Israel To Be Attacked From the North? Turkey


A War is brewing between Israel and a neighbor to the north, Turkey.


Here’s the setup…


The gas and oil resources of the eastern Mediterranean opposite Israel’s shores. Turkey wants them.

Turkey was left behind and forgotten in the heat of the action. The sharing out of Libyan oil as the spoils of war went to the Western powers.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, wants prestige and leadership among the Arab nations, none of which have dared to directly confront Israel yet. Even Iran would be left in the shadow for never daring to provoke Israel the way Turkey has planned.


Here’s the action plan…

(Information source: DEBKAfile)
1. To split Israel’s small Navy in two – one for sustaining the blockade against Gaza and one for safeguarding the gas and oil rigs opposite its shores.

2. To scare Israel into the full or partial stoppage of its offshore oil and gas operations, thereby robbing it of energy power status and substantial economic gains. Erdogan is determined never to let Israel overshadow Turkey in the regional stakes and will put a stop to the Jewish state’s progress – even if military aggression is called for.


(Information source: DEBKAfile)
Erdogan announced that Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. If Turkish ships breach the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, Erdogan will become the first Muslim leader to embark on military action in the Palestinian cause.

Turkey believes that Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which have been watching their maneuvers with deep suspicion, will have no choice but to play ball now that Turkey has confronted Israel.

Sources report that the Turkish prime minister is resolved to corner Israel into an inescapable military confrontation.

As for Washington, Erdogan is counting on President Barack Obama’s backing in a military clash with Israel.

In the past week, Erdogan expelled the Israeli ambassador, halted defense purchases, announced plans to send more warships to the eastern Mediterranean and said he may visit Gaza.


Hold on to your hats… here we go…


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