Build Up To WW3


The physical ‘hot war’ is imminent. Where? Probably Iran – spreading further.

Iran may not be a world power, but they could be the power to rapidly escalate the World War 3 machine into overdrive.

There is so much going on right now…

North Korea is ready to launch a intercontinental ballistic missile, supposedly having to do with a ‘peaceful’ satellite put into orbit. Has anyone considered the possibility that they could be putting an EMP weapon into orbit? Or testing the feasibility of reaching the US?

WND is reporting that Iran has 170 ballistic missiles in underground silos aimed at Tel Aviv… with biological warheads.

Iran continues to enrich uranium.

Multiple reports exist that Syria is moving and readying chemical weapons, Saran gas…

Syria’s raging civil war with Assad and Rebels, now spilling into Lebanon.

Turkey sends missiles to its border with Syria.

Russian warships docked at a naval base in Syria. Russia wants to run weapons and materiel into Syria, take Russian nationals out of the country, and send a signal to the United States that it still backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Egypt appears ready to slip into a state of civil unrest/war given that their new ‘leader’ Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi stirred controversy last week by granting himself executive powers that effectively give him dictatorial power.

11 percent of China’s oil comes from Iran. China opposes sanctions on Iran.

Russia opposes sanctions on Iran. Iran’s Air Force are becoming increasingly Russian built. Russia opposes Israel’s call to set explicit “red lines” limiting Iran’s enrichment of uranium that would justify military action if crossed.

Israel slapped while Britain, Germany, Italy, and France refuse to oppose a Palestinian U.N. statehood bid, while anger builds throughout Europe over Israeli plans to expand settlements around Jerusalem.

The US war machine is increasingly broke (out of money), borrowing trillions from and beholden to China each year.

While the middle east continues to heat up and the rest of the world continues to spiral down a deepening financial hole, and while the entire world positions themselves for an ever decreasing pool of natural resources and energy, the inevitable outcome will probably be World War 3.

How it plays out and how it develops is of course, unknown. The game has changed however, and the dominance of the US since World War 2 is no longer what it was. There are global powers at play here… a game which may have as its outcome, a new world order, or at least an order that is something different than what it is today. We shall see.

This will affect us all, even if we do not experience the horrors of war itself. While it is true that most of us are all basically a button press away from nuclear annihilation, a world war that refrains from mutual destruction can still be fought with weapons and methods that could easily crush western civilization.

Think about the things we rely upon today, just to stay alive. A carefully crafted series of attacks could bring down the infrastructure that we depend on… without setting off a nuclear weapon. The problem is (for us) that our current living generation for the most part has no idea whatsoever how to stay alive if we lost our basic infrastructure (electricity, utilities, food supply chains, etc.).

Even if the effects do not tear down our infrastructure, one of the first things to happen will be a probable collapse of the already rickety financial system. This alone will hurl us all into a greater depression and social chaos never before seen (for the same reasons that today’s generation depend on a supply of money to stay alive… literally).

It just ‘feels’ like the overall situation is slipping further into the flaming abyss. Because of this, and for those who also feel it, we should prepare further for the possibility of rough or even chaotic times ahead. Stay tuned to what’s happening. Stay aware. Pay more attention to the financial happenings as well as rumors of war. Search beyond the alphabet news channels for more ‘meat’. Use the internet. Read the online newspapers and publications from other countries, which often have a different outlook on an event than what we read here in the US. Realize that there is some amount of propaganda no matter where you read the information. Filter it out. Use your head, and common sense. Be prepared. Be ready.


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