Iran’s ‘Dry Run’ For A Nuclear EMP Attack On East Coast


This morning’s ‘Washington Secrets’ of the Washington Examiner reveals the apocalyptic opinion of EMP expert Peter Vincent Pry, that Iran’s surprising decision to move warships off the Atlantic coast poses a potential catastrophic threat to America from a nuclear or electromagnetic pulse attack…

As we warned last year in an article ‘Iran Is Likely Building a Super-EMP Nuke’, Pry said “It is why Iran wants the bomb. We know that from the EMP commission because, in their open source-military writings, they describe using a nuclear weapon to eliminate the United States as an actor from the world stage by means of an EMP attack,”

We also know that the electric power industry is preparing for a grid collapse and have already practiced the scenario during their November 13th 2012 GridEx II, a scenario which might unfold if and when a nuclear EMP bomb is detonated at altitude over the east coast United States.

The electric power utilities involve 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, monitored and controlled by a staggering mix of devices installed over decades — all of which would be vulnerable to an EMP attack.

There has also been startling expert testimony that North Korea (some say in collusion with and/or has shared with Iran) has been working on a Super-EMP Weapon, where it was said “In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.” North Korea has already tested low-yield nuclear weapons, which is one of the signatures of a Super-EMP weapon — a very low explosive yield, just several kilotons because the weapon is converting the energy of the nuclear warhead into gamma rays.

They even launched a satellite late in 2012 which some suspect is a test run or may even contain a Super-EMP weapon, which is pparently still orbiting the earth.


Also, during 2010 it became known that the Russians had developed a shipping container missile launcher, which could be easily disguised and would ‘fit in’ on any freighter.

A nuclear detonation above 25 miles altitude will cause a high altitude EMP called a HEMP.
A nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 200 miles could affect all unprotected electrical equipment within the continental United States. The missile inside of a shipping container on a freighter could easily launch hundreds of miles downrange and altitude, placing it perfectly for an optimal EMP strike above the highly populated mid-Atlantic east coast.

The Washington Examiner says “The (Iranian) ships now steaming towards the east coast are likely on a dry run for a future attack, a maneuver meant to lull Washington into complacency while also embarrassing President Obama and his effort to convince Tehran to give up production of a nuclear bomb in return for a lifting of some economic sanctions.”

Pry said the ships are probably conducting a test for a future visit from an Iranian freighter that would launch the attack.

“I think the Iranian Navy patrols off our coasts may be intended to lull us into complacency, to get the U.S. Navy accustomed to an Iranian naval presence in our hemisphere, so eventually they could contribute to ‘Zero Hour’ and the great day when the Mullahs decide to drop the nuclear hammer on America,” said Pry, who staffed a former congressional EMP commission.

Pry, president of EMPACT America, one of the nation’s leading authorities on EMP, revealed that Iran recently purchased Russia’s Club-K missile launcher, which can be hidden in tractor-trailer-sized cargo boxes.

“I and my colleagues, including Reza Kahlili, who warned six months ago that these Iranian patrols were coming, think it more likely Iran would make an EMP attack by launching a missile off a freighter, so they could do the deed anonymously, and escape retaliation,” Pry explained.

“Iran has demonstrated the capability to launch a missile off a freighter. Iran has also purchased Russia’s Club-K missile system. The Club-K is a complete missile launch system, disguised to look like a shipping container, that could convert any freighter into a missile launch platform. The Club-K, if armed with a nuclear warhead, could be used to execute an EMP attack.”


Want to get an idea what it would be like after an EMP attack? Read One Second After.
It will scare you into action…

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