What are Sheeple?

Sheeple diagnosis. Someone started this topic in a recent comment thread here on MSB.

I thought it was pretty funny and that it would be fun to ask you all for additional “one liner’s” to add for the list.

Just what or who are Sheeple? What is a Sheeple?

‘Sheeple people’ might not exhibit all of the following traits, however they likely fit a good number of them or lean towards them. (Some are added for comedic value – although still potentially valid!)

I will add to the diagnosis list as your recommendations come in…

(filed under ‘systemic risk’ for obvious reasons)


Checklist For Sheeple Diagnosis

– You get all your news from MSFN (main stream fake news) (and believe it)

– You believe it when you’re told that any more than three days of food is “hoarding”

– You have three bottles of water in your cupboard and consider yourself prepared for anything

– You think a BOB is something they put out in the water to warn boats

– You believe Firearms are scary and should be limited to government law enforcement

– Every available storage space is full of candy and soda with no room for unnecessary frills

– You only ever use plastic. Cash is anachronistic and should be eliminated

– You spend a large portion of your income on Starbucks and fast food

– Your EDC (every day carry) consists of a credit card and a cellphone

– You believe that Alexa, Siri, and Cortana only start listening after you call their name

– You have a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer and feel great that you’re all set

– You get a pay raise and run out to the bank and leverage a new car loan

– You get in line behind all the others because that’s what everyone’s doing

– Your iPhone is almost always in your hand

– You cannot resist the text message or FB ‘ding’. Must look immediately

– The first think you look for in a new environment is not where the exits are, but where you can charge your phone or tablet

– You know for a fact cause you did read it on Facebook that:

Your car will always run perfect by itself.
The Uber driver is your friend.
GasX is good for the climate, same with Beano.
The Kardashians are your idols.
Temper tantrums are expressing oneself.
The butcher makes meat.

– Buying that little bundle of firewood at 7/11 for $12 so you can rough it at the RV park.

– You borrow a candle during a power outage and then come back five minutes later to borrow matches (really happened)

– When told to pack survival stuff for an EMP, you pack your lap top and cell phone

– You feel prepared for anything away from home. You have a backup credit card with room left before the limit

– You declare you are coming to my place to ride out an emergency.

– You like to buy the latest fads

– You have an online-presence in all of the popular social media outlets

– You get all of the recommended vaccinations that the CDC advises

– You take mass transit

– You live in a gated community and feel safe

– You trust ‘officials’

– You vote based on someone claiming to be a democrat, republican, liberal or conservative

– You know “the government” will take care of you if there is ever a REAL emergency, because that’s their job

– You believe food comes from the grocery store and it will never run out

– You believe that operators from your Home alarm monitoring company only activate the microphone/speaker when you call them.

– You think that your smart phone never listens or watches you.

– You, like, say, like the word like, like more than once, like in a, like, sentence…

– You actually believe the saying, “I’m with the government and I’m here to help”

– You believe all “un-named sources”

– If you really believe that anyone in DC will go to jail from ANY investigation…

– If you have ever used the term “the government needs to get involved to make everything equal and FAIR”

– If you have ever fought someone over a sale item on Black Friday

– Everyone is looking at their cellphone and won’t briefly lookup when someone enters or exits the establishment

– They install a credit card reader on the vending machine in the workplace and you hear someone say,. Ohh goodie.

– You declare you are coming to “my place” to ride out an emergency

– You believe that you will win the lottery so you can retire in style with no debt

– You automatically ask “how much is the monthly payment?” (never mind the price)

– Only cops should have guns

– You get your news from Facebook

– Milk, bread, and eggs. What is it about a winter storm that makes people crave French toast?

– Your cooking skills only include “nuking” meals in a microwave

– You care more about hollywierd’s opinions than in developing your own

– You think the tap water will keep flowing with no electricity

– ?? (your turn)

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