supply chain shortages and breakdown

Supply Chain Shortages – Preparing For Breakdown

Supply chain shortages are everywhere. Seemingly affecting all industries to varying extents. We all know what happened in 2020. Therefore we all know the underlying causation.

The effects (supply chain shortages) continue to ripple through the world. Consequently, all sorts of industry are affected by these shortages. Many, hidden from the public eye.

For example, maybe there’s a bicycle manufacturing company. You want to buy one of their particular bikes. But you find out that they’re not available. Why? Because apparently 2,000 production bicycles are held up from shipping because there’s a shortage of a particular metal brake part. No known delivery date…

This type of thing is happening everywhere.

I’ll bet most of you have encountered such issues within various industries.

I have renewed concerns about supply chain shortages…

I am becoming increasingly concerned. My gut instinct feels a bit different than during early 2020. We know a lot more now. We have witnessed what happened. The shortages that did occur. However this time I have renewed concerns about what may be coming. This Fall. Winter. Maybe sooner?

Preparedness is largely motivated by recognition of systemic risks to our way of life. I sense MORE potential disruption than we experienced during 2020. Here’s the how and why of my thinking…

First, let me say this… I’m not going to get into the politics and ‘political science’ behind what happened, what is currently happening, and that of the ultimate goal. Rather, I recognize it, know it with certainty, and will adapt to whatever unfolds. I cannot change it.

Even as I type, there are new lockdowns occurring all across regions of the rest of world. The ‘variants’. We’re not even in flu season yet. It’s still several months away. That tells me this… When we do get there, the manufactured fear is going to be crazy. The result of which is going to be very, very bad for the supply chains of the world. Supply chain shortages will become much, much worse.

Here’s the thing. Businesses (especially small and mid-size businesses) have already be largely crushed from 2020 till present. Even many larger businesses are affected. Industries experiencing all sorts of supply chain disruptions. So, when renewed “lockdowns” and over-reactions take place yet again, this is going to be even worse for the supply chains of the world.

More supply chain shortages coupled with price inflation.

Couple this with present inflation. It’s bad out there! Costs and prices for everything are up, and up! Have you been to the grocery store lately (for example)?! Trying buying a good cut of meat. A good steak. It’s crazy…

My gut tells me that we’re headed towards bigger troubles ahead. Yesterday, Mrs. J and I had a talk about what we might do to help mitigate what may be coming. We’re pretty much well set already, given our preparedness lifestyle of self-reliance to the extent we can. So, what have we decided to do?

Begin spending fiat dollars on the things we were going to do anyway, albeit later on. For example, I have a ‘beef’ chest freezer. It’s down to about ~ 60% capacity at this moment. So, although the cost of beef is outrageous, it’s going to get worse. Inflation, and, potential supply chain shortages as “stuff happens”.

We have, and are still making other bigger purchases that were on our to-do list.

The trick is to “beat the crowd”. I beat the crowd during early 2020. I stocked up on everything we needed. As a result, there were no shortages in our household as others scrambled for supplies.

I see the writing on the wall. And what I’m reading ‘aint good.

We might be looking at a major breakdown of the social fabric of a thin-veneered society. Especially in places. Particularly blue places, if you get my drift. Though the affects will be felt everywhere.

We have been forewarned by Klaus Schwab and other global elite. They have told us. Clearly. I know the Rockefeller plan. Personally, I don’t believe (at this juncture) that it will be stopped. It is happening, right now.

You might want to seriously think about economic breakdown to varying extents, inflation/hyperinflation, cyber attacks on major infrastructure (they’ve told us), renewed lockdowns heading into flu season, supply chain shortages and breakdowns, and, civil breakdown.

I do not believe we’re going back to the way it was.

Preparedness Awareness.

Beat The Crowd.


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  1. It’s hard to know if our foreign enemies will be patient enough to wait for the country to collapse from within or will they want to
    speed up the process with a massive cyber attack or an EMP.
    There is no difference between foreign enemies and domestic enemies.They both want the same thing and are willing to do
    whatever it takes.
    There is only one way to save our country and way of life.

    1. Vickie, I tend to think that our enemies from without who desire our natural resources wouldn’t want to totally destroy us. Seems like they’d want to do what they can to remove our citizens, but preserve as much as possible for their own benefit. So, if major players can restrain rogues like Iran, I don’t think we’d see an EMP. But, we know not to ignore the possibilities and must do our best to be prepared for whatever may come.

