global supply chain breakdown if China stops shipping

Massive Global Supply Chain Breakdown When China Takes Taiwan

This scenario is one of those that really concerns me. A massive global supply chain breakdown as a result from a China – Taiwan conflict in which the U.S. will likely get involved.

It’s a scenario that would be disastrous in so many ways. What’s worse, it is seeming likely to occur. Especially given the current geopolitical environment as of this post. I believe the U.S. is highly vulnerable in this regard, right now. Therefore, is is seemingly a ripe opportunity, perhaps in our relatively near future. I do not see any de-escalation attempts. Diplomacy is apparently a relic of the past.

Recently, China conducted a very large scale live warfare exercise on this exact scenario, simulating strikes on Taiwan. The island of Taiwan was surrounded by warships. Their air forces ran drills. Missiles fired into the ocean. A big show of force that went on for days.

Meanwhile, The United States failed to stop a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in a recent Congressional War Simulation.

Reported by the Free Beacon, “We are well within the window of maximum danger for a Chinese Communist Party invasion of Taiwan, and [Wednesday’s] wargame stressed the need to take action to deter CCP aggression and arm Taiwan to the teeth before any crisis begins,”..

The neocons answer is always more arms, more war. So you can count on it. Neocons are on both sides of the same coin (neocon repubs and yes, dems too). They agree on war, and more of it. And the thing is, the globalists NEED it (war) due to the failing financial system as we know it.

As you know, the neocons / globalists have been seething for war with Russia. And although we are indirectly in it right now, it may go official soon. The Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg recently said in an interview with CNN, “All NATO allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a NATO member.” Let that sink in…

If and when that happens, it will be automatic (Article 5) war with Russia. What an opportune time for the Taiwan scenario. Particularly given our depletion of many types of ammunition stocks, given the consumption in Ukraine. The US industrial base is having difficulty replenishing, which could take years – assuming a smooth supply chain (which is not happening).

You likely know that there has been significant alliance established between China and Russia due to the post-Ukraine policies and sanctions of the west. As you also know, nearly everything that you purchase (literally nearly everything) is manufactured in China for our consumption. What do you think is going to happen when war starts, be it directly or indirectly with China? Let that sink in…

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of Americans are dangerously clueless as to what may be about to happen here in the (not so ) United States. A major global supply chain breakdown will be beyond devastating to the typical American.

I also sincerely believe (major gut instinct) that we will be in a hot war, well before the 2024 election period. ALL signs point directly to it. I believe that this war will be different for us. It’s going to inflict pain. Real pain.

I suggest (if you’re taking this seriously) that you give it some thought. What’s going to happen in your neighborhood after the gravy train from China is no more. Just imagine how the system will break down when those container ships stop coming to our ports. This will result in an unimaginable collapse. Yet, ‘our’ government wants war. Listen, ‘your’ government is not looking out for you. You better figure that out, and prepare for it…


  1. It sunk in long ago.
    Our so called “leaders” are a buncha forkin idiots. Im no scientist and even i know for a fact that a strong country should have a solid and thriving manufacturing sector. All we have are a buncha stupid idiots whining about climate change and shutting everything related to manufacturing anything down and shipping all the manufacturing elsewhere.
    Frankly im tired of this shit and want to see our government bitch slapped back to the dark ages, ill take my lumps just to watch it

  2. Personaly I believe your prediction is more than spot on, AND truly accurate.
    Here in the almighty US we have no problems slapping sanctions on every and any Country that even has a cross word with the US or Hunter (sorry had to toss that in LOL) anyways.
    Why the heck would anyone believe other countries would not do the same???
    One would argue that financial it would so suicide, BS, I will guarantee you China could and WILL sell all those commodities.
    Plus how long do ya think it would take for the US to basically say “OHHHH SHIT were screwed” once 90% of all goods are diminished?
    Also how much of the world would come to the rescue of the US now that we have alienated most of the world?
    Sorry folks, but the all mighty and powerful US ain’t what it used to be.
    Hopefully I’m 100% wrong, but What-If.

  3. Great article, Ken.
    Should generate thinking and planning, but likely only in some folks.

    I read that there are many, many Chinese ,mostly young men, coming across the south border.
    Hmmm, why could that be??

    1. Yes, a coordinated plan perhaps. Targets acquired – just waiting for the go ahead. But that’s just conspiracy thought. Soon those thoughts will be banned too. Minority Report comes to mind. But I digress..

      1. Some would notice that we are already being softened up for the Sh1t Storm. Food Plant Fires, Train Derailments, Industrial plant fires to inclde Engery Production facilities, attacks on local gird infratructure etc. Demonization of Christian Anglos. Possible link to clot shot accelerating death of the jab recipients.
        In reality and all honesty It may not be just China and Russia who are at WAR with us.
        When you understand that “they” hate you… Prepare acordingly.
        Get ready to embrace the suck.

        1. White Cracker:
          We, as in the United States has done an outstanding job of getting most all of the world to hate us, and/or pretend to like us as they milk us dry.
          This is 99% self inflected no one to blame besides ourselves.
          BUT as TommyBoy has often said, bring it on. Right Kula??

  4. You have once again hit the nail on the head. I think about it every time I see my neighbor across the street get a fast food delivery, everyday. They don’t even have enough preparation sense to have staples around to fix a meal! How many people in this country share that kind of mentality? “I’ll just run to the store and pick up what I need.” There will come a day when you won’t be able to just “run to the store”. I would have thought the “pandemic” would have taught us about the dangers of having everything manufactured somewhere else, even medications. But the sheep just keep bleating I guess. No one seems to remember that the only way we won WW2 was through our massive manufacturing capability. Sadly that entire infrastructure is gone now. When the stores close, It is going to get ugly, very ugly.

