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Systemic Breakdown If Supremes Rule In Favor Of Vaccine Mandate

Filed under Systemic Risks. This one is exceedingly relevant to one’s preparedness. The Supreme Court is about to rule on Biden’s (OSHA) vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees, which is due to go into effect on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

I am writing this on Saturday. I don’t know if the supreme court ruling will come out this weekend, before the mandate. However, I can tell you one thing… If they rule in favor, this will likely lead to systemic collapse the likes of which you’ve never seen, in my opinion.

Do I think they’ll rule in favor of Biden’s OSHA business mandate? I do not. I believe there will be enough supreme court justices that will instead push it to the Legislatures and States. A federal agency should not have this sort of power.

However, I do not have a crystal ball. Supreme court justices do not always rule the way you might think.

With that said, I feel compelled to put out a sort of warning, in the event the supreme court ruling is in favor of mandatory vaccines for businesses with 100 or more employees. It is expected to affect approximately 85 million workers.

Mandatory Vaccines For Businesses Will Collapse The System As We Know It

My gut instinct is telling me this… If this goes through, there will be ramifications across all sectors of industry. The results of which will likely trigger a systemic collapse. And it will collapse in multiple ways on multiple fronts.

What do you think? If this goes through, will it not be that bad? If not, how or why not?

Further Supply Chain Collapse – Already Under Duress

How many workers will refuse to comply with the government forcing a mRNA jab into their bodies?

How will businesses deal with losing such a part of their workforce? Some or many of whom may be very key personnel?

How many workers will simply ‘force’ their employer to fire them?

Can you imagine the sharp increase of internal employee workplace division? How’s that going to go over? Not good…

How many workers will revolt? And how will that look? What will some of them do? Can you picture the anger, not being able to feed your family because of being let go due to the federal government forcing a needle into your arm?

How many might sabotage operations out of anger? Will any of them strike or slow down their work?

Can you say, “Stock Market Crash”? Will this become the trigger to bring down this big market? How many will lose much of their 401K value as a result? Even the jabbed will be F’d.

Shortages. Shortages. And more Shortages.

As you well know, we live within a delicate system. We have, and are witnessing present shortages off-and-on of many things. But this? This will put the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

The Breakdown Of Other Sectors Of Industry Due To Vaccine Mandate

Think about it. We’re not just talking about one or two industries. We’re talking about ALL of them. Energy. Agriculture. Retail. Transportation. Health care. Finance. Technical. You name it… it will be affected.

Add your comment below. How might this affect us?

How to Prepare For Supreme Court Ruling In Favor Of Vaccine Mandate

If the Supremes ruling is in favor of the vaccine mandate, let that be your “GO” button. The sheeple won’t realize it, but their lives will be about to get rough.

How long might it take to notice the onset of the systemic collapse? What’s your opinion? I believe that it may be quicker than many may think (following a vaccine mandate ruling by the Supremes).

Days? Weeks? Months?

Regardless, I do believe that such a ruling will be very bad for our already disrupted way-of-life. And the minute the Supremes ruling comes out in favor of the vaccine mandate, is when I assume it’s all going to get pretty messed up out there.

I’m already well prepared for many things. However I’m simply putting the message out there for your interest and commentary. This one might be different…


  1. Yesterday two of the judges Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen made judgements on this issue with incorrect facts about covid cases. What does that tell you. Check Fox or perhaps some other media for the judges comments. Way out of line and no where near the CDC’s or other real facts. Talking about out of touch and perhaps only listening to the left media for their info……….Supreme Court folks. sad so very sad and lazy. Both appointed by Obama.
    2020 salaries and perks for the justices. The head justice makes a bit more.
    Life time retirement if service adds up to 80 will receive highest dollar amount. For instance, age 65+15 service. Must serve 10 years at least plus the age to make 80. Health benefits and a three month recess between July 1 and Sept 30 which no judicial obligations are required at all.

    1. Also Judge Breyer made a statement that implied he believed the vaccine was a real one that would stop the virus. Again an example of how the real data is not known to them. Even the CDC admits the vaccine doesn’t work this way.

  2. Supreme Court’s liberal justices slammed over vax mandate statements.

    The Supreme Court’s three liberal justices made a series of head-shaking comments Friday during oral arguments.

    The trio of Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor made claims during oral arguments that could have been classified as incorrect, ignorant, misinformed or hysterically exaggerated.


  3. My Prediction:

    Alito – against the mandate
    Thomas – against the mandate
    Gorsuch – against the mandate

    Sotomayor – for the mandate
    Kagan – for the mandate
    Breyer – for the mandate

    Kavanaugh ?
    Coney-Barrett ?
    Roberts ? (maybe compromised)

    It comes down to these last three, in my view. Could be Trojan Horse situation…

    1. Coney-Barrett was offered a 5 mil book deal two years ago (?), so she’s probably compromised.

      Roberts and Kavanaugh, I don’t know of any attempted bribery, but they both have families.

  4. Crazy times we are living in. Saw that some Congress Critter said, ” If they can mandate the jab, what to stop them from mandating our diets? “.

    DW and I did our shopping this week, lots of items either missing or in short supply. Mr. Ken might be right, mandates= collapse ?

    1. pitchfork, since u mention it, i was today at walmart neighborhood grocery and like the regular walmart there seems to be items missing, one in particular and not too much concern at this time is crackers, almost all gone. i know that over holidays people eat cheese and crackers but just looks strange. the cheese section was ok.

      1. Checkout stand nearly bare, with all the products lined up neatly in rows of three at the most. Mostly two or one, sometimes none. Lots of open space. At the checkstand?! Seems the only thing there’s a plentiful supply of is magazines.

        1. True. Also potato chips. My younger sister still remembers my adaptation of a homemade corn chip recipe. Came out more like a frito flavored cracker.

      2. For ten years 15 food items and ten non food items have been my checklist for pricing at Walmart to assist my attempts to gauge inflation….however I have also modified this about five years ago to show availability and that has been very eye opening. I have tracked several Walmarts in nevada and had some very enlightening discussions with management about what’s causing the problems. Summary as follows 1. Wallyworld had had a severe credit downturn with suppliers and in turn where they would buy product x on a 30 day billing cycle many suppliers have quit doing that and in turn wallyworld has to pay cash to get the product to their warehouse. That has caused many food items to limited to the great value brand or eliminated totally. 2. Limited quantities on the shelf’s due to limited cash, an example try and find clear ammonia over the last several years that space on the shelf has been empty or two or three bottles exist. Individual stores may get a case in , but they limited the quantity stocked on the shelf to stretch it out. 3. Filler items are even brought in from sams for sale at wallyworld, that was not the case a few years back. The new just in time inventory system has created a potential perfect storm for its demise, in that it only works when you have unlimited stock in the supply chain….this is a wake up call, people who live remotely learned the lesson to stock up when shopping years ago but today everybody needs to stock up because chances are you may not find what you want on the shelf. I hope to submit a detailed list of items and prices in the near future if ken wants me to……it’s a eye opener

  5. Ken,
    First, thank you for keeping us all up to date. I don’t comment much but do read most posts.

    Second, thankfully our business has fewer than 100 employees. But we are keeping an eye on this. The current number is just arbitrary. Could it be reduced to 50…25…2? We don’t think we should dictate what our employees do re: Covid-19 vaccines. Staffing is problematic currently with this latest variant. Cases vary in severity. Hopefully it will be the last go round. But I think it may be the first biological mess we face in current times. I pray I am wrong.

    Again thanks for your hard work. I may not agree with everything posted, but I have a lot of respect for most.

    1. Moe,
      Thanks for your comment, and for reading the blog. Hey, if everyone agreed on everything, it would be a pretty boring world, right? :=)

    2. fauci has already brought up every buisness no matter the number of employees…it didn’t gain much traction because a few federal judges had reversed the original mandate…but it if passes, it’s going to be every employee of any business and then every citizen of the country…

    3. You’re right. This is the way California legislates. The devil is in the details. The “law” is written with a slushy “number.” The “law” will state “You can’t sell armor-piercing bullets.” The law is written so that any other bullet can be added without further legislation. Like I said, Biden and company are doing their level best to turn the whole country into California. Beware the devil…

  6. The year is 2026, since the Blue victory in the second civil war and the split up of the United States, The People’s Republic of North America, made up of the Eastern Provinces of Canada and the Northern United States, has mandated yearly vaccinations, a low meat diet, no burning of wood/leaves/charcoal. Ownership of private cars is forbidden, as all citizens must use public transport. The practice of any Religion can only take place in your home, as what used to be called “Churches” have been turned into shelters for “visitors” from South America.

    As Chairwoman Harris says, ” We Are The World”.

    1. Private ownership of firearms is forbidden, except for members of The National Police Force. The former southern states of the once United States is now The No Go Zone, due to the Nuclear Fallout from The Great insurrection of 2022 and the following Civil War 2.

      1. The Great Insurrection of 2022 was started when former President Trump was jailed, then executed for treason for the Insurrection of Jan 6th, 2021.

        1. You need to write a comic book entitled “Aftermath”. It was the late 80’s I remember those out I think I only collected the first 6 or 8 episodes, if that. There may have only been a few. Time to start a new thread on AFTERMATH.

