People Don’t Even Notice They’re Bound In Chains Of Debt, Laws, And Regulations


Most people are in chains, and they don’t even know it.

‘The system’ has trapped most people in chains while at the same time cleverly distracting them (the sheeple) from this reality.

The sheeple have been conditioned over their lifetime not to recognize their constraints and restraints. For those who do see them – they have been conditioned not to challenge them (by way of demonization, demoralization, ridicule, political correctness, ‘chilling effect’, etc..).

What these people need to realize however is that silence is consent, and inaction will assure a lifetime of being bound.

What are some of the ‘invisible’ chains holding sheeple down?

There are many, however a few big ones are personal debt, and a tangled web of too many laws and regulations over everything we do (or would like to do).


Personal Debt

Perhaps the heaviest chains are personal DEBT. Although debt burden can be managed, and even used to one’s advantage (with cautious skill), the majority of sheeple fail miserably and sink further into debt – even as they earn more.

The system disguises real debt by portraying debt in terms of monthly payments. Rarely are total costs revealed (it may scare some of the sheeple into reality). The sheeple are more comfortable with a seemingly manageable monthly payment for their cars, their homes, their toys, their credit cards, their vacations, etc., but the problem is, these payments never seem to end…

The system (the powers-that-be) know that you are beholden to them while in debt, and they know this to be an effective tool of control – while you feed the debt monster.

For those who have managed to escape their chains of personal debt, you know what I’m talking about when I say the extreme liberation of being debt free is a dangerous threat to the debt-based system at large.


Laws, Rules, Regulations

The sheeple may think they are free, but in reality, not so much.

We live in a nation which has become quite the police state, so to speak. Although we need a police force, in many places we now seem to have a militarized police force – practically indistinguishable from our military armed forces.

We are ‘ruled’ by an elite class of apparent government-business ‘Oligarchs’ and so called politicians who really could care less about you and I while instead feathering their own nests with the riches (from you and I).

The laws, rules, and regulations that are on the books are mind-boggling and countless. Chances are that you’re breaking one law or another within a few minutes of leaving your front door…

The Constitution has been trampled while the so called Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) have stripped many of our traditional rights as people and Americans. No one seems to care (enough to change it).


Our freedoms and liberties are illusions of what they once were. We are bound by chains and don’t even know it. Like a frog slowly being boiled to death – never jumping out of the pot.

Without these chains, we would thrive as a people.

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