      1. NW Gal, why would an enemy from without, say, China, remove what it can enslave? These “blm” and “antifa” animals; they have NO IDEA the situation they’re dividing the country into!

        1. TM, There’s been a lot of discussion about planned population reduction here and around the world. I’m sure there’d still be millions to enslave, made easier if our current leadership welcomes in the UN, etc. to help restore peace here.

  2. I’ve worried about just this for several years. Boomers like myself, and many others on this site, have lived most of our lives in the country that made things for the rest of the world. American made meant something…quality, quantity, innovation, and availability.

    The last pickup I bought listed on the window sticker….engine may be from…and listed three different foreign countries…transmission…three other countries. The sticker didn’t go to the trouble of listing all the countries the electrical components may have come from.

    The pickup? Yep, an “American” made Chevrolet Silverado.

    I mentioned some time back about Sonic Drive-In kiosk advising that “some menu items may be unavailable due to nationwide shortages and supply interruptions”……months later, the warning is still there.

    We are living in a pretend world…we pretend we have a president…we pretend that runaway inflation won’t destroy us…we pretend that unfettered illegal immigration is good for the country…we pretend that covid-19 and all the “variants” to come are our biggest threat…we pretend that a universal poke with an experimental “vaccine” is our most pressing need…

    ….and we pretend that, given time, everything will go back to normal.

    As the drill sergeants used to say…”if you got ’em, smoke ’em…ya’ may not get another chance”……

    1. Dennis,
      I have been watching the same. Maybe 20% enlightened enough to see what’s going down, of them…maybe 25% doing something about it. I came to the conclusion that all I can do is continue putting stuff away, teaching my kids self-sufficenct ways, and trusting in our Father in Heaven to help us out, be that His will. I am beginning to feel that whatever is coming has to happen to wake the sleeping majority. Maybe it is payback for allowing the country to go down a God-less path. Time will tell.

      1. Minerjim:
        I believe your percentages are wayyyyyy off.
        5% see whats coming, and maybe 10% of those are trying to be prepared, the rest have ZERO clue as what to do, Hence sites like this one are very important, unfortunately not many can ever get started preparing, all alone be ready for the next 2020 or worse.

        1. NRP & Blue,
          You may be right on your percentages. I was speaking from my AO point of view. All i can do is pray and lend a hand and helpful word to those who want to learn self- sufficiency. I do see a lot of the younger generation waking up to the bs that is going on. Maybe we are meant to be mentors at this point in life?

        2. Hi, I am new here and am hoping to get started. What would you suggest as my first moves? I just want to run the store and buy up anything and everything. TIA

          1. LilRock
            Check out the past articles that Ken J has published. You will gain a lot of knowledge from his articles he has written an updated over the years. First one I found by using the search engine on this site will be your go to: “Categories of Prepping & Preparedness-Start with these.
            Next to the Menu on the right hand top side of this page, is your beginning of a new life to unfold. That is where you will find the search engine for this site. You will find other useful articles written & recommended for the beginner.
            Number one rule: Only buy what you will eat… otherwise you are wasting your money.
            Those who shared their wisdom on those article may still be posting. If not, ask we will do our best to update you with a vast array knowledge, as this is a widely diverse grouping of rather intelligent folks who read and post here.
            Good luck… NO binge shopping. LISTS……..and more lists–BABY steps.

          2. One week of food that you and your family will eat, and one week of water. Then increase that to a month.

            While getting that done, research the articles here. At least half of the information is in the comments, so make sure you read those as well.

