Shortages Worsen After WWIII Expands

In essence, we are already in WWIII. It’s not on US shores. It’s currently being fought by proxy. Ukraine (US /NATO) versus Russia (militarily aligned with China). The war is about to expand. At least in my estimation. As WWIII expands, shortages will worsen. My focus is on the risk of worsening shortages, rather than the war itself which is entirely out of my influence or control. However I can control my own preparations.

My eyes and ears are focused on recent current events, including the targeted destruction of Russian Nordstream pipelines, and, Russia having just annexed territories in the Donbas regions of Ukraine.

Expansion of this world war may likely come by way of any future attack via Zelensky (US /NATO) into the Donbas which is now ‘Russia’. And then Russia will respond to that. And then US /NATO will respond to that… The difference being, now, further warring will be directly against Russia. A big, technical, political, difference.

Expansion of this world war may also come as a result from the sabotage of the Nordstream 1 & 2 pipelines. In my view, Russia would have zero benefit to blowing up its own cash machine. Rather, the faction that would /will benefit appear to be, in my opinion, Davos. What retaliation will result from this? Whatever it is, WWIII is expanding, not contracting.

Massive Shortages When US /NATO – Russia – China War With Each Other

Without any off-ramp for de-escalation as I see it, and as WWIII expands, European NATO nations will suffer first, and most. The US will be somewhat insulated, at least at first, unless things go full nuclear of course (can’t see that in anyone’s interest – even the psychopaths’). However, the US (you and I) will be impacted by increasing shortages, due to how global supply chains work. This is my focus.

China and Russia have recently conducted a number of military drills together. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping recently met to discuss the Ukraine war and other “current international problems” at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. They are obviously aligning. And where do we get most of our ‘stuff’?

Should major ‘red lines’ be crossed, nations will be forced to choose sides. Which side will China choose? Could they play the middle? Although economies are intertwined in this global world, when things get real kinetic, things tend to change…

Again, you and I can do nothing about these world events. We are just commoners. But we can prepare to the extent that we are able.

Should the war expand (red lines crossed), I believe panicked stock (and bond) markets will drop even further. We’re all watching our 401K’s go down the toilet. It will be worse yet. Economies will worsen. More economic pain. Higher and higher prices. Energy. Food. You name it…

What Can We Do?

People are sleep walking. Most have no clue how dangerous the times are. But for those of us who are aware, we can simply continue to do what we do. That is, logical, practical, reasonable, preparedness. Unlike those who run around in a panic right before a forecasted storm, we prepare well ahead of time for what may (or may not) come.

In many instances we make decisions to procure ‘things’ that we know will be used or consumed anyway, over time. Therefore it’s rarely a waste, or a stupid expenditure (of time or money). Actually, in an inflationary environment, this saves money too (e.g. buy it now rather than later at higher prices).

Partially due to my increasing concerns, for example, during this past week there were good Sale prices at our local grocery store on chicken and beef roasts (at least relative to today’s already higher prices). So, we purchased and canned ~20 pounds of chicken breast, and, ~20 pounds of beef. No refrigeration required, and it will last for many, many years (although we’ll consume it in our natural rotation). Plus, it simply adds more food to our overall long term food storage.

Another example… Although I recently picked up enough wood pellets for my pellet stove to get me through this winter, I’m going to purchase more for next winter too. I’ve got the room in the shop to store them, so, why not? It’ll only cost more next year anyway. Plus, it just makes me feel better, given the uncertainties of today.

If China Cuts Us Off

Can you imagine the chaos in shortages “if” WWIII were to expand such that China cut us off, given the Russia-China alliance? Although that may seem unlikely to you, apparently of all the product that China exports to the world, we in the US are but a fraction of their overall exports. So, in theory they could shut us off without too much pain – at least to an increasing extent of their choosing. Do you realize the impact that would have on you and I? In case you didn’t know it, we don’t make (hardly) anything anymore here in the US.


  1. This past week I was able to find my favorite pasta on sale so I bought a good amount. Years ago during the pandemic, I bought some off-brand pasta. The Fall season, for me, is the time to check supplies and rotate out the old from my food storage. Pandemic purchase of off-brand stuff will be going to my local community aid organization on my next days off. Good luck to the hunters out there and stay safe wearing your hunter orange in the field.

  2. Think of the controls and rationing of WW2, … on steroids, if actual physical hostilities between China, Russia, and US start. If you need it get it now especially if it is sourced anywhere outside of the US mainland!

