Do You Feel Like You’re Being Positioned For What May Come?

How many of you have a “sixth sense” that what you are doing (preparedness) is as though you’re being positioned for what may come?

Do you feel that what you’re doing is “meant to be”? Guided?

Is it as though unseen forces or intuition is leading you to be ready for something that’s coming, or that could come?

Despite how things may seem to be going along smoothly right now, is your gut instinct messaging your brain that you still need to be getting ready?

I’ve asked the question in several different ways… I’m after your opinion whether or not you’re doing this out of logic (preparedness insurance), or out of some other instinctual feeling (like it’s meant to be). Or a mixture of both. What’s the mixture?

I’ll answer my own questions first:

I can’t quite explain it, but yes I have felt that I am being positioned. My personal drive towards it all has varied in intensity from intense to ‘cruise control’. However it has always felt “right”. Like I’m supposed to be doing this.

It’s not all-consuming (sometimes it is) although I do spend time running this blog which consumes some of the day in addition to my other homesteading activities.

However it is my instinct, my gut, that I should be doing this (advanced preparedness, being ready for what may come, being as self sufficient as I can, and more…).

Some of my preparedness is quite related to ordinary logic. Being adequately ready for normal disruptive occasions. Common sense readiness.

Other preparedness actions that I take on might be considered by some to be “out there” or unnecessary in the world we live in. More long-term SHTF readiness.

The later is where my gut tells me I’m being positioned. Being ready for potentially extraordinary SHTF. While I sincerely hope that it never happens, I do feel driven towards the possibility. Is that weird?

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Your turn…


  1. Long time reader, first comment. Odd that you should ask that question today. My brothers and our wives were discussing almost the very same subject at dinner last night. Seems like everyone is being squeezed, required to pay more for goods and services regardless of what it may be. We have all expanded our gardens,chickens and bees. All of us live on acreage in rural areas with good stocked fishing ponds and we don’t have to deal with to close neighbors. We grew up learning how to do and get by,so not much worrys us except unprepared relation,but we have prepared for that also. I would tell my fellow preppers to plan on extra mouths to feed. Just make sure you have the equipment to put them to work. Keep doing what you know is right. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Carolina Dave, it seems that many of us are expanding. Good advice regarding extra mouths to feed (and the tools to put them to work!).

    2. Carolina Dave
      Welcome to the group since you are ‘a long time reader’.

      Your brothers & their wives are a special group, it is not preparedness in the sense many think but trying to be as ‘self-reliant’ as possible.

      1. Antique Collector;
        If I may suggest, the word your looking for is “Lifestyle” :-) :-)
        Has the Smoke ran you out yet? Tis getting really bad here.

        Carolina Dave;
        I will also add… Welcome to the NUT House, hehehehe
        Tis a good place here that Ken has built.

        1. NRP
          It was quoted to me over & over again by my parents…you will be self-reliant. NO discussion, no wavering..nada, it will be in cell of your body by the time you are able to care for your self.
          (& ACDH’s family was the same way)

        2. ” Everyone in this place is very strange.
          If you’ll hand me my crayons,
          I’ll be glad to take your name.
          In case I run across…”
          whatever might be germane!
          (With thanks to John Conlee)

    3. Carolina Dave
      I too read this site for 4 or 5 years before commenting. Just curious, was it opsec that kept you quiet for so long? I’m still a little nervous about it but I’ve taken the plunge so what the hell.

      I’ve always been independent minded. Don’t have debt and really don’t want any. I am driven by some kind of inner feeling, to prepare. I believe it is the fear of failing my family as well as my self. I can’t imagine looking my grandchildren in the eye if they were hungry and I had done nothing to provide. My son provides for them very well and it really isn’t my responsibility but, I can’t help it.

      I would rather have a spare pump for the well and a few other goodies that others might find strange, than drive a shiny new pickup or take that cruise. I’ve traveled a bit and doubt I’ll do much more. I’d rather be home, here in the country than anywhere else.

      1. Plainsmedic;
        ” I’d rather be home, here in the country than anywhere else.”
        I agree 1000% with that, heck 90% of the “no more” friends I had a million years ago would give their teeth to even vacation at a place like “Home”.