          3. LilRock, I will add to the other comments.
            Buy Foods and seasonings to make “any Boxed meals- you currently used things like skillet dinner Helpers… you can purchase ingredients your family like for about 1/4- 1/3 price of boxed kits.Almost any combination of helper meals can be made w/ basic ingredients Depending on the type of meat and your preferences /likes and dislikes… an egg noodle, some form of pasta or a rice..+ a sauce- alfredo, cheese sauce, spaghetti sauce or seasoned tomato dices.. , Basic veggies.. mushrooms, canned/dehydrated sweet peas, carrots, I also use the cheater pasta sides to make complete meals from by adding mushrooms and peas and a can of chicken to one..One way to keep up with how many man meals you have would be to drop all foods needed for one of these in a zip lock bag..and drop into a tucker tub or similar.
            Dry goods- freeze: for 3-5 days .. flour, meal, pastas, rice -allow to return to room temp. and if space sufficient return to freezer for 3 more days , return to room temp and then dry pack in containers to protect from rodents.
            If you have any food storage tools and ability already?
            dehydrator- buy frozen veggies and secure them by drying til in airtight jars/ can re use spaghetti sauce jars for this..
            . String beans from frozen are wonderful pressure canned in qts/ 25 takes about 9 lbs warmed thawed string beans to pack into 7 qts.. salt to add for a qt is one teaspoon.. I dehydrate mushrooms, sweet peas and carrots to add to casseroles/ soups and stews.. and Okra is better dehydrated than from fresh( wash slice and put on trays til dry…. all dehydrated vegetables can be consumed as crunchies dry.. with water available. summer squash become very sweet chips.

      2. I see the same thing, MinerJim. 80% of the people in this country are more concerned with who won the ball game the previous night than the fact that their country is on a rocket sled to hell. These people feel “It can’t happen here.” It can happen anywhere people walk away from God.

        God will wake His own. Given what happened to Israel every time she walked away from God though, I can only surmise that things will get worse before people come to their senses. Meanwhile, we who see what’s happening must prepare for what’s coming. May God help us all…

    2. Dennis:
      Even with all the CRAPO that’s truly going on….
      Life is good on the Mountain as it is here on Lightening Point.
      Don’t lose sight of what’s really important my friend.

      1. Exactly my friend. Exactly. Be positive to the extent of being able to do so. Live life. Enjoy life. While also ‘keeping an eye on things’.

        1. KJ and all, is this not why we are prepared? So we can sit back with our popcorn and watch the entertainment? Albeit perhaps a morbid curiousity such as gawking at a wreck,

          1. Kulafarmer, ken,
            we are in a good place, a looong way from any towns with an inexhaustible supply of water, non GMO-heritage seeds and enough solar to get buy with. (wish i had more solar, but you gotta run with what you brought to the track)
            the woke are going to be in for a hard time within a year. me i’m going to sit back and watch and laugh, they will reap what they have sown.
            now would be a good time to inventory what you have and patch any holes in your prep’s.
            don’t forget any tools to make a farm or homestead work, like chainsaw blades and bars. they do wear out.
            the wheat and corn harvests are going to be way down this year as will many other crops. stock up while you can.
            good luck all

          2. My scout
            Corn and wheat are look to be down about 40 percent. A lot of that will transfer into feed so meat will be short also. Not going to be fun

      2. NRP & Blue,

        You betcha….life is good on the mountain.

        Like everyone, my life has had it’s ups and downs, good times and not so good…but I’ve never lost sight of how we…as a whole…living in America…are a truly blessed people…and I give thanks.

        We as a nation are at a crossroad…many…maybe a majority…have been brainwashed to think there is a better world out there that they’ve been deprived of…a world of unlimited free stuff…no personal sacrifice…no pain or suffering…and are willing to destroy what we have for a pie in the sky promise from people that hate our success…those who begrudge what others have accomplished by hard work.

        Want to enslave a generation? Offer them guaranteed loans to get a worthless degree with no job at the end…forever indebted to the “company store”…dangle loan forgiveness in exchange for a vote…forever…with no intent to forgive the note. And use the money to enrich the very people who indoctrinate them to hate America.

        But…on the mountain…I watch squirrels busily gathering up for hard times, while times are good…bears putting on fat in order to face the winter…deer steadily browsing in order to do the same….and me? I take the hint……..

      3. NRP & Blue

        Life is even good here on…..Poverty Ridge….. Maybe not be as poor as some believe. :)

    3. Dennis,
      “We are living in a pretend world…”
      That’s it. I believe most people want their pre-covid way of life back so badly that they fool themselves into believing everything is okay. It’s just easier for them to cope.

      And those of us who try to shine light on painful (yet seemingly obvious) truths are marginalized as being crazy. We are called names, laughed at, silenced and sometimes criminalized – all in an attempt to preserve the status quo. I have come to the conclusion that most people simply do not want to know. So, I have had to give up on many people… there is simply no getting through to them.