    2. If there is to be a red/blue split I prefer that of the ‘Kelly Turnbull’ series by Kurt Schlichter. I have read one, ‘Collapse’, and the description of the ‘blue’ California is just too close to what I experience here in WA, near the PRS (People’s Republic of Seattle). My workplace asks employees to fill out a ‘diversity profile’, including their preferred pronouns. My mgmt has not been stupid enough to ask me to work such a thing (is ‘locked and loaded’ a pronoun?). Thing is, outside of the PRS, WA is more purple, trending reddish than blue, and when you get to the east side of the state it is fairly ‘red’ (with some blue (Pullman) and purple (Spokane) areas). I do believe a low level ‘cold’ civil war is on-going, expressed by the migration to ‘red’ states like Florida or Texas. Personally, I am looking to the Idaho free state (have relatives there) when I leave WA.

  7. My hubby was told on Thursday, get jabbed or get canned (pending the outcome of the SC decision). His company has only 53 employees, but a sister company, without any consultation, filed paperwork to combine the two companies, resulting in over 100 employees. My husband will be filing for a religious exemption, which is truly our reason for not complying. If he does not get it, he will not quit, but hold out until they force him out. He is not the only one. Even those who have already fully complyed are very angry about all of this. We would be fine for several months, but we’re sad, as he has worked there for 26 years, and some of the people there are like family. I don’t believe this will end at 100 employees.

    1. In the Mitten,
      and then businesses wonder why they can’t hire any experienced employees. idiocy in action. it’s madness.
      i truly believe that many people are going to sit back and starve businesses for workers until they stop this jab nonsense, we are seeing it now.
      a strike if you will.
      when upper management has to go down onto the floors and do it themselves or shut the doors like so many businesses already have, things will change.
      in the last two years people have learned how to get by with a lot less. that’s why financial freedom is so important. financial freedom is very hard to obtain but certainly doable for most if they try hard enough.
      people are mad as hell about this jab issue and are not going to take it anymore and i don’t see the workforce, or lack of, issues getting better anytime soon. the Mayo Clinic just let 700 people go because of non compliance. and they are in the medical fields, they see it every day. that should be a wake up call to everyone about how scared THEY are of the vaccine.
      good luck with everything, i hope it all works out for you

      1. nyscout, thank you for your words of encouragement. You are correct, my husband’s company will be in a world of hurt because the ones who carry the load are the ones who will not go along with this.Hard workers are the backbone of this country. The backbone is being fractured more everyday.

    2. Three months ago, my husband left a job he really liked because the company was going to require everyone get faxed, even though there were fewer than 100 people. Since then 7 more employees quit. At least 3 employees still at the company have told them they will not get vaxed. I think the company may be changing their policy requiring the vax.

      1. I’m thinking that with so many people willing to quit their jobs over this, there ought to be enough people out of work to start their own companies with no-vaxx people to also provide the services. Face it, without employees some companies aren’t going to make it. For the service to be available people are going to have to accept the companies that can provide the service not matter their status. Just think if No-vax hospitals started up for no-vaxx people only. Or no-vaxx airlines, for pilots and clients protection. Or no-vaxx grocery stores, for workers and customer protection. Let the vaxx nanny’s shop at their own ice cream stores with no employees. Or fly their own airlines with no pilots. Even if the majority of peoplpe in the country are vaxx, over half of them double and tripple jabbed getting covid gotta be asking WTF. I’m worrying less and less every day because I know there are more and more people every day asking WTF.

    3. You are going about this all wrong… You do not ask for permission for a religious exception. You simply issue a declaration to the company CEO… Declare to them to Ph_ck Off! “My Body My Choice” You do not trust the US Government period or Big Pharmaceuticals period. Ask your CEO why they trust these entities? and then declare them fools.
      When they come for my small business that is how I am going to handle it and then burn it to the ground… try and take my house I burn that to the ground. Everything else they will need scuba gear for. Its at the bottom of a lake.
      Good Luck the War has started!

  8. – Ken asked how long if this is passed before SHTF? Based on what I have seen so far, I will be surprised if things last three days before we start to see fallout. If it is not passed, I believe we will start to see fits from the liberal media within a week. I hope I am wrong…
    – Papa S.

    1. Your giving them an entire week?
      I give it minutes for nasty news then hours for the left to begin to react and badly.
      Might get a few giggles if they stage more stupid “die-ins”

      Remember the low info people on the left don’t want to be forced into anything either, those
      fiery but peaceful protesters.

      1. -Nah, Horse, I agree with the minutes for nasty news; I was talking about the stupid “die-ins” and the like starting to show up. They already think they’ve won, so don’t have the things preset and ready to go.

        – Papa

    2. There are multiple things acting together that can cause supply to halt. The two dates for truckers crossing the Canada/US border (15th, 22nd) and possible court decisions.

      The border crossing mandates will cause all kinds of issues in northern states for supply. Just having the four mountain passes closed in WA state is providing shipping challenges. I’m glad that the only thing I’ve been in “need” of is fresh dairy. And I keep adding to long term storage as items are on sale.

      How many employees will be shown the door as part of any mandate will vary. Most folks I know who are not shot intend to stay until fired. Most local employers intend to not ask for as long as possible.

      If it rolls out like the King County WA card check mandate here in the greater Seattle area, all you can check is that it is a card or picture of a card where the shot date is at least two weeks ago. Cannot ask person presenting the card for other id to match against card. Cannot take any pictures of card presented. No guidance given on how to determine legitimate vs. fake cards. If you are a bartender in same location there is three hours of training to determine fake ids.

      But overall I think we are days away from bare food shelves (local supermarkets have shipping containers in back of lot). How panicked things get will depend on how local news spins things.

  9. My state announced that no matter the SCOTUS decision, we are not adopting the FED mandate. It’s unconstitutional. Other states will probably follow suit.

    Judge Napolitano said that if OSHA comes to your business asking for peoples health records, ask to see the warrant, if they don’t have one, show them the door.

    Our state has Constitutional carry and the Castle law. Why anger a bunch of folks. :)

    1. I suspect that states such as Florida and others will not comply with this. It will be interesting to see how those boundaries unfold, if and when…

  10. How many workers will simply ‘force’ their employer to fire them?

    Quitting negates unemployment, forcing them to fire you allows you to collect unless they change the rules again.

    1. Horse,
      That’s what my wife did. They asked if she wanted to apply for a medical or religious exemption she told them she was exercising her Constitutional right and needed no exemptions. On a good note, her former coworkers have told her the hospital is a disaster and the hospital workers are at each other throats due to lack of staffing, working hours and stress. ZERO SYMPATHY FROM US.

    2. My husband just got the notice. This is a hill we will die on. No poison shot. By the Grace of God, we are just three years from retirement and my job will not do the mandate. And by the Grace of God we have no debt and our house is paid off.

      What really chaps me is he has worked there for 23 years and the past two years has been a front line worker. I told him to do not quit and. Make them fire him.

    3. My employer is going to mandate everyone be vaxxed because they miss too much work when they are not,,, i will let them fire me, have been home for a week because of being exposed to a vaxxed azzhat who showed up sick after being on vacation for 2 weeks, but im the bad guy for staying out and isolating,,,

      Screw it, not being cooperative or submissive nor passive period

  11. Probably wise to operate as if it would be a matter of days, (we should always be in that mindset anyway). When something obvious (like this) is on the immediate horizon, I buy extra short-term items (10 lb bag of rice, flour, etc) – just to stave off tapping into longer-term preps for a month or so.

    Extra propane tanks, gas cans, and camper batteries topped off. Quick check of ammo inventory list. Grab another 50 lb bag of chicken feed, etc. I’m ahead of the game anyway, but never hurts to “add another sandbag”.

    1. Ken in Konnecticut,
      I like your analogy, “never hurts to add another sandbag”.
      Exactly right. And that sandbag will cost more tomorrow, and the next day…

      1. Extra sand bags, funny, I got so much stocked up that now when I buy dog food, I get 2 extra bags. I’m so bored of prepping that I’m vacuum packing the dog food. Now I’m starting to realize that its not starvation that you will have to outlive. Its the other 90% of the population that can’t live for the next 2 or 4 or 12 months on what they have. Its a sad concept. But I had to ask myself when is enough to to stop collecting preps. Maybe another topic for a thread, “whats your prep duration and why do you think thats enough”. Another in line with this forum is how much do you need to stock to get you to a self sufficiency level 4 prep. Some people can walk out with a knife and a lighter and live for 40 more years. Some might have a year supply of food and not even make it the year.

          1. That particular article is likely they reason I have that notion ;-)

  12. On the 15th, the Canadian mandate on truckers goes into effect. I believe on the 22nd, the US mandate on truckers goes into effect. Truckers are usually pretty independent types, who don’t take well to being pushed around. Even if they agree with the shots, “mandate” is going to push some buttons that maybe shouldn’t be pushed.

    On Monday the vaccine mandate. The SCOTUS ruling. States pushing back. Media pushing back on the states. Contradictions and people waking up. People quitting highly trained and high paying jobs. Hospital staff shortages. School staff shortages. Media pushing Omicron. France declaring the unvaccinated non-citizens. Austria following suit. People fleeing to other countries in the EU.

