Shootout At Nuclear Power Plant

Shootout at Nuclear Power Plant

I just came across this news report of a shootout at a nuclear power plant in Tennessee, a recent event which apparently has not made the news… which I find odd.

Given the recent bombing in Boston, and the fact that the FBI is involved with this new incident, I thought that I would bring it to your attention.

This might be a ‘probe’ by a terror cell, and we’re talking NUCLEAR…

This happened at 2 in the morning. This is NOT an errant hunter or someone who just so happened to be sport shooting. There is more to the story…

Reported by, “Investigators are running down leads in an early Sunday shootout between a security officer at Watt Bar Nuclear Plant and an individual who fired multiple shots from a boat on Chickamauga Lake near Spring City, Tenn.”

A spokesman for the FBI, which is handling the case because of the sensitivity of the nuclear plant, was scant on details and declined to say how promising those leads are.

“The reason we’re involved is because of the critical infrastructure, and we want to make sure it’s not something that’s related to the plant,” “Obviously people do use the water out there, and there could be hunting or shooting or other things that don’t include an attack on the plant.”

In my opinion, the last statement is ridiculous. Hunting or shooting at 2AM next to a nuke plant? Rather, it seems to me that they were scoping out the nuclear plant from a boat, they were spotted, and a shootout ensued.

The security officer encountered the suspect at about 2 a.m. Sunday in a clearly marked restricted area several hundred yards from the site’s protected area, which houses the reactor and power production facilities, but still within the plant property.

When the officer confronted the person, “the individual fired on the officer, striking the officer’s vehicle,” “The officer returned fire, and as the officer was calling for backup, the individual fled the scene.”

This has not made the main stream news yet, so far as I’ve seen or heard. It certainly sounds suspicious to me, and may be an indicator that our nuclear power plants are being ‘cased’ for a possible ‘incident’. Let’s hope not…

…thought you would like to know.


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