  3. Russia is probably already moving to cut all the transatlantic cables between the U.S. and Europe, thus removing most of the communications capability for the internet, which cannot be made up from satellite data transfers, in response for our destruction of the pipelines.

    I think I will make some blueberry pie….

  4. Ken, your wood pellets.
    Corn is a replacement for wood pellets.
    It takes about 30 to 40 lbs. of corn per day to heat a 1,500 square foot home.
    So I don’t know about cost.
    Depends on availability in your area but I think you may have already looked into that.

  5. Recently putting together a little power box.
    When finished it’s a marine battery box with 1 12v cigarette style outlet for my little pure sine wave inverter, 2 usb power jacks a digital volt meter and external power (banana jacks)connectors for whatever.
    With a fully charged car battery that will last weeks powering small items.
    All of the parts were made elsewhere, not in the USA.
    I still need a couple wago wire connectors, a single 12v switch and a couple quick connect end pieces.

    Thinking of my stuff, two can openers are the only thing I know off hand that were made in the States, they are old.
    Plus the long tom shotgun that’s about 100 years old.

  6. Just canned 20 lbs of potatoes (14 qts).

    Monday I want to can some ground turkey or ground beef from freezer to make room for the cow come December.

    Keep prepping. And prep your souls for what’s to come.

  7. Sigh. If the Ukraine (and Nato) had honored it’s treaties with Russia, this war wouldn’t be happening. I am SICK over wasting billions of our dollars and our military hardware over there. But….not a thing I can do about any of it. So, just enjoying what we have built here. Building new nest boxes for the chickens, doing fall cleanup around here, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Processing the last of the tomatoes, and the pumpkins and squash from the garden. Like Dennis says….life is good. I thank the good Lord for all we have. Blessings to all.

  8. Ken J.
    Good article, one thing to add, Russia and China see nuclear confrontation to be winnable, and thusly have been prepared for such for a couple of years. Russia is slightly less prepared that China and can only provide full shelter for about 75% of its people with 40% in blast proof environment. On the other side of the continent China like Switzerland can house the greater portion of their population in both fully protected extensive underground shelters and with two massive cities built completely self-sufficient below the surface.

  9. Whatever your preps have been or whatever they are now, keep them to yourselves. There are still way too many American Sheeple, Normies, and Cucks who are in total denial about what is going to take place. The panic will be monstrous and violent. Stay silent. Avoid crowds. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Expect prices to surge (even more) soon. Good time to lay in those things that have (nearly) unlimited shelf lives (off the top of my head):
    – White vinegar
    – Salt (table and kosher for canning)
    – Canning lids and bands
    – Baking powder
    – Coffee filters
    – Honey
    Anybody care to add a few more?

    1. Ken in Konnecticut,
      -Cream of tartar and Baking Soda stored separately.(make baking powder)
      -corn starch,
      -cane sugar
      -Cocoa powder
      -Apple cider vinegar
      -Bar soap
      – not unlimited but vacuum packed coffee

    2. If your in kalifornia, water, water, water and more water plus water filtration. I suffering from prepper fatigue, been doing this prepper stuff since 2010. Relatives think I’ve gone around the bend, maybe so.

      1. No, Great Grand Mom, you haven’t gone around the bend. Your place will be the place everyone heads for when shtf.
        Another great granny!!

  11. Ken, I wouldn’t dismiss Russia as a party responsible for Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions. 2 wasn’t even operational and 1 was suspended to be shutdown for indefinite “maintenance”. Seeing the way things are going with Russian gas exports and applying typical Russian FY West attitude I can totally see them OKing it. So that’s not a “0 benefit”, not even close IMHO. Of course, it could’ve been US, or UK for that matter. The reality is that until we know for sure, and unless it was a sloppy op we probably won’t ever know, we could just be guessing with no absolute certainty.

  12. Mr Sceptical – What new projects is Larry Silverstein involved with recently. Any new insurance policies on the pipeline? Wait… one and two improbable explosions were felt and recorded and then the third pipeline just went ‘poof’ for no reason at all. This sounds so familiar for some reason.

  13. Ken, when that wood pellet stove runs out of pellets, you could have the materials on hand to convert it over to a waste oil heater. Since you have the blower, and the vent, you could install a drip line into the combustion chamber and vaporize the oil in a clean burn condition. There are many videos on Youtube on how to make a waste oil burner. The heat energy density of waste oil is much higher than wood, and all kinds of oil can be scavenged. The unit could burn deep-fry oil, hydraulic fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wax, diesel, and transformer oil.
    During this fall season you could drill a hole in the side of your stove, weld up a pipe connection, and cap it off, just so you have it if you need it.

