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Risks Happen

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Our perception of risk is something we share as survivalists and preppers. It’s the ability to realize the potential dangers there are in our world and to become prepared for these dangers, in case they actually happen, even though the risk may seem to be small. Think about how many people you know, or don’t know, that don’t think about these risks at all. Discovering what the risks are, and then researching what the results could be, will make a prepper out of you because knowing this will ‘scare’ you into it. Once you realize how much we really do depend on the systems to ‘work’ behind the scenes, you will begin to recognize vulnerabilities that could affect your life. Even though the odds are low that some of these things could happen, the point is, if any of the ‘big ones’ do happen then we will be in deep $h!t.

Perception of systemic risk could save your life. Most people are too busy in their daily lives to even conceive of a dangerous scenario happening, and what the consequences would be for them. Working at their jobs, maintaining the household, taking care of the children, being caught up in the entertainment of sports, tv, going out, etc. leaves them with no time to be able to think of other things like systemic risk and vulnerabilities. Especially things that are not ‘normal’ to think about (according to the main stream). And let’s say many of these non-prepper people did have extra time to perceive some potential risks, how many of them are actually ‘with it’ enough to think these dangers through and realize the real dangers and prepare for them?

Most of these people cannot or will not perceive any systemic risks because these risks have not turned into real dangers or problems at any time during their lifetimes. It hasn’t happened in their lifetime, therefore, it won’t! Right?



The pandemic of 1918.

This influenza killed up to 50 million between 1918 and 1919, a time when there was only a fraction of population that we have today, and a time before air travel and population movement that we have today. Small businesses went bankrupt because they couldn’t run their business during the pandemic. Life insurance claims rose 745%! Oh, but we have flu vaccines now, so that could never happen again! Right? Wrong.

Infectious disease doctors agree there will be another pandemic, they just don’t know when. Maybe it won’t be influenza, maybe it will. Maybe it will be an adaptation of the ‘bird flu’, or something else. If it happens during your lifetime, are you prepared? Once an event like a pandemic is underway, it’s highly doubtful, that you will be able to go out and purchase the supplies that you may need to survive.

Carrington Event

This was the most powerful solar storm event in recorded history. Yeah, but it happened in 1859, it’s not going to happen again in my lifetime. Right? It might. Do you realize what would happen if our power grids went down for months? or longer? Are you prepared? Once a Carrington event happens, it will be too late to prepare or get what you need. The results would probably be so catastrophic to our modern way of life that you could hardly imagine it. The number of people that would perish because of a complete breakdown of our infrastructure, would be staggering. The majority of those who had not prepared, probably would not make it, because most people’s lives depend on the infrastructure of our society to keep on working.

WWIII – Nuclear War – EMP

Most people alive today have never experienced a world war. WWI and WWII are ancient history. Something like that will never happen again. Right? You may be wrong. Do you have any clue how bad it could be with today’s modern weapons and nukes? It’s hard to comprehend. Nuclear war has never happened, so it could never happen. Right? You may be wrong. An EMP? What’s that? Whatever it is, it couldn’t possibly affect me. Right? An EMP could ruin our way of life – for a long time.


I could go on with more risk examples. Many of them may appear to you to be so unlikely to happen, that it’s not worth thinking about. It is true that many of the ‘end of the world’ type of risks are less likely to happen than other ordinary less threatening risks, but the scary thing is that ‘if’ any of them were to happen, our lives would be turned upside down.

It’s good to think about them (the possibilities – the risks). It’s not good to be paranoid about them. It’s good to realize that we are vulnerable to the systems out there, and to do what we reasonably can to be prepared. It’s the responsible thing to do.

The point I am trying to make is to ‘think’ for yourself, because most people do not. This fact is the reason why you will be in more trouble than otherwise, because others have not thought things through and are totally unprepared for any disruption whatsoever. Think. Imagine the possibilities. Prepare for them.


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