  3. This Article is “spot on”.
    We were just having a discussion over on the Open Forum about Gas Prices.
    When Biden took the Presidency gas price here was $1.95, NOW IN 7 MONTH’S it’s $3.25, and in CA as per So Cal Gal, it’s already at $5.00 in some places.
    My question, what is Fuel going to do in the next 7 months?
    AND that’s just a single item.
    Food prices are already starting to get outrages, give it a few months.
    Ask OH about the Wheat Crops that aren’t there anymore.

    I did a quick trip to town yesterday, went to Sam’s Club, I was amazed how well stocked it was, literally full to the roof, had a chat with one of the managers about how well stocked they were, her comment—- “Yes, but it would only take a week to empty this place just like last year, see those 5 trucks in the parking lot? we actually pay a PD Officer to keep an eye on them during the nights”.
    Yes folks, it’s getting that bad when a Truck has to be guarded by the local Police Department. AND I’m in Poe-Dunk-Nowhere. Imagine how it is in the Big Cities.
    Ken is absolutely correct, there is a Poop-Storm heading this way, ya might just want to take heed and get that extra 50#’s of Sugar and a 6 pack of Toilet Paper while you still can.
    DO NOT tell me you forgot about the TP shortages of 2020!!!!

    1. NRP & Blue,
      It seems all the pieces are coming back together again, doesn’t it? This time around, we have the added joy of inflated prices and devalued currency to add to the situation. Transportation issues (from port congestion to lack of cargo containers to rail stoppages to lack of labor including truck drivers) to production issues due to lack of materials and labor, to some countries already putting people back in various lock-down modes. And yet, it’s like most people either aren’t seeing it, or refuse to believe it. As though no lessons were learned from last year – at least not where I am. And it’s not like prices are going to get any better.

      And this new level of criminality – shoplifting, assaults, car jackings… it seems to be everywhere. People are losing their minds, and getting away with all kinds of crap these days. Who would have thought your area would need full-time guarding to keep people from stealing right out of parked trucks? That’s very big-city type behavior.

      I think this weekend will include a Costco run to top off supplies. I have no room left, but that’s just how things are going to have to be for right now.

      1. So Cal Gal,

        Everything you say is true…I’ll make a prediction here…hi-jacking of trailer truck loads of commodities before they get to the stores…to be sold on a black market.

        Sorta uncanny…shortages coupled with months of anti-cop rhetoric, defunding of police departments, socialist district attorneys refusing to prosecute theft…but trumping up charges on law abiding citizens who dare to confront thieves and attackers…politicians blaming guns, not thugs for crime…an election that sure stinks of fraud…

        There must be some kind of correlation…I just can’t put my finger on it…without fear of getting a visit…you know…for thinking for myself

        1. Dennis,
          A nation that turns away from God and his ways is doomed to failure. Plain and simple.

      2. So Cal Gal
        Rise the bed up in a guest room a few more inches okay… feet🙄.

        Maybe find a storage unit that does heating & AC so it can be in a temperature controlled environment? They have them in AZ, saw those when we passed through years ago.

  4. Ken. Re your comment.
    “First, let me say this… I’m not going to get into the politics and ‘political science’ behind what happened, what is currently happening, and that of the ultimate goal. Rather, I recognize it, know it with certainty, and will adapt to whatever unfolds. I cannot change it.”

    Depending on where you live, “politics”, matters a helluva lot. Where I live there are ways around the shortages – not foolproof or perfectly stable – but I have options. I am fortunate. But what of those people who live on the left-coast, or in a bluer than blue state? Their state and local governments DICTATE how to live, what to eat, what to wear, what to say, and soon, what to think. They may not have options when the SHTF – for real. They may not even have the means to defend themselves when the “Red Guard” of Bernie and Kamala come to their door. I’m saying that you can ignore politics all you want but for some who post on these forums politics is their way of life – like it or not.

    1. Just to clarify something, Eli; there are MILLIONS of Conservatives on the West Coast. True, a few big cities fuel the Left Wing lunacy in the state houses, but move away from those locales and the political demographic changes markedly. During the last election more people in California voted for Trump that he entire populations of several “flyover states” …combined. The folks in the Sacramento Asylum may THINK they can tell us exactly how to live, but as with everything else, they’re living in a delusion. Bolshevik Bernie and Kameltoe… they’ll want to stay off my property…

      There are obviously enough of us “Old West” types left to worry the likes of Pruneface Pelosi. Otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to set up “Capitol Police” “field offices here…

      1. Mr. MacGyver – amen brother, amen, have a large family of good ole fashion Americans. GGM

  5. We agree 100% with this article. Family and I have been shopping all week long, spending around $1,000 on food/supplies/wine/ pet food. Processed 20 pounds of chicken for the freezer today. Actually running out of space for stuff. Dehydrator running like crazy with veggies from the garden. Also canning plum and peach jam x 18 pints.