  14. I’d switch out India for Syria. India hates China for the encroachment, the Hindu religion is based on the concept that India is holy to them, taking some of their mother India is unforgivable. India may well attack Pakistan as a possible outcome. I would actually think that India will declare neutrality, be the big player not involved, there is little advantage to them in fighting, but lots by being neutral, as in they could negotiate with China for the boundary as a means of peace.

  15. In regard to the laying in of extra supplies question, make sure you have the extra canning jars to take care of what you have in your freezer than cannot be dehydrated or processed by dry hanging (meats). You could store water in your jars until you need to use them to give yourself more water stored. A lot of people who can have had excellent success with the metal Forjar lids. I like the Tattler reusable lids and have good success with those.

    With the price of fuel and electric skyrocketing (remember Obummer’s comment – the price of electric will need to skyrocket), have extra clothing for layering and staying dry and extra blankets. If you are working outside in rain or snow, you will need to change out some clothing when you come in to maintain healthy body temperature. Have a good set up in mind to hang these wet articles of clothing so they can dry thoroughly and quickly. Get some waterproof outside gear (jackets and pants, boots, gloves).

    If you have Amish near you, consider having a few weatherproof tarps made up to the size you would use. The store bought tarps are mostly flimsy and don’t last. The ones that could last a few cycles are priced very high. Tarps could be used to separate sleeping quarters for people in larger barn or basement areas if needed also. Amish can make them with grommets if desired and even little see through windows for light filtration.

  16. I managed to can 10 lbs of thigh meat in 7 qt jars, processed 6 lbs of meatballs (frozen for future use), processed a half bushel of tomatoes for sauce. We also brought in the tomatoes, peppers, and veggies that remained in the garden as we were expecting a hard frost. Sent a pig and two goats to be processed for others. I seed save whenever possible even though I have seed packets also. The seeds I saved from prior year produced better results than the same packet seeds I planted side by side of same plant. It was a big difference throughout the growing season.

    I had my follow up with the doctor – she said I was healing really well but this surgery usually takes 16 weeks before I can resume full activity. The looks I gave her must have said it all as she scheduled me for an 8 weeks follow up and she will see where I am at then. I swear some of these decisions are age based rather how the individual has progressed. So I can do a bit more but cannot resume a physical exercise program, no lifting over a few pounds….basically no regular farm work just yet.
    I have no pains other than standard aches and pains for my life of gotcha’s. I still get exhausted really easy.

    We have been praying for all of those affected by Ian, directly and indirectly. It was devastating for so many – wiping out everything. We will be proving support to those we can. My siblings are on the east coast and were in the eye of this monster storm and are taking care of others whose homes went underwater early in the storm. Even if the home is still standing and weather proof, there will not be water or power for a long, long time.

    Take care all and let us all count our many blessings and give thanks throughout each and every day.

  17. Question for Horse: When you say to burn “corn” within your pellet stove for heating, what part of the corn plant is pelletized and used for fuel? (Pardon my ignorance butt I have never heard of this being done as I do not yet burn pellets for heating or cooking)

    1. When I had a pellet stove and I couldn’t get wood pellets anymore, I began to burn feed corn (whole kernel feed corn). It does burn hot, but it makes a microfine ash and a real hard, black clinker in the combustion chamber. I tried popcorn. It would never pop before it burned. It was too small for my auger.

      1. Corn vs. pellets – if choice, recommend calc out on cost basis – $/mmbtu. Can swing either way based on availability. Clinkers noted are portions of the starch which has turned to sugars via the heat. Biggest drawback is the electrical needs for the fan/auger. But, they are nice when lots of feed is available.

      2. Saw a corncob with the corn still on, water heater in Mexico 50 years ago. Took a nice hot shower with it heating the water everyday.

    2. Cali – the actual corn kernels. #2yellow dent corn burns quite well at 15% moisture or less.

    1. Do you mean preps for if SHTF for 5 years straight? Or do you mean preps that will last 5+ years?

  18. Many thanks to SD man and not so sure for the reply and info on the corn being used for fuel. Decades ago, I remember chopping up corn stalks in a chipper and hauling the shredded stalks to a cattle operation where they had a long trench to dump the shredded corn plants into. After sitting out in the hot sun for several weeks, the fermented material was removed from the trench by tractor and fed to the cows that simply loved the stuff. (Easily digestible and higher protein content) The resulting fermented corn plants was referred to as: “Silage” and it was another lesson for me about life on the rural farm and ranch: Nothing goes to waste. Everything gets used. Pea vines were also baled up at end of season in those easily recognized circular bales and taken to cattle feed lots where the cows would come running to tear at the circular bales. In a land of long, hot summers with no grass growing for months out of the year, farmers and ranchers worked together to keep their operations going in tough times.