        PS; OPSEC, that will disappear when we all meet at Ken’s place June 2020. :-)

      2. Plainsmedic wrote, “I would rather have a spare pump for the well and a few other goodies that others might find strange, than drive a shiny new pickup or take that cruise. ”

        A full food pantry is glorious and provides sustenance. An e-statement coming from a bank is only as good as the bank, the protections against cyber-attacks, and the Internet itself.

        Life and happiness is in the country. I can’t even think back to the last time I was in a city. Maybe driving by Denver in 2009 on my last RV-vacation was it.

        Thanks for commenting. It matters not if you comment or just hit the website. NSA tracking has everything.

    4. Not weird at all, Sir.
      “Had the gut feeling” as well, things just didn’t feel right. Still don’t.
      Didn’t even know what a prepper was when I started aquiring extra
      things. Sold the big house by the busy road side, and built one out
      of pocket myself, off grid in the woods by a creek. We love it!
      I used to talk to friends and folks about having a plan, or being prepared,
      but I give up, for the most part cause, the labels that go along with it.

  2. Not really unless by fate. We live in a society that can be compared to a large and complex machine. There is a lot of friction between the moving parts and a lack of lubrication. Each day the machine gets more complex. It is eventually going to break. Was it Pink Floyd that wrote the song Welcome to the Machine?

  3. Whether it was living in remote logging camps or having remote teaching jobs one needed to be prepared in many ways. Now that I’m not living so remote I feel even more concerned to be prepared for the unexpected. Maybe it’s my age but I don’t think so as so many of my senior neighbours don’t feel the same way. I feel I am being guided as what to read, what to learn & how to prepare.

  4. Definitely we feel positioned. We are positioned all over the country. A lot of us have good sized tracks of land that we have developed, grown food and learned to live off the grid. We have so much more here than we can eat ourselves in our lifetime. I have always felt that if the SHTF people will be drawn to places like ours where they can live, work and start over. All of us out there can always use extra hands to keep our property going and if the SHTF there will be plenty of people out there that truly will need help and they will find us. Remember you may be youngish now but time goes on and the older you get the more help you will need. Dare I say God has a hand in all of this?

  5. No its not weird… I have had the same deep down gut feeling to be prepared for something for 40 years now. It must be culminating because I am building a greenhouse.

  6. A little paranoia is good. It encourages awareness and promotes a natural defensive attitude. Prepping and a self sufficient lifestyle are ingrained in many of us.

      1. :) “They” already got most of us. The trick is to divest ourselves of irrational fear.

        1. Hermit us;
          Who was you? and You are Who??? huh???
          hehehehe, one of those days I believe :-)

      2. NRP
        And you think you will be free in seven months ha The system has all of us in it’s teeth.

        1. hermit us;
          Ohhhh don’t get me started with the “testing” for Medicare and Welfare.
          You get caught with “illegal” drugs in your system, ALL and I do mean ALL aid is cut off till your clean, period, not exceptions. Offer ONLY a Drug Rehab.

          This Country needs to get it’s azz cleaned up, and STOP the “ohhhh poor me” shit.

          Sorry Rant over.

          Is that part of being “Positioned? :-)

        2. NRP
          Hell, you are talking millions of people and 10% of our GDP. Too many getting rich of this corruption – the swamp cartel will get you for your suggestion.

  7. It’s just common sense to be prepared for the unexpected. A toilet gets plugged and you can’t use the plumbing for a day. The water system gets contaminated and you have to buy water or have it on hand. Food prices go up but you have to continue to eat. You get laid off at work and can’t find a job right away. These are the everyday things that I think everyone should be prepared for.

    On another level, I totally feel that I’m being guided in my preparations. I can’t explain it in a short comment, but there have been many times when I was directed to do something (greenhouse, boxes, water tanks) and somehow I came up with the money to do it. I can’t explain that in any way except that it was necessary so a higher power took a hand.

    At the same time I see other people being “positioned,” not where they need to be but where they will be needed.

    One example (I’ve seen many) is my brother. He and his wife were concerned because things weren’t working out where they lived. Their kids weren’t safe, the schools, the drugs. He felt strongly that they needed to be somewhere else, and after a great deal of prayer he targeted a particular city. He called his wife on his lunch break to tell her, and she said she needed to talk to him as well.