    Both Red and Blue are calling the other side ” The Enemy”. As my Mom used to say, ” It takes two to start a fight”!

  6. In North America we are looking at shortages in our own backyards, if the heat didn’t get the crops rain and hail did. Here in eastern Canada we had late frosts that did in or delayed a number of crops. This was followed by a month with hardly any rain then a month of rain. It has been worse in the west with the heat and fires. Add on the problems with shipping and supply chains overseas and in our own countries as Ken has noted and we are in for a chunk of hurt.
    As others have noted very few have paid attention to these problems to the extent that they have either started preparing or increased preparations. I am not a big fan of government but the federal and provincial governments here have tried to open people’s eyes into having bug out bags, gassed up vehicles and plans to get out of Dodge, which ever Dodge is going to hell in a hand basket at the time. The government also advertises on a regular basis to have at least a few days of supplies on hand, more if possible. This too is ignored by the masses as “ it won’t happen here” is too common a mindset.
    I’m old enough to have seen the wars, shortages, line ups and rationing as well as massive inflation. Unfortunately it seems many have to live through the problem to learn the lesion that others will willingly teach!

  7. OH,
    Point taken on shortages of replacement parts. But I imagine you, being the resourceful guy you are, have a farm shop (or 2 or 3) and enough “iron piles” along with the knowledge to build those parts you can’t get. (Heck, as I kid I used a piece of a flame hardened nail to fix a bike chain). Yes, that takes time. But my point is prepping also means knowing “how to do, work around, and substitutes”. Wouldn’t you agree?

  8. Can you see it folks? This nation is under judgement……the days will grow darker. I HAD a plan…….and He laughed at my plan. I am caught short as my life has drastically changed. I have a “little one” now to protect. I will do the best I can and depend on Him for the rest. His plan…..not mine, come what may.

    *The folks in the western states will have to move eastward…….Water is life.
    *Those with established homesteads and preps will have to be prepared to move on a moments notice….Invasion and Earth Events.
    *Your true terror will come from above….There will be no question as to judgement.
    *Seek the Lord with a repentant and humble heart and you will be led to His safe haven….Eternal Survival.

    I pray for you all. “Out”

  9. Trying to stop the inevitable collapse is like standing on the shore and telling the tide not to come in. I went ahead a scheduled a root canal for a tooth that occasionally gives me problems so I don’t have to worry about it in the future in a SHTF situation. Think about things you need to fix, buy or take care of now while you can and don’t wait until you are in a bind and it’s not available. Serious Medical and Dental issues are two areas that few people have the ability to do on the own. I am good friends with both my doctor and a retired dentist who lives down the road which could be a God send when the SHTF. Stay healthy as your life will depend on it.

    1. RC. this is a HUGE prep! GO to the dentist. GET your teeth fixed. If you’ve never had a severe toothache, you have NO IDEA the kind of pain you’re in for! Medical issues are bound to happen no matter how well you prepare. Don’t give “chance” the upper hand!!

  10. Perhaps NY, CA, or Gretchen’s state is worse, but MN is now a rotten place to be, ruined by all the reasons folks on this blog know. We are unable to move. I am appreciative of sites such as this that have helped us to be more prepared than we would’ve before reading them. Thank you! On the supply chain shortages, we have a lawnmower that’s been in the shop for over a year, awaiting a part. They stored it & will replace it free of charge if the part ever comes in. We have moved on, of course, this conversation just reminded me. A family member visited just now, to say he feels constantly like the other shoe is about to drop.

    1. Ruby, I hear you! I was a life-long Minnesotan who has become a ‘MN Refugee’ in SD. Life is better here. I have no interest in going to TX or FL, with their influx of new people. I will put up a greenhouse and live with the cold, while enjoying the lower cost of living here.

  11. I manage a store for a large auto parts chain. In 30 years I have never seen parts so hard to come by. Anything you think you might need buy it now. I was planning on new tires for my Jeep in October but talked to a friend who runs a tire shop and he said lots of common tires are a 6 month back order right now. Bought the tires today.

