Are Missiles About To Fly?

Last updated on August 31st, 2013


Despite the fact that only 9% of Americans are in favor of a United States strike on Syria, it appears with near certainty that the U.S. has coiled and is about to strike.

I have a bad feeling about this…

Even less than the approval rating of Congress itself ( which is 15%), only 9 percent of respondents of a Reuters/Ipsos poll said that the Obama administration should intervene militarily in Syria.

As if that wasn’t enough, both Russia and China (and others) have warned Obama that this will not end well for the United States.

So why then is the current administration rushing in? And how dangerous is this for the rest of us?

It is my opinion that this has more to do with issues like the current financial/economic mess that we’re in (distraction & war spending), the future of the petrodollar (Syria pipeline issue), and the military-industrial-complex (budget justification). Perhaps more about a desperate attempt; a last ditch effort to delay the inevitable demise of the petrodollar. Really the only thing that has been keeping it all afloat has been the FED’s own monthly purchasing of U.S. Treasuries…

In any event, the fact that an attack by the U.S. on Syria seems inevitable at this point (based on all the rhetoric, statements, and recent positioning,) not only does it indicate the apparent desperation (warnings by other world superpowers, etc.,) I fear that this time things could spiral out of control quickly.

Rather than repeat what Mac Slavo wrote yesterday over at, which is what I’ve been thinking of lately,

In short summary, and with a few add-on’s of my own, here’s what could happen…

U.S. fires missiles at Syrian targets by way of destroyers and submarine, coordinated with air strikes and bombing.

‘Sunburn’ anti-ship missiles are immediately fired at U.S. warships, ‘sitting ducks’ in the Mediterranean, hitting and sinking (at least one of them?).

Syria immediately launches missiles and other ‘strategic weapons’ against Israel.

Israel strikes back at Syria (re-igniting the Arab-Jew conflict in the Middle East).

Russian supplied weapons, anti-ship missiles, are used to escalate the conflict which has now become U.S./Israel versus Syria/Russia. Putin does not blink.

It’s downhill from there…

Point being, my gut tells me that this situation is about to ignite, and there’s no telling how quickly it might escalate into something much worse. Things can happen VERY quickly in our modern world, and it’s a world with many thousands of nuclear weapons. When will the first ‘tactical’ nuke be used? Did you know that the only effective way to neutralize chemical weapons depot’s are to incinerate them, and apparently this requires more than conventional bombing… ?

While you and I have absolutely no say in the matter, what can we do to prepare, if anything… ? Will we in America, going about our daily lives, be affected ?

We already are being affected. The price of oil is shooting up. When the missiles start flying, oil is going to skyrocket like you’ve never seen before. This will trigger price increases all across the board – as oil not only is used for gasoline and heating, but literally EVERYTHING that you find on your store shelves. This war will affect your wallet and your pocket book.

If it escalates, it will affect your sons and daughters. American lives will be lost (again).

The cost of the war will skyrocket the already burgeoning debt.

If it escalates to WW3, and cooler heads do not prevail, in a worst case scenario we could all end up in a incinerated heap of nuclear disaster. (Just because nuclear war has never happened, does not mean that it never will, although no one ‘wins’ in this scenario.)

It seems that this ‘thing’ is about to unfold, seemingly in the next few days whether you like it or not. I don’t think this one will be a walk in the park. While I hope that everyone backs down from the brink, it is prudent to consider how this may affect you if missiles start flying. I suppose you could fill your gas tank… the price will probably be higher tomorrow…



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