    Independently, they’d both come to the same conclusion, even to “targeting” the same city. A month later they were moved, he had a new job and they’d closed on a house. Coincidence? Or guidance? I think guidance. Someone else I know is among people who feel “guided” to move back into their rural area. People are being positioned, personally professionally or by location, to be where they will be needed.

    And it’s accelerating. Many are feeling the urgency that never felt it before, and making moves they would never have considered. We may have another generation before all this guidance comes to a head, but I don’t think so. The positioning of pieces on a chess-board can take a lot of time, but it always accelerates toward the end. Once the pieces are in place, the end is in sight.

    1. “…there have been many times when I was directed to do something (greenhouse, boxes, water tanks) and somehow I came up with the money to do it. I can’t explain that in any way except that it was necessary so a higher power took a hand.”

      I have felt the same way from time to time. An urgency to do a particular thing/project/purchase/whatever… When ‘it happens’, it’s obvious to me. There’s no doubt. Again, weird? It is what it is…

      1. Lauren, Ken & Modern Throwback
        We all have guardian angels that are with us every day, they are there to guide us on the path we need to travel.
        Some call it a ‘feeling or deja vue’, but we all have them some stronger than others. One thing I have learned never ignore them.

  8. At times, I have seriously wondered if all of this was being purposefully manipulated in order to position us, or if there were “people in power” merely positioning themselves to take maximum advantage of what could be a naturally progressing breakdown in society, or a mixture of both. Usually, I end up thinking it’s a little bit of both.

    When I bought my first house in the suburbs, I intended to keep it a maximum of 4 or 5 years. Life stepped in, changed my plans by introducing me to the love of my life, and it was 20 years later before we finally moved. The last 8 or 9 years in that house, I felt more and more compelled to “GET OUT” of the suburbs. Increasingly, I was drawn out to the countryside. It was a combination of things that contributed to this feeling; increasing taxes and water rates coupled with decreasing infrastructure maintenance, a small town police force growing ever more militant, the number of houses turning into rentals was increasing, but the over riding factor was an unexplained sense that I was not where I was supposed to be, and that “soon” the place where we were living was going to be somewhere we wished we weren’t.

    It wasn’t the crime rate or the ever increasingly insane code restrictions, it was a sense of being trapped. Being somewhere that I could not have the ability to survive if the SHTF so to speak. That subdivision comprised of literally hundreds of houses can be contained with 4 law enforcement or military vehicles positioned at 4 key intersections. If I turned on the tap and no water came out, there would be no other means available to obtain water. Yard sizes were very small, thus gardens were even smaller. Chickens? Forget about it- serious code violation.

    When my wife and I found the place we are in now, it was as if we were lead to it. She found it online while browsing listings (something we used to do even though we didn’t think we could move at the time) but did not tell me about it. I found it online but did not tell her about it. Then a few weeks later one of us saw the ad again and told the other one about it. Neither of us decided to go look at it and thought the house needed more remodeling than we would be willing to take on. A few more weeks went by and it happened. I was in our home office searching listings, she was in the living room searching listings. This house came up at the top of my search and I felt compelled to bring it to her attention even though we had both dismissed it earlier. As I was waling into the living room to tell her about it, she was calling me to come see the listing on her computer!

    To shorten this up a bit, we looked at the house and property several times. The house needed (and still needs) serious remodeling and upgrades. Honestly, I wasn’t looking for another house to rebuild, but when we came out here in person… it was right. That’s the only way I can describe it. Even with the issues the house had, we both knew it was time and this was the place.

    We both feel like we are “supposed” to be here for some reason. We have some land, a stocked pond, great hunting (we see ALLOT of deer when it isn’t deer season, tons of turkeys, etc.), and are miles away from the city and even the interstate. It’s a PITA for my wife traveling to and from work, but we are both happier out here in a house that needs work then we were in the suburbs in a house that didn’t need anymore work done to it but sat on a tiny lot.

    So… yes, although I cannot explain it other than saying that I believe the Father led us here, we feel what we are doing is meant to be. I think He positioned us here. Our ways of thinking about many things are changing, many aspects of our day to day lives are changing, and I think mostly for the better.