    Australia doing the same, saying unvaccinated cannot leave their homes for any reason and have no right to employment. COVID camps and forced vaccination for children.

    Boiling point.

    1. Yes, I feel it is reaching a boiling point out there, and all across the world. The powers-that-be fear losing the narrative. And they are slowly but surely losing the narrative. The truths are coming out and more people are waking up. However, they will not just let this fade away. Instead, the pedal is to the metal, and I’m concerned of their next move. I pretty much know in my gut what the next moves are, or might be. I won’t get into that here.

      Instead, I’m just trying to alert the general MSB readership (and whoever else lands here by way of various searches). “If” the Supremes uphold this (mandated jab), I believe we’re going to see a fairly rapid devolvement.

      1. Ken
        When all else fails, they take us to war. It’s a private club, and us deplorables are not in it.!
        “Only the dead have seen an end to war” Plato
        We Prepper should be at DEFCON 1 Maximum force readiness! I hope everyone is as prepped as they can be, SHTF is upon us.

        1. I forgot about active state of war, not the decades old ones they never cancelled to keep the powers that were enacted back then but a current situation/war where they have much more control over the population and ability to make normally unreasonable demands of the population giving us little recourse.

          That could happen under a war scenario where the constitution is intentionally limited or suspended “for our own good”

      1. Media is soft-pedaling it, even while Macron doubles down. I can’t find the Austria article now.

    2. Lauem,

      My dad works for the medical field. He was told to get boosted or be fired. He got boosted. I work for the colleges, so far their allowing testing but making complying with the rules near impossible. My wife works for the local schools and their 60% distance learning right now due to “infection rates”.

      I’m taking a new job closer to home with about 30% less pay to get away from the political stupidity and Covid mandates.

      For the first time ever, I truly fear for the future, and for my kids.

  13. I actually hope they push the button and all hell breaks loose, its time,
    Sorry if thats an uncomfortable truth but really,,, NOT SORRY,
    If you are so blind that you cant see the need for a solid brutal reckoning you havent been paying attention and deserve the bondage you crave

      1. No disrespect, but would you rather it be in 10 years? Personally rather it not be when im older

    1. Kula,
      I hear ya….
      And I’m with ya.

      Because I’m a Freedom Loving person.
      A proposed vax mandate awaits the wishy washy SCOTUS.
      And many other awaiting rulings.
      2nd Ammendment
      And we all hold our breath to such rulings to see which way they will swing.

      We are overtaxed, over ruled, over influenced by spinned media BS, over surveillanced, as if we are children.
      Made up rules and regulations to appease the corrupt.
      How much further will their ‘capade go on?
      How much longer will we allow it to continue?
      A slow death is just as horrid as an awaiting push of a button.

      WE THE PEOPLE…..
      are PISSED

      1. Joe c,

        That last paragraph….isn’t that why we broke away from England in the first place??

    2. KF,
      Agee 100%. My wife was terminated on Oct. 1, 2021 from the hospital she worked at for refusing to get the jab. We personally hope 2022 will see the God bring damnation and pour out his long overdue judgement on America and hopefully this time next year the vast majority will be ashes. Instead of watching it wither on the vine, we’d rather see it razed, especially the urban cesspools, with the chance of starting over fresh with 150 million fewer parasites, garbage and wasters of oxygen.. Every garden needs to be weeded and America is long over due.

      1. At work, 5 out positive, all vaxxed,
        But me i get to stay home and isolate because one of these POS came in sick anyway, and im not vaxxed, im betting the boss says vaxx for all period,,,its been coming. Im cool with it, ill walk, will give me more time for training

        1. KF,
          Don’t try and apply common sense to this crap as the sheep have gone rabid and there is only one cure for rabies. This boil on the ass of America needs to be lanced and the sooner the better as it will only continue to fester and get worst. Why wait for the inevitable when you can get it over and done and start the rebuilding.

  14. Kulafarmer
    I feel like we’re living in a “Frog in the pot” analogy. Getting pretty darn hot,too.

  15. From what I read, over 65 per cent of americans have at least one dose. So I would expect the other 35 per cent to be not inclined to get the shot.
    That said, I expect the SCOTUS to rule that OSHA cannot enforce a vaccine since it is out of scope of its authority. They will throw it back to the states.
    IF they allow this, the Biden administration will instantly beging sending daily Executive orders on everything you can imagine and some you cant imagine. The civil war will begin as soon as patriots gather and take over local government.
    I am located in a state that will not comply and feel that we will be better off than a lot of Dem controlled areas.

    1. In most of the world, even medical exemptions are not being accepted. It’s one reason we know this is NOT a medical issue.

    2. Tony, my doc of more than 20 yrs previously said I absolutely should not have the shot because of my allergic reactions to just about all medications. This last visit he changed his mind and said everyone will be forced to take the shot – no exceptions. I said it will probably kill me and many others. His response was that is the acceptable risk to save the rest of the population. He believes this is truly needed and started quoting death rates that do not. Ear out with VAERS. He has been shot 3 times and has had the illness and was not acting how he does normally. He almost appeared to be in a manic stage and his eyes were going back and forth quickly looking into both my eyes for more than my hour appointment time. I have never seen this before.

      I am in the process of finding a new doctor.

      1. That’s extremely scary. Very smart to find a new doc. I encourage you to put on your spiritual armor the next time you go into the doctor’s office. Very weird.

      2. Possibly he’s been threatened, or thinks he can lose his license if he doesn’t comply? Plenty of reason for the shifty eyes if that’s the case.

        1. I have thought this very same statement every time I talk to a doctor. From the beginning the have been 150% on board with the vaccines. Its scary how on board they have been. And also against freedom of medical choice.

          1. At the beginning there was a lot of talk about removing the licenses of anyone who didn’t comply. It was done several times, enough to bring most of the rest into line. Make an example of the nail that sticks up…

            Others they tried but weren’t able to make it stick. My favorite (I can’t remember the woman’s name at the moment) was a doctor who was prescribing ivermectin. She faced the medical board and said something like “How many people have to die to preserve my license?” When I saw the quote, she was still practicing.

        2. Lauren,

          I’m of the opinion that medical care has become “paint by the numbers”….

          My healthcare provider gives me a printout after every visit. All my diagnosed ailments have a number code beside it, every prescribed treatment has a number code beside it.

          I may be wrong, but I suspect, that insurance providers, government entities such as CDC, NIH, etc. play a roll into what is the accepted treatment for each disease and symptom…and if the code numbers don’t match up, the computers short circuit and sends the anomaly to corporate lawyers to see if there is a legal issue at risk…

          In other words, doctors no longer are allowed to use their training and experience to paint outside the lines.

          1. Do a search of Medical / Insurance Code ICD9E978. Obamacare makes execution by Guillotine legal in the U.S.. Don’t know if correct or not in reading the codes were created by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. I think this international code format might make more sense shortly for the one world government record system. Funny thing……weren’t guillotines mentioned for the end days in the Bible? And why is it (guillotines) now showing up in the coding system here in the U.S. all the sudden? Would this give any credibility to the roomers that the government has been stockpiling guillotines here in the U.S.? IDK.

          2. Absolutely. Doctors and nurses pay more attention to the drop-downs on their screens than anything else. At one point Dad was having major migraines, but they were focused in his neck rather than his head. The doctor at the emergency room was able to tell us that they were probably migraines, but she wasn’t able to diagnose it because it “doesn’t fit the classic pattern.”

            So medicine is no longer a science, but as you said, paint by the numbers. The doctor sits in front of the screen, and when you say you have headaches, she selects the radial button that brings up another set of symptoms. Headache behind your eyes, check…accompanied by auditory hallucinations? Nothing for that on the screen, doctor locks up.

          3. Agreed. The paint by numbers is if, you as a “customer” of insurance, wants your insurance provider to pay the bill. As an old nurse working for and with an old Physician, NONE of US want to deal with the insurance requirements to use numbers to take care of patients.
            If you want your care paid for by insurance companies…this is what you get. I guarantee that no Doctor or nurse wants to deal with this crap. They could pay the overhead easily without it. Just pay cash.

          4. I’m sorry Lauren, I have to comment about your father’s auditory hallucinations. That is NOT migraine. Not at all. I’m sorry for your lousy experience. Please don’t lump all Physician’s and their nurses in one lousy pile.
            I’ve had it with the Doctor bashing … we’re working our F;*** asses off.

          5. No, the auditory hallucinations was just an example. It had nothing to do with that particular situation.

            Dad’s auditory scale was much higher than most people. He could hear radio waves to an extent.

            At one point he was talking about auditory hallucinations, hearing music that he couldn’t identify. It was during a period when the aurora were much farther south than usual. It went away when the sunspot activity diminished.

            I know you’re working hard. It’s the system that’s the problem, not the people for the most part.

          6. Lauren, oh c’mon man… you’re the one who said it. You’re dad was in his 90’s, suffering with dementia for years. Auditory hallucinations because of the aurora? …please.
            “Doctors and nurses pay more attention to the drop down menu”. No we do not. The billing department does. Because you (meaning everyone) want s your insurance to pay your bills

          7. I would like to see ‘the system’ as it stands now, dismantled. Insurance was practically made mandatory, or penalties imposed. Not a great choice there, is it? And unfortunately, medical care has departed from the days of just paying the doctor directly, and letting the doctor use his or her training and experience to do what they felt best, to paying unaffordable and insane amounts of money to a business model system. Just look at the way ICU’s are set up – for efficiency of profit.
            Empty beds are unprofitable beds, therefore beds are reduced. That’s how you get ‘overwhelmed ICU’s’ during a high infection event.

