How many of you have a “sixth sense” that what you are doing (preparedness) is as though you’re being positioned for what may come?

Do you feel that what you’re doing is “meant to be”? Guided?

Is it as though unseen forces or intuition is leading you to be ready for something that’s coming, or that could come?

Despite how things may seem to be going along smoothly right now, is your gut instinct messaging your brain that you still need to be getting ready?

I’ve asked the question in several different ways… I’m after your opinion whether or not you’re doing this out of logic (preparedness insurance), or out of some other instinctual feeling (like it’s meant to be). Or a mixture of both. What’s the mixture?

I’ll answer my own questions first:

I can’t quite explain it, but yes I have felt that I am being positioned. My personal drive towards it all has varied in intensity from intense to ‘cruise control’. However it has always felt “right”. Like I’m supposed to be doing this.

It’s not all-consuming (sometimes it is) although I do spend time running this blog which consumes some of the day in addition to my other homesteading activities.

However it is my instinct, my gut, that I should be doing this (advanced preparedness, being ready for what may come, being as self sufficient as I can, and more…).

Some of my preparedness is quite related to ordinary logic. Being adequately ready for normal disruptive occasions. Common sense readiness.

Other preparedness actions that I take on might be considered by some to be “out there” or unnecessary in the world we live in. More long-term SHTF readiness.

The later is where my gut tells me I’m being positioned. Being ready for potentially extraordinary SHTF. While I sincerely hope that it never happens, I do feel driven towards the possibility. Is that weird?

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