    I also feel like I am being compelled to “prepare”. I’m not doing very well at it just yet, but that compelling feeling is there. Now it has nothing to do with my location, but with supplies and knowledge. I’ve never been a hunter, and although I have hunted each year we have been here, I have not bagged a deer yet. I am trying to find someone who can teach me how to field dress and butcher game.

    There are fish-a-plenty in the pond but I don’t fish it. I feed them occasionally :)

    The soil here for some odd reason needs help. Our garden simply does not produce here. At the moment, we are “bucket” gardening.

    Even with all of that, we are happier here and honestly feel like we were led to this specific place.

  9. I’ve been prepping for years, But the last month or so I’ve had the feeling that I must do more, my wife thinks its crazy because we got enough to feed our self’s and our son his wife and their twins for over a year. have bought extra filters for the Berkey checked the first aid but still feel uneasy. wife says to freeze dry more dog food if I have to do something. So yes we feel something is pushing us to prep more.

  10. Wife and I feel led to the place where we presently live and the friends that we now have . A few years ago we began feeling uncomfortable with the directions that this country is going. After many discussions and lots of prayer we sold and moved 200 miles away to a rural area.
    We have always gardened and canned but feel a real drive to be better prepared for whatever comes our way .Our preparations now go beyond food , to cover just about anything we need to exist on our own property for an undetermined time.
    I have an interest in history and believe if we study it we see history repeating itself, over and over again. Mankind is a slow learner. Being believers in Christ , we have studied scripture regarding end times prophecy. Scripture tells us how things will eventually work out, we just don’t know when . Scripture also has many references to setting things aside for difficult times .
    Like most folks ,we have “gut feelings” about the world around us and we try to use logic not emotion to make our decisions .We don’t see the U.S. making a right turn to the good old days again , so we prepare accordingly. We do wish that more people would wake up to what is going on around them and to them, especially regarding the loss of our God given liberties.
    A gut feeling is often a very good guiding point and needs to be strongly considered.
    Blessings to all

  11. SOMETHING is coming what i dont know but its gonna happen how bad is anyones guess lets just hope it aint all out nuclear war

  12. – I’m not bashful about feeling that I am being put in place in a particular place and with a particular set of skills for something that is going to come about. I also honestly believe that there others who are being prepositioned in a particular place and for a particular purpose.
    I do know that I have increased my TP stocks just reading NRP’s rants, without really even thinking about it.

    I believe that Tommyboy, although he is in a very difficult place, is there for a reason. I know that he wants to go elsewhere, but don’t we all think we would like to go and be or do something else, at least once in a while.

    I know that, should the SHTF tomorrow, one of the first things I would miss is seeing what is going on in the world of MSB. I would wonder how the various denizens of this place were doing, but would have to resign myself to “If you can’t stand not knowing…”

    I am pleased to see all the new and returning posters. In a way, it validates what I am thinking, knowing that there are others who think and believe the way I do, and not that “Well, God will take care of me.” I’ve long since noticed that God does a lot better job if I do my part.!
    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf;
      “I’ve long since noticed that God does a lot better job if I do my part.!”
      Very good statement there my friend.

      BTW, I don’t “Rant” about TP, I just believe that a roll of TP is better to use that those dried Crusty Corn Cobs :-)

    2. – NRP –
      Apologies for calling your comments “rants’. OTOH, having been in the military and occasionally in places that were running low on said commodity, I long ago learned that, ‘the secret of life is always knowing which pocket your toilet paper is in!’ LOL

      And yes, God does do a much better job if I put my shoulder to the wheel, too!

      – Papa

      1. Papa Smurf;

        Ahhhhhh heck Dude, no need for an “apology” I find that a gentle nudge works well at times also, BUT there are times when I do go off on that “Rant” and man ohhhh man is it fun HAHAHAHA

        Tis interesting as you say ” put my shoulder to the wheel” how many of millions on “Give-Me-Dats” have absolutely NO idea of what a hard days work is….

      2. Well heck. My duty station at Sima, San Diego was out of tp at least half the time. Best to always keep a roll in your locker!.

  13. The “sixth sense, meant to be, guided, unseen forces or intuition”; all of the above are traits I believe that all humans have. The differences are if one chooses to follow these warnings/advices that we feel. Also if we realize them, do we act on them or simply ignore them as I feel most do.