    I agree with Ken. Spending the paper money now to top off what you need is a good idea

    1. I work in the parts dept of a small town Ford dealership. We have a huge amount of back ordered parts. Some have been on back order for a year. We also have an empty sales lot.
      We can’t find any canning lids in the local stores so we got some from amazon. We are having several that are not sealing. If they don’t seal I put the food in vacuum seal bags in the freezer. Is any one else having trouble with the amazon canning lids?

      1. Car Guy, try this… take the lids.. wash them in hot soapy water- even used ones in good condition…no scratches on inside rubber intact… rinse them same hot water.
        as you get ready to install them. place in warm water to cover needed ones, add to about 2 cups water ,..3/4 tsp baking soda.. bring to a boil and install hot lids. ring as normal… was given this tip when i had 7 of 10 jars fail… this tip was given to me by The Ohio Prepper(TOP) i rarely have loss.

        when you wash jars to store, take a corner of paper towel or tissue spray big dot of cooking spray on it and wipe top edges of lid.. to seal metal and retard rust.

  12. There are shortages of stuff all over the spectrum, from chips for vehicles to hinges and drawer slides for cabinets we build to plywood we use, its going to get worse, right now its slowing stuff down, in a few months i bet it just plain dries up

  13. Remember a few years ago when everyone was saying we needed a “reset”? I’m wondering if this is it.
    Through 2020, DH and I learned that he won’t even tell his best friend that we do indeed have tissues – we also learned that I’m the softie who promptly gave him 2 boxes from my stash. I also heard him tell his sister more than once when she was frantically driving to stores looking for TP that we didn’t have any to spare (I rival NRP!! 😁) but she could have some of our newspaper. She is one of those people who never used to worry about these things – goes to the grocery store and buys the same things every week, whether they are on sale or not. While we were on vacation for a week, she hit the grocery store FOUR times.
    Our local grocery store had a $0.77 pasta sale this week, so I added to our stock. The shelves were sparse, which made me wonder if some people are doing the same, either due to rising prices or fear of shortages.
    I used to work for a major food company and still keep in touch with a few people. They are having major issues getting people to work, ingredients and carriers to deliver anything. It is affecting production.
    The other night we went to a local Mennonite store and I was hoping to score more canning supplies, as the garden is being fruitful this year! The only ones on the shelves were Pur brand, which is made in China. Fully stocked on them! Our first batch of red sauce went into jars today and we’re keeping an eye on our inventory of lids. Will try to local Mennonite grocery store again as we found them there about a month ago.

    1. Always Lurking:
      Please note, I have never said I have a minimal supply of TP, I have simply asked the question “is 600 rolls really enough”?
      I will agree with you that people don’t want to work. I hear it all the time around here. “Why work when I make more on unemployment”?

      1. Minimal 🤣 The only thing I can say in defense of those particular employees is that the company has been working them 13 days straight (2 Saturdays a month off) for years because they didn’t want to hire. At first I didn’t blame anyone who ended up with some time off, legit or not. But I think a lot of people realized during that time that maybe working that much isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are also a lot that never wanted to work in the first place.

  14. I have been stocking up on whiskey, and I don’t drink. The currency that can close a deal and get you what you want is what you should get while you can. It lasts in a warm environment, like a garage, and is a very good barter item. It wont freeze and you can buy it in plastic bottles. Try to barter for a load of fire wood or gravel with some MREs or some cans of soup. You are much better off starting with whiskey.

    1. Not So Sure,
      Two things that always sold during the Great Depression, soap and booze. If you know how to make both, you’ll get by in the next one.

      1. Minerjim
        On the matter of soap, especially in the bar form. Make sure it is placed into those buckets you are acquiring. Ask me how I know… rowl

        Mice love Ivory, their inside must be as clean as a persons outsides…🤩😂😂

        1. AC,
          Darn mice eat everything. Wonder how they would fair if they ate Grandma’s lye soap? Point taken on keeping it in closed buckets though. Hope you are doing OK over there, I see all the fires an just shutter. Looks like monsoon may have started here, .3″ last 3 days. Thanks for pushing that rain in! Your efforts are much appreciated!