            And that system rarely lets medical caregivers function at their best. Some try to stay true to their medical oath anyway, but those are being persecuted and driven into the shadows now, under the same tyranny the rest of us are. The rest comply with ‘the system’, for fear of losing their jobs/licenses. I understand why, but it doesn’t mean a choice wasn’t made.

            I don’t want insurance to pay my bills, I want the money I pay to go to the ones rendering care, and not medically ignorant boards and shareholders. That model is what made medical care ridiculously priced, and necessitated the need for people to have insurance or end up in the poor house. Shouldn’t be that way. And no medical caregivers should have to work under that system. It’s in humane for everybody.

          8. OK, whatever. I used auditory hallucinations as an example of a “symptom” that is outside of the norm and the computer wouldn’t have known what to do with it in that context. Which means, like it or not, that most doctors would not know what to do with it.

          9. Lauren – You knew and loved your father far more than any doctor or nurse ever could. You were in it for the love……they are in it for the money. God bless you.

  16. The final issue here is “does the constitution give the president or the congress the power to force something into your body when you do not want it?” Another issue to this is “ does the constitution give the president or the congress the right to inflect any type of penalty/punishment on you when you have not been convicted of a crime?” Another point of issue is the vagueness of the selected number 100, why not 10 or just 1?

    If the court rules in favor of the mandate then companies will be put in the position of enforcing laws (terminating employees without cause) which is outside our legal system.

    Our country is truly at a turning point.

  17. ….and the plot just thickened….

    A federal judge just ruled that Pfizer must release all data related to the development of their covid shot(s) within eight months….not the 75 years requested….

    Eight months was granted only because the sheer volume of documents will require that long to provide them……

    Looks like SCOTUS gonna have another can of worms headed their way to deal with…….

  18. A majority of the Nine Black-Robed Druids will rule in favor of Mr. Biden’s mandates. The immediate effect will be a major economic hiccup in the Stock Market. It will snowball from there. Truckers will strike or be laid off for not complying. Shipments of necessities will not get to where they are supposed to go. Look for lines again outside COSTCO with employees carrying white boards telling us there is no toilet paper, etc.
    Things will accelerate in the Blue Hives. The smash-and-grab escapades by “gangs of youths” will increase geometrically, with limited LE response. Think Rodney King (which I witnessed, firsthand), Katrina, and the George Floyd fiesta in Somalisota. We will be on our own. No one will be coming to help us. Bleib ubrig.


      That’s kinda what I’m expecting, though I can’t stop the illogical hoping to be wrong. Always be working. Good rules. They are currently on the fridge, along with “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.” (I left out a word there for the kiddos.) Godspeed to you, sir.

      1. Thank you, Farm Girl. Best wishes and Godspeed from here in Winterfell (North Idaho). I am an old and angry veteran and retired Peace Officer. I plan to go down fighting.

  19. I think we all need to calm down, and take a step back from this mess. Yes, it could very well be a “turning point” decision by the SCOTUS, but we need to keep our heads clear about it. Even if the mandate is upheld, people still must be offered the choice between Vax and weekly testing. We need to turn this whole mess over to God to give each and everyone of us guidance, no matter what happens.

    1. Vaxxed or weekly testing?
      I will take neither.
      I have a cold….I should get tested.
      I had a cold 4 or 5 years ago, nobody gave a $hit.
      It was the norm.
      As with common sense, Normalcy has been thrown out the window.
      New game
      Time for a new defense.

    2. Minerjim, I’m not sure how it works elsewhere, but for my husband, the weekly testing would have to take place on his own time, and at his own exspense. He is saleried, so having to miss a little bit of time from work wouldn’t hurt financially, and we could manage the testing fee, but there are many others that don’t have that option. We are hearing that waiting times to get tested are about five hours, and expected to get worse, which will hurt companies productivity when workers are away getting tested. Just my opinion, but agreeing to be tested weekly is just more compliance.

      1. I see your point , in your husband’s case. However, I would think that because testing would be a safety issue under OSHA, it would have to be paid for by the company, much like providing safety equipment, air monitoring, annual “fit for work” physicals, etc. If 80 million workers all needed tests each week, it would crash their system. Just another way to fight back, “Willful, complete compliance”.

        1. If the company says it is a personal expense, unless someone has the money and clout to bring it before the courts it will stand. “If you don’t like it, then you can leave.”

          Since the mandate is against OSHA’s regulatory powers in the first place, anything goes.

  20. Logix,
    our governor has already gone on record that our state will not comply with any federal mandates. be it covid, 2A or anything else. he has all but one of our state legislators, as well as the peoples support. i feel as though our state has already seceded from the union, it’s just not official , yet.. good for us.
    privately owned businesses involved in the covid thing are another matter.
    they can run their business into the ground anyway they see fit. it’s their money.
    i just hate to see it happen to the people who have families and who really need good jobs at any cost.
    this next year may be a real doosey… i don’t think we have seen anything yet.
    i hope i’m wrong again.

  21. Mitten, hope so much it works out for you. Question, do they mean just one jab? Maybe, just maybe one jab would not be detrimental. It seems that trouble arises after 2 or 3. I so hope to be wrong about the vax for humanity’s sake. What a place to be in knowing you need to take care of your family. Just throwing in a far out scenario.
    hug hug

    1. Mrs. U, thank you for your words of encouragement and support! My husband would have to get two jabs, and it is worded that if at such a time a third is mandated, this would be required as well. Because of our spiritual convictions, even one is not an option. We pray and trust God, that he will provide for whatever is needed. I agree with you in hoping that there will be no long term effects for anyone.

    2. Several countries have moved the goalposts, stating that you’re not considered “fully vaccinated” for purposes of the vax pass, unless you have all the boosters. So someone who has both shots and one booster is no longer fully vaccinated if two boosters are available, and so on.

      1. Lauren, both DW and I are vaxed, yet we both got a letter this week from Medicare telling us to get the booster. NO WAY! Enough IS enough

  22. All of the SC justices have been vaccinated.
    All of the justices are exempt from the federal Freedom of Information Act, which requires executive branch agencies to make their records publicly available. All other federal judges are bound by the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges, which limits gifts and political activity, except the code does not apply to SC justices. They have all been heavily compensated by foreign and domestic groups for speeches with private plane rides, lodging, meals and vacations. They don’t have to report dollar amounts, only annual financial disclosures of the entities that gave them more than $390.
    All SC justices are bought and paid for. The goal is depopulation. Plan accordingly.

    1. not so sure,
      Funny you say that, they are old and jabbed, how long do you think they will last? They are part of the plan. They are not the ones we need to worry about, its the ones that come after. Those that do come after certainly will not be (jabbed). Those of us that were compliant will not be here. Those that were complacent will be. The corrupt and complicit (not jabbed) will be here too. We shouldn’t “prepare” for today, we should “prepare” for tomorrow. Today is already gone.

  23. I agree we do need to keep a calm head, but also believe the current situation to be DEFCON 1. The aim of the powerful financiers behind all of this global mayhem is to reset our entire system. Total, global control. They know there is significant resistance in this country, and the means to back up that resistance. I’d expect them to try to weaken the populace first. That’s kind of been underway already, with people not allowed to work for whatever reasons. Food will be weaponized – it always is. Medicine has already been weaponized. Currency is underway….

    The evil ones aren’t going to back down on the total control agenda, and our justice system is hit or miss on the constitution lately, mostly miss. I hope I’m wrong, too, but I don’t trust most of the SC justices to do what’s right anymore. Those who are compromised will do what their masters tell them to….

    If we lose too many more vital workers, things are going to get bad, probably pretty fast. Days or a week or two, not months.

  24. No vaccine or weekly testing for me. Will walk away from 21 1/2 years. We were told you would have to show negative test before you can clock in starting feb 9 testing once a week at your expense
    Hope 70 million say f it and quit paying taxes. Let them figure out how to give all the free $hit to the lazy a-holes without the workers paying taxes

    1. My husband received the same kind of notice. What is so special about a Wednesday, February 9?. I have told him no jab but don’t quit. Make the fire him. He’s been at his job for 22 years.

      I have no confidence in our Supreme Court . . .

      1. Feb 9 is the day companies can be given fines if the mandate doesn’t get struck down And they don’t enforce it

  25. Who benefits from requiring everyone to be tested? Follow the money. Someone is making billions off of these tests. We were sick back in early November. We did not go get tested. We used good old fashioned sense, stayed home, stayed away from everyone for two weeks. We made a list of everyone we had contact with in the previous ten days. Not a single one of them got sick.

  26. Article on Breitbart – “Rand Paul: Is Fauci advising Justice Sotomayor”. She sure came up with some ridiculous statements.