    Being one from the construction and computer fields I seem to take a more logical approach in “building” my “preparedness”, taking “the one step at a time” process. But I won’t go into that now; but it does work.

    Staying on the gust of the Article, yes I do follow the “Gut Feeling” when it comes to this Lifestyle. Meaning I research, recognize, and follow the most important items to get accomplished first and build from there to become non-dependent on “The Man” and his foolish/dominating controls.

    Case in point, the local town/area is tonight going under a Stage Two Drought Alert, this will toss 90% of the people here into a full on panic not realizing; 1st of all that that means, and 2nd most will do the normal “OMG I need to buy a truck load of bottled water foolishness”. I’m wondering how many here actually have 6 months of that “one gallon a day per person” stored? Or for that matter even a week’s worth.

    My “Gut Feeling”???? Ya had better consider the possibility of self-sufficiency a LOT more; here are a few easy reasons.
    Inflation is starting to hit hard.
    The Economy is NOT as stable as they want you to think.
    The weather cycles are becoming more erratic (No I’m NOT a Climate Change WACKO)
    The Grid is still NOT secure.
    Civil unrest, 15 different divisions (Dem/Rep, Black/White, Rich/Poor, .gov/Citizens, Haves/Have-nots, and so on) are going to clash sometime/somewhere. Can you say Civil War?
    JIT Inventory failure.
    Crop Failure.

    A simple question, can YOU survive a month without “Outside” help? How about 6 months?

    1. NRP
      Your reason #1 about inflation is spot on except it is understated. Hyper inflation is one of the few ways we can cancel our debt – when that roll of TP costs $1000, 21 trillion does not look as overwhelming as it does at present.

      1. hermit us;
        I still say some day that sheet of TP will be worth more that that dollar bill a lot worship.
        Take a look at Venezuela, what’s their currency worth now?

    2. NRP

      You didn’t mention your colorful river for bathing during your water shortage. Or raging fires engulfing your countryside. You have to have a complete list of what-ifs to be worthy of your tin foil hat award. :)

      1. Anonymous;
        Honestly the biggest fear I have of running out of…
        Tin-Foil for the Hats…. HAHAHAHA

        1. In a pinch you can paste gum wrappers together, or get a heavy pair of snips and make a heavy duty tin foil hat out of an empty beer can!

        2. Minerjim and NRP

          We must fabricate the perfect tinfoil hat to be placed on the head of the person most paranoid when we meet at Ken’s place. No secret ballots, no electronic voting machines, … just a show of hands.

        3. hermit us;
          That’s an easy one 👉 Ken
          For he puts up with us all 🤣😂😁😃😅😆😎

        4. This get together at Ken’s could become just as famous as Woodstock, Burning Man, Sturgis, ….. :)

        5. NRP—Seriously? –Gosh, I would have thought it would be…(ta da) —running out of TP. ?

  14. It would be interesting if, instead of supposedly be manipulated on that chess board, we assigned one survival goal to each “pawn” on the board. I think 16 goals would cover all our basic needs nicely? For many it would include a smart phone, latte, tats, …..

  15. Ken,
    I feel that we have ‘been positioned’ here on our place. Way too many coincidences came about to land us here. In fact, we pray that God positions us, and uses us every day for His higher purpose. Being trained as an engineer I was trained in school to use ‘logic and reason’ and forego ’emotion’. But later I was taught by my mentors (other engineers) that I really also needed to ‘listen to your gut!’ to keep myself out of trouble. I developed a ‘ Miner’s 6th sense’ which has saved my bacon many times, and my life more times than I can count.
    As others have said, God works best when we do our part. Many times I am moved to do something by my ‘gut’ that makes no sense rationally, then later becomes very clear. I then know that my God has had his hands guiding me. It is no chance thing that you started MSB, and that the good folks here contribute. Your work and our comments are enlightening others, and helping them be aware and prepare.

  16. – Hmmm – Never tried using currency for TP, but I do know slick magazine paper is even worse than the ‘John Wayne’ stuff packed in the MRE or C-rat packages. (You know, “rough, tough and doesn’t take cr*p off of anybody, ROFL) However, any port in a storm?
    – Papa S.