    2. not so sure & Minerjim:
      Both are good to go, BUT if you Barter with Booze, they wont care about the Soap HAHAHAH

      not so sure; Don’t store the stuff in Plastic, it’s god awful and your Barter power will diminish a LOT if the other guy knows.

      Minerjim; guess your set than ya Ole Moonshiner, HAHAHA

      1. NRP & Blue
        Are you telling me that I will need to transfer that fire starter into mason jars? We were not consumers of alcohol, so I purchased a bottle of whiskey in a plastic bottle for trading. 🤔 😯

        1. Antique Collector:
          Actually the Plastic Whiskey bottles is fine for short term storage, a couple of years maybe 5 years, but after that it degrades and taints the Alcohol.
          Do NOT transfer it to Mason Jars, the Glass is fine, but the lids are not made to hold up in the Alcohol at all, a year max.
          If you already have Booze that you want to keep long term, till TSHTF sort of thing, go to a local Bar and ask for some Glass Bottles and the original lids that come with the bottle, they will most likely gladly give you all you want.
          Now someone is going to say “Well NRP, the Plastic Bottles are designed for the use” Ohhhhh-K, I will not argue that point, I’m just speaking out of a lifetime of being a Drunk and knowing what works.
          As you can tell, I do NOT like the Plastic Bottles for Alcohol storage hehehe

          1. NRP & Blue,
            the good thing about plastic bottles is that they are less apt to break if a person is drunk and drops them. been there and done that.

          2. NRP & Blue,
            What’s wrong with a glass wine bottle and a cork? ( I get some hoyty-toyty types will get upset with “likker” in the wrong type of bottle). A stoneware jug with a cork or wooden plug works too. Can’t answer to how long that would last in storage, never seems to last that long. I think after SHTF, you’d be better off making your own in small batches from time to time. A known big cache of booze would be a big target. Knowing how to make a good batch of m’shine might gain you some respect and protection in the long run.

  15. I added a couple more 5-gallon water bottles to my larder this morning. The last time I bought those bottles they cost $10.00. The ones I caught this morning cost me $15.00. That’s a50% increase in price in one year! The reason? As with everything else, it was supply chain breakage. The place I bought the bottles from said they couldn’t get them, that the manufacturers couldn’t keep up with demand. …Keep this in mind, folks…

  16. Shelves were bare at the grocery store today on vinegar. ?? Also, very low on sugar.

    1. Always Lurking
      One thing I was advised about was having lots of extra sugar on hand. I happen to use the one year plan set up by the Mormon church for it’s members.
      Since I normally can fruit during this time of year, every time I would be in a big box store like Costco or C&C would pick up 50lbs or more. Along with vinegar since we have tankless hot water system and it has to be cleaned at least once a year especially if you are on a well.
      Used vinegar is then used on cleaning the livestock water tanks before being dumped on the ground. Get one’s money out of a jug of vinegar but recycling the contents.

      1. Another good use for vinegar; turn off the water to the toilet and flush it to empty it. Pour a gallon of vinegar into the bowl and let it sit a few hours. Turn the water back on, brush, and flush. Mineral deposits and rust will be gone, and the vinegar won’t screw up your septic system.

  17. OH,
    Thank you for the update, always appreciate you sharing with us. And little if any of this info ever makes it out to the general public. Anything to avoid a panic.

  18. Any word on the hay supply? Prices on bagged animal grain went up an additional 50 cents within the past couple of weeks at tsc.

  19. Anony Mee
    I have blended bleached flour with ground wheat for a great flour mixture. It was a way to test this flour blend in cookies, since it was a new to me experience. If you need to stretch out your ground wheat berries this will be the way to do it. fyi

  20. Just left Costco. They had no TP. “Oh yeah, that’s a morning item. Always gone by afternoon.” Only dairy products were some milk and butter. No half-and-half, cream, cottage cheese, etc. “Yeah, we’re out of a lot of stuff these days.”

    1. Anony Mee,
      Last week I picked up several tubes of the paste, for the horses. A good supply of various brands.
      Yesterday, I grabbed the last of the pour on type, for Sadie Mae.
      Paste supply was still stocked.
      This was Family Farm and Home. There are several in our state. Not so much as a nation wide business.

      1. Joe c, Yeah, I topped my horse paste last week from local feed store. Many commenters re shortages are east and central plains.