  27. My nephew (vaxxed) tested positive 3 days before Christmas. He’s 12 and was upset because his mom’s family canceled their big Christmas Eve party and he felt like it was his fault. DH and I told him and my niece that we were doing Christmas anyway. My niece (vaxxed) tested positive 3 days after and their mom and grandfather (both vaxxed) were positive a couple days after that. We went to DH’s family party on Christmas Eve and his cousin was “sick” (tested negative, she had a cold – remember them?) and the more wine she had the more she hugged and kissed everyone. 😃 I decided the day after Christmas was a great day to powerwash the deck because it was so nice out (in PA!). Woke up Mon or Tues stuffy. Refused to test (not vaxxed). It cleared up by the end of that week with no extra measures beyond my normal daily vitamin and extra C and a a couple Sambucol gummies during the week. Saw in-laws on Sunday, 1/2, (all vaxxed) for another nephew’s birthday and got the text Monday night that 4 out of 5 were sick and had tested positive.

    Beside refusing to be a statistic and add to this complete madness, I don’t trust the tests themselves. I am EXTREMELY thankful that no one I know has gotten very sick and I am absolutely not going to say that this has not had devastating effects on some. But the past couple of weeks have made me question the testing even more and/or trust the “vaccines” even less. And I wonder how much a positive test influences how people think they feel.

    1. Just watched a video of a young man showing his positive covid test result, but he claims he never got tested. The trip he was planning for Christmas was cancelled so he did not show up for his test appointment. Yep, positive LOL.

  28. My vaxxed 26 year old granddaughter has Covid. They are so glad they got the vax. because her case is mild. :)

  29. I’m in a better situation than most. The very large company that I work for has been urging everyone to get the shot for months now. For quite some time, about twice a week I had to watch a video or read a story about someone in the company who had a bad experience with Covid “because” they didn’t get the shot, and how they now encouraged everyone to get it. The CEO said that eventually everyone in the U.S. would have to get the shot, so we might as well get it now.

    Even after all this time and all the propaganda, only about a third of the employees are vaccinated (though it’s much higher in the office I’m in). This week the company announced that they would not require anyone to get the shot, but we would have to be tested weekly starting next month if we didn’t turn in shot info. More good news…they will pay for the testing!! They also said that while everyone would continue to have to wear masks when away from their cubicles, those who hadn’t had the shot would have to wear them even at their desks. I know that’s part of the new regulation, assuming it goes into effect, but that violates HIPAA rules, because it announces to everyone just who has or has not had a medical procedure.

    One frustrating thing is that my job can be done completely from home–we did that for many months over the last two years, and even now we do it every other week, so that the office is only half-full (half-contagious) at a time. Why can’t I work from home all of the time instead of being tested and having to wear a mask? Oh, right. It wouldn’t be fair to those who have had the shot and have to come in every other week.

  30. The SCOTUS Judges failed to mention the Nuremburg Treaty of 1947 (Code) which the US was one of the signatories. The Nuremburg Code states Governments cannot force people to be vaccinated….
    Ever wonder why 4.5m people have left the workforce? Most likely they don’t want to be forced to be vaxed. I have lost 7 jobs in the defense industry in the last few months due to my refusing to be vaxxed. Go on food stamps and be a burden to the government. Eventually the system will collapse….

  31. When the nurse/doctor ask me if I have any known allergies, my answer will be yes, I am allergic to covid 19 vaccinations and to all of the variants too.

    If they insist on giving me the shot, I will ask them if they like being free, if they say yes than, I will tell them “If you force that/those shot(s) on me, my wife will have you up on charges for murder and you will spend the rest of your life in prison.” (Big pharma and the hospitals have protection but, not the little guys/gals.)

    Will she win, probably not, but she can raise a Rukas like you wouldn’t believe.

    1. blackjack 22,
      if that’s the way it would play out then why “If they insist on giving me the shot, I will ask them if they like being free,” and not ask them if they like being “alive”. Save your wife the trouble of litigation and make it easy for her. Why should she have to try to extract the retribution in vain. I’ll do it myself effectively and be proud of the effort.

  32. Who ever thought it come to this? I know it’s been a long time coming, we all saw the signs. I’m afraid we haven’t seen anything yet. May God stay in control and give us protection from the powers that be. Bless you all my friends.

  33. As I’ve stated many times in the last 10 years or so…..Martial Law will eventually be ordered.

    1. 5.56
      I believe you’re right and if US troops (NG or otherwise) are ever used against US citizens their family members will bear the brunt of retaliation as American sentiment will quickly turn against any military members and their families. I served 6 years and know that military bases are not prepared to bring in, house and protect every dependent living in off base housing so they will be very vulnerable when their husband/wife is deployed to an operating area away from their home.

      The luxury of fighting overseas is your family is protected back home. When you bring the fight to your own backyard, you no longer have that safeguard or security. They better remember who and what they are leaving at home when they go out against civilians and decide if the price their families will pay for their actions is worth it. This is a reality of war that few want to think about along with numerous other horrific acts and situations we have been fortunate enough to avoid. Take a look at the actions that were taken in the Balkans and you will get a glimpse of what’s to come to America.

    2. It may come. But I have a hard time believing that our troops will readily stand up to such orders. Look at the push back against masks and mandates. I am not sure a serviceman in this country would readily point a gun at a fellow neighbor when there is possibility of mutually assured destruction. I can tell you that the first service member that points a gun at me will get both barrels without regard to his “family situation”.

      “Before you speak Persian, know that in Sparta everyone, even a King’s messenger, is accountable for the words of his voice”.

        1. When Obummer purged ~200 high ranking military during his litmus test, I knew the writing was on the wall, so to speak. It’s all part of the plan, and Obummer was and still is a cog in that wheel.

          1. More people were killed by their own governments in the 20th century than all wars combined, its called democide, whole paper on it with numbers, H J Rummel from University of Hawaii ironically. Stalin, mao, hitler, pol pot, to start the list, all leftist regimes, we could well be witnessing and onthe doorstep of the next attempt, yay🙄

          2. Ah, but you see, according to the leftists those were not leftist regimes–they were far right. I was totally shocked when I was told that PETA and other animal rights terrorist groups were far right. BLM is far right. Antifa is far right. And the people I was talking to believed it. Any attack is, by their definition, far right. Any government that goes off the deep end is far right. Any person who makes a “statement” by violence is far right. That’s the way they present it, and if they write the history books that’s the way it will be written.

  34. Read this today and thought of all of you here.

    Psalm 9:9 ESV “THE LORD is a stronghold to the oppressed, a stronghold in times of troubles”.

    In God we trust

  35. Are the vaccinated harming their immune systems?

    “Here is some number-crunching. Using natural immunity as a base and the fully vaccinated to mean two mRNA shots, we can conclude the following:

    An unassailable stat from the Israelis, which made Fauci change his guidance from “if you are fully vaccinated, you will not catch it” to “if you are fully vaccinated, you can still catch it and spread it,” was that the fully vaccinated in Israel were 6–13 times more likely to catch the D variant than the naturally immune population. And the first decent-sized sample regarding omicron shows that the fully vaccinated are 2.61 times more likely…”

    Nobel Laureate virology professor Luc Montagnier’s concludes that it is the vaccine that is creating the variants.

    Hint: It’s not about your health. Think people, think…
    It’s about mandates and the vax-pass, which in turn leads to…

    1. Ken J.,
      it’s all about control over people to bend them to their will, to make them subservient, and it’s not just governments.
      this is nothing new. it’s been going on for thousands of years.
      they are fear mongers and people fall for it. always have, and i don’t see it changing anytime soon.

      1. nyscout,
        Yes, such is the way of authoritarianism and tyrants.

        However what is new this time is here in the USA. The globalists/WEF and their embedded stooges are so, so close to bending Americans to their tyrannical will and to their knees for total subservience (they’ve already got the Eurozone, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada…and more, under their tyrannical authoritarian thumb). However, NEVER has America / Americans given up so much liberty. Ever. This is new.

        Their plan to implement the so called great reset is 100% real. World domination and control. This has never happened before on a global scale. In fact, Americans fought and died to prevent one such instance during WWII as Hitler’s Germany was on their way to world domination and extermination of opposition. So, in my view, this is new on a global scale, and here in America. Will they succeed? Maybe. They’re surely “all in” right now… But I’m hoping not.

        The good news is I see many people waking up and realizing at least some of the lies they’ve been told. Their narrative is increasingly in trouble. And this is what worries me. They will do something. Question is, what…next.

        1. Ken J.,
          yes, people are waking up and its scaring the dems. and many others to death. their grip on society is crumbling and they are getting desperate. i truly hate to talk politics but i think that it’s prudent to stay aware.
          what…next ? i expect a war to distract the masses. God i hope not. they may eventually get us into a war that nobody wins. ya know what i mean.

          1. nyscout,
            I do understand that many of you don’t want to get into the politics of this. In fact, I have drastically reduced the number of articles that I write which are politically oriented. Why? Well, for one thing it’s like speaking to the choir. You people already know most of this. My efforts don’t really help anything.

            However, in this case, this article topic, I felt compelled to warn about “if” the supreme court upholds the government shot-in-the-arm mandate, it is very likely going to spiral into a great many shortages and other yet unforeseen consequences. The reasons behind all this are indeed political, so those discussions were inevitable here.

