As we enter 2015, and with regards to your preparedness or motivations thereof, we asked to hear your concerns for the upcoming year – the things or events that you believe to be within the realm of possibility and are especially concerned about…

The following poll results list the priority of your concerns for the upcoming year (given the choices which were presented).

POLL Results:

Clearly, your #1 concerns are financial and economic related. ‘Partial economic collapse’ is plainly #1 (while complete economic collapse is also your #5 concern). A stock market crash (#3), a higher cost of living (#7), and the national debt (#10) make up 5 of the top 10 concerns for 2015.

There is little doubt that most ‘awake’ people are aware or know that we are on a collision course with Financial Armageddon in one form or another. We simply don’t know when, we don’t know the extent of the ‘control’ when it crashes, and therefore we don’t know the full extent of the resulting misery. However most of us are concerned we’re on this path…

An ever increasing police state (#2) continues to further regulate, control, and stifle freedom and liberty as we drift further away from Constitutional freedoms.

Most expect another assault on the 2nd Amendment (#4) – given the recent history of our leftist politicians and gun-grabbers who will use any ‘incident’ or opportunity to push further restrictions in their efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans.

The concern of terrorism makes the top ten with an ‘increasing element of radical Islam’ (#6) and a ‘terrorist attack on homeland’ (#8) being of high concern.

Completing the top ten concerns for 2015 is that of our ‘government spying on its citizenry’ (#9) as more and more privacy and freedoms are being given away for the sake of ‘safety’ by the sheeple who know no better.

Here are the complete results of the poll:

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