        I am over it, not even in my top ten these days,
        Another reason why im considering a sudden and extended (permanent) vacation to somewhere remote

      2. Mamalark, Tmac
        It seems that this “weird group think” is being pushed hard on young people at every level. Spoke yesterday to a lady who told me her 6th grader complained about having to ride the bus home with a bunch of girls who think it’s fashionable to want to transition to being boys. This lady is a teacher at a grade school here in Georgia, and says the teachers have to share their teachers’ bathroom with kids who declare themselves not to be their gender of birth (at least they’re not letting them use the other gender’s bathroom).

        One of my grandkids starts kindergarten in August, and his parents insist that their local government school is safe. We shall see.

  32. wow, wonder how the snowflakes will feel when they are hungry, when they can’t protest because it is outlawed, when no one with a badge will come help you, when you have to ride a bike EVERYWHERE, when you can’t cross state lines without papers, when water is rationed, when the rolling electric stops, when ‘they’ come take babies away to raise as ‘they’ see fit, when you are forced to eat what ‘they’ say you can, when medical needs are so scaled back only the rich will have access, when when when ………………….. Group think is dangerous as history tells us.
    There are plenty states which will still have legal abortions, there are morning after pills at the drug store along with condoms,,condoms, there are herbs, birth control pills, and other ways to,,you know, that don’t make babies. Men speak with your boys about,, ohh baby I love you/if you really love me you will do it talk to romantic young stupid girls.

    1. Mrs U,
      You can’t tell a fool anything, they have to find out for themselves. Some kids are smart enough to not play in the street and some have to be run over before they get it and that’s not always guaranteed.

      1. I did a lot of talking with my boys but for sure the little brain does not listen to the big brain most of the time. Even so I did my job and could say “I told you so!”

    2. My state is paying to bring in girls from out of state and give them everything free

  33. Tmac,
    I had a friend who’s daughter did pretty much the same thing when she came home one year from communist indoctrination for the Christmas holidays (college). She started telling him how wrong him and his wife were about Capitalism, how the Boomers were the problems of the world, she was her own woman now and the she didn’t have to listen to their BS anymore.

    Since her car was paid for by him and was in his name he took it to a friends and parked it. Told her to find her own way back to college and that her apartment rent would not be paid after the first of the year and since she was so against Capitalism she could rely on the government or the charity of others for money for food, clothes etc. Also because they were such horrible parents/people and to not be hypocritical, she shouldn’t want to ever stay at their house or ask them for anything ever again.

    Last I heard she had dropped out of school and was bussing tables, waitressing or something but he has no regrets. Yes he’s very disappointed in her but he said she made her “choice”, her own decisions and now she has to live with them the rest of her life. They want to scream “pro-choice” that’s fine. My choice is to not provide you with anything anymore nor have any further contact with you…have a good life. Tough love but they have to learn if they bite the hand that feeds them then expect there be dire consequences. Socialism and Leftist ideology should be painful (which it will be) then maybe they would rethink their positions.

    1. Forgot to add that you have no reason for shame. You can only try and teach them what is right and wrong after that they are own their own. Disappointment, sadness yes but no shame my friend.

      1. Yep I can attest to that RC. Gotta let em go and move on ahead with life.

      2. romeo charlie, sad story but from what is going on, these so called colleges r really putting not only nonsense but dangerous nonsense in young people.

    2. Hey Romeo Charlie –

      Thanks for the support and wisdom. Darndest thing is, I never saw this coming, she was never openly activist before, kept her nose to the grindstone and she has done well for herself. I’m not aware of her ever crying after age two. For her to be bawling and inconsolable yesterday, per her mom, is just extremely bizarre. More crazy was her virulent, all-caps savage attack on me personally. A fact of life is, I only exist because I was born pre-Roe. She went off the freaking deep end and started rambling paranoia about men in general, a need to carry a gun, and how she and millions of other young women will protest the SCOTUS decision by withholding sex from all men… Yes, she went there on text, with her father.

      Umm, pumpkin? Market forces of supply and demand do work very reliably honey… and nature abhors a vacuum… there is a whole world full of women who would gladly step in. Go for it sisters.

      I had a very serious talk with her mom last night about being strong with her belligerent ass and don’t be pushed around by her command of English and her 4 years of training how to argue. I am passing along by proxy, an urgent warning to pull her head out of her ass if she has any intention of finding a male husband. The guy she’s already with is a wallflower who exists at her discretion. I’ve helped him man-up a bit in the past four years, there may be some resentment from that too.

      Oh yeah… the megabuck iPhone she blocked me on, was a gift from me to her. Sweet huh? The investment capital she made a small fortune with during college, also a gift. I’m getting annoyed; too damned hot to do anything outside.

      1. Tmac,
        My buddy never saw it coming either. I read an article a while back about modern day parenting compared to when we grew up. Prior to the 80’s, most phones were on the wall in the kitchen and controlled by the parents, the tv was in the living room so parents saw what kids were watching and most schools were for learning and had not turned into full time indoctrination institutions. Today the parents may see their kids for a few hours a day if they are lucky and actually only spend a few minutes with them since most are glued to the electronic umbilical cord like their kids..