      2. Big story on the local news here yesterday about people taking this and calling poison control. They had pictures of some very familiar products. I think it was the FDA that came out and told people they are not horses or cows, and to stop. Perhaps people are taking WAY too much, or perhaps TPTB are just trying to stop people from trying to help themselves. Maybe both.

        1. SoCalGal
          You are probably right on both assumptions.
          We are not fish either, but there is human use of fish antibiotics.

          As my grandma used to say,
          “Even too much of a good thing can cause a person harm.”

        2. So Cal Gal,
          they have really been pushing the same thing in our state on the local media, i think both.

  21. Hi, I am new here and am hoping to get started as a prepped. What would you suggest as my first moves? I just want to run the store and buy up anything and everything. TIA

  22. Lilrock
    Start with a deep breath. I recommend you look at what you have first. By all means go to the store and add to what you have. Think about water can foods and dry goods ( rice beans, and pasta). There are a lot of things to consider but get some piece of mind by doing today what you can.

  23. Just went to website for Chef’s Store, formerly Cash&Carry, a restaurant supply store open to public. Checking item availability before I maybe go tomorrow Here’s an announcement posted on the site: “Due to an industry wide shortage in supplies we are temporarily suspending our Click&Carry, Instacart, and Shipt services in some markets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” Boy howdy!

  24. Anony Mee
    How is your Chef Store doing for supplies in general? I should make a sugar run. I find it more convenient to shop there than to hike the south 40 of Costco’s parking lot. I could use the exercise but not the pushing a cart with 50lbs of sugar and other necessities😉😂. Smarter not harder. lol

    1. Antique Collector, Been to a couple different Chef’s Stores in the past few weeks. Unannounced deliveries, anticipated deliveries not arrived, gaps on shelves, do not know from one day/week to the next what they will have in stock. Sometimes staples, like pasta, rice, flour completely out and sometimes stacked to the ceiling and canned goods out. Staff are not happy; they like being able to know what’s arriving when. White Satin sugar, in 50 lb plastic sacks there, are best deal per lb that I’ve found. Sugar, powdered milk, and molasses are on my list.

  25. Anony Mee,

    Yup. Contact who went to the one in CDA said they have no trucks coming in at present. Limit per customer was five cases. Period. When asked when the trucks would come, was told they don’t know. They’re working on it. I was in a Winco today, for the first time, and they seemed very well stocked. I’ve heard they have they’re own trucking, so maybe that’s why?

    ‘They’ had to rush the game plan, and didn’t get around to eliminating those pesky self-defense items all us deplorables own before their real game plan got revealed. I figure we’re in the beginning of the siege part of the war now – starve us out. Hard to imagine that could actually be happening, but there are just too many disparate events – coincidences – that all result in the same thing. Shortages. And more shortages.

  26. 1st general grocery store trip in several weeks. Crazy price increases. DH preferred adult beverage up 50% from last visit. Visible reduction in shelf space for several items. Some items on my list no longer even have shelf space designated. Only empty shelves were those for advertised loss leaders.

  27. Last night I made a trip to town for supplies, and noticed more empty spots and general disarray than usual. It could be that it was Monday night, and the weekend is busier – maybe restocking wasn’t done yet? From my oldest working grocery, I know that re-stocking trucks often come early Monday mornings to get those shelves filled back up after the weekend. That should have happened by Monday night, but it sure didn’t look like it.

    Stopped at the Dollar store, and it was very bare in the grocery department. I was specifically looking for dried milk powder, but they had none. Same thing at Winco – no dried milk powder. Also, no wheat berries of any kind in the bulk section for the first time since I’ve been going. Spices everywhere seem to be a bit thin; lots of garlic/onion powder, but low on everything else unless it’s the very small expensive glass jar types.

  28. Farmgirl, Replying to your open forum comment here. A few months ago he-who-shall-not-be-posted mentioned dwindling warehouse stocks. Now it appears that what’s on the grocery shelf today was originally scheduled for this coming May/June timeframe. Probably nothing behind it except empty pipeline. Have been working since that warning not only on LTS for coming dark, cold years, but on deep pantry for current follies. One of my greengrocer friends says wholesale prices are going up to the point where he won’t stock certain items because the price he’d have to charge would be too high for his customer base. Even then, there are outages in produce at the distributor level. A friend back East who’s been setting aside, perhaps just to stop me nagging her, talked today about shortages of food due to exports. It’s crumbling. Got grub?

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