            It’s my opinion that the supreme court will probably not rule in favor (maybe by just one or two supremes). But, but… “if”… “then”…

        2. Ken J.
          i understand and appreciate everything you do here!
          like i said it’s important to be aware of whats going on.
          that’s one of the reasons that i come to this site. to get boot’s on the ground info on what’s going on in the rest of the country, to learn from others and to help when i can.

          ain’t it time to crack the seal on one of those good single malts you have : )
          thanks again

        1. And no matter how many times they’re warned, or how much warning they have, they will stand in the rubble wondering what happened.

          1. And therefore, I no longer worry about it (them). Kinda like ‘Darwin’ I suppose. Same as it always was. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ’em drink. Just the way it is and has been. A percentage of society is and always has been this way. Once you accept that, then you will no longer be amazed or get as upset about it.

          2. I respectfully disagree Lauren, Nowhere in the history of man has a tyrannical force happened upon what they thought was a subservient people only to find they are the most well armed population of civilians in the entire world. There are more citizens than there are service members. And I guarantee you that there are more firearms per citizen than per service member. Yes they may have “assault rifles” tanks and fighter aircraft and “tradecraft” in subversion but for us they don’t exist. But not “assault rifles” kill people too. So do 12Ga Shotguns, 7.62mm, 5.56mm,.338, .308, .300, .270, .22 mag, 9mm. .45 ACP, .45 GAP, .357 mag, .44mag, . 40 S&W, 10mm, .460, .454 Casul, .500 S&W, .380, .32 mag, .22LR, and about 100 other cartridges that are available and owned by armed citizens in this country. And many more in this country are educated in the wrongs of the past. We might be standing in the rubble after it all happens, but we will know exactly what happened.

          3. 12Ga._Patriot, I think you misunderstood my words. I referred to those who think we’re “nutz” to think this is coming. I said nothing about the armed services or the politicians.

            The common people, those who are oblivious or choose not to see, will stand in the rubble and wonder what happened.

            I agree completely that if the pols set the armed services on the population, or even call in military from the UN or other countries, they will find a very different situation than they expected.

        2. Kulafarmer, “they think we are Nutz” WE ARE NUTS, aren’t we? Well, WE know you! hahaha

          Sorry..sorry I couldn’t help myself, you left yourself open.

          1. We are, Yeah blackjack22, show’em your nuts ;-p
            But really, if we weren’t all crazy we would go insane.

  36. Got the last bag of romaine lettuce at the 2nd grocery store I visited. Bagged lettuce of all types were almost gone. My response was to buy more toilet paper. Part 2 of the Collum Year in Review is out on ZH. Very interesting reading and I noted some of his reference links are already being taken down.

    1. MamaLark,
      I saw bagged lettuce (they still had tubs of greens) completely empty at WM yesterday.
      Also pasta the whole section (multiple tier shelves) gone. This is in a suburb of a fairly big city.
      I think they had some mac n cheese but the regular pasta was gone, never saw that before.
      DH said another grocery store was pretty sparse. Wonder if this is due to weather and current supply chain issues.
      Or something that we will see more of?
      Also wet cat food has been gone at WM for months now…
      Though Costco had some…
      Our chickens and ducks are doing well (we give them extra food in this weather) as are our Maine Coons who live in the barn and like to play in the snow. The birds spend their day under the 4 sided “patio” with lots of hay to keep warm. They also have their cabin-house which is heated with a ceramic tile mounted on the wall. It will not get below freezing in there.
      It is 14 degrees in PA today.
      Good Shepherd bless and guide us all with wisdom….

  37. MamaLark,

    If you don’t mind reminding me, what region/state are you in? I’m in inner PNW. A friend stopped by last night and showed me pics of the shelves in closest Fred Meijer. Produce bins empty. Many other shelves empty. Signs up throughout the store said temporary shortages were due to trucks not being able to get through the passes due to weather. We have had a week of winter storms, so that is plausible. He didn’t stop anywhere else, so it may be particular to that store chain. Were other items in short supply also, or just lettuce?

    1. Eastern Nebraska. Even Wally World was out of lettuce, onions and green peppers. I only hit areas where I needed items. Cream cheese still short. Saltine crackers gone. 25% jump in prices of some convenience foods…guacamole, high end spaghetti sauce. Potato chips have been a recurring item in short supply.

      1. MamaLark,

        Thank you. You’re near my home state of Iowa, where my folks and some siblings live. Jump in price for convenience foods was forecast; both because of ingredients and packaging materials costs rising. My neighbor who goes to Second Harvest distribution site said pickings are getting pretty slim and a little rougher looking: mostly potatoes, bread, apples and onions…..

        I haven’t been off the homestead for a while, so I’m going to make the trip to the bigger town and see what things look like here.

      2. In southern middle TN- we have no crackers either.

        3pack fresh broccoli heads. $9 !! 1 fresh cauliflower head. $5 !! No packs of carrots. No decaf coffee bricks but you can get it in the plastic. Lettuce hard to find. Chips sparse. TP getting sparse. Canned goods still sparse. Rice shelves nearly empty. Romain noodles very sparse.

        Pasta sauces seem back again. Some bacon and lunch meats available.

        It looks to me like they are putting out little fires of missing items. Bringing in just enough to make it look like there is product available when it really isn’t.

    2. Farmgirl
      Thanks for the updates in your region. As you probably know, most everything that comes to Alaska first goes to Seattle and then is put on barges.
      We’re going to town tomorrow and will take additional note of what is or isn’t at Fred Meyer. To compare with Lower 48 Fred Meyer stores.
      Do you have Safeway/Carrs stores?
      Some brands of crackers have been missing for a couple of weeks now.
      Lots of salted butter, but hardly any unsalted on the shelves…
      Flour shelves mostly empty a week or two ago, but restocked last time we were in the store.
      Frozen veggies sporadic. Haven’t seen frozen onion rings for some time.
      We do have a decent supply of lettuce though.

      1. Far North,

        There is a Safeway store, but I haven’t gone there. Most of my stops are Winco, SuperOne, or lately Costco. Today, I decided to make a long trip to the bigger city – CDA for me. Not my favorite thing to do, but better prices than the smaller towns nearer to my AO. My observations:

        Wow. Winco was very busy – much more so today than even during the holidays. All three lines for check-out were all the way to the back of the store for part of the time. Saltine crackers – just a few boxes left; other kinds of crackers, though. Less stocked on frozen veggies. There were salad mixes, and tubs of spinach and greens, plenty of produce. Ramen noodle shelf took a hit. Big thing I noticed? Prices. Meat, especially. Helped one couple realize that bacon ends and pieces are half the price of the ‘nice’ bacon, and just fine. It seemed to me like people were shopping much more deliberately and seriously, lots of lists and finding best price option. Staff had masks on today; I don’t remember them wearing last time, though idk for sure. Usually the cashiers are talkative and light; not today. Noticeable somber. Very. Young man in line said the news was telling people trucks might not be able to come because of the weather, and that people should be aware of that. Not sure what news he was referring to, but he wasn’t a ‘prepper’; just moved up from SoCal to be near family. All in all a vibe I hadn’t felt in that store before. Costco was a little less so, but still very serious focused shopping going on. One guy complaining to wife that she hadn’t filled the cart nearly enough. Wow – when do you *ever* hear that? So, shelves not empty ‘cept crackers, prices high, shoppers serious.

        1. Farmgirl, First weekend of the month is always a scramble at the stores here. Beginning of the month is when EBT cards are refilled.

          1. Anony Mee,

            I thought of that, while I was there. Could be that was it, or part of it. I wasn’t seeing any of those kind of transactions, near me at least. People weren’t panicking or rushing about, just in a more serious mood overall. The young man’s remarks about the trucks not coming were made while in line with a lot of other people overhearing. No one reacted with surprise to his remarks, like they already knew. I could imagine people preparing for a known oncoming natural disaster, like a hurricane, behaving this way. Orderly, but focused.

        2. Farmgirl
          Thanks for today’s update. Much appreciated.
          Shelves a little bit more empty than usual. Especially meat and milk.
          Overall, if something is on sale — it is gone.
          It is “funny” though. For example. Progresso soups mostly gone, while Campbells including their Chunky varieties were untouched… Ditto spaghetti sauce. One brand gone, all the others fully stocked.
          Talked with someone in the meat department. Said a truck was a couple hours late, but still on its way. We both figured due to road conditions — it is what it is.
          Didn’t seem all that many people in the store (Fred Meyer) today.
          Had conversations with a couple of other shoppers. Pretty much everybody laid back and friendly. Kidded around with the lady at the register and the bagger. Maybe it is an Alaska thing?
          Have to add; at the checkout there was a magazine with Osama-bama on the cover. So, engaging in a little “monkey warfare” in difference to gorilla warfare. I turned the magazine around. Only to find that someone else had turned the next magazine around…

  38. The CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Good Morning America said,

    “75% of the covid deaths had 4 or more co-morbidities.”

    (See at GAB link below 22 second video).

    Seems like the Administration is hedging their bets. Why all of a sudden are they admitting what was considered “conspiracy theory” not too long ago?

    I’ve been saying for a year and a half… this is not about your health. I knew early on that most who were dying with or from Covid had co-morbidities (obesity, and other very poor health conditions). It has been obvious that this whole thing has not been about your health. No sir. No mam. Think… Wake up.