  19. To Dennis and other hunters out there: The silage trenches mentioned above and the pea vines and resulting pea vine hay bales were where us rural farm kids were to be found on our days off if we wanted to shoot some barn pigeons that fed off the pea-vines and bales. The trench of fermenting corn silage was always a hotbed of activity for the ground squirrels. (on duty, I was driving a dump truck and dumping agricultural waste/excess into a trench. Off duty, I was nearby with a rifle or shotgun).

    1. Is it true that some of those rural farm kids, would drink the fermented “juice” from the corn silage as a form of hootch?

      1. Not so sure – um… nope. They’re quicker to make homemade wine or beer. Rural kids are quite smart when it comes to hard work, mechanical, animals, and life in general. Now, put them in a city, there’s a learning curve. Same is true for city kid placed in rural environment.. learning curve. As for sillage, common thing for these parts, but few store in a silo anymore – easier with flat or bunker storage. Just always have to watch the moisture and nitrate levels prior to harvest and feeding.

  20. After move to rural remote area, grocery shopping is a couple times a month thing. Today I saw items up 50% since 2020 but I also saw items up 25% and 50% in a month. Mostly heavier shelf stable food items. Remember when you had an entire aisle of canned fruits and vegetables and the beans were in a separate are? There was maybe 10 ft of fruit and 15 ft of vegetables including beans. Only a couple deep. Milk was up 50% in a month and only one brand. Sale items were gone. Soups canned and dry were limited. Meat and bread were crazy high. This is the 3rd town/grocery store I have visited. My nearby small town grocery is similar priced just even fewer choices but I think it’s good enough and not an hour away.

    1. One of the craziest was a small cannister of m orton iodized salt was 3.25. Store brand 1.69.

  21. Scary article, for those with eyes to see and brains to think, over at Breitbart: . . . Got preps?

  22. I was excited about my grocery shopping trip this morning when I discovered there were handwritten sale signs all over the store for canned and shelf stable items. These weren’t advertised in any way. I noticed it was very selective. Not all of a brand’s green beans but just one specific type and so on. Finally decided it was probably some type of inventory reduction. Also, their deli was open for the 1st time since the pandemic. I made sure to get a couple of items from it and thanked them for being back open. Things were going well until I got to the produce aisle. Until the pandemic, it was rare in this part of the country to pay more than $1 or maybe $1.25 for a head of iceberg lettuce. Lately it’s been running $1.69. Today it was $3.99 and a romaine bunch was $6.95. This was a regular grocery store – not a whole paycheck type store. I have never seen it that high. I did notice stock still seems short on a lot of items. We are having a large group for Thanksgiving and I got many items today because I was concerned about availability in another few weeks. I only go into this larger town about an hour away only once a month.

    1. MamaLark, cost for lettuce has gone thru the roof according to “Boots on the Ground” reports from 2 or more sources. from 20$ a case to more than 80$. It is NOt just your area and not just your store.

  23. Newsmax is reporting the glorious, competent, mission ready US military for years has been mistakenly routing emails to the West African country of Mali.

    Below are several quotes from the article.

    “ Emails that have been intended to head to the military’s “.mil” domain have gone to Mali, whose country’s email ends with the “.ml” suffix, for more than 10 years, with some of the messages containing sensitive information like medical records, passwords, and top officers’ itineraries, reports the BBC.”

    “Those sorts of communications would mean that a foreign actor can start building dossiers on our own military personnel, for espionage purposes, or could try to get them to disclose information in exchange for financial benefit,” he said. “It’s certainly information that a foreign government can use.”

    None of the emails were marked classified, but still included medical data, diplomatic messages, financial records, and maps of U.S. military facilities, The Financial Times reported.

    Well at least the US military is prepared for any fashion emergencies (broken high heels, smudged lipstick) and can send in the drag queens to challenge our enemies pronoun usage if things really get out of hand. What was once strong, proud, mission ready organization is now just a weak, pathetic, disgraceful bunch of freaks and fairies.

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