Boston Bombers, U.S. Double Agents Gone Rogue

Boston Bomber Double Agents

While conspiracy theories proliferate the internet, people are grasping for the truth of the Boston bombing and the events that followed.

It is a natural thing to want the truth, particularly when something horrible has happened. People also instinctively know when things aren’t adding up quite right, or when pieces of the puzzle are missing or misshapen, and this tragedy may be one of those.

To point out observations and to ask questions, is not conspiracy…


Either the FBI ‘dropped the ball’ or there is more to the story over Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two Chechen brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon Monday April 15, the one who was killed following a shootout with police (and then being run over by a car driven by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) early the next morning.

A few apparent facts…

“The FBI was alerted by Russia’s security services to serious new concerns about one of the Boston bomb suspects as recently as last November”
– Telegraph

“Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but “multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev;” “…raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber.”
– Boston Globe

“The name of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was listed on the U.S. government’s highly classified central database of people it views as potential terrorists.”
– Reuters

“CIA recommendation to put Tamerlan Tsarnaev on watch list ignored;” “The CIA shared its concerns with the FBI, Homeland Security, the State Department and the National Counterterrorism Center, a U.S. intelligence official said Wednesday.”
– TruNews

“…he was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer, and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups,”

So, Russia proactively alerts the FBI multiple times, they were on a terrorist watch list, and the FBI/U.S. apparently does nothing as the two radicalized aspiring Islamic jihadists go about their business…

Is this incompetence? Political correctness gone mad? Or is there more to the story?



In January 2012,

Tsarnaev leaves the U.S. for Sheremetyevo, Russia where it is believed that he was trained by Chechen jihad warriors.

He returned to the U.S. six months later in July.

So, the U.S. apparently knew about this and he was allowed to return into the U.S., despite the multiple warnings from Russia regarding his background with radical Islamic terror groups, and despite the fact that he was on a terrorist watch list…

Since the FBI and gov’t-officials knew about this and did nothing to stop it, could this indicate that there may have been a secret relationship with Tsarnaev?



The DEBKAfile is concluding that the brothers were double agents.

…hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the radical Wahhabi Islamist jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the Russian Caucasus region (just north of Iran). But instead, the two former Chechens betrayed their mission and went secretly over to the radical Islamist networks.
– DEBKAfile

Could this have anything to do with why the Saudi’s sent Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saudi al-Faisal to Washington Wednesday, April 17, in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombing crisis, for a private conversation with President Barack Obama and his national security adviser Tom Donilon on how to handle the Saudi angle of the bombing attack?

Question… What was discussed between Obama and al-Faisal?


More questions…

Were the Tsarneav brothers hired by the United States?

When did they turn coat and decide to work for radical Wahhabi Islamic networks?

Did they round up recruits for those networks in the United States?

What was the exact purpose of the Boston Marathon bombings?

Are any more terrorist attacks in the works in other American cities?

…to be continued


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