    1. Could it be since Branden has admitted there is nothing he can do and the “vaccines” don’t really work they are now going to start (gasp) telling the truth? Hmmm…

    2. Ken
      If you recall, way back in the spring of 2020, I posted on here none of this passed the smell .

      I was right.!!

      1. I was onto this during that time as well. Multiple other sources were exposing it too. When these sources began to be ‘cancelled’ in their mainstream social media outlets, it became proof enough for me that they were hiding something (lots of things). Also, a HUGE indicator was how the mainstream NEVER talked about preventative measures or treatments. When they started shutting down any talk of treatments (that actually work!), well, it became crystal clear that this was/is NOT about your health. No sir, no way.

      2. Stand
        I believe we all had our skepticism of this blown out of proportion ‘virus’, right from the get go.
        I recall seeing many godzilla type videos of people in China dropping dead in the streets.
        Licking door handles of parked vehicles to ‘spread’ the virus.
        Don’t get me wrong, there is a virus, a deadly virus with harmful, deadly repercussions,
        but right from the get go, we have ALL (somewhat) fallen into the trap of political PROPAGANDA
        This is all it is.
        Most buying it, while others questioned, with due reason.

        Their foiled takeover will not end until they achieve their true, final agenda.
        It will get ugly(er) than what we are all now facing, before it gets better….if at all.
        Count on it. Expect it.
        Bare with it..
        Fight it

      1. This will not end well, plan accordingly.

        Interesting the only two US ammo manufacturers Vista Outdoors (CCI, Remington, etc) and Olin have reduced manufacturing output which drove up prices and availability, yet publicly claims they are trying to produce more. When the US government is their biggest contract they will do as they are told so US government agencies are buying up billions of rounds of ammo that is produced while the Biden Admin implemented a ban on importing Russian ammo. This is all part of the plan to reduce the availability and keep ammunition out of the hands of customers.

        It’s coming very soon and you had better be ready to “hunker in the bunker”.

        1. Most “preppers” saw this coming years ago, and stocked accordingly…

          Aside from that, put it this way; Uncle Sam lost the “war on drugs.” They’ll lose the “war on guns” as well…

          1. TM,
            Very true. The ants put back when prices were low and availability was high and now the grasshoppers are stuck with a weapon and just a few rounds to feed it. A rifle without ammo is a club.

          2. Tom MacGyver,
            Yes we did :-) But the gubment is only buying the “popular” rounds. Over the last 10 years I have looked at ammo availability and bought firearms that would fire what i could get at the store. Funny, for most of the guns I have I can still find ammo in bulk today. The stuff thats gone I already have enough of. Don’t wait for .223 or 9mm. Buy the .38 spcl (and other revolver rounds), .22LR (because you can actually get it now), .308, 30-30, and don’t forget your 12 Ga. 00-Buck and slugs. Still available. Get a firearm that will run those and you’ll still be able to find ammo.

  39. Today, Walensky had to admit that there is not 100,000 children in the hospital. Closer to 3,500.

  40. Being reported today, Geraldo Rivera and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) have both tested positive for covid and are both symptomatic…both double vaxxed and boosted….media has the audacity to keep reporting these as “breakthrough” cases….beginning to look more like the “norm” to me.

    1. Good old “Occasional Cortex.” Always finds a way to get herself in the news, doesn’t she?

  41. Was watching the MSM news (I know… I know) and they were saying that covid patients were coming in faster than they could treat them BUT, they never said anything about how many of the people were already vaccinated or how many were tested AFTER they were admitted. They also didn’t say a thing about all of the employees that were let go because they refused to get the shot. Then at the tail end of the story they said that people who are diabetic have a higher risk of getting sick again, even if the patient has had all of the shots.

    I’m surprised these people even have any teeth left in the mouth they have been lying so much and so often.

    1. Blackjack22
      Over here they are about half of the hospitalized, they like making the point that they were not boosted,
      Something wicked this way comes

  42. BJ22
    I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 45-46 yrs.
    YOU NEED the FLU shot.
    YOU NEED the VACCINE….because of your frail circumstances and compromised immunity.
    Since I’ve skipped the flu shot and all vaccines in between, I’ve been doing well. Actually better.

    Boost the immune system, keep the blood sugars low during the cold/flu season.

  43. If the court rules in favor of biden every petty tyrant imaginable in government at every level will try to exert themselves,
    Business as well, and there will be tens of millions of us who will still say NO,
    It has now become a matter of principle for myself

  44. Eventually a scapegoat will be necessary.
    Politicians will say “was for the greater good I knew no better”
    I was following the science
    The CDC said
    blah blah

    When the number of people crippled for life can no longer be denied, when the number of deaths grows daily and the truth that MrNA shots were poison, when it is admitted long term health effects are trending bad to serious someone will be blamed.

    I’m sure they (the left) will en-mass focus on Trump, they will scream and cry but the dems took credit for this away from Trump so in the end they will take it and hard.

    It might take a few years but I foresee a world court with moderna, Pfizer and j&j execs on trial along with others, hopefully American politicians.
    The death toll by then may be, could be in the several millions. by then.

    Sadly it will take time.
    If the left gets the control they want (nwo) we will hear little of the fallout.

  45. My guess is that the SCOTUS is going to rule the “mandates” unconstitutional due to the fact that Biden legislated from the Oval Office. At that point Congress will ram a vax mandate bill through and Biden will sign it. My bet is that the SCOTUS will let that stand, based on the legal precedent of vaccinations being required before kids can go to school. Some, like me, have religious exemptions. It’ll be hard to get around the exemption itself, but easy to make the “testing” option so onerous and expensive that most will have to fall in line or be fired. Many will say “I can get another job, but I can’t get un-dead” and let their companies fire them. Trouble is, they won’t be able to find another job that won’t require the jab. Yeah, they can go to work for a small company, but you KNOW Congress will build into its legislation the ability to “rescale” the size of the companies requiring jabbed employees. At some point you’ll be left with no options but welfare and under-the-table jobs. I’m 61 years old. If I lose my job I’ll never get hired again, save for maybe a Wal-Mart greeter. I’ll be stuck getting …stuck… or fired… This is NOT going to end well…

    1. Tom MacGyver,
      I don’t think that the Feds will be able to mandate the vaccines or the mandates, any of them. I believe SCOTUS will put a stop to that. After that you will have to worry about the State you live in mandating them because thats where the constitutional power lives. Move to a state that has already passed laws declaring the mandates unconstitutional. There is no better place to ally yourself than with a State which exerts its Constitutional Authority over the federal gubment. The federal gubment’s powers are enumerated in the constitution. And I don’t recall medical health of citizens one of those powers the federal gubment was given. All others go to the states. The feds may have say over interstate commerce, but in-state commerce of everything like meds, groceries, guns, ammo, whatever drugs a state wants to sanction, booze for example, if it don’t cross state lines then gubment man go home. Many states have laws that prohibit their law enforcement from enforcing unconstitutional federal laws in contradiction to their state constitutional laws. Look for and move to those states. The rest can burn in their own hell, without police, locked down in their own basements.

  46. – Farmgirl, Anony Mee, Far North,

    I was reading your comments and thought I might add my own. In west Texas, we have no weather-related blockages at the present time. We have three major grocery chains in the area, along with four minor grocery chains. I didn’t get to but two of the major chains over the past couple of days, but saw no major shortages in the fresh vegetables on sale. We even have some of the uncommon fresh items Yuca and Nopales. What we are seeing is shortages in things like canned goods, soups, Large drinking cups at our convenience stores, fresh milk seems to be in a continual minimal amount of availability.

    Ammunition remains in a major shortage, I haven’t seen primers in months, I have bought some .22 LR, .357 and 9mm in the past couple of months since it was on hand at one of the farm stores, not on the same days. Frozen items remain in an on-again, off-again availability. Curiouser and curiouser, is all I can say.

    – Papa S.

    1. Papa
      Thanks for the input from your neck of the woods. The more information we can get out there, the better.
      We have Fred Meyer, the major grocery store chain here. Maybe because it is also a ‘department’ store with automotive, sporting goods, clothing, shoe department, etc.
      A Costco.
      Safeway lags way behind. (Just a plain ordinary grocery store)
      Then there is Wal-mart’s grocery section.
      We don’t have anywhere near the variety of outlets that you have.
      Today is the first time to see fresh milk all but gone. Next time in town I’ll have to check on how much evaporated & dry milk is on the shelves.
      Looking back on history, when WWII broke out. Most Alaskans already had a well stocked larder and plenty of ammo… I bet country folk in the states were well prepared as well.

  47. If we became engaged in a massive civil war, we would become an irrestible target for the Chinese, Russians , and Iranians+ to take advantage of in our weaken state. The Chinese would land a million on the West coast; the Russians + NATO would assume the East coast, and the Arabs, Middle America. Neither group would have any qualms about slaughtering Americans.

    The patriots of America will have a difficult time saving our land with only small arms (AR15s, AR10s hunting rifles, etc) against modern military equipment/technology. Watching our every movement from 200 miles above the Earth will be difficult to counter, as well, as will be silent, armed drones.

