It’s Not Just A Greek Problem, It’s A Bursting Global Debt Bubble


The debt is insurmountable and it can never be paid back in any possible way whatsoever.

The way the current financial system works is that it REQUIRES that we borrow for ‘it’ to continue. However when it is admitted that we have borrowed too much and the burden has become so enormous – to the point of an inability to pay it, we have a debt crisis.

There’s no way out of it. At least none without pain, reset, or collapse…

The debt bubble is peaking. In an attempt to patch the debt bubble in Greece, the central banks are demanding that Greece accept even more debt as a ‘fix’. The people there have said no, and the EU is in turmoil as the Greek tragedy plays out. The thing is, it’s not just Greece. They are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s all nations.

The debt bubble has grown so gargantuan and ridiculous, that even the common man on the street knows that there’s no way it will ever be paid back. This massive bubble is ready to pop, and is popping in Greece.

Debt can only rise to a given level to that which it can be serviced – and it cannot go up in perpetuity. Only so many loans can be saddled until a total debt burden has risen to a level which can no longer be sustained by any means… and then there is default.

How will this unprecedented worldwide debt play out and unwind? Badly. And here’s why…

The only ‘weapon’ that the world central banks have to combat this debt problem is to issue more debt. To pile more debt upon debt. That’s all they can do. The problem is that this debt bubble is peaking as limits are being reached in the ability to pay. Additionally, more and more people are waking up to the fundamental and underlying mechanism of the system – the ‘darkness’ of the money system and how it works – a system which requires that you go into debt so as to feed the beast.

One dangerous side note: What do you think it is that has enabled such unprecedented population growth during these last hundred years or so? Debt! And what do you think is going to happen to these people when the debt bubble finally bursts? That’s right – there’s going to be a sort of balancing…

Once confidence in the system is lost, it’s party over. A debt collapse will likely result in a domino cascading effect such that all things will correct to ‘fair market value’.

This is NOT just a financial problem. This is and will become a resource problem. People need to understand this. When the SHTF, it will rapidly become a resource problem. Not just for nations, but for you and I. I foresee the possibility that untold millions might die as a result. So so many people have no idea what is about to take place…

This system is dieing. There will be a reset. I have little doubt that the central bank of central banks has already planned it. These are not stupid people. They know the current system is on its last legs. Will it be next week, next month, or next year? I don’t know, but it must happen. It’s pure math. The longer the reset is pushed into the future, the much worse it will be for all of us – although it is already much beyond ‘too late’.

How to plan for it? Think about ‘resources’. Pure and simple.

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