2012 Olympic Disaster Subliminal Warning?

There is a very bizarre TV commercial video circulating the Internet, which is being taken down as fast as they are put up. The commercial originated from ‘now TV’, a 24-hour pay TV service provider in Hong Kong, affiliated with ‘PCCW Limited’, a holding company of a Chinese Hong Kong based firm ‘HKT Group Holdings Limited’.

The three and a half minute spot appears to be a soccer promotional while heading into the 2012 Olympics in London. The odd thing with the video is the depiction of a destructing London during the games. While I chose not to copy the video while respecting any copyright, the following images show the underlying subliminal (or maybe not so subliminal) message being promoted in the video (with source credit to ‘now-TV’).


Destruction in London including a toppling Big Ben.
(source credit: now-TV)

Smoke billowing on horizon, soldiers in foreground.
(source credit: now-TV)

Bombers overhead blowing up Big Ben.
(source credit: now-TV)

Clearly dropping bombs.
(source credit: now-TV)

Bomb or missile heading into Olympic stadium.
(source credit: now-TV)

Clearly showing mushroom cloud emanating from Olympic stadium.
(source credit: now-TV)

Soldier (terrorists?) shooting up the stadium.
(source credit: now-TV)

Olympic stadium with a gaping crater beneath it.
(source credit: now-TV)


While this post unfortunately has quite a few NSA ‘keywords’ in it which will surely be flagged for a check, the fact is that this information (video/images) is (are) in the public domain and due to its odd messaging, may be cause for some concern or questions and is in the public’s best interest to know about…


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