    1. – Sorry, supposed to have been a reply to NRP’s comment above.

      – Papa S.

      1. A cordless drill and a shop rag work better – wash the shop rags, and re-use.

        That way, you get deep cleaning, and no racing stripes in your skivvies !!!

        1. And some thought I was over the edge with my bidet recommendations.

  17. Modern Throwback an interesting as in Chinese Curse report.

    Friends please remember that the Deep State did not get to their level of power being nice folks. Expect nasty distractions and even a probable market crash/cyber attack on banking to get the Sheeple chanting “Save Us!”.

    Prep hard stay alert and pray for the Republic

  18. I only seriously started prepping about 3 years ago. It has been my mission. I have gathered food and water stores, weapons and ammo. I started a garden and collecting seeds, (yes the good ones). I am doing a ton of other things to get prepared for what may/is coming. I have also seen the light of God come into my life during this time. Divine intervention is what I see.

    1. Ann;
      I like to comment on those that are doing everything they can to better and take-care of themselves.
      Only thing I would say is don’t only make about “Preparing” as many here know and I preach all the time, work on this being a “Lifestyle”
      But, congrats on your accomplishments so far….. Keep the Powder Dry and the Pantry full

  19. Good day, Everyone,
    Interesting topic…and also interesting how or why we all got “here”…
    My DH is strong in logic and analytics, and I consider myself deeply spiritual and intuitive…
    though we have backgrounds of to be “prepared” to some degree (neither of us came from “lifestyle” preparedness though) around 2008, we were awakened at the same time to
    make it more about lifestyle, actually 2004 to be very specific, anyway….
    Here we are 10 years later and we are doing things we never thought we would be doing…
    I really appreciate my DH’s strengths and I think he also values the vision I see or the leadings I perceive…being honest here, since about 2013 have had several very clear dreams of events that came to pass, since then when that happens I take note, literally write them in a journal, tell DH and we plan and respond accordingly…this I will say, I believe things as we know it in the USA will change suddenly and drastically, please take care of yourself and your family, keep living and prepping….Good Shepherd bless you!

    1. ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people,
      Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
      your old men will dream dreams,
      and your younger men will see visions.’
      – Joel 2:28

  20. I think that since we’ve passed the 200 year mark in our republic, that it’s wise to have surplus sustenance, and a plan for a downturn, if history is correct and indicates that such a downturn is eventually possible. Some even say inevitable.
    Tis better to have if possible, and not need.

  21. I have felt that since I was young, I have always wanted to do the off grid/self sufficient thing. But it has just been in the past 15 years that I have really felt the push to do it and get as prepared and self-sufficient as I can. And as Minerjim mentioned above things are always falling into place. I have been wanting a greenhouse for some time now so I can start my plants earlier in the year, then a friend called me the other day and wanted to know if I wanted hers she was getting a bigger one it is a smaller one but she is just giving it to me. I also have been wanting a wringer washer and someone I know was seller hers for next to nothing ( will be going to get it this weekend). I have a fairly large family and I have been preparing for them as well. I really feel that this is one of my purposes and responsibilities that I have been given. With just the way everything has worked out in my life. I am also feeling more a push to get prepared but now it feels different hard to explain it’s like I need to tie up loose ends and get where I need to be with things. Like I said not really the same feeling from a while back, hard to explain. Heck I am even pushing extra hard to get an ice house built something I have just thought about in the past but now I feel it really needs to be done. ( I don’t know maybe my kids are right and I am losing it lololol.)

    1. Rancher’s Wife, your quote “. I am also feeling more a push to get prepared but now it feels different hard to explain it’s like I need to tie up loose ends and get where I need to be with things”
      Yes, that’s us too….this year has been a “get our house in order” and “shed mode” get rid of unneeded things, trimmed or halted some projects that are not helping us in the long run, keep things good and lean i.e. doable…been lead this year to learn how to shed mental/ spiritual things and time/energy wasters that hinder… to live more deeply connected to God, a worthwhile journey…

  22. Tommyboy
    Most of the people in my life would most likely be better off with me gone anyway,,,,,
    Not a good way to be thinking, Mr.
    If you need to walk away from that project, do it. Only you know what’s best.
    You just stay with us.

