The Globalists Chess Game… Syria, Iran, Then…

Globalists Chess Game

A dangerous game of chess; and it’s being played by the Federal Reserve globalists.

The latest move, the one which will accelerate the end-game, is chemical weapons in Syria…

The clues of the next piece to be moved in this chess game are often revealed in the main stream news media as they parrot each other while messaging what they need you to hear… the things that they need you to find important.

What is the next ‘seed’ that has been planted in our minds recently? Syrian chemical weapons. The stage is being set to convince the sheeple that we ‘need’ to move on Syria to rid them of their chemical weapons. To ‘safeguard’ them. Reports bubbled up that some apparent limited use of these chemical weapons have recently occurred by the Syrian army.

“There are a number of caches of these chemical weapons. They cannot fall into the hands of the jihadists.”
– U.S. Senator John McCain

“there’s a growing consensus in the U.S. Senate that the United States should get involved” in Syria.”
– U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham

“We will see American military intervention sooner rather than later.” “…the American juggernaut is coming to this Middle East country.”
– Fawaz Gerges, professor of Middle East politics, London School of Politics

“Syria’s chemical weapons are “trickling” to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah”
– Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, former Israeli defense minister

Everywhere in the news suddenly, reports of a sudden push to engage Syria over their apparent limited attack using a chemical mixture in a cave of ‘rebels’.

If it’s true that chemical weapons were used, why were they used now? Why attempt a very limited attack, resulting in no obvious military advantage?

The answer to this question is where the thinking stops for most sheeple. Understanding the game of chess is not quite so simple as the game of checkers. The ‘international community’ (the globalists / Federal Reserve) want to limit the understanding of the sheeple to only the inhumane use of a chemical weapon, so that they will demand retribution while not seeing the larger picture. While there is no argument that the use of this type of weapon is horrific, death by any means is tragic.

Why would the United States (and the globalists power structure) ‘need’ Syria?

They need Syria as to augment their launching pad to attack Iran. Egypt, Libya, and Iraq have already been taken down, while Afghanistan is currently occupied… check out a map of the region and see for yourself what is happening…

…surrounding Iran.

You see (or maybe you don’t see), the petrodollar is at risk.

The one thing keeping the United States (Federal Reserve) economy from completely imploding is the reserve status of the dollar. You see, the dollar has been losing its reserve status as more and more nations trade ‘outside’ of the dollar. You see, the Federal Reserve will not go down without a fight. And the fight could turn out to be very, very ugly.

Iraq had threatened to trade oil outside the dollar. They were invaded. Hussein killed.

Libya threatened to trade oil for gold. Gaddafi was killed and the regime overthrown.

Iran is trading oil with China, Russia, and India… FOR GOLD. RIGHT NOW.

Are you starting to see the picture?

The thing is, now you’ve got China and Russia involved.

The United States risks repercussions, and potential war with China and Russia if Syria is invaded and occupied. The war at first may be indirect, but it may not take long for it to turn very direct…

China may take Taiwan.

North Korea may attack South Korea and launch nuclear missiles on Japan.

There have been many curious moves by China very recently, flexing their military presence…

“Chinese military planes, mostly fighter jets, made more than 40 flights close to Tokyo-controlled islands at the centre of a territorial dispute on a single day this week,”

“F-15 fighter planes from an airbase on the Japanese island of Okinawa scrambled to intercept the Chinese aircraft (Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 fighters) which flew in waves towards the skies over the islands…it was an unprecedented threat”
– Channel News Asia

“China deploys anti-ship missile off Taiwan” “China has deployed near Taiwan a powerful missile (DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile) designed to take out US aircraft carriers as Beijing strengthens its ability to prevent US forces from aiding Taiwan during potential conflict.”

“China Orders Troops and Tanks to North Korean Border” “Chinese fighter jets are also flying regularly over the region,”
– International Business Times

“U.S. intelligence agencies continued to collect reports of Chinese military movements in border provinces that have been underway since last month.”

“The People’s Liberation Army is on a very heightened alert status, amid mounting tensions between North Korea and the United States and South Korea.”
– The Washington Free Beacon

Major General Zhang Zhaozhong from China, quoted in the ‘EU Times’, has said, “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war,”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, quoted by Reuters, has said, “Attempts to prepare and implement strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities and on its infrastructure as a whole are a very, very dangerous idea…”

Do you think that this latest news of chemical weapons and Syria is coincidence?

Do you think that there might be more chemical weapons news in our immediate future?

This is a game of chess. It is about the globalist agenda, one in the same with the Federal Reserve controllers, to maintain the power and world dominance of the petrodollar.

The problem is, many pieces on the chess board have already been removed over the years as the game has been played… and there aren’t too many pieces left. The end game is ever closer…

World War III.

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