        Five days a week, 9 months out of 12 they send them to the government indoctrination centers where the leftist indoctrinators have 8 hours every day of their undivided attention to contradict everything taught at home, shame them and then give them their doses perverted, demented and anti-America poison. They use the peer pressure of their friends and groups to ostracize anyone that resists knowing how effective it is. Then social media steps in and has their attention 24/7/365 reinforcing the garbage that they have been indoctrinated with at school, using more intense peer pressure and emotionally based lies therefore completing the circle of brainwashing.

        I hope she comes to her senses before it’s too late and will realize that her real enemies are the ones she has surrounded herself with. Hang tough my friend.

  34. These companies that are offering to pay the travel and expense for employees to have an abortion are not so much “pro-choice” as they are bottom dollar because to carry the child to full term they will have to pay for the employees time off doctor visists during the pregnancy, 6 weeks paid leave post-birth then all missed days work for the next 18 years do to “childcare issues”, school closures, sickness etc. $4000 is cheap compared to long term employee time off expenses.

    And these oblivious women think the companies are doing it to support them when in fact they are doing it to keep their profits up and employment expenses low. Easily manipulated and appeased.

  35. My stops for the DOW were 32,000, 29,300 and 25,000. If we beech 25,000 and go lower, and that is bad very bad. Just look at a chart and you will see. That being said, what I’m doing is spending money on some of the things I would normally not spend on. Dual night vision, more freeze dried food, more ammo, bug out location. Our whole hope is GOP takes both houses as major majority. Even then the market always shows the future. And rather then watch my portfolio drop or my cash eroded by inflation, I rather be prepared. These are MY OPTIONS….please talk to your Financial Advisor.

  36. To Tmac: I’m sorry to hear of your situation with your daughter. I do not have a dog in this fight myself. I’m glad I was able to add a bit of levity to your day on the open forum.
    I left my fathers protection and influence and worked my way through college as a young Fed so some hard lessons came at the hands of others. Sometimes things turn out better that way…if you survive the experience. Sounds like she needs to get out there and work a while to learn some hard lessons of her own. Trying to find and hold down a job in a down economy is a plateful of hard lessons right there.
    3 of 5 of my siblings walked the line wearing the cap and gown. I graduated cum laude in economics and the day I was supposed to be walking that walk in cap and gown, I was in my park checking out my equipment for the season and qualifying on the range for rifle and pistol. (Tac team qualifications) My parents were kinda mad for a number of years. You did your job as parents. Be proud of the fact she finished college with your help. You did your jobs well. (Please pass that on to your wife as well)

  37. TMAC
    This won’t be a popular reply I am sure.

    I feel your pain at what you see as your daughters betrayal of your love and trust but many of us have fought and died for her to have that right. While most here on this sight think along the same lines as you including me we can’t have it both ways. The left ( while I think they are wrong ) have just as much right to their opinion as the right does. How they go about it is against my principles but I am sure that they feel the same about me. I think in the long run your daughter will come back to you as the teachings you have given her over the years should come to the surface as she goes out into the real world and learns the lessons you have already learned and tried to save her the pain of learning herself. Good luck friend and I hope she does come back

    1. poorman – She is not espousing a differing opinion; she is attempting to justify murder for personal convenience. Her mode of delivery for this attempt at justification was unhinged, man-hating, devoid of logic and satanic. Thank you for your reply.

  38. Tmac, I’m praying for your daughter and you. Remember Proverbs 22: 6. Take care.

  39. Been an unusually wet, dark, and cool year so far, until two days ago. Temperature shot up over 30 degrees into the 90s. Miserable heat in this humidity. Then yesterday dropped back into the 60s and we had cold wind and some rain by nightfall. Geese were shedding their down like mad. . .
    At a bbq in the neighborhood over the weekend everyone was talking about how good the fish are running in the river right now, how many bald eagles are around this year, and how slow their gardens are coming on. Everyone’s worried about the economy and wondering how bad the crash will be. Everyone’s laying in supplies and putting back what they can. . . Neighborliness on a dead end road in the forest lands.

  40. I think we, as a nation, are coming into a broader awareness of the hard times coming. More and more people are talking about it. More are prepping. And everyone can thank their lucky stars that Ken, for one, has kept this blog running with an available archive for as long as he has. One catalyst for this greater awareness is that traditional, but still largely conservative sites are starting to cover this. A recent big kick among younger folks comes by way of Jordan Peterson (5.4 million subscribers) who recently interviewed Michael Yon. The video on YT has had more than 1 million views (youtu.be/R7gAEkzIgvw). This will put more pressure on supplies, especially storage food. But like rain on the ground, it will give us a softer reception when we encourage folks to prepare for an unfortunate future. The more prepared more folks are, the better for all of us, I believe.

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