    I’ve accepted you as Tommyboy, what more do you need??😎👍

    1. Still like Kalufarmer, Nailbanger, Nailbender, Tommyboy whoever, ya gata make up your own mind. Hell there are 4 of you in there to argue with…. ONE of you has GOT to be right, right?

  23. Tommyboy, we care about you!
    I agree if you aren’t getting compensated in a timely way, then walk away…
    Don’t let all the stuff you see around you and hear crush your good spirit, Tommyboy…
    Did you ever hear this quote?
    “The greater the darkness, the greater the light of a single candle…”
    May you have hope that is not based on this crumbling culture….
    May you have strength and peace that this world cannot take away
    Remember the Carpenter from Galilee, he is with you and for you…

  24. TommyBoy,

    We do care very much.
    As a dear friend is always saying – get out of the city, get out of the city, get out of the city.
    Maybe you might consider – get off the island, get off the island, get of the island?
    You’d be welcome to just jump in your truck and roam in any of our directions.

  25. Tommyboy,

    I’ve never met you, but I know you. You’ve revealed your character, your inner thoughts, what you value, and what you reject. You’re my Bud, my friend, a kindred spirit in many ways.

    I don’t believe there is anyone who is honest about it that hasn’t felt the urge, at some points in their life journey, to grab their possible bag and rifle and hit the wilderness and never return. I know that I have, several times. Only my sense of responsibility to those that depend on me has held me back. Recently, events have burdened me to the point those thoughts have entered my idle thoughts once more.

    But, I’m one of those that believes everything happens for a reason. What seems to be a setback today turns out to be only a prelude to something good. So, keep your head up Bud. Continue to live your life with a sense of honor and integrity. As the saying goes “this, too, will pass”.

      1. Uncle Tommy
        I’ve seen you post on a couple different sites…..nobody has a handle like you, and suave comments such as you..
        You do impact others. All for the good. I always anticipate/search for your comments.
        You know your stuff……keep sharing.

        1. Long time reader, limited poster. This is a great website in that everyone is very supportive and informative. I can only say that we all have life challenges.

          Tommyboy, I’m not trying to be mean, but either accept what your life is or change it. The world has doesn’t care about you, me, or anyone else.

          That doesn’t mean the world is against you, it just means the world doesn’t consider the individual. It’s up to each and everyone of us to dictate our own path.

          My only concern in life is to take care of my wife and our one year old son. Find what is important to you and take care of that. Good luck and keep up the good fight.

  26. Being positioned? Ban AR’s, ban sharp knives, ban free speech, ….
    Well now you can put TP on the list – big fire started in Nevada by campers burning human waste.

  27. I haven’t read most the above comments.

    For me it was just a need I felt to get more.
    This/that rice.. cans,, dehydrated stuff some mre’s then the idea of mre’s being a dumb idea I started loading up on long term things that would last and ammo because I could.

    I don’t remember the first prepping pages I looked at but it was something to do with
    war, then I found PSU2 prepared survivalists unite yahoo group and I spammed the group with
    fears of EMP and the like CME.
    It just progressed from there.

  28. This is meant for nobody….

    There was a once a hard time in my life, I thought nobody cared.
    I even thought about the police Detroit and maybe stationed there.
    Who would care? As I look back, a hell of a lot of people would have cared. Probably the one’s that I thought wouldn’t
    I made some choices. They came hard and long, but I’m glad I made the changes I did, and since of a few changes in my life… upsetting and not up to my par….. I’m still here. Although it feels most times, like nobody gave/still gives a damn.
    That’s why we push on…… rebellion….for the greater good… stubborn as we may be.

    I hope this makes sense

  29. In the long run, does it matter what everybody else or what the trend is doing? If what you are doing makes sense to you and it works, what else is there?

  30. 9-ish months ago I was happily oblivious to the world of self sustainability/prepping. I then felt the nudge (by God) to start researching the topic and not long after found this awesome blog. I went into hyperdrive because I feel that something is coming sooner rather than later. I started with long term food storage/deep pantry, GHB’s for all, medical supplies, etc. Started learning to can (and just about peed my pants in excitement when I found an All American canner at the thrift store for $15). I feel this so strongly that we bought acreage in the boonies and are moving rapidly forward with retirement and relocating. Already have the plans drawn up for water storage, a large enclosed garden, greenhouse, animal pens/coops that will be implemented before summer’s end. We will be new to homesteading and homeschooling (because I feel the need to keep the kids close). DH thinks I’m a little nuts but is on board enough to make this complete lifestyle change. Mom, brother and SIL are also on board and making their own and joint (with us) plans. Once settled we will focus on skill building. So much to do, so little time to get to a place where I feel a little ready for what I know is coming.