    Regardless of being former trained soldiers, without battlefield equipment/technology, veterans will be reduced to civilan type arms encountering the same limitations mentioned above.

    1. drderek,
      I do believe that TPTB do indeed want us to fight each other. It would be to their advantage towards achieving their goals. Same as it always was… divide and conquer.

    2. Just finished re-reading “Castner’s Cutthroats — Saga of the Alaska Scouts” by Jim Rearden.
      The media named them Castner’s Cutthroats, they called themselves Alaska Scouts. Officially they were — The Combat Intelligence Platoon. Led by Colonel V. Castner (G2).
      They were all experienced woodsmen who could live off the land. They wore a mix of military and civilian clothes. Many had moustaches or beards.
      Many of them carried their personal hunting rifles into combat (with ball ammo). The Colt Woodsman was a popular sidearm. But this was WWII… not now.
      A good read.

  48. Papa Smurf,

    There is a very good post by Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse about shortages, from the perspective of what to look for to decide if it’s truly a supply chain issue or not. (Temporary Empty Shelves are Not a Supply Chain Crises. 1/9) From his background, he explains the supply chain very thoroughly and why particular shortages are red flags, and a list of 13 to watch for. A few examples being:

    (1) A shortage of processed potatoes (frozen specifically).
    And/Or a shortage of the ancillary products that are derivates of, or normally include, potatoes….
    (11) Shortage of wet pet foods…
    (12) Shortage of complex blended products with multiple ingredients (soups etc)…

    The comment section was good this morning, and informative. Now you’ll have to bypass some new commentary on Occasional Cortex to get to the good stuff.

  49. Life is good on the mountain…….

    Up this morning before sunup as is the norm…enjoying the solitude before the rest of the family starts stirring…

    As is common here lately…my mind drifts to the hardships that are coming, and a term I ran across that I have not seen before….”panfawar”…meaning pandemic, famine, war…a natural progression some are predicting…

    My mind wanders…I consider myself to be a good, moral, decent person…but…at what point would I abandon my principles…what would I be willing to endure before my baser instincts manifested themselves?

    What of those who have little or no moral compass? No doubt they will create mayhem with far less motivation than I …maybe forcing me to make unwanted choices sooner rather than later….

    Oh well …looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day here on the mountain… a good day for some therapy….

  50. The SCOTUS ruling is in…

    The US Supreme Court has blocked (6-3 with Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan in dissent) the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test rule for US businesses, but allows vaccine mandate for most health care workers (5-4 with Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Barrett in dissent).

    The court allowed a separate rule to take effect requiring shots for workers in nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid payments from the federal government.

    So, they cut the baby in two.

    So, healthcare workers have no right on what goes into their bodies? Wait and see the healthcare workers do to The Great Resignation…

    You thought healthcare was having problems up till now? Wait to see what happens next… Pretty much every place takes Medicare, so, it’s going to affect nearly everyone in this industry.

    Mandates just for healthcare workers has to be the all time biggest occupational discrimination ever in the history of the Republic and there is no way whatsoever it is either lawful nor constitutional to target an occupation in such a way as this.

    Maybe everyone who is in the health field should become postal employees (they’ve been exempt). Plainly, handling mail confers some sort of magical “immunity”.

    The good news is Brandon’s mandate for business was squashed.

    1. Ken J.,
      the hospitals in our state have already been in a crisis over the lack of healthcare workers. our state hospital is already down by 30% for staff. it’s bad for patients, but i don’t blame the staff members for not committing suicide by jab for a vaccine that does’t even work.
      i keep trying to hold out hope for our country, but it’s getting real hard.

    2. Ken,

      Will be interesting to read the opinion(s)…how they justified the one as constitutional if the institution receives Medicare or Medicaid…according to how it’s justified, that ruling may end up inviting mandates for people on Medicare/Medicaid. Some politicians are already talking of revoking Medicare for folks who are not vaxxed. What of VA patients?

      Seems the Roberts court has opened up another divisive can of worms….

      1. Dennis,

        I just read a comment that reads as follows.

        “How the fu** do the majority of justices conclude that Medicare insurance payments somehow equals “federal funding”? That’s not the government “funding” the hospital. It’s the senior citizen using their Medicare insurance AT a hospital.”

        1. Ken,

          I smell Roberts…same as how he justified Obamacare…you remember…a penalty is really just a tax ….in other words, whatever gymnastics required to give more power to the government over the people.

        2. if they think jan 6 was something. wait until they get a million or more blue haired people on their walkers and hover rounds descending on the capitol, all mad as hell about their medicare. all parked sideway’s on
          the curbs of the capital grounds and in the grass.
          they wouldn’t fire tear gas or rubber bullets at a slow moving crowd of grand ma’s or grand pa’s,
          but i’ll bet the gov. would have to stop cold and listen to them when they got there.
          and they would get an earful. : )
          wouldn’t that be something.

          1. nyscout,

            I’ve already had fellow seasoned citizen friends (a little Rush Limbaugh lingo there) tell me that their doctors asvised them that they are no longer accepting medicare/medicaid patients, advising them to seek out other healthcare providers…this was before the mandates….

            Makes you wonder if other smaller, private practices, may follow suit due to the mandates and dwindling number of nurses and staff.

            ….and…what if…large corporate providers come back and say….40% of our income comes from medicare/medicaid, therefore we will only require 40% of our employees be vaxxed? Would that fall under the scope of the court’s ruling?

            Like I said….a can of worms……..

    3. Ken J.
      i wonder how this is going to work out for people who are medicare or Medicaid.
      are they going to have to get jabbed to keep receiving their benefits?
      it could be a death sentence for many, one way or another.

    4. On top of that the mandate for federal workers seems to be on hold. Reported that agencies are under orders to develop testing plans and policies for the unvaccinated. See .. ..

      1. A 30 second swab o the nostrils and a 15 minute wait is way better than a jab and a stroke,,, either way, the employer or the feds should cover it otherwise they can ,,,,,,,,,&%^_¥+f!5.¥|

  51. Gee. I wonder how this will work in Florida, which has already told Brandon to get going?

    Florida already banned mandates and just about everything else coming out of Brandon’s posterior.

  52. Nah, Ken, the postal workers were exempted because of their motto, “We deliver for you.” In this case it was all of those mail in ballots, many perfectly marked, with a vote ONLY for Joe, no other races races or ballot issues were marked, that they delivered for Joe. Exemption was their reward.

  53. All of this could be fixed if the CCP or Russians would just hurry up and take down the nation’s power and telecommunications grids for a 5-6 weeks. Vaxxed, unvaxxed, mask, no mask, mandate, no mandate would be the very least of the country’s worries….except for the Karens….the Karens will be screaming that the unvaccinated electrical workers are outside of her suburban home working to replace transformers are not wearing masks….only she’s screaming it at the husband curled up in the fetal position in the corner because she can’t get on twitter or FB……There is hope!

  54. KF,
    Damn! I was trying to be an optimist then you go and smack me with some reality! Bwaahaaaaaaaa.

  55. On the Open Forum, I posted about being grateful that the Supreme Court ruled against the vax mandate for all non-healthcare workers. I am happy for you-all. As a healthcare worker, I can not be too upset about their ruling. I came into this occupation decades ago with my eyes wide open. I was the only nursing student in my class to have worked as a cop and having to go back to school to earn a new trade as a result of several on-duty gunfights. (a real career-ender). I had to deploy my fire shelter 3 times in the years I fought wildland fires. (thus my jokes about the fire shelter being the “pop-tart suit”).

    So, I work at a hospital at present time because the pay is good and the checks continue to clear. Since working within a hospital, I have not been shot or shot at, stabbed by a knife (I did catch a shank to my hand), hit by an automobile. I have not had to step in between two angry people having a domestic dispute. (415- domestic). or any of the wonderful things I dealt with during my time working in central and SoCal. These days, I see the lights and hear the sirens, I keep driving away from the scene. That is someone else’s job now.

    Yes, I got the Pfizer #1 and #2. I may or may not have to take the booster to stay employed. Right now, they are grateful just to have me show up for work and do my job (as reflected by the pay and benefits- My wife would not stay with me for this long if the benefits sucked). My blood pressure is now under control so maybe I will die of ass-cancer someday. I have not had any appendages ( including my unit) shrivel up and drop off and I have not grown any new appendages yet. Relative amount of danger in the workplace is relative. I have done some dirty jobs in the past for a lot less money.

    Those that do not like it can quit. Seems a lot are already.

  56. Putting this here, as it seems to fit best. The globalists will never stop working to implement their agenda, and especially when there’s a crises, they will use to to further their goals. While we’re all paying attention to the situation with Russia and Ukraine, they’re working on a few things. One of them is a vaccine passport, only they’re calling it a SMART Health Card. Even some red-states are quietly developing this. The Supreme Court struck down part of the mandate, but didn’t protect our right to say no and keep our job, shopping habits, educational opportunities, etc…, or protect our medical privacy. There’s an article at politico about this. I don’t usually read that – can hardly do so without feeling nauseous – but every now and then it’s good to see what messages the MSM is putting out. Also, the WHO is meeting, now, to put together a binding global pandemic treaty. Not sure what we can do about this, but wanted to make sure it got noticed.

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