Iran Conflict With Israel Ready To Ignite?


During the past several weeks, there has been a noticeable ramp-up from many main-stream-media outlets reporting of an inevitable Iran conflict with Israel. Whenever all of the MSM outlets simultaneously begin repeating the same message, my radar lights up with suspicion… not always of its validity, but more-so of the reason ‘why’.


First, there were the recent reports of the so called ‘damning’ evidence from the IAEA that Iran has apparently overcome the Stuxnet virus and is now back to its nuclear weapons program.


Iran is attempting to engineer and test nuclear weapons at a series of banned production sites in defiance of United Nations sanctions, according to a report to be released next week.

The research by the UN’s watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, will add a substantial layer to seven years of investigations that is likely to inflame tensions in the Middle East.

They believe the IAEA has substantiated evidence from intelligence reports, interviews with Iranian scientists and on-the-ground inspections that Iran is carrying out a nuclear weapons programme in parallel to its civilian energy goals.

Source: The Telegraph

Then, reports that Israel has test-fired a particular ballistic missile which could be the weapon of choice to hit nuclear sites in Iran.

42 Jericho missiles suffice to hit nuclear sites

Experts sceptical, say no alternative to air strikes

Ballistic missiles could be Israel’s weapon of choice against Iranian nuclear facilities if it decides on a pre-emptive attack and deems air strikes too risky, according to a report by a Washington think-tank.

Israel is widely assumed to have Jericho missiles capable of hitting Iran with an accuracy of a few dozen metres (yards) from target.

…a 114-page report (titled, “Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities” from the Center for Strategic and International Studies) said a Jericho salvo could draw an Iranian counter-attack with Shehab missiles. Other reprisal scenarios include Iran choking off oil exports, hitting U.S. Gulf assets, or ordering proxy attacks on Jewish targets abroad.

Source: Reuters

Although it could be considered a routine IAF exercise, the Israel Air Force recently conducted ‘comprehensive drills on long-range attacks’ at a NATO base in Italy.

The drill included most of the aviation components that are likely to take part in future long-range attacking missions: combat squadrons, aerial refueling and air monitoring stations.

Normally, long-range drills last two weeks, but the IAF left this drill after five days, and by the weekend all the IAF planes had returned to their air bases in Israel. The IAF’s early departure ignited the spreading of conspiracy theories which suggested Israel was heading into a possible mission.


Other reports are popping up regarding training exercises that NATO countries are preparing for war.

Germany has put its Air Force Tornado warplanes in intensive training for a possible attack on targets in Iran, after taking part last week in a joint drill with the Israeli Air Force and other NATO members at the Italian Decimomannu air base on Sardinia.

Iran, for its part, is gearing up for a gloves-off reprisal against its attackers.

Source: DEBKAfile

There is now wide spread speculation that Israel may attack Iran next month.

Part of the reason for the rush is fear that Iran may be able to move the majority of its nuclear processing equipment underground.

A senior Foreign Office figure told the Daily Mail newspaper, “We’re expecting something as early as Christmas, or very early in the new year,” adding that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear sites “sooner rather than later.”

Iran has already claimed that it would retaliate violently to such an attack and would not limit its actions to just its attacker. “Our enemies, particularly the Zionist regime [Israel], America and its allies, should know that any kind of threat and attack or even thinking about any military action will be firmly responded to”.

Source: New American


So is all this sabre rattling just a coincidence with the timing of the present teetering European economy?

Are the powers-that-be arranging an attack on Iran to shift the public’s mind off the likely horrific socio-economic domino effect of failure to bailout Greece, then Italy, then Spain, then… ?

If Israel goes it alone, will the US be drawn in to the fight?

Will Iran follow through with its promises to destroy Israel off the face of the Earth and to inflict great harm to the West?

Will oil prices rise well above $100 and send the already faltering economies into a faster tailspin?

There are lots of questions. The one thing we can do is to become better prepared for an economic collapse, be it induced from a catalyst of war, or entirely by it’s own weight. Stay abreast of the news, build an inventory of food and supplies, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket – for starters…


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