    1. People are stupid, they vote and act on feelings and emotion rather than intellect.
      If indeed as many voted for the donkey in chief as they say did i have little to no sympathy nor mercy for those who get run over by whats coming.

      1. Thats a good on brother Dennis,
        Thanks for the chuckle, even in the face of concerning facts.

    2. Breck:
      I will mostly agree with you on the “massive manufacturing capability” getting us out of the Great Depression, but I feel (and most may disagree) what got us out of WWII was the atomic bomb and us toasting two Japanese cities.
      When you have the biggest stick the world listens, we no longer have the biggest stick alone.
      The USA is the only country to have use the atomic bomb in war-time and literally kill tens of thousands of civilians, military, and destroyed the willingness to continue the war.

      1. NRP & Blue,
        You are right, the bomb definitely got us out of WW2..but our manufacturing capability is what kept us in it. When you can turn out cargo ships every 42 days or less…it’s damned hard to beat that! But yeah, we lost the “big stick” status long ago.

  5. Monitoring the radio this morning…listening in on the turkey hunters whispering into their radios about hearing a gobbler on the trail below them …or on a ridge across the holler. I recognize some of the voices…some I don’t. Just listening in on one GMRS channel…the one me and my like-minded neighbors agreed to as “our” primary channel. I’m assuming the strange voices I’m hearing are friends of my friends.

    “Well, OK Dennis” you might say… “What’s your point?”

    The point is…these are good times. What if?… What if the possible scenarios your mind conjures up after reading what Ken just wrote come to fruition?

    Folks living in the boonies will most likely have an influx of folks either fleeing the urban jungles for “safety” or in search of food. Will those voices on the radio cease to be entertaining and become a source of intel and concern? How will you respond…do you have a plan?

    Good mornin’ MSB’ers…life is good on the mountain.

  6. Still having to see Mr Dentist.
    That’s taking up all my extra $.
    Spent $1,000 already and looking at 2 to 3k more.
    I still want a decent shortwave radio, would also like a backup for it.
    Another day hopefully.

    I have several cb’s (5)but even with a good antenna I’m looking at max 3 to 5 mile range, perfect for neighbors and.. nothing more.
    Next purchase was supposed to be a good pair of winter packboots sorrel or lacrsse.. just to have them but the diesel listerpetter engine I was going to sell sits unsold, buyer just stopped talking.

  7. The collectivists have never won and will never win. They can make life tough for a while but we are not immune to the lessons of history. We are a people of hope and fortitude. “Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy.
    Though I fall I will rise;
    Though I dwell in darkness, the Lord is a light for me.” Micah 7:8

    1. Say it all you want, the reality is in your face.
      The radicals are killing this nation.

      We are losing more than we are winning.
      Theirs is a slow grinding game that takes decades.

      When, however they manage to capture the supreme
      court is the first day of the end.
      That court is the single thing holding this country together.

  8. So when the time comes you kill as many of those cheering this on as possible and embrace your maker

    1. That’s a horrible idea.
      BTW I finally figured out the jamming issue with the magazines in someones pmr30.
      WD-40 dry lube, disassemble poly mag, clean out and thoroughly coat mag(s) inside, dry and reassemble.
      Super stiff springs.
      Sooo much smoother and no finger pain, still using a special speed loader.
      Need some more testing.
      Costly even with .22 mag around $0.40 per round?? just horrible.
      I feel like I’m throwing quarters away with every trigger pull, lots and lots of quarters.
      Can’t really afford more either with inflation and tighter supply.

    2. eh, that .40 round was cheaperthandirt.. overpriced.
      Never go there again, there was a day when they were reasonable.
      Supply/demand and gougers.
      average price seems to be around 0.23 round

    3. Horse:
      Heck, we all remember $0.25 for 233 rounds and $0.05 for rimfire 22LRs
      How the world has changed huh?
      What’s worse, my very first Fillup on my very first car…. $0.23 per gallon.
      How’s that for dating oneself LOLOL

    4. Kula,
      👍🏻👍🏻 Every garden needs weeding or they will take over and ours is waaaaaay overdue.

  9. I will not miss Wally World or the other big box stores. Our local farmer’s market is doing just fine even if you can not get tropical produce there. One difficult part of prepping is learning to eat seasonal.

    Here is hoping that nuclear winter will not finish the ones that are left after off-shore meds are no longer available. Sorry for the downer prediction.

    1. Havent been there in a few years Hermit, and before that hadnt been there in a few more, so yea, same here. Honestly, i could pretty much stock up on stuff like olive oil and vinegar and some other stuff like salts and sugar and soy sauce and not leave the homestead for a long long time. Will most likely keel over from a heart attack or something. Medical and dental are the things that will be the undoing of most. Thats also why many of our ancestors lived to the ripe old age of 35, and they were ripe!

      1. Kula, I am almost as afraid of “home dental” with my wide assortment of tools as I am of nuclear war. The medical industry control of pain killers goes against humanity over the fear that they will be abused – as if illegal unsafe drugs are not killing thousands every year.

  10. I would actually miss wallmarts.
    The convenience mainly.
    Still, china crap I need, a few more tarps, bicycle tire patch kit- need 2 to replace the one I used on my muck boots.

    But I would totally give up some freedoms for security.. oh I meant Convenience for stability.

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