    1. Getting out of Seattle, welcome!
      Thank you for sharing your journey with us here…
      It is a great place to be here at MSB
      You’ve made such amazing progress so far…
      Good Providence to you and yours! :)

    2. PS In the interim, you may wish to get non-digital books on the skills you wish to learn…
      we have no idea how long we will have access to the net, and what or what not we will be able to access. Best to you! :)

    1. Yes and we visited and studied the Coeur d’Alene Idaho region because of the milder weather there. Once there, we realized it was not for us. Too developed, and too much water pollution from the mines. Wyoming and Montana wouldn’t even be a consideration due to cold in the winter. My husband doesn’t like the cold. (What a fuddy duddy!)

    2. I was hopeful to find a place near Hermit or maybe a bit further north, not sure what i would do for a living but,,,,,,

  31. I get the feeling that I need to buy more ammo, and food and water to put back.

  32. Look at this headline story title today (Thursday), from Marketwatch business and finance site:

    “Why you need a survival kit now and how to pack one”

    While poking around there, also noticed Au futures made a jump overnight. And the FED has something to say today.

  33. Thank you all,
    Just wanted to thank yall for the kind words and support,
    Truly are really good folks and i wish it was easier to connect, be nice to sit with a big old cup or ten of coffee and some cookies or over a fire pit and talk in person. Theres not a lot of low key salt of the earth folks left these days.
    It goes back to that isolation article Ken did a few days back, but my ersonal feeling is it has a higher connected meaning why people are gowing helter skelter, its the tower of babel, metaphorically written im sure as a warning, but playing out before our eyes.
    Im just a man, flawed, rough around the edges, and am a sinner, i am impermanent, and insignificant in the big picture just as all of us are, we are kinda like ants, scurrying about doing our thing but not really in control of our surroundings, its funny the odd correlations between our lives and those within nature, interesting experiment,

    1. Tommyboy;
      ” be nice to sit with a big old cup or ten of coffee and some cookies or over a fire pit and talk in person”
      Ken’s place, June 2020, make your plans now….

      1. NRP
        I wonder if Ken makes a frowney face every time one o us mentions that,,,,

        1. My guess is that he searches back through every comment and picture to see if there’s any possible way we could figure out where he is. :)

        2. It wasnt that hard to find his place, you just need to have a paid subscription to the commercial version of google earth, can see how many screws he used on his roofing on the barn….

        3. I’ve left enough breadcrumbs in this regards, I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone figured it out…

          .gov already knows (they know all about all), so I suppose whats it matter if others figure it out, right? ;)

        4. Ken;
          Not to worry about visitors, Mrs. J says your a terrible cook and only drink Coors….. HAHAHA
          Talk about being “Positioned”; does “Out of the kitchen” sound familiar? :-)

  34. I got started on a self-sufficiency/ frugality lifestyle when DH got laid off twice in one year, and then didn’t really have decent employment for about 5 more years. Then came the previous administration (O-you-know-who) years, and I could see that even what we had left could be taken from us to be redistributed for “the good of the whole.” I occasionally relax a bit on readiness, but Ken (and the rest of y’all) are pretty good about pointing out trends that need to be watched and prepared for.

  35. All those who are attempting to overthrow the 2016 presidential election have tried everything they can think of. There is no question in my mind anymore that they will not give up and that when all else fails they will at last resort to assassinations. I think it is obvious and it is coming; and when it happens we will be in a very dangerous situation.

      1. The fact of the matter is that most of government has become abusive and just uses We the People as a piggy bank,
        They can blow me

        1. The government has become abusive because they have taken advantage of what the constitution doesn’t say what they can’t do. The IRS, the department of transportation, of education, homeland security and on and on are creations of congress and are not in the constitution. Constitutional government would be bare bones government stripped of all these leeches.

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